Here’s Why Each Zodiac Sign Is Still Single

By Lou 8 months ago

1. Aries - You Need Excitement

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As an Aries, you have a thirst for seeking excitement. Your adventurous nature seeks constant thrills, which may indicate why you're still single. Other star signs prefer stability, but you're drawn to spontaneity and new experiences. This will lead to restlessness in your relationships and it can absolutely leave your partner's feeling pretty overwhelmed.Original content at

2. Aries - You Have A Fast-Paced Your Life

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You probably have some pretty ambitious goals and, because of this, you live your life in an incredibly fast-paced way. Potential partners definitely get turned off by your busy schedule and it can be hard to find someone who matches your pace. If you're serious about settling down, it's worth taking a moment to slow down and find a partner who can support your spontaneity.

3. Aries - You Are Ambitious

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Ambition is great when you're working towards something, and it is a great trait to have especially if you're single. However, your determination to achieve greatness will absolutely intimidate your partners, leaving them feeling left behind. It's up to you if you want to trade a slice of your ambition for a long-term partner - success isn't that great when you have no one to share it with.

4. Taurus - You Can Be Stubborn

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Being a Taurus means that it comes with having an incredibly strong will and a very stubborn nature. This can be great in a business environment, but is a likely reason that you're still single. Being entirely inflexible will definitely create a few roadblocks in your relationships, and if you want to pursue a new partner, it's worth evaluating your stubbornness.

5. Taurus - You Have Problems Committing

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With the stubbornness comes a sense of caution with everything that you do. Unfortunately, this can make you fear commitment which, for a lot of people, is a big deal when it comes to relationships. If you're unable to commit to someone who is ready to be serious about your relationship, then you should expect them to leave you for someone who is ready to commit.

6. Taurus - You're Tenacious

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Your tenacity is your biggest strength but also your biggest weakness. You don't easily give up on anything, and it could be having a detrimental effect on your love life. Whilst people love determined go-getters, it can come across as clingy and possessive if you're applying your tenacity to your romantic partner. For a Taurus, you must learn to calm your relentlessness.

7. Gemini - You Can Be Indecisive

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Your dual nature might be causing some indecisiveness in your dating life. Your mind is constantly exploring new possibilities, and that can make it challenging to settle on one person. While variety is exciting, commitment require you to make a choice and sacrifice other things. Take a moment to understand what you truly want in a partner, and don't let your FOMO ruin a potential relationship.

8. Gemini - You're Extroverted

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Your extroverted nature is a gift, but it might be the reason you're still single. You love being around people, which can sometimes lead to flirtatious behavior that others might misinterpret. Finding some who understands your outgoing personality is essential. Look for partners who share your love for socializing or appreciate your need to a large group of friends.

9. Gemini - You Can Be Impulsive

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Your love for excitement and new experiences can lead to impulsive decisions in relationships. While spontaneity can be exciting, you've got to consider how your actions might be interpreted by a potential partner. If you value having a long-term partner, it's time to evaluate your impulsivity and consider being more thoughtful towards potential partners.

10. Cancer - You're Very Emotional

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As a Cancer, your sensitivity and emotional depth makes you a very desirable partner, but only if you find a way to harness them positively. Being with someone who acts through their emotions can be incredibly overwhelming, and it might be the reason you haven't found the right person yet. You need to learn when and when not to use your sensitive emotions.

11. Cancer - You Can Be Goofy

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Being playful and goofy is no bad thing, but to a potential partner it can come off as immature. Your Cancer personality means that you often joke around a lot, but romantic partners occasionally like to see your serious side. If you can't find a way to show this, it's probably one of the reasons you're still single. Learn to access both your humorous and serious side if you want to find a good partner.

12. Cancer - You Are Too Compassionate

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Empathy is a lovely trait to have, but it could be affecting your love live. Your nurturing tendencies might lead you to prioritize other's needs over your own, causing you to neglect your love life. Remember to set boundaries and take care of yourself too. Seek partners who value your caring nature and reciprocate the same level of compassion.

