Nail Technician Reveals The Best Methods For Maintaining Strong And Healthy Nails

By Ange Arnal 1 year ago

1. Keep your nails clean and dry.

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When your nails are exposed to moisture, they can become soft and weak, making them more susceptible to breakage, splitting, and other damage. Keeping your nails clean and dry helps maintain the natural oils and moisture balance of your nails which is important for the overall health and strength.

2. Use a gentle, moisturizing hand soap.

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Using hand soap with moisturizing ingredients, such as glycerin and aloe vera, can help to keep the skin on your hands and aroumd your nails hydrated and prevent dryness and cracking. A moisturizing hand soap can help to replenish your skin's & nails moisture levels and keep them healthy and strong.

3. Avoid harsh chemicals and detergents.

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Chemicals and detergents can also make your nails more vulnerable to infections by disrupting the natural balance of bacteria and fungi on your skin and many detergents and cleaning products contain ingredients that can dry out your skin and nails. Get a pair of gloves on whenever you're handling products like this to avoid developing issues with your nails.

4. Use gloves when doing household chores or working with chemicals.

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Harsh chemicals, found in cleaning products, can damage your nails by weakening and breaking them and exposure to certain chemicals and detergents can also cause skin irritation and allergic reactions, which can further damage your nails and the skin around them. If you're someone who enjoys getting your nails done, you should definitely keep them away from chemicals.

5. Trim your nails regularly with a nail clipper or nail scissors.

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Trimming your nails regularly helps breakage, encourage growth, improve hygiene, and prevent ingrown nails. It is recommended to trim your nails at least once every two weeks, or more often if necessary - throughout the summer months when your hair and nails grow a lot faster.

6. File your nails in one direction to prevent splitting and damage.

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Filing your nails in one direction helps prevent splitting and damage because it helps to maintain the integrity of the nail structure. Filing in a back and forth motion causes the layers of the nail to separate and weaken. File them regularly to keep them looking and feeling their best.

7. Don't bite your nails or pick at your cuticles.

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Picking at your cuticles can lead to inflammation, bleeding, and even infections. Damaged cuticles can also cause the nail to detach from the nail bed, leading to further damage and weaker nails. Avoid this bad habit to make sure your nails do not suffer.

8. Avoid using metal tools to push back cuticles.

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When you use a metal device to push back your cuticles, you can introduce bacteria and other germs into the nail bed, which can increase the risk of infection. This can cause swelling, redness, and pain, and can even lead to more serious infections if left untreated.

9. Apply a strengthening nail polish to protect and fortify your nails.

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Strengthening nail polish can be a helpful tool for maintaining the health and strength of your nails - it should not be used as a substitute for proper nail care, but it's definitely worth investing in a good strengthening nail polish which contains ingredients such as keratin, biotin, or collagen.

10. Use a moisturizing cuticle oil to nourish and hydrate your cuticles.

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By regularly applying a high-quality cuticle oil to your nails, you can help to improve their strength and overall health. It can help strengthen your nails, hydrate then, improve the flexibility, protect your nails from damage and provide essential nutrients to the nail bed.

11. Avoid using acetone-based nail polish removers.

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Acetone-based nail polish removers can be harsh and damaging to your nails and cuticles, they can dry them out, irritate the skin around the nails and damage your nails by breaking down the nail polish which increases the risk of staining your nails.

12. Use a non-acetone-based nail polish remover instead.

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Acetone is a powerful solvent that can quickly strip away the oils and moisture from your nails and cuticles, leaving them dry, brittle, and prone to cracking. So using acetone based nail polish's can lead to strengthening issues with your nails and toenails if you're using these polishes regularly.

13. Give your nails a break from nail polish every now and then.

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Your nails need time to rest and recover from the stress of wearing nail polish as wearing nail polish can prevent your nails from breathing properly and can trap moisture underneath the polish. This can increase the risk of infections, discoloration and weakness to the nail.

14. Drink plenty of water to keep your nails hydrated.

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Drinking plenty of water helps prevent your nails from becoming dry, brittle, and prone to cracking. Water is a carrier for essential nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, that are important for healthy nail growth and helps flush out any toxins from your body.

15. Eat a healthy and balanced diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals.

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Biotin, vitamin E, iron, and zinc are all important nutrients for nail health, they can be found in foods like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. Collagen is also an important nutrient to keep your nails strong however, high blood sugar levels can lead to weakened and brittle nails.

16. Take biotin supplements to strengthen your nails.

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Biotin, also known as vitamin H, is a B vitamin that is essential for maintaining healthy nails, hair, and skin. Biotin can help to improve the moisture content of your nails, which can prevent them from becoming dry and brittle - the moisture retention is important for maintaining the strength and flexibility of the nails.

