20 Top Tips To Win At Wordle

By Lou 2 years ago

1. Start By Guessing the Most Common Letters in The English Language

The first tip is this, to start your first guess by using the most commonly used letters in the English language. So, this would be E, A, T, R, S, I, O, and N. This makes it far more likely that some of the letters will be used. Most words in the English language use these letters, so it's pretty much guaranteed that some of these letters will be right.After all, using Z and X and obscure letters is going to be very unlikely. So, if you want to win at Wordle this is the first thing you should do, and it’s a very simple trick. It's much better than using a random assortment of letters that most likely will not come up. Of course it's mostly common sense, but it's the best trick to start with.

2. Don't Guess Words That Repeat Letters

It may sound obvious now we've said it, but it is often an overlooked trick to win at wordle. For example, the word 'better' uses two of the same letters. If we used the word 'belter' it optimizes our chances by using another letter. For your first guess, repeating a letter is essentially wasting the chance of another letter.And who knows, it could be right. So, start the right way and have a better chance by not repeating any letters in your word, there's no point wasting a letter. Again, it's a simple hack but it could be the difference between winning and losing. 

3. Use 'Adieu' For Your First Go

This one might sound strange. But this word uses as many vowels as possible. You should try and eliminate the vowels early on because it will reduce your available letters by a lot. Which, in turn, will help you correctly guess the word of the day. Most short words contain a couple of vowels.For example, bread, nicer, trees. But Adieu uses an impressive 5 vowels in one go. There are no other 5 letter words that can do that.3 vowels in just one go.  So, narrow down your letters straight away and use this word. It will straight away put you ahead of the game. And, it’s a completely legitimate way to help you win. No cheating is necessary.

4. Open Up a New Game

Okay, this way is not a legitimate way to win at World. But we promised ways to win and this is certainly a guaranteed way. Of course, winning yourself has much more satisfaction. But if you're trying to win against those Wordle know-it-alls and impressively post your scores on social media then here you go.Just go right ahead and guess the word of the day, with no tactic just any old random words. After 6 tries of guessing incorrectly (or by some miracle correctly) the word of the day will appear at the top of the screen. Open a new tab, start a new game and enter the word of the day for the first time. Or, make it realistic but still impressive and enter correctly on the second try. Ta-Da.

5. Scroll on Twitter

Here's another cheat. But some days we have less patience than others and we still want to feel like a winner. So, it you're not in the mood to conquer Wordle then head over to Twitter. It definitely won't take long to scroll to the answer because everybody is keen to show how fast they guessed the word of the day.Wordle has become very popular on social media even with celebrities. If you want an easy and guaranteed win at Wordle then just type in 'Wordle' in the Twitter bar and check for the correct word of the day. Then, once you have found it, just type it into your own game of Wordle, and there you go. You've won at Wordle.

6. Use Consonants 'R' And 'T'

This top tip comes from the co-founder himself, so it has to be good. After all, he did help create it. So, it's as simple as it sounds. Try to start with a word that uses the consonants 'R' and 'T'. This is because these two letters are some of the most commonly used.So, if we get these out in the first round then it is more likely that we can eliminate letters because they are amongst the most common letter used. And, if we combine this with vowels then we are definitely onto a winner. So as mentioned before, stare is a very good option for a first try. It combines both the common consonants with the commonly used vowels - what more could we ask for.

7. Use STORY As the Second Word

This tip requires combining a new tip with an old one. So after, using the word 'Adieu' this hack is to follow it up by using the word 'story'. Then, after eliminating the most common vowels, in the second go, we eliminate the most used consonants.In combination, this is a very good trick to eliminating and narrowing down the letters. So, combine the two and win at Wordle. And, there is no cheating involved here. So, you can be proud of your Wordle achievements. Just keep the hack to yourself if you want to stay the only winner around.

