The Most Fascinating Dogs From Around The World

By Lou 8 months ago

Komondor Sheepdog

Image Source: Treehugger
You probably wouldn't be judged too heavily if you took a brief glimpse at this image and actually thought it was a sheep instead. That's because that this breed of dog, the Komondor is used to blend in with sheep in order to protect them! Yep, it's a breed of sheepdog and one that needs to be constantly cleaned. Looks like that might be a little difficult to do though!Original content at

Fork-Nosed Catalburun

Image Source: Reddit
The Catalburun is a type of Pointer, which are typically large dogs who need A LOT of exercise; however their size has nothing to do with what makes them truly satisfying. As you can see, this Turkish breed actually have what looks like two noses (Catalburun literally translates to fork nose). These days this is actually viewed as a negative because it can actually cause the dog to suffer from a cleft palate.

Confused Chihuahua

Image Source: Reddit
Chihuahuas are a dog that often split opinion on groups of people, some believe that they're extremely cute little dogs that you can introduce to families, whilst others believe that they're a little too loud and annoying! This little one, with the bulging eyes, looks as though they've spotted something crazy in front of them, even sticking their little tongue out too!

The Ginormous Great Dane

Image Source: Reddit
Okay, so some of the dogs in this list are hunters, but don't look like hunters; the Great Dane however looks like exactly that! They are the largest dog breed in the world and that can be seen here as this towering four-legged creature appears to be massive in comparison to his elderly owner! You might not be picking them up anytime soon but I bet they give a good cuddle!

The Side Eye

Image Source
Okay, so if you have dogs at home then you might be aware that they like to get themselves in to all sorts of situations, but this one obviously thinks they're some sort of plant and have nestled themselves in to a pot. It looks as though they might realise that they shouldn't be there and that might be the reason that they're displaying that cheeky little side eye to the camera.

Long-Headed Bull Terrier

Image Source: Reddit
If you've never seen one of these little guys before, you might be surprised to see their long, oval-like face as well as their their tiny, almost hidden eyes. It's pricked up ears can often lead people to believe that they're quite an aggressive little creature, but the truth is that they're actually just little jokers who love to play around with their owners at all hours of the day.

Pizza Pug

Image Source: Reddit
Pugs are quite awkward animals to look at in the best of times, they're squished up faces are another reason people might be split on determining whether or not they find them cute or not. However, this little guy looks as excited to see a pizza as the best of us; it's hard to tell though whether he's happy, mad, crazy or scared? Can you decipher this little pugs emotions or not?

Four-Legged Smiler

Image Source: Reddit
Some people struggle to get their dogs to pose for pictures in front of the camera, but clearly, this person didn't seem to have any such troubles. It looks as though Marley wanted nothing more than to be the centre of attention, even showing off his little gnashers as if he's a little boy smiling for his school photo! Those teeth don't even look particularly real, do they?

Grumpy Brussels

Image Source: Reddit
I'm not going to lie, this little creature doesn't even really look like a dog, back me up there right? Obviously they don't all look like this, but they really resemble a little monkey more than a dog; the most obvious sign that you're looking at a Brussels Griffon however is that they have those huge, glaring eyes that sit up above their, comparatively, tiny button nose.

Slide Pug

Image Source: Reddit
We all know that our favourite four-legged friends love a good play around, but it seems as though this pug wasn't exactly sure what he'd got himself in for! As I mentioned before, pugs faces can look quite odd at the best of times, but as this little guy goes down the slide, it's almost as though its managed to get even weirder. I wonder if he really enjoyed his trip or not?

The Labradoodle

Image Source: Reddit
Some mixes just don't look right, but the Labradoodle just works, even it's name sounds great! Depending on the variety of poodle used in the breeding process, these dogs can go from tiny to absolutely massive. Like many of the other dogs on this list, they look like teddy bears and that's emphasised by their curly coat. They'll set you back a lot of cash to by though; they're desirable!

Pug Boxer

Image Source: Reddit
As I'm sure you already know, there are a whole range of dog breeds out there consisting of a mix of two whole breeds. This can lead to some quite crazy looking dogs out there, including this boxer crossed with a pug! The top of its face, including its sad looking eyes remind you of a pug, but then it has that undeniable boxer mouth, all with that massive underbite!

Foldy Shar-Pei

Image Source: Reddit
The Shar-Pei breed is one of the rarest out there in the world now, mostly as a result of the tax placed on dogs in China during the 40's. Despite that, they're still hanging on and continue to roam the streets with their little wrinkled bodies. Although they look like they might be a bit fat, they actually just have foldy skin; is it a cute thing or do you find it ugly?

Pitbull Corgi

Image Source: Reddit
It feels as though you're looking at some sort of trick doesn't it? Pitbull's are usually associated with being quite aggressive and protective dogs; but how could you ever be terrified of something whose legs and height in general are so tiny! It's hard to imagine a less terrifying looking pitbull, considering it's mixed with the breed of dog that the late Queen Elizabeth loved so dearly herself!


Image Source: Reddit
From one Corgi mix to another, this time with one of the most popular dog breeds that people tend to go for! The Labrador is one of the most desired dog breeds mostly as a result of their loyalty to their owners (as if all dogs aren't all loyal!). This little one's face appears exactly as you'd expect a lab to look, but then you spot those little corgi legs at the bottom.

