15 Things That Make Us Feel Nostalgic About The 2000s

By Ange Arnal 1 year ago

1 - Your first ever Nokia

Remember when absolutely everybody had one of these babies?

2 - Reading this first Harry Potter book

When your parents bought you this.... actually magical.

3 - When The Rock was still a wrestler

Now The Rock is a big time movie star, but we still remember these days.

4 - Wishing you had Matilda's powers

When Matilda made everything in the room float. BLISS.

5 - Collecting these for your school

Did we ever see any brand new computers? No. No, we did not.

6 - Watching Jungle Run

This show was one of the greatest TV shows ever. Why did they cancel it?

7 - Playing wink murder with your mates

This game was so simple, and yet we all loved it so much.

8 - Eating all the pick n mix at Woolworths

When you were walking around Woolworths and you'd sneakily eat loads of sweets.

9 - When Diva Stars came out

Every little girl wanted one of these when they first came out.

10 - Watching this classic show before school

This show was a little bit odd, but we all loved it all the same.

11 - The Carlton Dance

Did you learn this dance? There was always one kid who did!

12 - Watching this and praying you were secretly a princess too

You hoped your dad would come and tell you that he was a prince.

13 - Getting up early on a Saturday to watch this

SM : TV Live was THE show to watch when we were kids.

14 - The Fresh Prince theme song

You must know all the words. Come on, be honest.

15 - The best film ever

No matter who you are, we know that you adore this film!

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