Places We Will Always Need To Take Our Identification

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Grocery Stores

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If you plan on using your credit card for anything, anywhere in the US then you need to have your photo ID with you. The cashier or other people working in the store might request that you show them your ID in order to confirm that you are actually the person that owns the card. By doing this they can do their bit to stop you or anyone else committing credit card fraud.Original content at

Gas Stations

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Similarly to grocery stores, the cashier at a gas station may choose to ID you if you appear under the age to pay for the petrol (certain parts of the country have regulations that require an age limit!) or if you're using a credit card to pay for your gas. You're best off just playing it safe and ensuring you carry your ID just to make sure you don't get yourself into a mess.

Liquor Store

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This one is probably quite obvious but if you plan to go out and buy some alcohol or liquor from the store then you need to carry your identification with you. This is exaggerated even more if you are one of those people that are lucky enough to look younger than 21; you have to expect that it's going to happen. Keep yourself protected and don't let it get out of hand.

Clubs And Bars

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This one obviously goes hand in hand with the process of needing your ID to buy alcohol or liquor at stores too. If you're planning to go on a night out or head to a bar or two to have a couple of drinks then you're likely going to be needed to present your ID before you even get into the building. You might even be asked again when you get to the bar inside.

Public Library

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You might not consider the library as the sort of place that you need to bring your identification with you; but it's actually completely necessary to bring some with you. If you were to enter the NYC public library for example, then you would need to provide some form of identification so they could prove it was you before they handed out a new library card to you or anyone else.


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Gambling is prohibited to people under the age of 21 in the US, although many people would wish that they would ban them for people much older than that thanks to its addictive nature. Although you should be able to enter a casino without being asked to provide some ID you should expect to be asked to present one form or another in order to actually play the games yourself.

The Bank

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You'll require some form of identification for a whole range of activities and tasks when visiting the bank here in the USA. First of all, you'll need to provide a minimum of two government issued ID to even open your account and even after then if you wish to withdraw your own money, deposit cheques or check your balance in the future INSIDE the bank you'll need your ID again.


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There is obviously a number of reasons that you need to take your ID to the airport with you, most importantly your passport. However, it seems to be that the passport is always something that we'll forget to bring with us isn't it! There's always that panic just before our flight or when we arrive to the airport that we've left our passports behind! You won't be going anywhere without your passport though!


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If you're going out for a fancy meal then you're probably going to be carrying your wallet or your purse with you anyway, but that might be for the best as you'll need to present your ID if you choose to pay for your food and your drinks with your credit card. You'll also need to provide your ID again if you look as though you're under the age for any alcohol you want to consume.

Corporate Offices

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If you aren't regularly working or entering any form of corporate building on a daily basis, but you're planning on visiting a friend, relative or partner then you're probably going to need to bring your identification with you. Most of the corporate offices within the US will have some form of guard or officers looking after it and you might be required to prove who you are before you're allowed in.

Car Rentals

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If you're looking to plan a trip away via renting a car and travelling on the road across the USA then you're going to need to provide your driver's license before anything else can go ahead. The licence needs to be valid and you'll also need to be clean and not have any prior issues in regards to your driving. This comes as you try to put down your deposit! No unlicensed driving!

Theme Parks

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Just as when you go renting a car, you might end up renting a room or somewhere to stay when visiting a theme park; places like Disney will require some form of ID before you're able to book and again when you arrive before they'll be willing to let you enter your room. Who knew that you'd need ID for so many different and seemingly superficial things!

SNAP Office

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If you find yourself struggling financially and require the use of food stamps then you might have to visit a SNAP office. In order to show your eligibility for the programme used to fight against hunger and poverty you'll have to supply one form of ID to prove your identity and age as well as the identity of your child alongside proof of your financial situation.

Social Security Buildings

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In order to get a social security number you'll need to provide a number of pieces of identification before you can secure one. The pieces of ID that have to be given include your birth certificate as well as either your driver's license as well as a US passport. It'll be more than worth doing though; who doesn't want to be able to have the opportunity for those benefits after retirement.

Medicaid Agency

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In order to be able to access the many health coverage benefits of Medicaid in the USA you'll have to provide them with some proof of your identification like a birth certificate, proof of US Citizenship (yes that means that non US natives can be eligible) which can be passports and driver's licenses. It's definitely worth doing to keep yourself healthy and safe.