13. Leo - You Love Drama

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As a Leo, you absolutely love drama. You can't get enough of it, and you actively seek it. Whether it's gossiping with your friends or keeping up to date with celebrity news, drama is your weakness. Romantic partners often times like to avoid drama, and the majority of star signs don't like being in the middle of things. If you want to find a partner, tone down your dramatic tendencies.

14. Leo - You're Very Ambitious

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While your determination is admirable, you might come across as overly competitive or self-centered to romantic partners. It's not all about you! Remember to celebrate other people's successes as well as support their goals. Try to seek out a partner who understands your ambitions and can compliment your drive with their own aspirations.

15. Leo - You Can Be Overprotective

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Leos tend to be very protective over their loved ones, and it's hard for them to break out of this cycle. Being overly-possessive will absolutely create tension in your relationships. Trust your partner and give them the space they need to thrive - a healthy does of independence will actually strengthen your relationship. Try to find someone who appreciates your loyalty without feeling suffocated.

16. Virgo - You're Very Practical

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Virgos, by their nature, are practical to a fault. You approach every situation with logic and try to keep grounded where possible. However, this could be having a big effect on your love life. Potential partners will crave emotional connection, which is something that can be difficult if you've spent your life trying to be practical. Put down your serious side and indulge in some good, old-fashioned feelings.

17. Virgo - You Can Be Too Stressed

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Your attention to detail and subsequent feelings of stress are really overwhelming for your romantic partners. You give off a stressed-out energy that people can pick up on. Strive for a healthy work-life balance and avoid letting stress consume you. Focus on relaxation and self-care, and your future romantic partners will thank you for it.

18. Virgo - Kindness Can Be A Weakness

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Whilst kindness is a virtue, too much of it can kill you. Unfortunately, there are some nasty people out there who will absolutely take advantage of your kind nature. Don't be fooled by those types of people and instead try to find a romantic partner who is genuine and reciprocates your kindness. Your kindness is commendable, but it could easily be the reason you're still single.

19. Libra - You're Intelligent

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Your desire for intellectual stimulation might overshadow emotional connection with potential partners. As an intelligent person, you often seek conversation that matches your intellect, but not everyone can do this. Remember to engage in meaningful conversations whilst showing genuine interest in your partner's feelings. Balancing intellect with emotion will help your love life out.

20. Libra - You're Peaceful

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Whilst conflict avoidance is generally good, it's essential that you still have the courage to address issues and concerns in your relationships. Try not to shy away from topics just because you're trying to keep the peace - in fact, if you have a partner that you feel you can't discuss certain topics with, then they're probably not right for you.

21. Scorpio - You Are Secretive

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Privacy is important to Scorpios, and they don't like to share things, especially if it makes them seem vulnerable. However, being secretive can have a negative effect on relationships as your partners might start to get suspicious that you're hiding something. It's important to keep communication open, and explain to your partners that you find it difficult to open up.

22. Scorpio - You're Very Loyal

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Loyalty goes a long way for Scorpios, and it is probably the main trait that they look for in another partner. The problem is that no one is as loyal as a Scorpio, and they don't tend to settle for second best. As a Scorpio, you want your fierce loyalty to be reciprocated to the same degree, and finding a romantic partner who can do this is incredibly difficult.

23. Sagittarius - You're Too Assertive

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Assertiveness is great when it comes to standing up for yourself or others. It comes in especially handy when you're negotiating for a raise! However, assertiveness can often be misunderstood as aggression, and this can be a massive turn off for romantic partners. Learn to use your assertiveness wisely and tactically, and don't bombard your partner with it.

24. Sagittarius - You're Optimistic

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Sagittarius' view life incredibly positively, and they emanate those feelings to the people around them. Whilst optimism is great, be mindful of partners who might not share the same level of positivity. Look for someone who appreciates your optimistic spirit and supports you through challenges, helping you maintain your enthusiasm.

25. Capricorn - You're Determined

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Capricorns are some of the most determined people around, and it is hard to steer them away from something once they've set their sights on it. They often work incredibly hard towards one thing, but this can be unappealing for many partners, especially if they feel like they're being neglected. Make a conscious effort to make your partner feel seen and wanted if you're a Capricorn.

