Most Shocking Celebs That ‘Allegedly’ Visited Epstein Island

By Matt Donaldson 2 months ago

Prince Andrew

Image Source: NBC News

The United Kingdoms' beloved Prince Andrew... NOT. Prince Andrew Duke Of York and brother to the current King of England has ties to Jeffrey Epstein. The two have been seen together on various occasions, as well as this Prince Andrew has his own sexual assault allegations.

Bill Clinton

Image Source: The Times

Although the former president has laughed it off when reporters have asked him about his relationship with Epstein, many people still believe that Clinton is not saying the full truth. As there are pictures of the two together, as well as rumors that Clinton has been to the island itself.

Woody Allen

Image Source: Page Six

Heywood 'Woody' Allen is a successful filmmaker, actor, and comedian. Allen however, has very close ties to Epstein in fact a very good friendship with him. Many people think that Allen was in Epstein's 'close circle'. Either way, Allen and Epstein were close friends.

Bill Cosby

Image Source: NBC News

William Henry Cosby Jr is an American comedian, actor, and media personality. Cosby however is not just linked with Epstein in the same way others are, Cosby has been accused of being one of Epstein's main accomplices. Not too shocking seeing as Cosby has had his own sexual allegations separately as well.

Tony Blair

Image Source: CNN

Looking not quite as good in his glory days, Tony Blair, ex Prime-minister of the United Kingdom was one of the apparent 301 'brits' that Epstein had written down in his 'little black book'. The reason for having these names is not known, but what is known is that there are definitely ties between the two.

Mick Jagger

Image Source: Forbes

As seen above, Mick Jagger sitting next to Ghislaine Maxwell, was another one of the 'brits' that were written down as associates in Epsteins 'little black book'. The singer and Ghislaine Maxwell were apparently friends, and Maxwell has been convicted alongside Epstein.

Richard Branson

Image Source: Twitter

Another brit in the 'little black book' of Epstein and Maxwell's is British Billionaire and entrepreneur Richard Branson. Best known for founding the virgin group - ironic - Branson has denied ties with the sex trafficking pair, but there are definitely suspicious allegations and links to be weary of.

Phil Collins

Image Source: Mental Floss

A personal sad one for me - and not just for that reason this link is a little further fetched than most of the others, but there are many people that believe that the British singer-songwriter and drummer was also a name that has allegedly visited Epsteins island. There is very little evidence for this, however.

Chris Tucker

Image Source: Distractify

The American solo comedian has not been charged or has definitive links with sexual allegations himself, however, there is hard evidence that Tucker has traveled with Epstein. As part of the evidence for the trial, the flight logs were released by the captain of Epsteins private jet, and Tucker's name was one of the names.

Kevin Spacey

Image Source: CNN

Another famous actor was directly named in the trial. Similar to Tucker, there is no evidence of sexual misconduct by Spacey, however, his name was directly mentioned in the trial and the flight logs from the captain of the private jet also have Spacey's name very clearly.

Naomi Campbell

Image Source: The Daily Beast

Naomi Campbell has addressed her ties with Epstein and admitted that she knew him, she claims that it was nothing out of the ordinary. The supermodel said that she was introduced to Epstein by her ex-boyfriend, and then he was always on the front row at her fashion shows so kept ties with him.

Alan Dershowitz

Image Source: New York Magazine

Dershowitz, an American lawyer who has links with Epstein has also had accusations from an Epstein victim, claiming that Dershowitz was actually one of the men that sexually abused her when she was a teenager. Dershowitz has denied these claims and sued for defamation.

Emmy Tayler

Image Source: New York Post

The actress, once described as Ghislaine Maxwell's 'slave' has sued the authors who have claimed that Tayler was part of the inner circle that helped to organize Epsteins 'massage schedule'. Either way, true or not, there are ties between the two and Tayler was definitely once involved in some way with Maxwell.

Sarah Kellen

Image Source: Insider

Kellen was not so much a 'celeb' however, she was definitely in a very famous circle of friends. As well as this, Kellen was most definitely involved with Epstein and Maxwell. The judge actually ruled that Kellen was 'criminally responsible' for the scheme and called Kellen Maxwell's right-hand woman.

Eva Dubin

Image Source: The New York Times

Eva Andersson-Dubin is a Swedish physician and the founder of the 'Dubin Breast Centre'. Dubin however used to date Epstein and was also called forward to testify by Ghislaine Maxwell's defense. There are no allegations against Andersson-Dubin herself, however, even if she is linked with Epstein.

Glenn Dubin

Image Source: Observer

Glenn Dubin is an American investor and billionaire and is married to Eva Andersson-Dubin. There are no direct claims to Dubin being part of the circle, however, many people are extremely suspicious as to the relationship and links between Dubin and Epstein.

Jean Luc Brunel

Image Source: Sky News

Jean Luc Brunel is a French model and model scout. Brunel however has had some very serious claims against him and has been held on suspicion of supplying girls to Epstein as well as being accused of rape. Brunel's body was found dead, hanging in his cell in prison.

