Daily Habits To Firm Your Skin In One Week

By Ange Arnal 1 year ago

1. Ignore your naughty cravings

I'm PMS'ing. Here's my vegan junkfood haul. : r/vegan
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This might not be what you want to hear but experts say that corn syrup, dextrose and fruit juice concentrate can really prematurely age your skin. You can see the effects from as early as your early 30s, so next time you're craving that junk food, maybe leave it for the weekend.

2. Eat lots of food full of Vitamin C & Zinc

A pitiful amount of almonds for 104 calories. You better believe I'm account for the saved calories of that half an almond there. : r/1200isfineIGUESSugh
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"New research tells us that low levels of vitamin C and zinc, among other skin-essential nutrients, may inhibit the skin's ability to repair itself,"
says New York City dermatologist Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas. Eat lots of fatty fish, dark green vegetables, almonds and walnuts. Oh, and green tea!

3. DON'T smoke!

I've decided. Fuck cigs : r/pics
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"Smoking destroys collagen and elastin,"
says Brandt,
"and it decreases levels of estrogen, which is necessary to keep skin firm."
Smoking is one of the worst things for your skin, not to mention all of the other health dangers smoking poses on your body.

4. Stop straining your neck

My first Reddit post, AND my first home gym (thanks, coronavirus!). : r/homegym
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A lot of the time during a workout, people end up straining their neck.
"I see women do this when they jog,"
says Brandt. "
They're strengthening the muscles that eventually pull down their faces."
Just make sure you stop doing this if you're one of those people.

5. Never forget your moisturizer!

Review of several moisturisers I've tried this year! : r/AusSkincare
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"Dehydration leads to oxidative stress, which generates free radicals,"
says Brandt. Without moisture, your skin isn't able to repair itself and suffers even more damage, so don't forget to wear your moisturizer each day, twice a day. Plus, it'll make your makeup last longer.

6. Don't forget your sunscreen

Review] Review of all the Sunscreens in this picture : r/SkincareAddiction
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"Long-term exposure causes collagen to break down and elastin to degrade,"
says Brandt. There are plenty of great sunscreens out there which offer long lasting protection - always be sure to wear SPF of 30 and above to get the correct protection.

7. Sunglasses are a must

REVIEW] Balenciaga BB Sunglasses : r/QualityReps
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Taking care of your eyes is a must! They're the window to your soul after all. Big sunglasses with help cover your eyes and protect you. Squinting at the sun is a big reason for crows feet around your eyes. Take care of yourself and your skin will thank you for it.

8. Retinoids!

Choosing retinol products: Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Regenerating Cream | Lab Muffin Beauty Science
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"If I had to pick one thing to fix in my skin, I would choose elastin,"
says Miami Beach dermatologist Leslie Baumann.
"Elasticity is what makes youthful skin snap back when you press it."
Make sure to be using creams or serums with retinoids each day to stimulate production.

9. Take your collagen supplements

Anyone recommend a good collagen supplement? : r/30PlusSkinCare
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Without collagen, your skin would have the same texture as an old leather boot, from the age of 30+ your skin drastically loses its elasticity so take collagen supplements, use retinol and take care of yourself. Collagen supplements don't have to break your bank!

10. Antioxidants should be your best friend

These huge blueberries I found. : r/mildlyinteresting
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Make sure to be using products with different antioxidants in them, which works to protect your skin from bad things in the environment. They also block an enzyme called elastase that breaks down elastin. They offer the best of both worlds.

11. Cucumbers do wonders for your skin

Candied” fresh, sweet and salty cucumber slices filling treat (34 calories) : r/Volumeeating
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Cucumbers have antioxidant components that help keep your skin looking firm and reduce the chance of wrinkles. They contain folic acid and vitamin c which also help fight environmental toxins that help your skin to look healthier, youthful and firm.

12. Clean your makeup brushes regularly

I cleaned my natural bristle brushes and this happened? : r/jeffreestarcosmetics
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Can you remember the last time you cleaned your brushes? A lot of people forget to clean theirs for months at a time. Just think of all of that bacteria and oil building up in them, then that's getting applied to your face. You should be washing your brushes every 7-10 days.