26. Capricorn - You're An Overachiever

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As an over-achiever, you go out of your way to go above and beyond what is needed. You're continuously trying to improve, whether it be in business or your fitness routine. However, this relentless pursuit for achievement can often leave your romantic partners behind. As a Capricorn, you need to make a special effort to share your goals with your partner so that they know what to expect.

27. Aquarius - You're Very Analytical

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Analytical people generally spend a lot of time in their own thoughts. They're constantly evaluation different things and diving into the data. For Aquarius', this can make it difficult to find romantic partners. People don't understand why you have the need to analyze everything and it can really put them off having a relationship with you. Learn to relax and save your analytical behavior for your Excel spreadsheets.

28. Aquarius - You're Progressive

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Progressive-minded people are often on the edge of society. They tend to be the idea people, or discover some new insights into something that had never been thought of before. They can also come across as too smart for their own good and arrogant, and it's important to show your softer side to partners if this is you. Progressivism is great, but don't let it get in the way of your relationships.

29. Pisces - You're Very Sympathetic

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While caring for other people is essential for a Pisces, potential partners can easily take advantage of your compassionate heart. It's important to set boundaries and be cautious of those who don't seem to appreciate or acknowledge your kindness. Find someone to appreciates and reciprocates your empathy and supports your caring and loving nature.

30. Pisces - You Have Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional intelligence is a great trait to have, and for the most part it can end up strengthening a relationship when it is used correctly. However, it can lead to someone overthinking everything along with taking on emotional burdens that aren't theirs to carry. For romantic partners, this can be really intense, and it's important for a Pisces to lighten up where possible.

31. The most romantic zodiac signs: Taurus

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Taurus is the most romantic of all the zodiac signs when it comes to relationships. As a very grounded sign, Taurus has a balance of all sides that are important when it comes to intimacy: being loyal, sensual and - of course - romantic. This makes a Taurus both a perfect romantic partner, and makes you a great partner if you are this sign! Taurus needs to feel a strong physical attraction to their partner.

32. Pisces

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Next in line for most romantic is Pisces, a sign that can be very romantic when it comes to big gestures and also 'romanticising' most aspects of their life outside of relationships, too. A Pisces does have the tendency to be a little insecure when it comes to romance and relationships, but that doesn't mean they won't pull out the stops in the romance department to make a good impression!

33. Cancer

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Cancers are very deep and emotional signs, which means they show romance by simple yet meaningful gestures, like listening to you talk, cooking you a home-cooked meal, planning a whole cozy night in together... anything that helps you connect. They are deeply emotional and like to make their partner feel appreciated through romantic words and gestures.

34. Leo

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Leos are known for being very temperamental and a bit dramatic, so you might not associate this sign with romance too much. But when Leos love someone and want to show their romantic ways, they're going to put all that passionate energy into it! The way Leos show romance will likely be through spontaneous trips or gestures, or lavish spending on gifts.

35. Gemini

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Geminis are very social, adventurous and spontaneous, and they show this through romantic gestures by planning intimate trips away, date nights to fun places like concerts or a festival or through just celebrating the moment with a big dinner. Geminis are great communicators, too, so it's likely they'll work to understand your love language to be romantic in the right way.

36. Libra

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Libra is a very thoughtful and attentive partner, so when it comes to romance, it's likely going to be something which speaks to you on a deep level. They would learn to understand what you need, and when you need it, and then be assertive with planning dates that adhere to that, like booking you both an appointment for a couple's massage and not taking no for an answer!

37. Aries

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Dating an Aries has its ups and downs, because they can be a very unpredictable sign, but they're definitely romantic, too. They're headstrong nature means they show romance more by doing physical things that will get you both you and about, rather than a cozy night in. This would probably be heading to the big city for dinner, heading to a sports game or doing a 'physical-touch' activity, like a dance class!

38. Capricorn

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Capricorns do have romance in them, but they're one of the signs that are the least romantic - at least in the way they show it. They're not one for grand gestures or being very openly loving or cheesy. To them, romance means including you in their plans, planning for a future together and thinking about your hopes and dreams. Someone who needs very romantic gestures all the time would probably feel unsatisfied with Capricorn as a partner!