Nadia Marcinkova

Image Source: The Sun

Also known as Nadia Marcinko or Nada Marcinkova, she is known as a Slovakian-born pilot and CEO of Aviloop. Nadia is a very interesting case because she is known as both a victim and a co-conspirator of Epstein. She was bought by Epstein as a girl and then went on to be very heavily involved in the trafficking of other girls.

Marvin Minsky

Image Source: The Verge

Marvin Minsky, largely known as a pioneer of artificial intelligence has been accused of having sexual intercourse with a victim of Epstein's on his island. Minsky who died in 2016, was known as an associate of Epstein and resigned after the allegations came out.

Henry Jarecki

Image Source: The Wall Street Journal

The German-born psychiatrist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist are another on the list of Epsteins 'little black book'. Reports say that there are fourteen phone numbers and two addresses under Jarecki's name. Jarecki's name is also on the flight logs from Epstein's pilot's logs.

Ron Eppinger

Image Source: The Courier Mail

Not pictured above, Ron Eppinger was the man who actually was importing girls into America for Epstein. "Ronald R. Eppinger pleaded guilty in trial to the smuggling of immigrants into the country for the purpose of prostitution and money laundering."

Stephen Hawking

Image Source: Encyclopedia Britannica

This is one of the more... far-fetched claims, however, the famed and celebrated English physicist has been pictured on Epstein's island. The reason for his visit, however, was reported to be whilst Hawking was attending a conference on Gravity, which seems more likely than a sex trafficking reason.

Leslie Wexner

Image Source: Financial Times

Also known as Les Wexner, the American businessman was allegedly very close friends with Epstein, and there have been reports from victims of Epstein boasting about how close he and Victoria's Secret boss was, who apparently sold him Manhatten's biggest townhouse for just $1.

Harvey Weinstein

Image Source: Page Six

Weinstein is an American former film producer, and maybe not so shocking, convicted sex offender. The two used to be close, however, allegedly, Epstein kicked Weinstein out of his house because he treated his 'favorite girl' aggressively. Weinstein apparently is also being filmed around the clock so that he does meet the same fate in prison.

Roger Schank

Image Source: The New York Times

Roger Schank is an American Artificial Intelligence theorist, learning scientist, and entrepreneur. Reports say that Schank was in Epsteins 'inner circle'. Schank has recently passed away in January of 2023 and has been reported to have said he "didn't believe in the underage thing".

Steven Pinker

Image Source: Inside Higher Ed

Steven Pinker is a Canadian cognitive psychologist and even though he was not part of the sex allegations, Pinker has been criticized for playing his role in Epsteins defense. Pinker is most famed for his work on free speech but his fans were shocked and disappointed when he played a role in Epsteins defense.

Ken Starr

Image Source: The Guardian

Also known as Kenneth Starr, Starr is an American lawyer and judge. Starr allegedly helped Epstein with his 'scorched earth' campaign. This was a legal campaign to persuade federal prosecutors to drop any sex trafficking charges against Jeffrey Epstein.

William Barr

Image Source: CNN

Also known as 'Bill Barr', Barr is an American Attorney who served as the 77th and 85th United States attorney general. Barr is not linked to Epsteins island, however, there are people that believe he is linked to Epsteins 'suicide'. These are all, of course, allegations.

Henry Kissinger

Image Source: The Week

Henry Alfred Kissinger is a German-born American diplomat. Kissinger is another one of the names that are included in the 'little black book' of Epsteins. Kissinger was also allegedly on Epsteins phone list. Many people believe that it is possible that it could be another 'Henry Kissinger' as apparently, Epstein referred to him as 'kiddo'.

Rupert Murdoch

Image Source: Twitter

Rupert Murdoch is a famed Business magnate. Murdoch was another of the names on the list of those that were in the 'little black book'. Murdoch has also got ties with Ghislaine Maxwell, as seen in the image above, the two are pictured smiling together.

And Now... Shocking Facts About Epstein Island: Locals Claim He Was Still Flying In Girls AFTER Conviction

image source:

After Jeffrey Epstein was convicted for underage sex trafficking, it's claimed by locals of his island that he was actually still flying in girls after his conviction - and, worse, that apparently authorities didn't do anything to keep tabs on him or to stop him from doing so.

Was It Overlooked Because He 'Tipped So Well'?

image source:

Another shocking allegation is that many people overlooked what Epstein was doing - and who he was bringing in - because he "tipped so well". Employees at the airstrip located on the island, the way Epstein would have traveled to and from, have said that certainly seemed to be the case..

Air Traffic Controllers Say They Spotted Him 'With Children'

image source:

As air traffic controllers and airstrip employees of this particular island, the workers would have seen a lot in terms of Epstein's comings and goings. Since his conviction, some air traffic controllers have claimed to have seen him boarding his plane with underage girls, "children".

