The Dumbest Criminals From Around The World

By Elliot Nott 1 year ago

Fathers Day

Image Source: Reddit
On fathers day a young boy was toying around with some old handcuffs, not realising he didn't have the key, he cuffed himself to his father. The father jumped into action and rang the police to remove the handcuffs, he clearly forgot he had two arrest warrants for him. He went from one pair of handcuffs, to another!

The Snapchat Scandal

Image Source: The Sun
A burglar named Christopher Wallace was hiding from the police after committing a robbery. This bright spark thought it was a good idea to then post his whereabouts on snapchat, stating that he was back in his hometown of Fairfield. The police then received this information and was quickly arrested.

The Payslip

Image Source: Reddit
When you think of bank robberies you think, balaclavas, all black outfits. However a 40 year old man went for the discrete option by handing the cashier a note demanding they hand him money. However, he clearly hadn't thought this through as the paper he used as a note was a payslip, with his name and address on.

Who Writes Their Own Name

Image Source: CBC
This 18 year old criminal from Manchester in the UK was caught vandalising a campsite because he wrote his full name multiple times, all over a wall at the scene. Either extremely dumb or wanting to be arrested, he also wrote his gangs name as well; 
The Adlington Massiv.

Blame The Dog

Image Source: Reddit
We've all heard the classic excuse, 
the dog ate my homework
. However, this joyrider took this to the next extreme. He claims that it was his dog driving the car, not him. The thing is though, there was no dog in the car at the time! What goes through peoples heads sometimes!?

Do I Look Good In This?

Image Source: Reddit
This arrogant criminal from Florida, named Mack Yearwood. Evidently not the sharpest tool in the shed as he proceeded to upload his wanted poster as his profile picture on Facebook. The police quickly picked up on this and he was quickly tracked down and arrested.

Lemme Take A Selfie

Image Source: Reddit
A home invader in 2014 was robbing a house, he wanted to show off by taking a selfie in a mirror, even though he was using a stolen SIM card. He then posted to the picture to WhatsApp with all of the victims contacts seeing what he'd done, he was quickly reported and arrested.

Just Want 10 Minutes

Image Source: Reddit
This crook was reported for breaking and entering but gave the police a pretty easy job in catching him. He found the task quite tiring and decided to have a quick nap on the sofa in the home he was robbing. The police arrived at the scene to find the criminal fast asleep. You can imagine what happened next.

I Can't Drive Stick

Image Source: Reddit
A 17 year old boy from Omaha tried stealing a car from a woman who was inside. He pointed a weapon at her and she obviously decided to get out the car. However the robber quickly realised he made a mistake. The car was manual transition, he could only drive automatic. Silly guy.

Daylight Robbery

Image Source: Reddit
This criminal named James Blankenship attempted to rob his mothers home in daylight. He heard some noise from outside and decided to take cover in the crawl space. He was found and arrested, but was confused as he thought he couldn't be arrested as it was the middle of the day, not night time. Like seriously.

Stealing The Wrong Item

Image Source: Reddit
Jacob Wise, a shoplifter from Tulsa was in a clothing store trying to shoplift some items. He removed the security tags from the items, but when he left the store the alarms were still triggered. Why? I hear you ask. This halfwit removed the tags, and put them in to his pocket...

Fancy Dress Robbery

Image Source: Reddit
When you think of disguises you think, smart, try to blend in. Dennis Hawkins from Pittsburgh however had other ideas. He thought it would be a bright idea to wear the disguise of a woman. A blonde wig, fake breasts, and even weirder, clown pants. He then stole a car as a getaway, not the hardest figure to track down.

The Wheelchair Escape

Image Source: Reddit
Noemi Duchene and her partner, Luis Del Castillo robbed a jewellery store at knife point, all was going well until it got to getting away, they decided together the best getaway vehicle would be... a wheelchair. They quickly realised it wasn't the quickest getaway vehicle in the world.

The Forgotten Robbery

Image Source: Reddit
Whilst two police officers in Detroit but putting on a demonstration of a new car tracking system a forgetful thief went and asked how it works. In exchange the officers asked to hold his ID. They ran it through their system and found he was wanted for a robbery two years ago. He was arrested.

A Venomous Bag

Image Source: Reddit
A thief wondering the streets was looking for a quick catch. He saw a car then had a bag inside it. Long story short a window was smashed and a bag was taken. Little did he know this bag belonged to a snake catcher, and yes, there was a venomous snake in the bag. He handed himself in to save himself from the snake.

