Signs You’re Watching Too Much Netflix

By Shelby 1 year ago

1. You’re losing sleep

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Did you stay up last night until 4am binging your favorite show? If so, you’re not alone! Many Netflix lovers stay up until the wee morning hours to watch as many episodes as possible…however, if you’re losing a lot of sleep, you may be watching too much Netflix!

2. You usually fall asleep watching Netflix

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Do you fall asleep to Netflix on a regular basis? Do you wake up frustrated, not knowing where you left off before you drifted off to sleep? This is a certain sign that you’re watching too much Netflix! Next time you start feeling tired, turn off the TV and focus on sleep instead.

3. You don’t spend time with friends and family

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If you start turning down plans so you can watch Netflix and binge the show you’re currently hooked on, your priorities in life might be a bit unbalanced! TV shows can’t replace human connection, even if you feel like the main characters are your best friends.

4. You regularly realize you haven’t left your house in days

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Think back to the last time you left your house. Where did you go? Who did you see? What did you do? If you can’t remember anything besides the shows you watched, the plot twists that surprised you, and the characters you love and hate, you might be watching too much Netflix.

5. Your work performance is suffering

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If you sit at work daydreaming about your favorite shows and trying to figure out what’s going to happen during the season finales, you’re probably watching too much Netflix! It’s in your best interest to keep your job…even if that’s just to pay for your monthly Netflix subscription.

6. You miss work entirely so you can catch up on shows

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Speaking of work, take a look at your vacation day and sick day balance. Looking a little too low? If that’s because you’ve called out to binge watch your favorite shows from home on numerous occasions, you’re probably watching way too much of the streaming service!

7. You plan your life around watching your favorite shows

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Do you avoid meeting up with friends when you know new episodes of your favorite show are going to be dropped? Do you obsessively track when new episodes and seasons will be released? This definitely means you’re watching too much Netflix and need to take a step back!

8. You feel lost without your favorite shows

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Cell phone service and WiFi aren’t always strong or available. This can be catastrophic for Netflix lovers who need to spend every spare second watching their favorite shows! If you feel lost without access to your streaming app, you’re probably watching too much Netflix.

9. You dress up as your favorite character

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Have your friends commented on your recent fashion choices? Maybe you’re dressing like your favorite TV show character, mimicking their style and even the way they talk! If inspiration becomes borderline obsession, you’re likely watching too much Netflix.

10. You feel depressed when a series ends

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For Netflix lovers, there’s no worse feeling than the final episode of a series that filled you with comfort and joy. However, if you feel depressed and hopeless when a series ends, and you don’t know what to do with yourself, you might be watching too much Netflix.

11. You neglect household chores

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After a late-night binging session, you wake up and realize your house is a disaster. Takeout boxes clutter your coffee table, you haven’t done laundry in weeks, and your kitchen sink is filled to the brim. We hate to break it to you, but you might want to pause Netflix and tidy up.

12. You’re not getting enough physical exercise

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Sitting on the couch and watching TV for hours isn’t good for your physical or mental health! If you haven’t seen the sun in days or moved your body for any significant length of time, that’s not a good thing. Try joining a gym and watching Netflix on the treadmill instead!

13. Your diet consists of popcorn, chips, and junk food

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If you scramble to grab quick and easy snacks that don’t require a lot of prep time so you can zip back to the couch and press “play”, you’re definitely watching too much Netflix. Proper nutrition and a balanced diet should take priority over your Netflix shows!

14. You don’t have any other hobbies

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If watching Netflix is your only hobby, you might have an unhealthy addiction. Maybe this has been the case for years, or maybe you gradually stopped participating in other hobbies you loved. Regardless, it's time to get back out there and try some new things!

15. You can’t watch just one or two episodes

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“Just one more episode”, you say, as you watch the clock and witness several hours disappear! If those always seem to be your famous last words, you’re probably watching too much Netflix. Try to limit yourself to a few episodes per day. We have faith that you can do it!