The Girls Would Be Seen With Designer Shopping Bags

image source:

The workers on the airstrip would often see girls coming and going carrying designer shopping bags: Gucci, Dior etc. But they'd also be wearing college sweatshirts a lot of the time, apparently, too. The bags suggested Epstein would fly them for shopping off the island, too..

Epstein Made No Attempts To Hide It

image source:

Employees of the island would note that Epstein would make absolutely no attempt to hide what he was doing, even after his registered sex offender conviction, and would shepherd the girls in broad daylight. Some employees likened it to the face of serial killer acting in broad daylight.

The Chief Of The Virgin Islands Police Department 'Didn't Know Who Epstein Was'

image source:

In regard to authorities getting involved when Epstein was still seen herding girls on and off the island after his conviction, apparently the Chief of police didn't even know who Epstein was, or any allegations against him. A former senator of the Virgin Islands also apparently he said he didn't know if the police had taken any precautions with Epstein.

Island Employees Were Shocked By His Audacity

image source:

Not only was Epstein convicted of these child sex offenses, he also fully denied them in court. Many employees of the island, specifically the air strip, were shocked how the man could act so 'brazen' in still taking young girls to his island, after denying it - and then after being convicted.

He Has Two Islands: Not Just One

image source:

When we talk and think of Epstein and where he took these girls, he's known for 'Epstein island' and that specific island in particular - but did you know he actually owned two islands? Both private islands in the Caribbean - Little St James, the most well known, and Great St James.

His Crimes Didn't Just Take Place On These Islands, Either

image source:

Epstein was evil enough that he apparently didn't care where he committed his crimes and met up with these underage girls. One alleged victim claimed in a lawsuit that he would commit his crimes in his other homes across the world, including Florida and New York.

He Didn't Care About Renovation Laws, Either

image source:

Epstein wanted to make some serious renovations to the islands, and he wasn't about to let a little thing like the law get in his way. There was some illegal construction work that was happening, and things planned, like an 'underwater office and pool', that went against environmental laws.

He Made It Difficult For Innocent Tourists

image source:

Not enough that he'd bought out the island to have his own turf and to commit his crimes, but he also made it difficult for visiting tourists. If scuba divers or snorkelers went anywhere near the island, security guards would show up at the edge of the water, and he also shut down nearby attractions, like Christmas Cove.

The Island Was Perfect For Avoiding Detection

image source:

No doubt exactly how Epstein and his associates had wanted to set up their private island life, the two St James islands were perfectly placed to avoid detection from the local police department, or anyone noticing their illegal activity. The islands were also set up to avoid the young women being able to freely leave.

His Huge Renovations Made The Locals Very Suspicious

image source:

Despite the islands being tucked away, that doesn't mean locals still didn't catch wind of some things that were happening: mainly the huge renovation changes he was making. These included utility buildings, cottages, a tennis court, a lagoon and access for golf buggies to transport people across the island.

The Staff Were Ordered To 'Stay Out Of Sight'

image source:

God forbid a rich criminal would see the people working hard to maintain his private island. Apparently staff on the island were not only ordered to always stay out of sight whenever Epstein was there, and to make sure he wouldn't see them doing their work, they were also 'sworn to secrecy'.

They Were Forbidden To Enter His Offices

image source:

You'd think staff on the island would need to go into his offices - of which there were two on the island - from time to time, to clean mostly and to do what they're paid to do. But they were strictly forbidden from entering his offices at all, in which was a locked steel safe.

He Would Pay His Staff For 'Interesting' Pirate Treasure

image source:

For anybody else, having an island in the Caribbean and having an interest in pirate treasure would seem quirky, but for Epstein this just seems like yet another weird fact. He would apparently reward his staff for any interesting pirate treasure, like old rum bottles - and the more interesting he thought they were, the more he'd pay.

Epstein Didn't Like To Eat Meals In Front Of People

image source:

Why not? Was he insecure about the way he chewed? Did he just want to be alone while he had a meal? Yet another weird fact about Epstein and what he did on this island. Apparently he'd take his food and snacks to his rooms to eat privately rather than eat with others.

Some Of The Island's Staff Regret Not Saying Anything

image source:

With Epstein's obvious herding of the underage children and the company he kept on the island, a lot of the staff had thought not to say anything because they presumed law enforcement were actually doing something about it. They also didn't know who to tell, or if anyone cared to listen.

Epstein Would Ask The Man Who Ran The Island To 'Smuggle' Women In

image source:

The island was ran by a man and his wife during the time Epstein was there - and Epstein reportedly asked him to 'smuggle' in female guests by boat, where their passport numbers and their names wouldn't have to be logged with the St Thomas government - but the man refused.

It Was Claimed Epstein 'Forced' The Young Women To Entertain Clients

image source:

Epstein didn't just want the young women for himself on the island - it's alleged he would blackmail and threaten them to offer their services to his 'clients', who he transported to the island, which included the richest and some of the most elite celebs he wanted to take there.

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