I Don't Like That Photo

Image Source: Reddit
An arsonist in Ohio had a wanted poster released to the public to help with his capture. The egotistical man however wasn't the biggest fan of the picture the police had used. He sent them a more flattering selfie asking them to use that instead. He was easily tracked and arrested.

Anger Management

Image Source: Reddit
A man with clear anger issues got involved in a confrontation with a man and a woman, in which he attacked both, as he fled the scene he dropped a folder of his. When the police showed up they found what was some anger management coursework in the folder.

The Flirty Thief

Image Source: Reddit
One shoplifter from Scotland was on a roll stealing from a liquor store. He noticed a young woman working in the store and thought it was a great idea to shoot his shot. Giving her his number and name, making it very easy for the police to find him.

A Glass Of Vitamin C

Image Source: Reddit
A criminal from Portland was robbing a house, taking anything valuable he could find. After all the hard work, what harm could drinking some orange juice could do? Well, he did just that, leaving his fingerprints and all kinds of DNA on the glass. He was arrested.

Public Announcement

Image Source: Reddit
A robber who goes by the name Andrew Hennells was captured because he decided to publicly announce his next crime, on Facebook. Along with a picture of him with a knife. Stating he was about to rob a store. He was caught 20 minutes later with the same knife and some money.

Burn It With Fire

Image Source: Reddit
These clever criminals thought they could steal money from an ATM. They couldn't figure out the best way to break in though. What did they decide to do? Blast it with a blow torch. The whole machine caught fire burning ever last note inside of the machine. Stupid really.

Call Me Back

Image Source: DailyFeed
This thief wanted to rob a safe inside of a store. He walked in with a weapon pointing at the worker demanding to open the safe. The cashier however said only the owner could open it, and wouldn't be there for a couple hours. Understandably the thief said to call him back when the owner returned, when he returned the police were there waiting to arrest him.

A Taste For Gold

Image Source: Reddit
Two thieves thought they had gotten away with it after stealing a vast amount of gold jewellery. They were later seen to be acting suspicious and were taken by the police. Being held one of them fell ill, and after an X-ray it was seen that the thief had swallowed all the gold in an attempt to hide the evidence.

Returning What Was Stolen

Image Source: Reddit
This thief thought he had gotten away with robbery after stealing a wallet and some cash. Whilst examining the watch later on he realised the watch was fake. Realising the watch was worthless he decided to return he watch to the victim. Obviously a stupid idea, the police were at the victims house and quickly arrested the thief.

The Credit Card Trick

Image Source: Reddit
The thief in question this time had clearly watched too many movies as he tried breaking into a house using a credit card to unlock the door, whilst attempting to do so the card snapped in half, scared he fled the scene. What he didn't realise the other half of the card that snapped off and landed in the house, had his full name on. Not hard to track down.

The Worst Hiding Place In The World

Image Source: Reddit
Whilst helping himself to the contents of a house, a thief heard the homeowner return. In a sudden panic he hid in the first spot he could find, under the couch. The homeowner then sat down and quite quickly realised who was underneath. Without alerting the thief the police were alerted and the thief was arrested.

Foot Got Stuck

Image Source: Reddit
Whilst attempting to flee the scene of a house robbery, the thief tried jumping out of the window, just for his foot to get stuck in the frame, being as he couldn't move he quickly realised he couldn't much, knowing what was going to happen to him he just hung there, waiting to be arrested.

The Job Application

Image Source: Reddit
Whilst applying for a job to be a security guard, Zyeama Johnson was wanted for fraud. To apply for this job she had to apply through law enforcement. The application was immediately flagged and she was quickly arrested for her crimes. No job for her.

Just Can't Get Enough

Image Source: Reddit
After robbing a jewellery store, this thief had gotten away with it so far. However he wanted satisfied with what had had retrieved. So he went back to the location of the crime for more, where obviously there were 2 police cars and 5 officers at the scene of the crime. They quickly realised who he was and took him in. Greedy man.

The Police Station Kidnapping

Image Source: Reddit
Two not so clever criminals, thought it would be genius to kidnap someone. The catch you ask? It was right out front of a police station. After seeing what had happened police were sent after the car whistle CCTV had picked up their faces, and license plate of their vehicle. Not so clever really.

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