8. Use E, Y D T.

Here is another insider tip from the co-founder himself. If we can trust any tip, it has to be this one. So, according to the co-founder the most likely letters that will appear are E Y D T. SO use as many of these for a higher chance of narrowing down the letters. If you combine them all into a 5-letter word then even better.If not, in the first two goes try and use them all. of course, there is no guarantee that they will be in the word of the day. But percentage-wise, if these are the most popular letters, then sooner or later you are going to be successful. So here is another very important trick to win at Wordle.

9. Never Use An 'S' First

Here is a trick you probably have not thought of yet. And once you know, it will really help you up your game. If you use the 'S' in the first go then it can be seen to be a bit of a waste. Because, later when you are struggling to come up with guesses and can only make a four, an 'S' will be your savior.You may come up with only four letters - but if you can pluralize the word then there you go. So, save the 'S' for later when you really need it. There is no need to use it in the first go anyway. A good but simple hack that will definitely come in handy and help you get to finish that word of the day in just a few goes.  

10. Save The Greens

Here's another very important rule to winning at Wordle. It's on a similar track to the previous tip. If you want to correctly guess the word of the day then here's the tip - your second guess should not include greens from your first guess. Your second guess should be made up of entirely new letters.We don't want to waste any letters in this game. So, save the greens until later when you might really need them. For guess two, make it totally new. So, remember in the first two rounds of the game you should use all completely new letters. That's 10 letters with no repeats.

11. Find the Cheat Code

This one is another chat. Thanks to a man on Twitter who has looked into the coding of the game he has found a code where he can see the words of the day appear. This hack helps you not only win once, but yo0u can actually write down the week’s answers and make sure you win.<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="https://live.primis.tech/live/liveView.php?s=109829&cbuster=%%CACHEBUSTER%%"></script>He said: “Hidden in the JS source are all the unjumbled solutions,” the man tweeted. “There goes my fav [sic] leisure activity. Coding is bane.” Most people do not approve of this method and a lot of people have asked him to take the Tweet down so people can play properly. But, if you are desperate to win, head over to Twitter for not one answer but multiple wins.

12. Use A Crossword Solver

This one is not technically cheating; it's just using a little bit of help. If you get a crossword solver it still requires a bit of work, but you are very likely to come up with the correct answer. When you are on the crossword solver, set the number of letters to 5 because each Wordle word is made up of 5 letters.Then, type in only the green square letters which you know are correct and put them in the correct spot. Then, the solver will generate a lot of 5-word answers. And, amongst them is very likely going to be the correct Wordle answer. but it still requires some brainpower from you. So, this way of winning is still (more or less) down to you.

13. Have No Strategy

This sounds like a strange tip, to have no strategy at all. But there are people out there and Wordle fans who swear by this method of playing. Instead of using set words to try and increase your chances of winning, these people do the opposite. Sometime the luck of the draw is the best way.By having no strategy at all they find the game much more fun and they find the satisfaction of winning is much better. Plus, when you have no strategy at all, sometimes you get lucky. So, give this one a go for a fun alternative. Plus, there is such a thing as beginner's luck so you may be successful and guess the word of the day.

14. Use A Wheel of Fortune

Since Wordle is a random selection of letters, some people think the best plan is also to be ransom. This tip is along the same lines as the previous, in that there is no thought-out strategy. But this hack is to use a wheel of fortune to select letters. So, pick out five letters on a wheel of fortune.Some people think this is the best way, to use a randomly generated selector to beat another randomly generated selector. And, this way is definitely for you if you do not like starting with the same word each time. Or, if you like the choice to be taken out of yo0ur hands altogether. And, you'd be surprised with how successful this way can be. Give it a go.

15. Practice on The Archive

Practice, practice practice. That is what most people owe their success to. And, the Wordle fans out there are no different. Those who are serious players are actually practicing on the Wordle archive. That way, when it comes to the real thing they have already come up with their best strategy and they know how to go about the game.Plus, this way you can fail as many times as you like and it will not affect your score. By the time you come to the real thing, you'll be guessing the word of the day in one go. It takes a little more time and effort than some of the other tricks but it will be worth the effort. And, it will allow you to test out all the other tips we've covered too. Because practice makes perfect. 