13. Keep yourself hydrated at all times!

People of Reddit - both these bottles of water were left in my car overnight at a temperature of -6C. The bottle on the right was refilled with tap water and is
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Want that dewy, radiant skin? Make sure to be drinking plenty of water each day. Hydration improves blood flow, skin appearance, reduces inflammation and flushes out toxins which in turn, helps keep your skin feeling and looking firm.

14. Try a Gua Sha

She's extremely misinformed about Gua Sha and appropriation is already a huge problem—do you think she'll be selling pink ones and face oil? I'm uncomfortable. : r/SarahsDayUnfiltered
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“Regular gua sha or self-acupressure are great ways to reduce tension and keep those areas rejuvenated to prevent facial skin deterioration.”
says Dr. Foitzik - licensed acupuncturist in Japanese meridian therapy. Gua Sha's aren't just a Tik Tok fad!

15. Keep the stress down to a minimum

Acne] Looking for advice on stress-related acne : r/SkincareAddiction
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An increase in stress levels can disrupt your hormone balance, which can cause acne! When you become stressed, your routine can become more unhealthy leading to more acne. Poor diet, inadequate sleep, and a sedentary lifestyle can all lead to acne and less firm skin - so keep the stress to a minimum if you can!

16. Hyaluronic acid is a must

acne] Why do hyaluronic acid serums give me breakouts? : r/SkincareAddiction
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Research shows that hyaluronic acid is a great addition to your daily skin care routine. Studies have shown that it significantly improves water loss, skin elasticity, wrinkles and overall skin condition. So if you're wondering what to add into your skin routine...this is your one!

17. A DIY home face mask can be your best friend

Back with another review, this time featuring I'm From Honey Mask 💛 : r/AsianBeauty
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A little TLC once a week at least is what you need. DIY face masks can really help and raw honey is the one. It's full of natural antioxidants, enzymes and antibacterial properties. Raw honey can do wonders for your skin in many different ways! This fun activity won't break the bank like your usual facial!

18. Swap the coffee for matcha

Kiwami Super Ceremonial from Matchaful : r/Matcha
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We all know caffeine isn't the greatest thing for us, it gives us the jitters and caffeine crashes. Matcha however, is rich in EGCG, a powerful antioxidant with many different benefits. Matcha can have beneficial effects on skin hydration and retention - it really helps with the firmness of your skin.

19. Treat yourself to an at home facial every night

Skin care routine that finally works for me! (before & after linked in comments too) : r/beautytalkph
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“I personally love using gua sha tools made of stones, like rose quartz, jade, and amethyst. To finish, you’ll want to apply a moisturizing mask. Or, simply apply your moisturizer and eye serum or cream.”
says Foitzik. At home facials with help keep your skin firm.

20. Change your pillow cases regularly

Asked my husband to put the pillowcases on the pillows. : r/MaliciousCompliance
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It's simple, but a lot of people go weeks without changing their pillows. Dirt and dust get stuck in your bed covers and pillows which can lead to irritations in the skin. A clean pillow case means clean skin which in turn means in the long run your skin will stay firm and clear.

21. The gym should also be your best friend

Hi from Sweden 👋 Just finalized "version 4" of my home gym. It all started with a concept2 Bike two years ago and has since gone througha few iterations. : r/homegym
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Working out each day can help reduce stress and support sleep which play key roles in helping your skin stay firm. Working out helps support your lymphatic system and promotes cell growth, slows down ski ageing and stops the buildup of toxins.

22. Upgrade your beauty products

Shelfie] My favorite skincare products :) : r/SkincareAddiction
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A lot of beauty products include a lot of toxins, get to know what's in your skincare and figure out what you're happy using. The rule that "you get what you pay for" really does apply when it comes to skincare. Don't bankrupt yourself by all means, but make sure you're using products that actually work.

