The Unhealthiest Foods In The Fast Food Industry

By Shelby 1 year ago

1. Chicken Pot Pie - KFC

Image Source: Reddit
While KFC’s chicken pot pie is the perfect meal for a cold winter’s day, it also contains extremely high amounts of calories, sodium, and fat! One chicken pot pie contains just over 700 calories, almost 2,000mg of sodium, and 41 grams of fat (25g of saturated fat, which is the bad kind!).

2. Triple Whopper with Cheese - Burger King

Image Source: Reddit
Three quarter pound beef patties is a bit excessive for one burger, don’t you think?! Burger King’s triple whopper with cheese contains almost 1,300 calories, 90g of fat (26% more than you should consume in one day), and 2,000mg of sodium. Our arteries are clogging just thinking about it!

3. Monster Angus Burger - Hardee’s

Image Source: Reddit
This enormous burger contains two charbroiled black angus beef patties, four strips of bacon, three slices of cheese, and mayonnaise. The burger alone has 1,000 calories, 33g of saturated fat, and over 3,000mg of sodium! The sodium is alone is 137% of your daily value.

4. Caramel Pecanbon - Cinnabon

Image Source: Reddit
Caramel frosting, crunchy pecans, and a soft, gooey cinnamon roll…we’re drooling! However, the infamous Pecanbon contains over 1,000 calories, 51g of fat, and 75g of sugar. Considering that this is merely a dessert item and not even a full meal, those numbers are outrageous!

5. Dave’s Triple - Wendy’s

Image Source: Reddit
This triple stack burger is massive. With almost a full pound of beef, cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle, ketchup, and mayo, it contains every element of a delicious, classic burger. Unfortunately, it also contains over 1,000 calories and 81g of fat. Yikes!

6. Personal Meat Lover’s Pizza - Pizza Hut

Image Source: Reddit
If you’re a meat lover, you’ll enjoy this personal pizza loaded with pepperoni, sausage, ham, beef, and bacon. It also has a double layer of cheese! With 850 calories and 48g, it’s not a great option nutritionally. But if you’re able to eat just one or two slices, it’s a tasty treat!

7. Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon Sandwich - Arby’s

Image Source: Reddit
You might think you’re making a healthier choice by opting for a deli sandwich from Arby’s. However, this turkey sandwich contains 800 calories, 34g of fat, and over 2,000mg of sodium. That’s comparable to some of the burgers on this list, believe it or not!

8. KFC Famous Bowl

Image Source: Reddit
KFC knows how to make the ultimate comfort meal. With creamy mashed potatoes, crispy chicken, melted cheese, and rich gravy, this dish will make you feel warm and cozy inside. It might also raise your blood pressure, since it contains over 2,300mg of sodium!

9. Asian Sweet Chili Boneless Wings - Sonic

Image Source: Brand Eating
Indulging in a sweet and savory meal shouldn’t put your health in jeopardy! A 12-piece order of Sonic’s Asian sweet chili boneless wings contains 930 calories, almost 3,000mg of sodium, and 26g of sugar. That’s a little bit much, even if you’re sharing with friends.

10. Java Chip Frappucinno - Starbucks

Image Source: Taste of Home
Frappucinnos are delightful, especially when it’s warm outside and you’re craving a sweet and refreshing beverage. These sneaky drinks are basically dessert in a cup, though! A grande contains almost 60g of sugar, which exceeds the total recommended daily value by 10g.

11. Baconator - Wendy’s

Image Source: Reddit
Two beef patties, six pieces of crispy smoked bacon, cheese, ketchup, and mayo all make this burger a carnivore’s dream! With over 1,000 calories, 67g of fat, and 1,850mg of sodium, this burger is also quite the unhealthy indulgence. Order with caution!

12. Italian Meatball Sub - Quizno’s

Image Source: Simply Polar
This sub is flat out terrible for you! As if 76g of fat (31g of saturated fat) and 175mg of cholesterol isn’t bad enough, Quizno’s Italian meatball sub also has 3,560mg of sodium. That’s 155% of your daily value! This is a fast food item that’s just not worth it.

13. Mac and Cheese - Panera Bread

Image Source: Reddit
Panera claims that their macaroni and cheese is made from “clean” ingredients. However, that certainly doesn’t mean it's good for you. A large bowl still contains 1,000 calories, 61g of fat, 2,450mg of sodium, and 15g of sugar. There’s no way to swing this dish in a healthy light!

14. Double SMOKEShack Burger - Shake Shack

Image Source: Reddit
Action Bronson and Shake Shack collaborated to create the SMOKEShack burger. However, the double SMOKEShack burger takes the meal to a whole new level. Featuring a double cheeseburger, smoked bacon, chopped cherry peppers, and ShackSauce, this burger is almost 900 calories!

15. Large Fries - Five Guys

Image Source: Reddit
The crispy french fries at Five Guys are salted to perfection, but a large order contains more calories than a burger! It also packs 57g of fat and 1,327mg of sodium. You’re better off ordering a little size, especially if you plan to eat a burger, too!

