Ugliest Animals From Each Species

By Juliet Smith 4 days ago

Meet Peanut - the ugliest rescue dog ever

Image Source/ Reddit

Back in 2014, Peanut manage to bag himself winner of the World's Ugliest Dog competition that took place in Petaluma, California. His owner, Holly, described how at just two years old, Peanut was injured in a fire, resulting in the loss of his lips and eyelids.

Tippy, the cat with a face only a mother could love

Image Source/ Reddit

One Reddit user described her absolute shock when she happened upon the ugliest cat ever while on a house call. The cat, whose name was Tippy, was so bizarre-looking that she asked the owner if she was able to take a photo of the creature-looking feline to remember him by!

It's a good job hedgehogs come out in the dark

Image Source/ Reddit

The owner of this strange looking hedgehog took to Reddit to celebrate the 7th birthday of the nocturnal creature. At this point in her life, the hedgehog seemed to be going blind. Well, that might have just been a good thought to avoid it look at itself!

Bad shot or just a bad cow?

Image Source/ Reddit

This cow was spotted by a Reddit user whilst on a nature walk. The user couldn't help but capture the glory of the cattle, with it's extremely long and curly fur on the top and it's seemingly gummy smile. I've never seen a cow like that to be honest!

Have you ever seen a hairless rabbit? Well, you have now...

Image Source/ Pet Rabbit World

Little Roo, named so after a kangaroo, has quite the sad backstory, in that she was born of incest which causes the natural hair loss. So, don't be thinking that the owner shaved the rabbit for some weird, aesthetic reason, because it definitely isn't aesthetically pleasing!

And this little piggy went to the dentist...

Image Source/ RNZ

No but seriously, I think this little piggy needs a trip to the dentist! He goes by the name of Hogwart (hilarious) and was thankfully adopted from the Silverdale animal center based in new Zealand. Apparently, Hogwart just loved to be around people (and food obviously too).

What an odd looking dolphin!

Image Source/ Reddit

Here you can see a photograph of possibly the ugliest dolphins ever known to man. It's a particular species of river dolphin where they live so far beneath the water surface, and in dark, murky water, that they're actually essentially blind considering the environment.

This bathroom-attendant stork

Image Source/ Reddit

I mean, Storks were never that good looking anyway but this particular species of stork (the Marabou stork) certainly takes the biscuit. With it's partly-hairy, partly-not nose and weird colored skin, the only thing weirder is that it's stood in a bathroom!

Thank god it's not my little pony

Image Source/ Reddit

Check out this little ugly pony! Thankfully, it grew up into a handsome horse and lived a long time, over 21 years. The expression it's pulling at the camera seems to be purposeful - maybe that's the reason it's so freaky looking. Well, anyway, onto the next...

Is this kangaroo sneezing?

Image Source/ Flickr

I mean, I can't say I've seen that many kangaroos in my lifetime, especially in person, but this crisp-white fella has to take the biscuit for being one of the ugliest there is. I'm not quite sure why it's stood the way it is, maybe it was trying to pose for the camera.

I wish I had this little monkey's life

Image Source/ Reddit

It seems like this little monkey is enjoying his life while sat on a step and being fed a juice box by his lesser-worthy human! He kinda just looks like a blob being sat there like that. This particular breed of monkey is called the Tibetan Macaque, apparently.

Tongue out for the cameras

Image Source/ Reddit

This not-so-cute deer caused a bit of a ruckus on Reddit a few years ago when the poster decided to pose the question: is this the world's ugliest deer or the world's cutest deer? Well, to settle that question, it didn't end up on the world's cutest animals list did it...

This donkey and its (almost) broken jaw

Image Source/ Reddit

Donkeys are already somewhat goofy looking, that's just a fact, but this donkey just takes the crown. Not sure if it's the dislocated-looking jaw that it's got going on that's causing the issue, but it's looking a bit worse-for-wear in all honesty!

This baby camel is the stuff of nightmares

Image Source/ Reddit

Nobody ever told me that baby camels looked like THIS. How can those long, long legs make up so much of the camel's body, and where are its humps? The neck is too curly for my liking too and I feel like it's missing some sort of tail. All a bit weird to me!

What about this ugly duckling?

Image Source/ Reddit

You've heard the story about the ugly duckling before, haven't you? Well, what if it the ugly duckling never turns into the beautiful swan like the story stays, and it just stays this rusty-brown color with it's blood-red beak. I mean, I guess that's just life!

