Ranked: Most Attractive Nationalities From Around The World

By Kirsty 1 year ago

1. India

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Coming in at number one on the list for most attractive nationality is Indian! There's no denying Indian women and men are beautiful, especially in their traditional clothing and makeup. The beauty standards in India include large eyes, long dark hair and large red lips.

2. USA

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Coming in second on the list is USA! To be fair, the known 'beauty standards' of America tend to be leaning on the thin, pale, young and blue-eyed - which as we know is an unfair standard and people coming in all different sizes and shapes of beauty. But regardless, USA came second on the list!

3. Sweden

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Coming third on the list is Sweden! The 'stereotype' of beautiful people in Sweden tends to be tall, slim, blonde hair and blue eyes - this is probably what most people think of when they think of Scandinavian beauty, anyway. Blonde is particularly favored for the beauty standards of women.

4. Japan

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Coming fourth on the list is the beautiful people of Japan! The beauty standards of Japan are so well known that a lot of people in other countries aim for an 'Asian beauty routine' to get that famous flawless skin. The beauty appeal of people in Japan - especially women - leans towards the slim, petite, dark hair and porcelain skin.

5. Canada

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Coming fifth on the list is the people of Canada! Canada doesn't particularly have one 'standard' of beauty due to the sheer number of different looks and nationalities in its population - but of course that's true of anywhere! If we're talking about unfair stereotypes though, you might go for the 'lumberjack look'!

6. Brazil

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Coming in sixth on the list is the people of Brazil. The interesting thing about the accepted 'beauty standards' in Brazil is it's a bit of a mix/variety from other nationalities. You might find larger curves, dark hair, small noses and 'European features' while having tanned skin, all accepted beauty standards!

7. France

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Seventh on the list is France! Now France is known for being a very fashionable place, so you'd expect the beauty standards of this country to put a lot of focus on looking good. But a lot of the beauty appeal from France comes from people finding their own beauty, and owning it - effortlessly!

8. Italy

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Eight on the list is Italy! Italian beauty standards, at least for women, seems to focus on more 'natural' features rather than beauty that comes from any surgery or injections. a 'Roman nose', long dark hair and soft lips are all considered beautiful, while for men it can be dark hair and sharp cheekbones.

9. Ukraine

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Ninth on the list is Ukraine. There is a pressured beauty standard on Ukrainian women to be slim with paler skin and dark features, though of course Ukrainians can still have deeper skin tones. For men, it can be the more 'bearded manly' look, as they seem to like that protective aura around a man!

10. Denmark

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Tenth on the list of most attractive nationalities comes Denmark. Denmark, like other Scandinavian countries, has a focus on blonde hair, slim body and light-colored eyes. The other thing about Scandinavian beauty standards is that they also place focus on feeling good on the inside, to look your best on the outside!

11. Poland

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Eleventh on the beauty ranking is Poland!  This beauty standard is based on the idea of what a proper 'Slavic' woman should look like - so pretty face, perfect makeup, slim body and always looking stylish. For men, it's similar in that being stylish and slim is the preferred look.

12. United Kingdom

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Coming twelfth on the list is the United Kingdom! People of the UK come in all shapes and sizes - like the rest of the world, of course. But one beauty standard for women in particular in the UK is a very slim physique, long slim legs and a flat stomach. Nothing like the pressure of beauty standards, is there!

13. Germany

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Thirteenth on the list is Germany! The beauty standards in Germany aren't very particular - they actually seem to put more focus on clothes and high-quality style than having a particular height, weight or hair color preference. For men, it can be the classic 'tall with beard'.

14. Spain

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Fourteenth on the list is Spain, which holds a lot of the same beauty standards as many other European countries - which is that slim, tall, dark eyes and hair and lighter complexions seem to be the go-to. For men, it can be tall with big eyes and a slender physique.

15. Mexico

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Fifteenth on the list is Mexico! In Mexico, the 'preferred' beauty standard for women can be long black/dark hair, as well as an olive or tan skin tone that isn't too pale. Dark eyes seem to be the preference, and while there's this idea that 'big butts' are preferred, that's not necessarily true!

16. China

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Sixteenth on the list is China. The beauty standards in China actually include face shape and eyelid design, too! In China, it's more 'beautiful' to have a goose egg shaped face with very fair skin and eyelids with a double fold. Being thin is also seen as the more desirable body shape!