16. You watch episodes before and after work

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When you wake up in the morning, Netflix is on your mind. When you’re about to get off work, Netflix is on your mind. Do you ever think about anything else?! If the answer is no, you’re definitely watching too much Netflix. You might even be obsessed!

17. You become obsessed with the actors in your favorite shows

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We’ve all researched our favorite actors to find our more about their lives. It’s natural to be curious about how old they are, how tall they are, and who they’re dating. However, if you can't stop thinking about the actors who play your favorite characters, you might have a problem.

18. You feel angry with fictional characters for making bad decisions

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Is your mood heavily impacted by the decisions that fictional characters make? Do you replay scenes over and over in your head, contemplating where things went wrong and how the outcome could have been different? It’s okay to be disappointed, but you’re definitely watching too much Netflix.

19. When you’re not watching Netflix, it’s all you can think about

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During work, you’re distracted by your Netflix thoughts. When you’re out with friends, you’re distracted by your Netflix thoughts. Basically, you’re always distracted by your Netflix thoughts! Try to be present and dedicate a specific time of day to Netflix instead.

20. Your temper flares when Netflix won’t load

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You’re faced with the dreaded spinning wheel that means Netflix won’t load, and you’re furious! If your temper flares up when this happens and you have no idea what to do with yourself, you might have a problem. It’s an inconvenience, but it shouldn’t ruin your day!

21. Your happiest days are when new seasons are added

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For Netflix lovers who have been patiently waiting for new seasons of their favorite shows to be added, this is the most wonderful time of year! It’s better than spending time with friends and family, getting promoted at work, and more! But wait…is that a good thing?!

22. You struggle to find TV shows and movies you haven’t already watched

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If you find yourself scrolling through Netflix for hours, trying to find something you haven't already watched…you’re probably watching too much Netflix! In fact, you might even need to resort to a new streaming service…or find another hobby to occupy your time!

23. You judge people who haven’t watched your favorite shows

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Do you find yourself harshly judging people who haven’t watched your favorite shows? Do you feel genuinely angry or frustrated when people express dissatisfaction with your favorite shows? Both of these things point to an unhealthy obsession with Netflix.

24. You have several tshirts that reference your favorite shows

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When the majority of your wardrobe consists of tshirts and sweatshirts that reference your favorite shows and movies, that’s how you know you have a problem. It might be good to branch out and buy some pieces that don’t have a character, quote, or logo on them!

25. You lose your mind when someone spoils a show’s ending

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Spoiler alert! Those words are extremely important to you…because a spoiled ending is your biggest pet peeve! Does this sound like you? If so, you’re probably watching too much Netflix! In the meantime…you might want to stay away from the internet!

26. But you also search the internet obsessively for spoilers

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Speaking of the internet, you can’t seem to stay away…even when you know you might stumble upon a spoiler or two! Let’s be honest, though. You usually watch new seasons as soon as they’re released, so it’s very unlikely that anything will be spoiled!

27. You’re simultaneously watching 5+ shows at once

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One of your biggest skills is watching multiple shows at once and keeping track of all of the different characters and plot lines! You justify watching so many shows simultaneously because that means you’ll always have a show to watch, even if one ends.

28. You follow more TV stars on social media than friends

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Take a look at the people you follow on social media. Are there significantly more actors and actresses than friends and family? Do you care more about their posts and stories? If so, your desire to get the inside scoop on their lives might mean you’re watching too much Netflix.

29. Your legs feel numb from sitting on the couch for too long

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If your legs go numb or tingly on a regular basis from sitting on the couch for too long, you’re definitely watching too much Netflix! Take some stretching breaks, get outside for a walk, or hit the gym. You can even do exercises from the couch. Your body will thank you!

30. Your friends and family think you have a problem

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If your friends and family stage an intervention because your Netflix habits have spiraled out of control, that probably means you have a problem. Consider taking a break from your beloved streaming service and trying another hobby. Netflix will always be there when you’re ready to return!

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