Mop Puli

Image Source: Reddit
No, you aren't looking at a flying tumbleweed with a face, nor are you looking at a mop with a face either. The Puli is yet another Hungarian sheepdog and they typically come in colours of black or white; but always with these crazy looking dreads. If you get yourself one though, you won't have to worry about these dreads for five years or so until they fully grow in.


Image Source: Reddit
I thought it would be best to follow up one dreaded dog in the Puli with another in the Bergamasco, which if you can't tell by the name, is Italian by origin. Similarly to the Puli, these dreads will mat as they grow older and this can reach the floor by the time the dogs are around 5 years old. You'd never have to worry about them getting too cold in the winter would you?

Chihuahua Bull

Image Source: Reddit
Sometimes two dogs are bred together and you have to question just why its been done! As I mentioned before, pit bulls are meant to be quite scary looking (although they're cute really), but nothing can truly be frightening when you notice those chihuahua ears poking out of the top of their heads.  I wonder if they have that unnecessarily high bark of a chihuahua too!

Bald Inca Orchia

Image Source: Reddit
Similarly to the Xoloitzcuintles which we'll get on too soon, these dogs are pretty fascinating thanks to their hairless body, apart from the little tufts they have on their feet and head. You'll have to head over to Peru if you want to see one of them though, as this little chubby one (and all the rest) are only found within their country of origin; they're still cute though.

Happy Huskies

Image Source: Reddit
Huskies are some of the most naturally fascinating looking dogs around the world, especially when you find yourself a pure Siberian breed. It probably has something to do with the beautiful coat of fur that they have mixed with those piercing blue eyes. However, if you didn't already know, huskies can also be some of the loudest out there; just search online for those screaming videos.

Afghan Hunters

Image Source: Reddit
You might be looking at one of the most stylish and silky dogs you've ever seen here, the Afghan Hound typically has one of the most beautiful (and unnecessarily long) coats of hair that you'll ever see. So you might be surprised to hear that despite this, these dogs were actually used in the mountain range of Afghanistan to hunt the other mountain animals.

Hairless Xolitzcuintlis

Image Source: Reddit
It's hard to believe that these big guys have been around for centuries now; the Xoloitzcuintli are one of the oldest dog breeds still domesticated and also have one of the most awkward names to spell and say too! As you can see, they're pretty calm dogs and on the face of things they appear fairly normal, however they actually have next to no hair except for a little on the feet and head.

Ugly Chinese Crested

Image Source: Reddit
When I call these little dogs ugly, I'm not choosing to be mean, but generally in the World's Ugliest Dog Contest (yes that really is a real thing!) the Chinese Crested are very commonly the winner. This might have something to do with the fact that, like the Xoloitzcuintli, they are hairless, except for those little tufts of Einstein hair you see brushing out from their head.

Camo Mudi

Image Source: Reddit
The Mudi dog is traditionally from Hungary and are actually typically used for herding other animals like sheep! You've probably realised that they have a very distinctive coat and this puppy looks very cute too! Crazily though, you'll struggle to find one of these guys anywhere in the world as there is only thousands of pure breeds in all the countries around the world.

Mohawk Bedlington

Image Source: Reddit
Just as when we looked at the Komondor, you could, at first glance, believe that you were looking at a little lamb. The thing is, you actually wouldn't want to mess with these guys; they're actually, traditionally, hunting dogs for small prey. Something about it's curved body, it's little tuft of hair and it's tiny tail give off something of a completely different vibe.

Tiny Bichon Frise

Image Source: Reddit
You might think you're just looking at a tiny version of the Bedlington here, but this is actually a Bichon Frise, one of the tiniest, cutest and friendliest little toy dogs that you'll ever come across. They don't always come with these cute little afro's (this one has just been groomed) they always look like a fluffy cloud; the most energetic fluffy cloud you'll ever see.

Akita Bear

Image Source: Reddit
You've probably seen a couple of these little ones out on the street around you and some point or another and that's because they're actually American Akitas. The traditional Akita is actually Japanese (hence the name) but despite their cuddly looking appearance (they look like a teddy) they're actually traditionally used to be either guard of watchdogs; they can be quite vicious if need be!

Stocky English Bulldog

Image Source: Reddit
These grumpy looking things are actually some of the friendliest dogs you'll ever find, it's just a shame that they look quite as angry as they do. The English Bulldog have their own very distinctive features like their stocky little physique as well as the folds of fatty skin around their faces. Similarly to pugs, this has been known to cause some breathing problems so look after them!

Cuddly Chow Chow

Image Source: Reddit
This gorgeous little, cuddly looking thing is called a chow chow and they look more like a teddy bear than a domesticated dog, don't they? The thing is, they aren't traditionally domesticated pets but working dogs used to hunt and pull sleds! You can't imagine that can you? You just want to cuddle them! You might get a surprise when they stick their tongue out at you though, it's black and blue!

The 1(00) Dalmation

Image Source: Reddit
Okay, so you all know what these little ones are, they're perhaps one of the most famous dog breeds of all time. This might have something to do with the disney movies based off the animals! There couldn't be a real life Cruella though could there, imagine not loving these spotted dogs! Would you believe that Dalmations have been around since the ancient Egyptians!?

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