17. Ireland

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Seventeeth on the list is Ireland! When you think of Irish women and men in terms of beauty, you might think of firey red hair, but that's not the norm in Ireland - they come in all shapes and hair colors after all! The main focuses are 'beautiful lips', intense eyebrows and a lighter complexion.

18. Israel

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Eighteenth on the list is Israel! There is no 'one' beauty standard in this country, for either women or men, though there is a preference for lighter hair on men and women. Their main focus tends to be on physical fitness rather than makeup, eye color or complexion!

19. Netherlands

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Nineteenth on this list is the men and women of the Netherlands! The Dutch beauty standard can very much be paler skin, lighter colored hair - usually blonde - and light-colored eyes. Dutch people are also known for a more 'natural' look than being coated in makeup.

20. Colombia

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Coming in at number 20 on the ranked list is Colombia! The main beauty standard of this country seems to be the typical 'Latin beauty', with darker skin tones for both men and women, darker hair, dark eyes and beautiful makeup. Their body language also seems to be that 'sexy and graceful' vibe!

21. Norway

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Ranked number twenty one on this list is the beautiful people of Norway! Traditionally, the beauty standard in Norway was very much like other Scandinavian places - paler skin, lighter hair color and blue eyes - but these days, there's more focus on health and wellbeing and glowing on the outside from glowing on the inside!

22. Turkey

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Coming in at number 22 on this list is Turkey! Mostly, the preferred Turkish skin tone in terms of beauty is an olive or tanned skin tone. Darker hair shades are usually the norm for both men and women. Turkish women usually prefer more 'natural' looks with their makeup, too.

23. Australia

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Number twenty three on this list is the people of Australia! There is definitely a 'blonde haired, blue eyes, tan buff' stereotype of 'surfer' people in Australia, but that's not the case (as with all stereotypes!). What is attractive to Australians is usually a huge focus on health and a natural glow.

24. New Zealand

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Number 24 on this list is the close neighbor of Australia, New Zealand. This one varies depending on which region, as some standards say that smooth, fairer skin is a beauty norm, while the Maori people consider tattoos as something beautiful, on both men and women.

25. Lebanon

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Ranking number twenty five on this list is Lebanon! The people of the Middle East suffer the same beauty standards from the West, but the generally accepted beauty preferences are oval or round faces, large eyes, arched eyebrows and a nose that's on the smaller side!

26. Romania

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Number twenty six on this list is Romania! This country puts a lot of focus on stylish and high-quality fashion for a start. In terms of hair, there's also a preference for very long and healthy hair, as well as the preference for body type being on the slimmer side of things!

27. Pakistan

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Number twenty seven on this list is the beautiful people of Pakistan! A lot of the beauty standards in Pakistan can depend on social class, but it's generally accepted that a more fair skin tone is seen as 'better', and there's also a big focus on treatments and salons.

28. Czech Republic

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Number twenty eight on this list is the Czech Republic! A standard for what 'beauty' means in Czech can be very much focused on a 'healthy weight' rather than too slim or too overweight. Facial features should also be strong, like strong noses and sharp cheekbones.

29. Finland

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Coming in at number twenty nine is Finland - the people we have to thank for the invention of the ever-relaxing sauna! This also puts a big focus on being 'fit and healthy' as attractive and more important than hair color and makeup. They tend to favor the more toned-down look.

30. Greece

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Number thirty on this list is Greece! Funnily enough, the beauty standard for Greek women comes directly from the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. Aphrodite has been depicted as having a round face, pear-shaped body and breasts on the larger side!

31. Venezuela

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Number thirty one on this list is the beautiful people of Venezuela! The beauty standards of this nationality place a huge focus on that 'hourglass' figure, with bigger bust, smaller waist, and wider hips. Appearance is very important in this country, so makeup is usually a must.

32. Ethiopia

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Number thirty two on the attractiveness list is Ethiopia! There's a huge focus on a 'slim' physique in Ethiopia - not necessarily wide bust or hips, just a smaller frame all round. They also put focus on more 'traditional' hairstyles and clothing as the accepted beauty standard.

33. Philippines

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Coming in at number thirty three is the people of the Philippines! The beauty standard in the Philippines actually has an official name: the Morena beauty standard. This encompasses medium to deep skin tone, a shorter nose, hooded eyes and ideally darker hair.