39. Scorpio

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Scorpios are known for being very guarded and mysterious, so it depends if you find mystery romantic enough in itself! Scorpios are very intuitive, so their romantic gestures will usually come from reading what you'd be interested in, or need, in that moment. They might take you on spontaneous trips or suggest things while you're out, like heading to a street party.

40. Virgo

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Virgos can be very sceptical about love, which means they don't get into deep love or romance very easily. This might mean that romantic gestures aren't the first thing on their mind. Romance to a Virgo can very much be about appreciating your partner, mutual respect and understanding. To them, expressing their love with someone they trust can be the most romantic thing they've done!

41. Sagittarius

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A Sagittarius can be very hard to tie down, because they're not great with commitment and prefer to be on the go traveling. This means romance and relationships aren't their priority - but when they do fall in love, they take it seriously! When they give time to a person, they show romance through deep and intellectual conversations, or adventurous activities like camping.

42. Aquarius

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Which brings us to Aquarius - the least romantic zodiac sign of them all! Aquariuses come off as very cool and level-headed in love. They don't have time for quirky romantic gestures because they're very much focused on their own goals. Romance to an Aquarius isn't going overboard with dates and cutesey gestures. It's more about shared experiences for good causes.

43. Which zodiac signs make the best partners? Cancer

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Cancers are very emotional and caring when it comes to love, so it makes sense why they would make the best partners. Very sensitive, empathetic and kind, Cancers do everything they can to make their partners happy - which is what you want when you're in it for the long haul! Cancers actually want commitment and a serious relationship, so they're going to give it in return.

44. Scorpio

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Scorpios are all about loyalty, which means they are going to make very committed and honest partners when they fall in love. They can be hard to match with, but when you do, it's a deep and committed match for life! This doesn't just count for romantic love, either - Scorpios can be the most loyal and lifelong friends if you managed to break down their guard!

45. Libra

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Libras make the best partners because they have a great balance of commitment and fun. They'll happily commit to a serious relationship, but it won't always be about conversations about 'so where are we' or 'the future' - they'll commit but they'll also put a focus on it never being boring and promising a lifetime of fun and spontaneous romantic gestures that show their love.

46. Pisces

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Pisces are very quiet and committed partners - it isn't going to be a fiery or passionate 'up and down' commitment, as they are very easy to get along with and don't like confrontation. So if you're looking for a lifelong companion who's a friend as well as a lover, Pisces is one of the best! Pisceses need security in life, which is why they're happy to lock down the right relationship.

47. Gemini

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Geminis can often come across as too spontaneous or fun-loving to be tied down, but when they meet the right person, they make for a wonderful partner - because they love in a way that follows the heart and not the head, and they also make some of the most fun and interesting life partners. Geminis are known for making the wrong choices in life from being too impulsive, but when it comes to love, they know how to make the right one!

48. Libra and Cancer can make an awesome couple

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For top compatibility, Libra and Cancer come out as the best pairing, because they balance each out in love. Libra can often need Cancer's stability to rein it in, while Cancers will enjoy helping Libras to learn about slowing down and enjoying a cozy night in rather than a big night out! These two signs have a lot of differences but it's this that can make them one of the best couples for bringing the best out in each other.

49. Capricorn and Taurus match for life

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Capricorns and Taurus might both be earth signs, but that doesn't mean they'll clash - it means they're a perfect pairing. Capricorns are very ambitious and practical, and Tauruses are extremely hardworking, so it goes hand in hand that they'll be willing to work hard like Capricorn is to reach their goals. They make a great team because it's all about 'the power couple'!

50. Aquarius and Aries would get along perfectly

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While it may seem like an Aquarius would be too independent or all over the place for a steady Aries, it's actually this that brings them together. Aries would love the excitement that Aquarius brings to the table, and the groundedness of Aries can also be what an Aquarius needs sometimes. They match particularly well on an intellectual level, which means always pushing each others logical boundaries!

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