23. Rinse your skin...with care

What Happens When You Don't Wash Your Face | BeautyRx by Dr. Schultz
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Avoiding hot water on your face is essential for firming your skin. Hot water can be very drying on your skin, which can impact the firmness of your skin. Hot water opens up your pores, so if you don't splash your face with cold water after using hot, it leaves your pores open for bacteria to get in!

24. Cleanse post-workout

Post workout belly : r/midriff
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Sweating creates the perfect environment for bacteria to grow, make sure that after your gym workout, you're washing your face correctly and cleaning the sweat off your skin. Bring your own personal care products to the gym and clean your face after workout sessions.

25. It's called beauty sleep for a reason

Thoughts on beauty sleep?? So exited to try ! : r/LushCosmetics
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You need to make sure that your body has enough time to repair and rebuild and at the very least, you should be getting a full 7 hours of sleep each night. Not getting enough sleep can really affect your skin, and immune function. You need glowing, radiant skin.

26. Swap the cocktails for mocktails

A cocktail I came up with on the fly for my girlfriends family. Still can't think of a decent name. : r/cocktails
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We're not saying to cut alcohol from your life completely, but alcohol is a pro-inflammatory and we all know that inflammation is the devil for your skin. It helps speed up the ageing process and does the exact opposite to what you want to be happening to your skin. Booze can be enjoyed in a balanced way.


Reddit Is Freaking Out Over How Flawless This Woman's Skin Is | CafeMom.com
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No, you shouldn't get a facial every day, but they're important to keep up with!
"Microneedling was one of the biggest game-changers to my skin,”
says Foitzik. Microneedling can help resurface your skin, increase collagen and elastin production. If you don't have the time or money for this, there are many other methods to maintain supple, firm skin!

28. Address your gut health

The Secret To A Faster Metabolism Is In Your Gut | Prevention
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Reducing gut inflammation will really help your skin in the process. A probiotic rich diet (foods like yoghurt and kimchi are amazing) can help avoid inflammatory triggers like processed foods and alcohol is the perfect place to start. Crazy how the body works, hey!

29. A infrared sauna sesh is ideal from time to time

Infrared Saunas
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Infrared saunas penetrate into the deeper layers on the skin, resulting in a deeper detox. They help with inflammation, improve lymphatic flow and heal the cellular level of the skin. All of which are a bonus to helping keep your skin young and firm.

30. Eat your vitamin C every day

Probably the most perfect strawberries I have ever had. : r/pics
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If you want to keep your skin looking naturally glowing, then be sure to eat plenty of Vitamin-C rich foods like citrus, bell peppers, strawberries, broccoli and pineapple - all of which prevent fine lines and wrinkles as well as inflammation. You should still always enjoy your treats, but implementing these foods will definitely help the firmness of your skin.

31. Keep your skincare routine consistent

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It's a good idea to get up a little earlier to make sure you've time for your skincare routine, and get started on your nightly routine early in the evening rather than when you're already half asleep. Good skincare will only work if you're applying the right products properly, every morning and night.

32. And don't give up too soon!

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The most important thing you can do with good skincare is keep up with it! A lot of people want quick results (understandably) but sometimes good lifestyle choices and new products take a while to kick in. Make sure to carry on consistently without giving up too soon because you're annoyed your skin doesn't look amazing within a day!

33. Use flower water sprays

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As we know, keeping your skin hydrated is key, and water sprays are a great way to give your skin a boost when it needs it throughout the day! Even better if you can pick a floral water spray to get the benefits of things like rose, too. You can also get hydrating flower toners!

34. Use self-tanner instead of UV exposure

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We know that for some people it's non-negotiable to have a healthy golden glow, but you don't want to risk damaging your skin spending too long in the sun (or on tanning beds) to get it. The best option is an at-home tanning lotion that you can easily apply - all the glow, without the damage!

35. Get a salicylic acid peel every now and again

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Having face peels every now and again is a good idea all round, and salicylic acid peels in particular are good news for your skin. This will help to peel away any dead skin or dirt on the surface and pull away to reveal fresh, youthful skin underneath! Be sure to wait 4-6 weeks between peels.

