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Wentworth Miller (Michael) - Then

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Michael Scofield was the mastermind protagonist in the Prison Break series. As the title of the show suggests, the plot revolved around a prison escape and season one showed Miller's character sentenced to jail, purposely, in order to break his brother out of Fox River Penitentiary.

Wentworth Miller (Michael) - Now

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Following Golden Globe nominations for his role as Michael, Wentworth took a step away from acting before returning to our screens as Captain Cold in the Flash. TV appearances have been few and far between beside Prison Break with Miller last appearing for guest appearances in Law & Order and Madam Secretary in 2019.

Dominic Purcell (Lincoln) - Then

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Having been illegally set up for killing the vice president's brother and being sentenced to death by electric chair, season one started pretty bleak for Lincoln Burrows. Ultimately though, with the help of his brother amongst others he is ultimately able to escape to the beautifully coastal Marseille.

Dominic Purcell (Lincoln) - Now

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Similarly to Miller, Dominic Purcell also joined the cast of The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow where they would join forces once again as DC Villains! The British actor has made guest appearances as Mick Rory and Heat Wave on numerous DC series on CW. Maybe the bromance on the camera is translated to the real world as well!

Robert Knepper (T-Bag) - Then

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T-Bag is the most notorious of the group that escaped in season one. Although the rest of the group including Lincoln and Michael didn't want him to join, his discovery of the escape plan meant he either joined or no one escaped. Ultimately T-Bag gets what he deserves for his horrible crimes and is forced back to Fox River. Although he does deservedly get his hands on the killer of his son!

Robert Knepper (T-Bag) - Now

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Robert Knepper, unbelievably also appeared as a villain in DC's The Flash series as Clock King. Beside this, Knepper has been the most active (of our opening three) following Prison Break with many appearances in Lower Budget films like WarHunt alongside Mickey Rourke and is scheduled to appear in Paramount+ new series Paper Empire.

Sarah Wayne Callies (Sara) - Then

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Originally appearing as the Fox River doctor, Sara developed a growing relationship with Michael which resulted in her aiding the group in their escape during season one. Fans were devastated when Sara was killed off during season three. This heartache wasn't to last however as she was brought back during seasons four and five.

Sarah Wayne Callies (Sara) - Now

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Callies career has since been defined for her portrayal of Lori on AMC's The Walking Dead, another series in which she was also brutally killed off. She has also featured in various TV series such as Colony and in 2023's The Company You Keep.

Amaury Nolasco (Fernando) - Then

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Fernando Sucre was Michael's cellmate in season one and one of those involved in the escape. A bromance is formed across the seasons between Michael and Fernando and they work together alongside Lincoln as part of the team who attempt to take down The Company in the later seasons.

Amaury Nolasco (Fernando) - Now

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Nolasco's other popular roles include Jorge Figueroa in the 2007 Transformers Film and Mike Alvarez in the only season of ABC's Deception. In recent years Amaury has made appearances in the Idris Elba headlined Power and as Frankie Cuevas in Hightown.

Rockmond Dunbar (C-Note) - Then

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C-Note was originally only meant to guest appear in a few season one episodes but viewers affection for him meant he was introduced as a main character for the second half of season one through to season two. Similarly to T-Bag, C-Note threatened to inform guards of the groups plan if he wasn't involved; but C-Note in contrast, became a beloved and respected member of the group. The character returned for a few episodes in season four and five.

Rockmond Dunbar (C-Note) - Now

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Rockmond has found himself involved in some cult-followed series both during and since his stint as C-Note, notably as Dennis Abbott in The Mentalist and as Michael Grant in Fox's 9-1-1. Although issues surrounding his position on Covid Vaccines meant he was to exit the show as a series regular in 2021.

Wade Williams (Brad) - Then

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Bellick was one of main antagonists in the opening seasons of the series as a correctional officer who was attempting to spoil Michael and the others escape Fox River. By the end of the original run, Bellick, against his desires befriends Michael and aids them in their escape the Panamanian Jail, creating a traditional Anti-Hero arch.

Wade Williams (Brad) - Now

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Much of Williams career away from Prison Break has come in the form of singular episode appearances on numerous series including: The Mentalist, Bones, The Good Doctor, Burn Notice and The Blacklist. His only recurring role came as Silas Bullen in PBS' lacklustre Mercy Street.

Danay Garcia (Sofia) - Then

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Sofia first appears in season three as the girlfriend of James Whistler. She spent some time tailing Lincoln and ultimately ended up joining forces with him and Fernando. Throughout season four. Sofia is part of the team against the Company, even being kidnapped by them! She last appeared as a love interest of Lincoln in season four.

Danay Garcia (Sofia) - Now

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Danay Garcia has potentially the biggest role of the Prison Break Cast as Luciana Galvez in AMC's massively popular follow up to The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead. This series is set to conclude following season 8 and it is unclear where we will next see Danay on our screens.