16. Use Your Intuition

Sometimes we rely on different tricks and hacks to be the winner without ever counting on our own intuition. Wordle experts have said that when you do use your own intuition it can be much more effective than trying to stick to a rigid strategy. Once you have played a few times you will get to know the game and how you like to play.So, trust yourself and rely on your own method of thinking rather than trying to find a method elsewhere.  These times can often end up the most successful and you can thank yourself for it. And, isn't it more satisfying when you only have yourself and your pure Wordle talent to thank for guessing the word of the day? 

17. Don't Use J K Q V W X and Z

Let's face it, there aren't many words that being with J K Q V W X and Z. SO we don't really want to waste them by guessing them. Of course, it can happen, but if we think abo9ut it in likeliness it is very rare. So, if you want to guarantee a better chance of winning then definitely avoid using these letters. Stick to the letters we have discussed previously for a much better shot at winning. Otherwise, they will be a wasted use of letters and will rarely get you anywhere at all, never mind the word of the day. So do not waste your go on these unusual letters if you are betting on chance. 

18. Avoid 'S' Altogether

Richard Osman shared his Wordle knowledge with the world recently. And, he had plenty of tips for us all. He said we should in fact not start with the word stare which has been recommended by many. He said to BBC Radio 2: ''I get it, there’s a couple of vowels in it, but S isn’t used very often as there are not many plurals, otherwise, there would be millions of millions of words they could use.Because the word is not likely to be a plural, there is no point using an 'S'. And, 'S' is not a common word apart from the end of a letter, so he thinks it is a waste to try it. In fact, he said “S is a red herring,”. This is a good tip to take on board since Osman seems to be a very successful Wordle player. his tips are definitely worth remembering. 

19. Use Phonetics

This is getting into things more deeply and really looking into the English language and phonetics. But whether or not you are a phonetic expert, this tip can still help everyone. Wordle of course is a word game but also a game of chance. So, by using sounds that occur frequently together it boosts your chances massively.Instead of merely looking at individual letters it is better to think about the sounds and letters in relation to one another. For example, 'dwell' is a good word. But, this sound combination of 'dw' occurs rarely in the English language. So, it's better to avoid. Instead, think about the kinds of sound combinations that are common, and this will help you to come up with some better options that are much more likely to appear as Wordle’s word of the day.

20. Look at A Scrabble Board

Scrabble fans out there will be happy. But if you are no Scrabble expert that is fine too. It is helpful whilst playing Wordle to look at a scrabble board. Not only does it help you visualise letters but the scoring of the letters indicated how commonly they occur in the English language.For example, 'a' is worth one point because it is so common. On the other hand, Q is worth 10 because it very rarely occurs in the English language. So, by checking the points you0 can see which letters are more likely to appear. And, you can avoid the high-scoring points as they are not likely to appear in the word of the day.

22. Don't Try to Guess the Word Straight Away

 To be successful at Wordle you need to really think about it. You can’t go straight in trying to guess the word on your first go because unless by some miracle, you won’t get it right. So, you want to develop a strategy if you are planning on being successful.Think about what you are doing logically, use your first word to give you clues. Don’t just randomly attempt to get it in one because the likelihood of that is very slim. So, realize that your first word won’t be the winning one, and use it strategically. (Image Source/ gadgethacks.com)

23. Use the Same First Word Every Go

This is a controversial one. Because strategically it increases your chances of winning. But some people argue that it is boring and to keep the game exciting you should continue to vary it up. But here we are talking statistics.So, you already know from the tips above the kind of word you should use first. Then, repeat this every first go of the game. Using a popular letter word every go will of course make your chances of success much greater.(Image Source/ thetimesuk)

24. Take Your Time

You’ve sorted your first (if you’ve read the previous tips), so that leaves you with a bit of extra time o the other goes. So, you’ve got a few minutes, let’s not rush this. If you rush into it, you might not be using your go-to to its fullest potential and you might then regret your letter choices.You have 24 to find the correct word so put some thought into this. Anyway, the more you play, naturally, the quicker you get. Look at your remaining letters, do any words come straight to your mind? Think about what should be eliminated next and narrow your chances.(Image Source/ Theguardian)