17. Avoid exposing your nails to extreme temperatures.

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Exposure to extreme heat or cold can lead to cracking and your nails with break more easily because of the moisture evaporating from your nails. Extreme temperatures causes your nails to weaken and they expand and contract rapidly which can lead to tiny cracks in your nails.

18. Massage your nails and cuticles with a nourishing oil.

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When your nails are well-moisturized, they are more flexible and less likely to break or chip. Cuticle oil will provide a protective barrier around your nails, shielding them from environmental factors that can cause damage. Whenever you file, paint or do anything with your nails, you should always add cuticle oil to your routine.

19. Don't use your nails as tools to open things or scratch surfaces.

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You're more at risk of infection from the item you scratch or open so use appropriate tools or techniques to help protect your nails and prevent any damage. When you use your nails to scratch or open things, you can damage the surface of them - always use the correct tool and not your nails.

20. Wear shoes that fit properly to prevent toenail damage.

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Shoes can help protect your toenails by providing a physical barrier and they can also help protect your toenails from fungal infections that can thrive in warm, moist environments, hence why you should always wear flip flops or shoes when you're around a public swimming pool or showers.

21. Trim toenails straight across to prevent ingrown toenails.

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Trimming your nails can help improve their strength. If your nails are long and prone to splitting, trimming them regularly can help prevent the splits from spreading further, if your nails are long and curved, they can be more prone to infection and if your nails are too long, they can put pressure on the nail bed and cause the nail to weaken or become brittle - so trimming is important!

22. Wear flip-flops in public showers and pools to prevent fungal infections.

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Public showers are often damp and warm, and can also harbor bacteria that can cause infections - always keep your flip flops on around these areas. Shoes are an effective way to keep your feet from these potential harmful health hazards, because who wants gammy feet? Nobody!

23. Wear gloves in cold weather to protect your nails from the elements.

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Wear gloves in cold weather, cold weather can cause the air to become dry, which can also dry out your nails not just your skin. By covering your hands and keeping your nails protected by wearing gloves, you prevent issues like hangnails, chipping, and peeling.

24. Avoid biting your nails or picking at your cuticles when stressed or anxious.

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Biting your nails can cause them to become jagged, which can lead to ingrown nails and can also damage your nail bed. The area underneath your nail where new nail cells are produced can become damaged and infected which can lead to a deformity of the nail or even permanent nail damage.

25. Use a nail buffer to smooth and shine your nails.

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Buffing your nails can help to strengthen them by promoting blood circulation and stimulating the production of natural oils in the nails - this will lead to stronger nails in the long run. Removing any rough edges and smoothing the surface of your nails will increase the thickness of the nail.

26. Use a hand cream with SPF to protect your nails from sun damage.

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Using a hand cream with SPF protection is important in helping to prevent the damage from UV rays by shielding the skin and nails. Always use of a good quality hand cream with SPF - this can help prevent more serious skin and nail conditions in the long term and protect your skin from UV rays.

27. Use a base coat before applying nail polish to prevent staining and yellowing.

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A base coat acts as a barrier between the nail plate and the nail polish, preventing the polish from staining or discoloring the nails. It's gives you a smooth surface for your nail polish to stick to which will help your nail polish to last longer without chipping or peeling. It's an essential step in your manicure routine!

28. Avoid using harsh nail products that contain formaldehyde or toluene.

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A lot of conventional nail polishes (popular brands) contain a variety of harsh chemicals, such as formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP). These chemicals can be harmful to your nail bed if they are absorbed. They will also make your nails weak and brittle.

29. Don't use nail polish that has expired or is old and thickened.

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Over time, the color and texture of nail polish can change, nail polish ages, the consistency can become thick and clumpy, this can also harbor bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, which can lead to nail infections or other health problems.

30. Visit a nail technician for regular manicures and pedicures to keep your nails in good condition.

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Nail technicians are trained professionals who have expertise in nail care and can provide specialized treatments and services - be sure to ALWAYS visit professionals & be sure that your nail tech actually knows what they're talking about. The knowledge of nail health can really help.

31. You shouldn't let anyone shave your calluses

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If you go to a new nail salon and they offer to shave your calluses, and especially with a credo blade, this is a bad sign - and you shouldn't do it. The credo blade has a bad history with shaving people's feet to the point of serious issues, so if you're in for a pedicure, don't do this!

32. Or, let anyone cut your cuticles

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Cuticles are there for a reason, and that reason is an important one: they're there to protect your nails. So if someone is offering to snip away your calluses when you're in for a nail appointment, don't! This is why pushing them back is the norm, and only this. Bacteria can easily get in around your nails if the cuticle is cut away.

