11 Pairs Of Earrings Every 00s Girl Used To Have

By Ange Arnal 11 months ago

1. Feather Earrings

Image result for feather earrings 00sWe all know that feather earrings were HUGELY popular. But, these were also insanely tacky. Pair these with some poorly done fake tan and you have all of us about 8 years ago.The funny thing about so many fashion choices that were made decades ago is that a lot of them end up coming back. Feather earrings are one of those statements that have managed to find their way back into existence with quite a lot of girls wearing them today.

2. Magnetic Earrings

Image result for claire's magnetic earringsWe bought these from Claire's and absolutely LOVED them. These were a pair of earrings that we tried out before we went through with getting our ears pierced to see whether or not we would suit them. Either that, or a lot of us were just scared about getting them done so settled for the magnetic ones instead.Did anyone else used to stick them on their nose and pretend like they had their nose pierced? Half the time these got lost somewhere and we could never find them.

3. These square diamante ones

Image result for square diamante earringsThese were really tacky, but we LOVED tacky when we were younger. Looking back, it was as if we were never happy with our outfits until they were completed with tacky accessories. If these didn't make our outfits tacky enough then we would definitely find a necklace that would do the job.We weren't allowed to wear these at school which was super annoying, but half the time we just wore them any way... we were true rebels back in the day!

4. Hoops

Image result for sleeper earringsThese were mini hoops that we all had as kids. These were probably the first pair of hoops that we were given as kids and we thought they were seriously cool. But, they weren't as thug as we thought.A lot of the time these weren't even a choice that we would have made when we were younger, but parents in the noughties seemed to love making their children wear these tiny hoops. We're not too sure why but it's something that we all ended up having to wear.

5. Studs - because there were the only ones you were allowed at school

Image result for claires studsUnfortunately, we were only allowed to wear these earrings for school. So every single one of us owned a pair of these for school. We used to wear the big pearl ones because the bigger the better.Even if these were the only earrings that schools would let us wear, we still tried pushing our luck by wearing earrings that weren't part of the school uniform. We really didn't care that much, until they were confiscated from us.

6. Mini Button Earrings

Image result for mini button earrings 00sWe knew that these were so popular when we were kids. We had them in pretty much every single colour possible.. and loved them! They were simple, but very affective.There were always so many colours to choose from and it was very important that we bought the right colour. Did any one else used to match them up with the colour of our outfits?

7. Dangly Dolphin Ones

Image result for dolphin earrings 80sWhen we were growing up in the 00s, accessories with dolphins on them were very, very popular. If you didn't own dolphin earrings, then you probably owned a necklace with a dolphin on it. These were probably the first pair of dangly earrings that we got.For some reason the dolphin earring was a huge thing! We absolutely rocked these.. they made us feel really adult.

8. The Posh Ones From Claire's

Related imageClaire's brought us every pair of earrings we could have ever wanted. Can you remember the posh ones that were sterling silver? We used to show off when we got these.These earrings were always a bit more expensive and were ones we'd buy for ourselves when we were feeling a bit boujee. If we couldn't afford them ourselves then we'd hope that one of our relatives were told that these were the ones we wanted for our birthday or Christmas.

9. Cute Ones Like This!

Related imageWe know that Claire's gave us some of the best earrings ever. So we bought cute little ones like this non-stop so make our collection even bigger. In our eyes... the more earrings, the better!I never really understood why we ended up buying 20 pairs of earrings at once because we only used to ever wear the same few pairs. All the other ones were a little bit too extra, even if we liked to think we could get away with them.

10. These With Your Name In Them

Image result for hoops with name in themWe know that big hoops were SERIOUSLY in when we were younger. There was nothing better than having a pair of these with your name through the middle of it. Again, this just made you look tacky and chavvy... but we really didn't care!A lot of girls today have started wearing hooped earrings again and we're starting to wonder whether these ones with peoples names in the middle will be coming back? We highly doubt they will but we'd never say never!

11. These Spikey Earrings

Image result for spiky earringsThese were actually awful. For some reason, we thought that these were seriously cool. When in reality they were the most ugly pair of earrings you could have worn. But, we clearly didn't care considering how many pairs we had.These earrings would always end up breaking because of how cheap they were. The balls would end up breaking off the studs and then we'd end up losing them, which was probably a good thing!

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