25. You Can Use the Same Letter Twice

Some people are against this hint. But there are a lot of words out there with repeated letters. So, if you get the feeling that there may be two of the same letters in a word but you don’t want to repeat one, then use it.Because there will be times when the word has a double letter. So just because you have a green in your solution, don’t automatically rule it out again. Consider it into your strategy when you are deciding your next move.

(Image Source/ mirror.co.uk)

26. Consider the Unpopular Letters

Okay, so it’s not better to use the unpopular letters on your first go. As we have looked at, it’s better to use the most popular ones on the first couple of goes. But, a mistake with some Wordle players is that they completely disregard the unpopular words such as ‘Z’ and ‘Q’.And, while it’s not as likely that they will come up, they certainly will at some point. If you are completely stuck and get the feeling that you should be branching out to a less used letter, then you could well be right. Just do not disregard them completely when you are thinking about your move.(Image Source/ yahoo.com)

27. Think About the Previous Goes

It’s easy to get carried away with Wordle and keep guessing. But remember to take your time and actually think about the clues that the previous goes have given you. For example, of course, use the greens you get and factor them into your word straight away.It sounds obvious but people do get carried away and miss it. Also, if you can’t think of the next word using the letters you already know, then use an entirely different word so that you eliminate more letters whilst you are playing.(Image Source/ inews.com)

28. Remember To Use US Spellings

If you’re American then you’re fine as this will of course come naturally to you. But if you are not and you don’t usually use US spellings, then you have to consider this while you’re playing. It could be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful word.Recently, this has been completely catching British English spellers out. For example, FAVOR is not even a word in British English as it would be FAVOUR. Therefore, this would totally eliminate the potential of winning if you forgot.(Image Source/ heraldscotland)

29. Resort To Cheating

Look, we are not saying we recommend this as a tactic. After all, it’s not even a tactic. But if you really do get super stuck, then you could always head on over to Google.But, definitely try first and use these hints. Once you’ve tried all of these Wordle tactics we are pretty sure that you are not going to need to resort to cheating. This is just the last, last option for you if you’re feeling very desperate to win.(Image Source/ popsugar)

30. Practice Makes Perfect

This one may be obvious, but it’s the best way to get better, and therefore, win. So, if you are only playing Wordle then great, but why not try adding a few more into the mix.There are tonnes of word games that are similar to Wordle that will help you practice and you’ll get better. So, if you’ve finished your Wordle for the day, why not have a go at Scrabble or any other word game. You’ll soon be the master of letters and your chances of being successful at Wordle will increase.(Image Source/ reviewgeek)


This one is a very specific hint. But some Wordle players think that STEARS is the best way to win. In fact, some people have claimed that they can use this word first and they will be able to guess the correct word in just two tries. The reason STEARS is good is that it covers a solid range of letters, in unusual positions. So, when they go yellow, I can then use common sense to predict where they go.(Image Source/ Theguardian)

32. Examine Possibilities

Examine different possibilities in the dictionary to help broaden your horizons. While you have some clues, having a dictionary on hand will help you come up with a lot more options.You may not be able to think of the word, but with a dictionary, this will be no problem. Plus, you’ll end up learning words you never even knew existed. And, it’s not cheating. Or if it is, it’s still a very intellectual way to cheat. 

