2. Animal lover – especially dog owners

Image source American Kennel Club

It’s not just a stereotype that women really do adore men with dogs. Studies suggest that dogs facilitate social interaction between humans.  Research has shown that dog ownership can increase the long-term attractiveness of men as it shows them having the ability to nurture and, therefore, not be scared of commitment – very attractive to women who are looking to settle down.

3. Good Sense Of Humour – able to laugh at themselves

Image source YouBeauty

Ask a woman what she likes about her long term partner and she’ll very likely say ‘he makes me laugh.’  Ladies like a man with a good sense of humour and they find it sexually attractive as it reveals creativity and intelligence – good parent traits for the future!

4. Risk Taker – athletic or a fireman!

Image source Quora

Research appears to confirm that females prefer physical risk takers but only as a sensitive act and not to show off.  That’s why firemen always seem to get a thumbs up from the ladies and get them over-excited!  Women are also partial to an athlete, not just because of their appearance but due to their dedication.

5. Enjoying The Moment – giving you their undivided attention

Image source Power of Positivity

Females find it a big turn on when their man gives them their full attention without the interruptions of phones, laptops and the tv.  Nothing worse than a guy scrolling through Facebook when he’s on a date.  This behaviour makes a girl feel special and interesting, so boosting her confidence.

6. Ambitious – striving to be the best they can

Image source GirlsAskGuys

We aren’t talking about an expensive car or a penthouse apartment (although if the man has these as well as being the salt of the earth, then lucky you!) If he has the ability to go after what he wants, such as working his socks off for that lucrative promotion, it shows dedication and commitment.

7. Honesty – but being tactful

Image source Healthline

Honesty with a capital ‘H’ is pretty much near the top of the list when it comes to attractiveness in a man. That, alongside trust and communication, can be the difference between a make or break relationship.  Hiding feelings or wrong doings are an absolute thumbs down for the lady.

8. Even Beckham’s Comfortable In Red – women think it’s sexy!

Image source Justluxe

This is a weird one but lots of research tends to come to the same conclusion – women like men who wear red!  They say it makes the man better looking, more sexually desirable, more comfortable in his own skin and better looking.  As many military uniforms are red, on special occasions, that was thought to be part of the attraction.

9. Taking care of himself – but not excessively

Image source Reddit

Something that is VERY attractive in a man is when he take good care of himself.  Forget pumping iron in the gym as that could lead to vanity.  It’s more about eating healthy to feel good and being well groomed, with no monobrow.  A man who moisturises his face is another positive!

9. Supportive of you – making you feel you CAN achieve

Image source Reddit

When a man stands behind a woman 100% as she strives to achieve, no matter what it is,  shows how much he well and truly cares and that sounds like a keeper. Being with someone who believes in you and your potential, as well as vice versa, creates a healthy dynamic in the relationship, with less tension and negativity.

10. Altruism – a healthy concern for others

Image source Newser

A man who likes to do good and not for recognition, even almost out of his duty, is a trait a woman would go running towards.  It shows an act of selflessness and empathy which are two things that will be encountered during a long relationship.  Once the first flushes of lust and togetherness have passed, women need something much deeper from their partner.

11. Possessions – money is attractive

Image source Reddit

Contrary to earlier research where material things were shown to be not as important to the female, when 1000 women were interviewed regarding this point, over three quarters said that a man standing in front of a flash vehicle made him appear rich and more attractive.  This was even the case where women had put wealth way down on their ‘wants’.