Ranked: The Hottest UFC Girls Of All Time

By Elliot Nott 1 year ago

30. Jessica Sutton

Image Source: Youtube
New-Jersey born Jessica Sutton is first up on our list. Residing in Las Vegas, not only is she an octagon ring girl, she also works as a cocktail waitress, hair stylist and a rental property owner. Certainly one that catches the eye, will you be looking out for Jessica at the next event?

29. Michelle Ulibari

Image Source: Pinterest
Next up is Michelle Ulibari. Michelle is a body builder, model and of course, a ring girl. She signed with her first agency in 2006, and has since been a ring girl for MMA on NBC, and has been working for various brands such as Reebok, and she does all this whilst being a mother.

28. Nicole Craner

Image Source: Pro Boxing Fans
Nicole Craner is certainly someone who we couldn't leave off of our list. Craner who is from Portland, is the current Maxim Hometown Hottie and a Playboy Lingerie 2011 finalist. The 39 year old is also a model and also a former Strikeforce ring card girl.

27. Kat Kelly

Image Source: MMAUncaged
San Francisco born Kat Kelly is next up. Having lived all over in Texas, Oklahoma and also the Philippines, she now lives in Las Vegas. She has a marketing degree and also owns a cigar business! Cool huh? Not only is she a ring girl, she has also joined up with the WPT royal flush girls!

26. Victoria Elise

Image Source: Victoria Elise
Born in Germany, growing up In Texas and now living is Las Vegas, next up is Victoria Elise! She is a model, social media influencer, and ring girl! She has been active in this industry since 2008. Starting her career in El Paso as an ambassador at car shows she has now worked her way to  MMA.

25. Holly Madison

Image Source: The Mirror
Next up is Holly Madison, the 42 year is was born in Astoria, Oregon and was 29 when she made her first UFC appearance in 2009. She also worked in reality TV on shows such as Holly's world (her own reality show) and The Girls Next Door. She has also written and published her own books.

24. Allison Diehl

Image Source: UFC.com
Allison Diehl, although not full time, was selected as guest ring girl for UFC in 2011, by winning a contest ran by Hooters. The particular event she took part in was Fight for The Troops 2 at Fort Hood. Although only appearing in one event. It appears she made quite the impression.

23. Carly Baker

Image Source: UFC.com
Carly Baker Is next up. Not just an octagon girl but a martial artist too! Making her debut in 2013 at UFC London, she clearly made an impression as she went on to win ring girl of the year a few years later. She also has a huge social media presence with over 180,000 followers on Instagram.

22. Rachelle Leah

Image Source: 
The more than talented Rachelle Leah is here. Not only is she a notable ring girl in the UFC, she also trains and loves fighting, although she doesn't compete. Although she's only recently started working in the UFC, she still does modelling work whilst also being a social media influencer.

21. Chandella Powell

Image Source: Daily Star
Meet former UFC ring girl, Chandella Powell. Although no longer working as a ring girl for the UFC, she was actually the first African-American ring girl ever in UFC, how amazing is that? However, she was only a ring girl for a couple of years before leaving. She is also a mother.

20. Kahili Blundell

Image Source: Indian Girls Villa
Next up is Australian born, Kahili Blundell. She is a swimsuit model, a personal trainer and a social media influencer with over 150,000 followers on instagram. She is also training to become a nutritionist and has just launched her own website. Where would you put her on your list?

19. Ashley Piccone

Image Source: Reddit
New Jersey born Ashley Piccone is here. Ashley was a ring girl of the Cage Fury Fighting Championships (CFFC) before making the transition to the UFC. She has made many appearances in the octagon with many others on this list, including Brittney Palmer and Chrissy Blair.

18. Jamillette Gaxiola

Image Source: Twitter
This Cuban-Mexican ring girl is up next. Although being a current ring girl, she is also known for pageant work. She also represented Cuba in the 2009 miss world pageant. Not only did she appear on the reality TV show
The Shores, 
she also attended a community college in Las Vegas.

17. Edith Labelle

Image Source: Twitter
Canadian born Edith Labelle is our next ring girl. Although making a good name for herself in the UFC, she was controversially let go by the UFC, for claiming she had food poisoning the night before UFC 100. Although it later came out she got too drunk and failed to show up for the event.

16. Camila Oliveira

Image Source: The Sun
This Brazilian born model is up next. Camila Oliveira, fun fact, is the first ever Brazilian girl to enter the UFC octagon, back in January 2013 and has been in the octagon ever since. She is also a model and social media influencer. A solid entry for our list.