33. Don’t Use Nonsense Words

Don’t use nonsense words, it is a waste of time because Wordle will not even read them and then you have wasted an entire go. And, when you only have 6 goes – each one is precious and should be maximized to its full potential, not thrown away on words that do not exist.And, if you are in any doubt whether it does exist, then check it in a dictionary or look it up online first to be sure. Because it won’t read it, it will then tell you nothing about the letters you have used.(Image Source/ Wiki.com)

34. Don’t give up

Don’t give up. This is the ultimate way to success. If you quit then you have no chance. So, by persevering, you are already increasing your chances completely. As the saying goes, you’ve got to be in it to win it. And we get it, it can be frustrating.Especially if you haven’t been guessing correctly. But with time you’ll definitely get there. And soon, you’ll be the Wordle expert. So most importantly of all – don’t give up.(Image Source/ Theguardian)

35. Expand Your vocabulary

It’s always good to expand our vocabulary. And this is a sure way to improve your chances of success at Wordle.If you try and improve your vocabulary and expand your knowledge of words then you will start to see changes in how you play, and almost certainly you will see changes in the results of your Wordle play.(Image Source/ wikipedia)

36. Space Matters

Think about the spacing. It is easy to prioritize the letters, but even if you have the correct letters, you can’t win without the correct spacing. So don’t neglect it. Think about the spacing strategically in terms of likely word combinations.And don’t just place all your letters in a word without thinking is what is most likely because you have spent all your time thinking up likely letter combinations. Spacing combinations are just as important.(Image Source/ NBCnews)

37. Only repeat letters when you have to

So, we’ve looked at the previous point that says words can use repeat letters. That being said, it’s not good to immediately guess with two of the same letters because it’s a little bit of a waste.It will take one slot away every time you have a double vowel. So, don’t be penalized for a word because of double letters.(Image Source/ polygon)

38. Watch Videos

You could always try watching a video on how an expert Wordle player, plays Wordle. Then you’ll pick up hints and tricks on how to play even better than you already were.When you play Wordle, everybody develops their own strategy and gets into their own routine even whether they do it on purpose or not. So, it helps to switch it up by watching how other people play and you may notice that they do things differently to you. (Image Source/ nytimes)

39. Use A Piece of Paper

 You have it all down on the screen, but it’s much easier to visualize and mentally process the letters and word options if you have it down on paper. You can write down all your ideas and try out new words and scribble it all down on your paper.Then you have it all to see right next to you. Because it is a well-known fact that when we write things down, we can process it better. It’s a really simple hack but it could help you a lot so this tip is definitely worth a try.(Image Source/ Theguardian)

40. Listen to the Yellow

 It has become a habit of many Wordle players that they get so caught up with trying to see green after they have guessed that they forget about the yellow. So, do not forget to look at the yellow. It means you have the correct letter in the wrong spot.Then, use knowledge of English words to decipher where the letter would most likely go. For example, some letter combinations are impossible in the English language. So, rule these out, and think about the most common words that use your letters.(Image Source/ Theguardian)

41. Play With Friends

Play with friends. This is a good hack because if you are sat next to one, or two, or even more people then you have a collection of minds all working towards it. And, as the famous saying goes, two minds are better than one. So, if you are with your friends, sit down to play Wordle.It won't take long but you have definitely increased your chances with multiple brains working together and a set of fresh eyes to help. Plus, everyone's obsessed with it at the moment so it's a good thing to do together. So if you want to guess the word of the day try playing alongside other people and help each other out.(Image Source/ aw-journal.com)

42. Take It In Turns

This one leads on from the previous point. It will only work if you are with other people, be it one or 4, or 10 it does not matter. So, when you are with your group of people all playing Wordle, take it in turns as to who makes the first move. Then, using the information you have got the next person can make their move using the new information and so on.Basically, this is a way to give yourself and others a lot more goes at Wordle because you can combine what you have learned from other people's previous turns. Plus, it's a really fun way to make Wordle more engaging and sociable. See if you can crack it together.(Image Source/ swavedigest.com)

43. Play Everyday

This one is obvious. But son't expect to play one day randomly after not playing in three weeks and suddenly guess the word of the day in two goes. Chances are, it is not going to happen. It might, but it's not likely. If you play every day without fail then your chances have hugely increased.So, if you really want to crack the word of the day and start guessing it in a few goes then you have to keep up with Wordle regularly. Play everyday, it only takes a few minuites of your time and it's a sure way to become better, and to become better because you are naturally progressing, rather than cheating.(Image Source/ nergy.mymom.com)