William Fichtner (Mahone) - Then

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Alexander Mahone is hired by The Company to track down and kill the prisoners who escaped in season one. Unfortunately for him he ends up imprisoned with Michael, the man he was hunting down himself in Panama! Despite Mahone killing Michael's father they ultimately team up to escape Sona, eventually becoming a trusted friend of Michael.

William Fichtner (Mahone) - Now

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Probably the most decorated of Prison Break alumni, Fichtner has made a name for himself amongst acting elite. Having already made a a name for himself before Prison Break with roles in The Longest Yard and Black Hawk Down, Fichtner hs continued his career with roles in The Lone Ranger, Empire and he also stars alongside fellow Prison Break actor Sarah Wayne Callies in The Company You Keep.

Robin Tunney (Veronica) - Then

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Veronica Donovan is the Lawyer who attempts to clear her ex-boyfriend, Lincoln's, name. Although believing Lincoln to be innocent she was unable to deter the court from punishing Lincoln. Following this she discovered The Company and made it her mission to bring them to justice. She was betrayed in season 2 by officers corrupted by the company and ruthlessly killed for her efforts.

Robin Tunney (Veronica) - Now

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Robin Tunney continued her popularity from Prison Break with a main role as Teresa Lisbon, alongside Simon Baker in every episode of The Mentalist. Apart from this, much of her filmography is filled with bit-part roles and appearances in shows like The Fix and 2023's Dear Edward.

Marshall Allman (L.J) - Then

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L.J, or Lincoln Junior is the son of Lincoln Burrows. Initially the relationship between the two is soured as a result of his parents separation but as a result for being caught with drugs he was forced to visit his father in prison as a mentor. L.J was framed for the murders of his mother and step-father and eventually arrested at the end of season one.

Marshall Allman (L.J) - Now

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Following his stint as L.J, Allman went on to star as Tommy in True Blood and made a handful of appearances in popular shows such as Quantum Break, Bates Motel and Humans. He is scheduled to appear in the upcoming 2023 release A Great Divide starring Ken Jeong.

Jodi Lyn O'Keefe (Gretchen) - Then

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Gretchen Morgan appeared in season three as a member of The Company. She attempted to blackmail Michael and Lincoln so that they would break Whistler out from Sona or else L.J and Sara would be killed. Gretchen was behind the fake Sara death we discussed earlier! Lincoln had the opportunity to kill Gretchen at the end of season four but spared her, forcing her to become incarcerated herself.

Jodi Lyn O'Keefe (Gretchen) - Now

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Believe it or not Jodi Lyn O'Keefe was almost cast to play the role of Penny in Big Bang Theory prior to her role in Prison Break! Ultimately she had to settle for a singular guest appearance on the show, although, she found herself as a recurring character on CW's The Vampire Diaries in the later seasons.

Paul Adelstein (Kellerman) - Then

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Paul Kellerman was the most prominent antagonist within season one and he remained a thorn in Michael and Lincoln's side all the way through to season five. He was involved in the plot to frame Lincoln originally. Kellerman is a treacherous character and continued to wreak havoc as another member of The Company. He ultimately met his end in season five when Van Gogh shot him dead.

Paul Adelstein (Kellerman) - Now

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During, and following his run as Kellerman, Adelstein played the lead Dr. Cooper Freedman in six seasons of Private Practice, which ended in 2013. He has since had recurring guest roles on ABC's Scandal and Chicago P.D. He was even recently seen in Disney's award winning The Menu!

Michael Rapaport (Self) - Then

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Donald Self was introduced to the show in season four as an agent of the Department of Homeland Security giving Michael and Lincoln the task of bringing down The Company. He later betrays them in order to sell Scylla for himself. He ultimately ended up being left in a vegetative state via injection as a result of betrayal by a buyer of Scylla.

Michael Rapaport (Self) - Now

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Probably the most decorated of actors to feature in Prison Break, Rapaport has appeared in over a hundred different projects throughout his career. He even featured In 2K's NBA 2K19 video game! He featured as Jason Mullins in The Heat alongside Melissa McCarthy in and Sandra Bullock in 2013 and has also appeared has a season regular on Disney's Only Murders in the Building.

Chris Vance (Whistler) - Then

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James Whistler is introduced to the show in season three as the Australian ex-love interest of Sofia and prison inmate in Sona. He is hired by The Company to retrieve a Scylla card but later turns on them alongside Mahone in order to destroy The Company instead. He is unfortunately killed when The General realises the card he gave him turned out to be a fake.

Chris Vance (Whistler) - Now

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Following Prison Break, Chris Vance has a made appearances in a number of crime related programmes like Burn Notice, Dexter and Rizzoli & Isles. He is probably most well-known for his role as Frank Martin in the Transporter series, but he is yet to make an appearance on our screens in 2023.

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