15. Amber Miller

Image Source: E! Online
Next up is Amber Nichole Miller, who by the way is the partner of Tito Ortiz. She is very well known as one of the first ring girls in UFC history. Although now a former ring girl, she started modelling at the age of 5 and is now and remains a full time model.

14. Ali Sonoma

Image Source: 
Another former ring girl, is Ali Sonoma. Like most ring girls in the UFC she is in and around modelling. After resigning from her role as ring girl, she is now a full time model. Which she is getting as much success in as she did when she was in the UFC, go Ali!

13. Brooke Lynette

Image Source: IQWiki
Next up is the first brit on our list. Born to Scottish and British parents in 1990 in Scotland, she graduated for the University of Glasgow. She became famous from uploading short social media videos and eventually got into modelling. She now has a huge online presence as well.

12. Kristie Pearson

Image Source: Yahoo Finanzen
Next on the list is Australian born Kristie Jane Pearson, who was born in Sydney, New South Wales. She now lives in San Diego. Born in 1990 she now currently works in the UFC which actually stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship. She has also made an appearance in reality show, The Ultimate Fighter.

11. Vanessa Hansen

Vanessa Hansen like many on our list is not only a UFC ring girl but a model also - she only made her debut as recently as 2020! She also has a huge social media presence, whilst working in fashion and modelling for various magazines. Now we go into the top ten!

10. Arianney Celeste

Image Source: Wikipedia
Next up is Las Vegas born Arianney Celeste. She was born in 1985 to Mexican and filipino parents. She made her ring girl debut in 2006 and is now one of the most recognisable ring girls. She has now won Ring Girl Of The Year at the MMA awards for a groundbreaking 5 times.

9. Brittney Palmer

Image Source: The Sun
Born in 1987, we have Brittney Palmer. She was born and raised in San Diego and made her UFC ring girl debut in 2011. Not only is she a ring girl, she is also an artist and model, having her artwork shown in galleries across the country. Like our previous ring girl, she also won ring girl of the year, but only 3 times.

8. Summer Daniels

Summer Daniels is an all-round talent, working in the UFC as a ring girl, modelling for various magazines and agencies, but also working as a singer songwriter, certainly not lacking any talent. She joined the UFC as a ring girl in 2015, replacing the former, Jade Bryce.

7. Natasha Wicks

Image Source: Bleacher Report
Natasha Wicks who is now a former UFC ring girl made her debut in 2009 and only worked for them for a couple of years. She is also a fitness coach and a model, after leaving the UFC she has continued to focus on modelling and is thriving in her fitness work.

6. Logan Stanton

Image Source: Las Vegas Sun
Next up is Templeton born Logan Stanton. She now works as a fitness trainer after leaving the UFC after just one year in 2009. On top of this she is still working as a model like many others on this list. Now the moment we've been waiting for, on to the top five!

5. Jhenny Andrade

Image Source: The Sun
Only the second Brazilian on our list is Jhenny Andrade. This ring girl and television presenter was born in Ribeirão Preto before moving to São Paulo in Brazil. She made her ring girl debut in the UFC in 2013. She has won the prestigious Ring Girl Of The Year an astonishing three times.

4. Chrissy Blair

Image Source: Pinterest
Coming in at fourth place is Chrissy Blair. The 34 year old was born in Florida in the USA. She is one of the most noticeable and recognisable faces in the UFC. She started out by modelling in nurses catalogues, to a strikeforce ring girl, now one of the main octagon girls.

3. Brooklyn Wren

Image Source: Pinterest
Top 3, here we go! Born in Anchorage, Alaska is Brooklyn Wren. The 30 year old moved to Las Vegas to pursue her profession. She later made her ring girl debut in 2017. She works as a model for various agencies, as well as a social media influencer. She has also fought in the UFC.

2. Red Dela Cruz

Image Source: MMAUncaged
The penultimate entry into our list is Philippine born Red Dela Cruz. She is the first Philippine born ring girl and won the first octagon search contest. Having grew up In Zambales in the Philippines he also studied tourism at university. Now what we have all been waiting for, the number 1 spot.

1. Luciana Andrade

Image Source: The Sun
The third Brazilian is the one that tops our list! Luciana was born in 1986 in Curitiba in Brazil and now lives in Miami. Before joining the UFC as a ring girl she has bags of experience as a model. Making her debut in 2014, she is a prominent member of the UFC ring girls and tops our list.

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