33. Be wary of nail files that are used on more than one client!

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It goes without saying that when you book a nail appointment, you expect to have a brand new nail file used on you, and you alone. Nail techs should be using one nail file per customer, but some have been known to re-use to cut costs - which of course can spread infection. A good sign is if they give you the file to take home with you.

34. Use a nail file over nail clippers

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When you're caring for your nails at home, you should avoid nail clippers as much as possible, too. A nail file is always preferable for nail care because it better cares for your nails, rather than risking breakages and weirdly-shaped cracks. If you do want to clip, you can soak your nails in water first.

35. Bring your own flip-flops to a nail salon

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When you're booked in for a pedicure, you'll usually be offered a pair of flip-flops - but just like the nail file situation, there's no guarantee these haven't been re-used after another customer wore them. To cut down on risk of things spreading, take your own to wear!

36. It's a good idea to bring your own polish, too...

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So you might be wondering why you'd bring your own nail polish when you're paying for a salon appointment - this is because, sadly, some salons can sneakily dilute their nail polish to keep it going. This means you're getting an unsanitary job, as well as paying for a polish that's not full strength or quality.

37. Some salons actually don't have the right sanitation tech

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One key piece of technology in sanitation - if not
piece of tech - is the autoclave. This machine is used in a lot of science labs to keep things clean. It works to kill microorganisms, and it's something nail salons should be using for sanitary conditions. Unfortunately, not every salon has one!

38. If a salon is cheap, it might not be as good a deal as you think

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We know what it's like when you're trying to cut back and you can't afford to spend too much on your next nail appointment. If you've found a great deal, it might be too good to be true. This is because some salons don't follow the protocol for sanitation, but they're not going to turn away business, either.

39. UV lamps could be a health risk

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UV lamps are used to set your latest nail polish design, but how risky are they really? At the end of the day, this is a bright blue UV light, which most of the time we're warned against. It's very unlikely to develop something like cancer just from this, but the reality is there's a very, very small chance.

40. Acrylic and dipping powder manicures? Bad for you!

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Have you ever had either of these manicures? These two in particular come with a high amount of contamination risks, dip manicures in particular. There's also the issue of toxic odors being released. With dip manicures, you have many different clients dipping their nails into the same container!

41. You're best not shaving before a pedicure

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We understand why you'd want to shave right before a pedicure - especially those pesky big toe hairs - because you want to make a good impression on your nail tech. But doing this actually risks those tiny little nicks and cuts, which then risk letting in an infection!

42. Soaking your hands before a manicure might actually ruin it

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Some nail practices see you soaking your hands before a manicure to soften the cuticles - but this can actually be counterproductive. When your nails are soaked, they will expand because of the water. This means if your nails are then drying after the polish has been applied, it can risk chipping.

43. Make sure to ask for prices upfront!

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Some salons or nail techs are very edgy about their prices. They might not be upfront about their menu, or they may decided to sneakily add stuff on after you've already sat down. So ask for the total cost of what you want, down to the last penny, before you agree to sit down.

44. Gelatin won't help your nail growth

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Some people believe that gelatin has the power to make your nails grow faster, whether through eating it or actually spreading it on your nails - but sadly, it's not actually true! Official dermatology associations have debunked this rumor and said gelatin won't help.

45. Don't use artificial nails too often

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If your manicure sees you wanting artificial nails instead of just a file and polish of your natural ones, it's important to give your nails a break every once in a while. If you have artificial nails on 24/7, 365 days a year, your natural nails are going to become weak and brittle.

46. There can be A LOT of drama in salons

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Nail salon workers deal with
so much
drama - both from their internal staff, and clients. We know nail salons can be a great place to chat or complain about things, but nail techs are then exposed to secrets from clients, issues with their own managers or even other colleagues. It's all a bit like high school drama!

47. You should be sure not to gossip about other clients

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When you regularly attend the same nail salon, it's likely you're going to get to know the other clients and maybe even become friends. Or, your own friends might use the same salon. This can make it difficult for a tech working with clients who know each other, if you start talking about them behind their back...

48. Ingrown toenails shouldn't be blamed on your nail tech

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We understand why you'd think ingrown toenails are an issue for your nail tech, because the appointment is all about the nail, after all - so you might think their treatment is resulting in ingrown nails. But it's not their fault - and it's likely your shoes that are the problem.

49. And don't ask them to remove an ingrown toenail, either!

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Even if you're not blaming them for the ingrown toenail in itself, that doesn't mean part of their job is to remove it for you before a coat of polish! An ingrown toenail is a problem for your doctor or dermatologist, and not your nail technician - so make sure not to ask them about it!

50. A nail tech's job is actually more dangerous than you'd think

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Nail salon employees are working day after day with a whole bunch of different chemicals - and, sure, they may wear masks and gloves, but they're still being exposed. Some techs might not even wear a mask, for one reason or another, and this could be linked to respiratory problems over time.