Erm, can you even class this as a frog?

Image Source/ Reddit

Would you have believed it if I had told you this ball of slime was indeed actually a frog? Instead, it looks like some form of fishy-type-embryo thing that wasn't quite ready to be born. I think it's very deserving of its place on this list quite frankly!

The freakiest looking leopard you ever saw

Image Source/ Reddit

Okay, maybe this one is a bit of an exception, but it was too funny not to post! This leopard was someone's attempt at taxidermy and it clearly went horribly wrong. I mean, has the person never seen a leopard with their own eyes before. Just maybe, this is what the leopard looked like while alive.

Now that really is the ugliest tiger ever

Image Source/ Reddit

Here we have another case of purposeful inbreeding at the expense of a few bucks. This tiger was the product of some incest-breeding in Arkansas where there was a shortage of white tigers. Unfortunately for Kenny, he didn't get away unscathed by the mix of genetics.

What in the Edna Mode is that haircut

Image Source/ Know Your Meme

At what point does cutting a lion's mane that style become animal cruelty? This poor lion doesn't even know that people are laughing at him because of his "trendy" haircut, that's the worst part about it! Although I'd love to see some more groovy styles of these felines.

This panther ain't so scary now

Image Source/ Reddit

In my mind, panthers have always been one of the big cats that you should be afraid of. Well, this little fella isn't really giving scary vibes, more Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon vibes. With his two little canines poking out like that, I can't tell if he's cute or ugly!

This snake just got humbled...

Image Source/ Reddit

This particular Reddit user found it a little too funny when she went taking the ugliest photos she could of her beloved bull snake. Not only did she humble the snake as much as she could, she actually went to Reddit to post these ugly photos! Animal cruelty!

The Goblin Shark - a pretty fitting name

Image Source/ Reddit

This is one of those pretty rare photos where you can see one of the ugliest type of sharks that has ever lived - the Goblin Shark. With a name like that, you wouldn't expect it to look any other way than it actually does would you? They have only been spotted around 50 times since being discovered.

Meet Sun Bear - the ugliest bear there ever was

Image Source/ Reddit

If you don't know who the infamous Sun Bear is, he lives down at the St. Louis zoo and has one of the biggest tongues you've ever seen. As you can see, he more than deserves his spot up here on the ugliest animals list. It's a good job he can't read so he doesn't become offended.

The Blob Fish, so intelligently named

Image Source/ Reddit

We couldn't get through this list without including the animal that was actually voted the ugliest out of all the animals in the world, and that is the Blob Fish. As you can see, the award was well deserving and it might just be the most repulsive animal on the list.

Why did the ugly chicken cross the road?

Image Source/ Reddit

Apparently, it was to land itself a place on this list! This little chicken was spotted by a Reddit user and was exploited for the sake of a few upvotes. The poor ugly girl, although, I wont lie, I don't think I've ever seen a chicken so ugly in my life.

An equally ugly and terrifying orangutan

Image Source/ Reddit 

This orangutan might just be the most ugly terrifying thing I've seen. Let's be honest here, I think it might be the decaying strange teeth that's doing the job. At least it seems like quite the caring orangutan though and the little baby doesn't seem afraid at all.

Where do the leaves start and the chameleon end?

Image Source/ Reddit

To be honest, I didn't really have the best idea of what a chameleon looked like, and it might be because it blends into its environment. However, this little fella was posted to Reddit and described as one of the ugliest chameleons to ever live, so I'll have to take their word for it.

Why so wet Polly?

Image Source/ Reddit

Either this parrot has an intense sweating problem or it's just been caught out in the rain. Either way, it's got to be one of the freakiest ugly parrots I've ever seen before. Although, I can imagine that some people would be disagreeing and this it is definitely not an ugly parrot.

Hey, where's Kim Possible?

Image Source/ C&EN

If we're going to look at rats, then we definitely have to look at the naked mole rat. It's like God just decided to have a little bit of fun with the animals he was creating one day and just threw this ugly rodent out into the world. How bizarre!

I hope you kept the receipt for this Guinea Pig!

Image Source/ Reddit

Here we have yet another example of how hair and fur change everything when it comes to your little furry friends. This guinea pig looks unrecognizable with it's pinky, fleshy skin and barely hairy nose. Sounds like a trip to the pet shop if you ask me!

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