34. Thailand

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Number thirty four on the list is the people of Thailand! This country puts a huge focus on looking after yourself, resulting in 'beauty' - this includes caring for your body's health and looking after your face. There's focus on makeup, but also on clean clothes which cover shoulders and knees.

35. Portugal

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The people of Portugal come in at number thirty five on this list. For a woman, the beauty standard has a bigger focus on accentuating a woman's natural curves and feminine beauty, so it's a celebration of those curves, with a focus on darker hair colors and dark eyes, too.

36. Vietnam

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Number thirty six on the list is Vietnam. Traditionally in history, things like teeth blackening were seen as a sign of beauty - but that has now died out. These days, 'beauty' can mean flawless skin, on the paler side, that looks bright, as well as silky hair and slim physique.

37. Iceland

image source: icelandmonitor.mbl.is
Number thirty seven on this list is the people of Iceland! The 'beauty' standards with both men and women in Iceland are pretty diverse. The women have been considered some of the most beautiful in the world. Blonde hair and lighter skin tones are very common here.

38. Hungary

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Number thirty eight on the attractiveness scale is the people of Hungary. The beauty standards of this country put a lot of focus on high fashion - being dressed well can equal more attractiveness. There's more of a focus on darker hair and darker eyes, but they come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

39. Somalia

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Number thirty nine on this list is Somalia. The beauty standards in Somalia can see a lot of focus on silky, cared-for hair. Many women can use lots of products to get that straight, desired hair look. Makeup is popular, and there's also more focus on larger women rather than super skinny.

40. Armenia

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Number forty on this list is Armenia. For both men and women of this nationality, there's a focus on very clear skin, smaller lips which are symmetrical, more 'soft' facial features and national curves. Men are known for being handsome and 'well-built' with broader shoulders.

41. Belgium

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The standards of Belgium prefer a more natural look - either focus on skincare instead of makeup, or if wearing makeup, shades that suit the natural tone of the face! There's also a huge focus on beauty on the inside - being a kind person - as well as more of a focus on blonde hair and a petite frame.

42. Croatia

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Forty second on this list is Croatia. Croatian beauty standards actually don't seem to have a preference on hair or eye color - any will do - but there is a preference for a very tall and very slim woman! In terms of hair, it's also preferred for women to have longer hair.

43. Saudi Arabia

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Forty third on the list is Saudi Arabia. For woman, there seems to be a focus on that more 'hourglass' figure, as well as big eyes, dark hair and olive toned skin. For men, it's also olive skin and dark hair, with more focus on longer facial hair, like beards and moustaches being the norm.

44. Egypt

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Coming in at number forty four is Egyptian beauty! These standards focus on a slimmer figure with narrow hips and a more 'youthful' look for woman. Almond shaped eyes and large lips are also favored, and for men, dark features like eyes and hair with darker skin are the norm.

45. Chile

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Number forty five on this list is Chile! Surprisingly, the beauty ideal in Chile can favor having blonde hair, where you might have thought brown and black was preferred. Chileans also put a focus on health and happiness, as 'taking care of yourself' is seen as a beauty standard, too.

46. Cuba

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Coming in at number forty six is Cuba! For Cuban men, there is an expectation or standard of being more 'macho' and physically fit. There's also a big focus on smelling good - cologne is an absolute must-do for Cuban men before leaving the house! Nothing wrong with that.

47. Albania

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Number forty seven is the people of Albania! The standard for Albanian women is to be on the healthy 'trim' side, but not necessarily skinny. Light skin combined with dark hair color is known for both men and women. There's also a focus on 'elegant' style for fashion.

48. Latvia

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Number forty eight on this list is Latvia! Latvian women in particular are known for very striking natural beauty that they don't need to enhance too much with makeup. They're also known to be tall and slim, as well as blonde hair, light skin and light-colored eyes being the norm.

49. Indonesia

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At number forty nine is Indonesia! This beauty standard is very similar to Asia, in that smaller facial features, light and clear skin and a tell, slender build are the preferred for women. Darker hair and eye colors are also likely. For men, it can also be lighter skin and darker hair/eyes.

50. Switzerland

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And at number fifty is ranked Switzerland! For women, skincare is a top priority over accentuating beauty with makeup. If makeup is worn, there's more focus on it being practical and low-key. There's a very 'clean and low maintenance' vibe for everything about Swiss life, including beauty routines!

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