44. Keep Note

Keep a note of the previous Wordle word of the day. Because, the likelihood is that the same one is not going to come up any time soon again. And so, if you have a collection of letters that are similar then you can rule the word out that has been previously been used.Then, at least you have narrowed it down a little bit. It's not much, but it's a useful hack. And, if you remember the words of the last week, that's seven words that you have ruled out. So, these little tricks and hacks all help in making you a Wordle expert.(Image Source/ esterdydns.com)

45. Choose Your Peak Time

You can't expect to be on peak form all the time. So, if you are going to take Wordle seriously pick a time that suits you best. For example, unless you're an early bird you are not going to be performing at your best as soon as you wake up. Some people are early risers, some people come aline in the afternoon... it totally depends on you.So, pick the time when you are most focused and when your brain is feeling it's most switched on. There's no rush. Don't be trying to do it as quickly as possible, or you will lose your daily chance at Wordle all because you were trying to do it first.(Image Source/ nergymymom.com)

46. Remember There Are More Consonants

As we have discovered, lots of Wordle players insist that starting with as many vowels as possible is the best way to go because it helps narrow down the options. And of course, this can be true. But there is another argument that other Wordle fans put forward.This is because there are way more consonants than vowels. So, some people suggest starting with consonants because that way you can start eliminating them. Then, focus on vowels later because there are only 5 of them in total.(Image Source/ blogspot.com)

47. Use Weird Words

Okay this one is less of a tip and more of a way to make Wordle even more fun. Sometimes it's fun to forget about tactics for a moment and just have some fun. So, throw out some whacky word options, be random and let your creative juices flow.After all, it's a game and not just a competition. Especially if you are getting bored with the game, it's time to stop trying to think of the best way to win and instead focus on having the most fun with it. Okay, it may not be a sure way to win...but you might.(Image Source/ Theverge.com)


These seem to be the starter words with the most success. Because these words have a perfect mix of vowels and consanants they are a perfect way to start the game. This way, you get a pretty good idea of what kinds of letters are involved because they all use common letters.Then, it allows you to establish a good base from which you can make more accurate guesses. This is a very precise tip. Try starting with one of these words each day and see if they make a difference to your Wordle playing. We are pretty sure that it will do.(Image Source/ crispnews24.com)

49. Play After A Good Sleep

This is less of a specific Wordle tip and more of a well known life tip. Of course, we perform better at anything after a good nights sleep. We can't expect to be performing to our best after a broken sleep or just a few hours.So, lets get serious and try your Wordle game after a good nights sleep. This will totally make a difference. But of course this is just an obvious tip for life in general, the better we sleep the better we perform.(Image Source/ doniku.com)

50. Phone A Friend

No, this is not Who Wants To Be A Millionare, but we can still phone a friend. And, we aren't talking about simply asking them for the answer (I guess you could). As we descussed previously, it is a good and effective way if you play with someone.But, if you are alone you can still do this. Whether you want to text between your friends and family or play during a facetime call it adds a new social element. Plus, you may pick up tips from someone else whilst playing together because every person has a different way to approach the game.(Image Source/ jamcracked.com)

51. Keep A Leader Board

 Why not start a Wordle leader board with your friends and family. Not only will it make it even more competitive but it's also a fun way to make a solo game more sociable. It is more fun when you make it more interactive and then you have a visual of your progress too.And, with the added pressure and the desire to be at the top you're going to make sure you are on your A game. Another little tip - whoever is at the top of the board the most you can ask them for tips. Or, even better, watch them play a game of Wordle and see if there's any tricks or hacks you can pick up and have a go by yourself.(Image Source/ knowsridge.com)