Job Centers

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In order to begin your hunt for a new job here in the US, whether that's visiting the various job centers around the country or simply applying for new jobs then you'll have to present a minimum of two forms of ID. Typically you'll be asked to provide either your passport or driver's license as well as a birth certificate. They can't be too safe you know, there's some crazy people out there!

Estate Agents

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Across the world, not just in the US if you're looking to find your perfect home and choose to work with an estate agent then you'll need to provide some identification. Legally, before they are able to assist you in buying or selling a home they have to have you prove your identity as if they don't they could be liable to charges if things go wrong in the future.

County Clerk's Office

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You probably already know this, but if you want to register for either a marriage ceremony or marriage license here in the US then you'll likely have to visit your local County Clerks office. Fortunately, they are quite lenient with the forms of identification that they choose to accept to set yourself away; so bring your passport or driver's license most probably.

Gun Stores

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Gun laws here in the US have been constantly debated in recent years as a result of the high number of gun crimes committed each and every year around the country. Despite this, most people can still purchase a gun simply by heading to a local store and providing them a piece of photo ID. You'll then go through an immediate background check but it's still too easy right?

Pet Adoption Centres

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If you're planning to expand the amount of living creatures in your home, not a child but an animal, then you're going to need to to provide some photo identification as well as being over the age of 18. This can be a great way to establish a more mature understanding of yourself and you might be subject to having your home inspected too! If you can adopt a pet instead of buying a puppy, you can feel so fulfilled!

Adoption Centres

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Adopting a child, unsurprisingly, is a lot more complicated than going through the process to adopt a pet; it's a whole other realm of hard work and it's more commitment than anyone could ever imagine! You need to be at least 21 and in a relationship or if you're single you need to be 25! You'll need to provide your ID but this is just the start of a long and convoluted process.


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In general situations across the US you'll be required to check in to a hotel before they'll be able to allow you to enter your room. They'll do this for security reasons and also to be able to verify its actually you. Therefore, if anything does go wrong whilst you're staying there, either you've done something yourself or there's a major problem they'll have a record of you.

For A Hunting Licence

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Hunting is quite a popular and common pastime here in the US and for that reason they have to be quite careful as to who they do and don't grant a hunting license too. Surprisingly though, in most states you are able to get a hunting license at just 12 years old! You can use your photo ID to get one and in some situations that can help you get some discounts too!


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Certain drugs that you can buy at pharmacies and stores over-the-counter will require you to provide some ID, typically this happens with allergy drugs that contain ingredients that some people might take advantage of to make the illegal ones. Certain drugs prescribed to you, known as controlled drugs, will also require you to provide some ID before you're able to pick them up.

Blood Donation

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If you're one of the many great people who choose to donate blood to support the ill people around the US each and every year then you'll already know you need to provide two forms of ID. However, this isn't the most important part of the process as you'll also have to prove that you're healthy alongside a whole other boatload of info about yourself and where you've been.

Phone Stores

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Although it isn't actually required by law to provide identification when you buy a new phone, many stores will request that you do so. This is because purchases over $200 are described as high-risk and they will like to protect themselves and their assets. It's more for their own safety and yours than to be able to check on you, although it will help in instances regarding your phone and the police.


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If you're looking to travel via land across the borders of America and either Canada or Mexico then you're going to need to provide some form of ID. In order to use the border crossings you can use accepted travel documents like your passport and Trusted Traveller cards. Your children can also use their own birth certificates if they're travelling with a guardian.

Mail Pick Up

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If you're required to go and pick up some of your mail via the US Postal Service or some of the other delivery services like FedEx or UPS then you might need to bring identification to sign off for them. You'll need to provide info for a whole range of services like insured orders, money orders and certified services. This will need to be a photo ID too.


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If you're expecting to spend more than 24 hours within the hospital for whatever reason then you'll probably need to bring some identification with you. It's likely that they will contact you to inform you as to what you'll need which will most likely include some legal photo documentation as well as your health insurance card (if you have one). If you forget though, don't worry!

Your Job

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This one might seem a little broad but I'm sure that many of you who work in a whole range of jobs have an identification card or badge that is necessary to prove that you belong in your workplace. Although your workmates and the guards that might work at your establishment will know who you are that won't get you in at all times; don't be the person that forgot their ID!

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