36. Don't forget to check the expiration date on your skincare products!

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Did you know that skincare products have an expiration date? It's shown in the little tub symbol and will usually be '6 M' or '12 M' - meaning months. If you're using your products consistently, it's likely you'll finish them off way before they expire anyway, but make sure never to put expired products on your skin.

37. And that goes for your makeup products, too

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Makeup also has an expiration! This can be a little trickier to navigate if you're someone who only puts makeup on 'every once in a while', making it more likely for things to expire - especially if it's mascara or eyeshadows you aren't wearing too often. Be sure to check the expiration date label for your makeup, too!

38. Use a lip scrub

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No matter what you're doing with the rest of your face, your lips can make you look older easily by being dry, cracked or combined with wrinkles around the edges. Keep your lips looking youthful, too, by using a lip scrub every once in a while to buff away dry, dead skin!

39. Drink smoothies packed with skin-loving ingredients

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If you're struggling to get the right 5 a day into your actual meals, or you don't know how best to pack in a lot of skin-loving fruit and veg, smoothies can be a great way to pile in a load of healthy ingredients and enjoy on the go! You can put in hydrating fruits and things with vitamin C.

40. Exfoliate your skin once a week

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We've spoken about exfoliating your lips, but don't forget about your face, too! You should aim for exfoliating your face once a week, with whatever product you prefer (exfoliating cleanser, face mask, face wipes etc.). You can also exfoliate your body to keep all your skin looking youthful, which should be done twice a week.

41. Steam your face at home

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Booking yourself into the sauna every once in a while is a great idea for your skin, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the benefits of steam at home! You can steam your face to clear out the dirt from your pores and to give your face a refresh. Use a bowl of steaming water and place your face over it.

42. You can alternate your skincare products

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To do the best work for your skin, you don't need to use the same serums and oils every single day. Most of them will advise a few times a week (or maybe once a week) so you can mix and match to tackle different skin concerns on different days, alongside regular products like moisturizer.

43. Get a body wrap treatment!

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Body wraps are amazing treatments in general in terms of benefits, especially for your skin. Body wraps draw out toxins, and help to give your skin a more 'tightened' look. They can also leave your skin feeling more smooth and soft, while working to eliminate dead skin.

44. Book that massage once in a while, too

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Massages are fantastic for mind and body, and in terms of your skin, they will help to significantly boost your circulation. Good circulation is fundamental for happy skin health because you want your skin to be getting a healthy blood flow and staying oxygenated.

45. Moisturize your hands

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If there's anything that shows your age (or makes you look older than you are), it's your hands! The skin on your hands has to put up with so much throughout the day, so regularly applying hand lotion will keep your skin smooth and cared for - especially after a hefty amount of hand washes!

46. Set your daily exercise routine!

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Daily exercise is one of the best ways you can flush out toxins, sweat out anything bad and have your skin looking energized and healthy because of the increased blood flow. Get into a good routine of a daily exercise that works for you, so you can reap the benefits - inside and out!

47. Correct your posture, especially around the neck

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These days, most of us are looking down at our phones with a hunched back. Not only that, it's more likely to have saggy skin and double chins around the neck area, because of how much you're pressing your head down to look down. Try to correct your posture to minimize wrinkles around the jawline and neck.

48. Go for supplements if you need to

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Certain vitamins and minerals are essential for skin health, but if you're on a particular diet or don't like certain foods, it can be very difficult to get everything in. This is where supplements are key, to make sure you're not missing out on any key ingredients that can help boost skin health.

49. Remove temptation!

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If you absolutely lack self control when it comes to junk food and sugar rush (we feel you) then it might be best to remove temptation altogether. Instead of stocking up the snack cupboard and trying to resist until the weekend, don't buy anything at all if you really don't think you're going to be able to resist! Then you can always pop out on actual treat day and buy something.

50. And don't forget: treat yourself with kindness

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A good skincare routine can be overwhelming - not to mention it can be disheartening when you're having skin troubles. But it's important to be kind to yourself and love the skin you're in - no matter what it looks like - while trying your best to have a healthy routine!

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