15 Things That’ll Remind You Of Being A Teenager In 1980s Britain

By Ange Arnal 11 months ago

1. Anne French Deep Cleansing Milk

We were obsessed with buying this when we were younger and it is a shame that this cleansing milk isn't as popular today as it once was when we were growing up. This light moisturiser actually did such a good job and it was so cheap to buy! Looking online, it is still available to buy from Superdrug and Boots. We might have to take a quick trip to our nearest stores to see if it's still as good as it used to be.

2. This Charm Necklace

We can all agree that our fashion trends back then had a flare for the dramatic. The 80s was a time where we could wear the most extravagant accessories and no one would bat an eyelid. This necklace was definitely one of those brightly coloured accessories that we had to have. This was a plastic necklace that every girl had back in the day and we would basically wear it with any outfit we could find. Neon outfits were huge in the 80s, so you couldn't go wrong with this necklace.

3. Tinned Fruit Cocktail

Who remembers having this as their dessert with carnation milk poured all over it? This was always offered to you for your dessert after you had finished your main meal and some people even brought tinned fruit salad to parties. This made you feel that slightly bit healthier rather than having a cake and you actually didn't mind going for the healthier option if this was offered to you. This is another typical 80s memory that has made it's way into the noughties with a lot of people still buying it today.

4. Nestle Quik

This was one of the best things that we could have had in the house and everyone used to always love going round to yours because they knew your mum always bought Nestle Quik. Chocolate milkshake whenever we wanted... what a dream! If you never tried this in a hot chocolate as well then you missed out big time but which ever way you decided to have it, you were winning.

5. Getting Your Hair Done Like This

This was one of the most painful experiences that we went through when we were growing up. But, we were willing to suffer the pain if it made us look more glamorous. This was the best way for us the get those 'expensive' looking highlights in our hair but looking back, they couldn't have looked cheaper. This never mattered though because we all rocked the same look.

6. Rara Skirts

If anything is going to remind you of what it was like being a teenager in the 80s then it is going to be Rara skirts. Rara skirts were a huge fashion trend back in the day and every girl wanted to have one. We must have had about five different colours of these and we wore them whenever we had the chance. After the miniskirt became popular in the 60s, we had to make our own version in the 80s and this was the result. We couldn't have asked for anything more!

7. Benders

These were such a magical invention to give you those 80s curls. We absolutely loved these back in the day. Happy memories.

8. This Lighter

These lighters were so popular! I remember buying one for my dad and it lasted for years! Before these lighters most people just used matches.

9. Assorted Biscuits

We can all remember this tin of biscuits when we were younger! I wish they still sold biscuits in tins because it keeps them a lot fresher!

10. Kerplunk

I remember getting this for Christmas as a whole family present and it used to come out every single year. We spent hours playing this game and it always used to end up with arguments. Ker-plunk was the Christmas game that everyone got together with their families and played. I might have to take a look in the loft to see if I can find it again!

11. Grange Hill

We were all completely obsessed with watching this as kids! The storylines never failed to keep us interested. Can you remember the spin off 'Tuckers Luck' every Saturday morning?

12. Matey Bubble Bath

Your Matey's a bottle of fun... can you remember the whole jingle? If you remember the bottle looking like the one below then you were definitely a teenager in the 80s! This used to make your baths ridiculously full of bubbles! The bottles are now much more appealing nowadays with lots of variations but these are definitely the ones we will remember.

13. One Of These Flasks

Image result for NostalgiaWe used to absolutely love the fact that you could take your coffee or tea out and about with you. When you were at school you loved it when your mum filled it up with hot chocolate or soup in the winter months.

14. Ghetto Blasters

Boomboxes, otherwise known as Ghetto Blasters, were introduced to us in the 70s but became extremely popular in the 80s. These music players were featured in so many 80s hip-hop music videos. If you're not too sure what a ghetto blaster is, it was the 80s version of a CD player but it played cassette tapes. It was basically our version of an iPod that we used to play out loud on the street or park.

15. Leg Warmers

These are another accessory that will remind everyone of the 80s! Even those people that weren't born in or around the 80s know that leg warmers were worn by everyone in this decade. You understand how popular something is from a previous decade when people have themed parties and you notice what everyone is wearing. you know for definite if you attend an 80s themed party that everyone will turn up in leg warmers!

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