52. Remember Your Wins

This one sounds pretty obvious, and our Wordle wins we are likely to remember. Remember the times when you do guess the word of the day. And we don't mean just remember that you managed to guess it successfully, but really remember what you did.That's if you applied some tactics at least, if it was total fluke then there is probably no possible way to recreate the win. None the less, it's important to remember and keep in mind what worked for you and what didn't. This way you can keep improving and developing your Wordle skills and tactics.(Image Source/ newsweek.co.uk)

53. Improve Your Spelling

This one is for the people out there who aren't very good at spelling. If you are already a spelling pro then you can move onto the next tip because this one isn't for you. But, spellings are a very common struggle amongst a lot of people. And, if you are trying to guess a word that you are spelling incorrectly then of course, Wordle isn't going to recognise it.And, if it does not recognise a word then it will not count. This means you've then wasted a go - and we do not want to throw away one of our precious Wordle attempts. So, if you practice your spelling then you have a much better shot at spelling the word right, and therefore guessing correctly.(Image Source/ today-in-24.com)

54. Use Spellcheck

Okay so this tip is an extension of the previous tip but basically the cheat way. Apart from the fact that there is technically no cheating here so go ahead. If you have a word in mind, and you are worried that it either isn't a word or you are spelling something incorrectly then put it into a spell check first.It's an easy way to guarantee the word you are about to use is legitimate. It might not be the right word but at least you will know, wheras if you spell the word incorrectly it will not even register and so you'll never be able to rule out another word or letter(s).(Image Source/ mensplainpost.com)

55. Use Multiple Devices

Speaking of cheating, here is another way which is technically not cheating. But, it is also not exactly 'correct'. Use multiple devices. You can either play simultaneously and use each device as we described playing with multiple people. By taking it in turns on each device and then using the information to guess.Or, you can use each device as a completely seperate game. For example, if you have 2 devices then you can have two whole new games. Which, means you have got two goes to get the word of the day instead of one.(Image Source/ thehandsindia.com)

56. Multiple Accounts

Perhaps you only have one device. But, there's still a way you can use this hack. You can make multiple accounts by using different login details. Then, just as the tip before using multiple devices, you can also have multiple games.Which, of course increases your chances of guessing the Wordle word of the day because you have more than one go. And, it's not exactly cheating because you are still doing all of the work yourself.(Image Source/ newsrnd.com)

57. No Distractions

We've discussed playing together, but if you are playing solo then you really need to get your head in the game. Get focused. To do this you need minimal distractions. Don't be reading your texts as they come through on your phone, don't be half watching the TV behind you.If you want to win and guess the Wordle word of the day, then go somewhere quiet and for a few minuites really just focus your mind on the game. Ignore those outside distractions for a few minuites. It's the only way to truly see what your brain is capable of.(Image Source/ mirror.co.uk)

58. Do It At 11am

So apparently the optimum time is actually 11am. This, is the best time to play Wordle because it is when you are most alert and when your brain is properly tuned in. In fact, it's the best time for a lot of things. it's not too early but also not too late.This is because you are still energised from your sleep, but it is not too early where you still feel like you are waking up or have that groggy morning feeling. Of course, this depends on the person. But, try doing it at 11 am for a moment when your brain feels at peak activity.(Image Source/ guitarcollectioner.com) 

59. Find Somewhere Quiet

Sound is one of the biggest distractions there is. In fact, our brain is constantly tuning into the sounds around us, even if we don't even realising that it is doing. So, if we are listening to surround noise or people talking ect, our brain cannot fully commit to Wordle because it is already processing multiple things without you even realising.So, if you can this is a great helpful tip. Go somewhere quiet, or put your headphones in on silent to block out some noise. then tune in and your brain can concentrate much more effectively.(Image Source/ deasilex)

60. Do It On Your Own

This contradicts some of the previous points. But, it all depends on how you play. Unless you are playing with other people, then it is best to be alone while you are doing it. For one, if someone is watching you then the pressure is more and it may distract you.Also, if someone is speaking to you while you are playing Wordle then how are you supposed to concentrate, nevermind correctly guess the word of the day. If you are not helping one another, then do it alone so that you can minimize all the other distractions.

(Image Source/ Theverge.com)

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