16. J.J. Gargantuan - Jimmy John’s

Image Source: Reddit
Loaded with turkey, roast beef, salami, smoked ham, capicola, and provolone, this sub is a sight to behold! According to Jimmy John’s, it’s large enough to satisfy the most ravenous of humans. But with 1,100 calories and 3,550mg of sodium, we think it’s a bit extreme.

17. Chicken Rice Bowl - Bojangles

Image Source: Reddit
At first glance, this order might seem healthier than a juicy burger. However, that’s not exactly the case! Featuring roasted chicken and shredded cheese over pinto beans and dirty rice, this bowl has almost 1,200 calories and 4,520mg of sodium. This is 196% of your daily value!

18. 4x4 Burger - In-N-Out

Image Source: Reddit
The “Not So Secret Menu” at In-N-Out has some interesting options. The most wild one might be the 4x4 (or Quad Quad), which features four beef patties, four slices of cheese, lettuce, tomato, and spread. One Quad Quad contains 1,050 calories, 69g of fat, and 2,320mg of sodium.

19. Double Pulled Pork Tailgater - Smashburger

Image Source: Restaurant News Release
With two beef patties, smoke pulled pork, melted Swiss, caramelized onions, and spicy mustard between two pretzel buns, this sandwich is hard to resist! However, the sandwich packs 1,300 calories, 82g of fat, and 2,470mg of sodium. Definitely not a healthy fast food item!

20. Royal Rocky Road Trip Blizzard - Dairy Queen

Image Source: YouTube
This dessert features cocoa fudge, brownie pieces, and peanuts blended with vanilla ice cream and filled with marshmallow. It sounds heavenly…but a large also contains 1,510 calories, 70g of fat, and 151g of sugar. That’s more than three days of your daily recommended value of sugar!

21. Spicy Chicken Sandwich - Popeye’s

Image Source: Reddit
At 700 calories a pop, this spicy chicken sandwich is the most calorie-rich option on the Popeye’s menu. It also contains 42g of fat and 1,473mg of sodium. If you pair this sandwich with a regular order of cajun fries and a biscuit, this adds 480 calories to your meal!

22. Caniac Combo - Raising Cane

Image Source: Reddit
This massive feast includes six chicken tenders, Cane’s sauce, french fries, Texas Toast, coleslaw, and a large fountain drink. All of this totals around 2,000 calories, which is the exact recommended amount for the average human each day. We’re bloated just thinking about this meal!

23. 3 Meat Treat DEEP! DEEP! Deep Dish - Little Caesars

Image Source: Mashed
Combine deep dish crust with pepperoni, Italian sausage, bacon, and mozzarella cheese, and you’ve got Little Caesar’s Detroit-style 3 Meat Treat. With a whopping 3,480 calories and 175g of fat, this pizza’s nutritional value (or lack thereof) is seriously scary.

24. Sausage, Egg & Cheese Croissant - Dunkin’ Donuts

Image Source: TripAdvisor
Breakfast is the most important part of the day and should be treated as such! Unfortunately, this breakfast croissant from Dunkin’ Donuts leaves a lot to be desired. With almost 700 calories, 34g of fat, and 1,500mg of sodium, it’s not a healthy way to kick off your morning.

25. Chili Cheese Tots - Sonic

Image Source: Passionate Penny Pincher
Crispy potatoes smothered in melted cheese and chili may sound amazing, but the nutritional value of these tater tots might send you running in the opposite direction! A large order contains 960 calories, 57g of fat, and 2,690mg of sodium! You might want to order a small or skip them altogether.

26. Family Seafood Feast - Captain D’s

Image Source: Reddit
This entree includes twelve pieces of fried fish, twelve fried shrimp, three seafood stuffed crab shells, twelve hush puppies, and your choice of two sides. With almost 4,000 calories, 16g of trans fat, and 7,990mg of sodium, it’s probably not even wise to split this meal with friends!

27. Chicken Alfredo - Jason’s Deli

Image Source: Twitter
There’s nothing better than a bowl of hearty pasta on a chilly day. However, this creamy, cheesy dish from Jason’s Deli contains 1,240 calories, 84g of fat, and 3,700mg of sodium. That high amount of fat is almost comparable to an entire stick of butter!

28. Strawberry Milkshake - Chick-Fil-A

Image Source: Eat This, Not That 
If you enjoy adding a milkshake to your Chick-Fil-A order, this might make you think twice next time you hit the drive-thru. The strawberry milkshake alone has 570 calories, 19g of fat, and 87g of sugar! Our teeth hurt just thinking about all of that sugar.

29. Cobb Salad with Avocado Lime Ranch Dressing - Chickfila

Image Source: Mashed
Salads seem like a healthier fast food option, right? The truth is, you have to pick your salads wisely! Chick-Fil-A’s loaded Cobb Salad has 910 calories, 63g of fat, and 1,870mg of sodium. The avocado lime ranch dressing is mostly to blame, so if you want to make it healthier, try a different dressing.

30. Big Breakfast with Hotcakes - McDonald’s

Image Source: Reddit
This sweet and savory breakfast has every delicious element of a warm, comforting meal. But with 1,340 calories, 63g of fat, and 2,070mg of sodium, it will likely weigh you down for the rest of the day! If you skip the hotcakes, the Big Breakfast only contains 760 calories.

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