30 Aluminium Foil Hacks You Never Knew

By Mariella 1 year ago

1. Polish Silverware

Source Image/ Hautejuice.wordpressLadies, if you've got a silverware set your mum bought you for Christmas ten years ago and its looking bit shabby, this trick is for you! Line a plastic tub with the foil (shiny side up) and put the cutlery inside. Pour around 30 grams of washing up powder and a kettle full of hot water in the tub. Stir this and let it soak for 10-15 mins.

2. Clean Your Grill

If your grill is not looking how it used to and is thick in muck this trick with aluminium foil can fix it. Grab a big piece of the foil and scrunch into a ball and scrub this onto your grill, you may to make more foil balls to keep on going over it and de-gunk it.

3. Scare Away Birds

Source Image/ Rambleswithacamera.blogspot
Are you a garden lover but the same birds are picking at your seeds ? This hack will mean you won't see a bird again in your garden! Just like reflective tape, strips of aluminium foil wrapped around or hanging from your trees easily keeps the flying thief's away.

4. Move Heavy Furniture

Image Source/ Myzeo
Are you scared of damaging your new carpet from moving your sofa to the other side of the room?  Wrap the legs of your furniture in layers of thick aluminium foil to help easily budge your furniture. Be careful though to not use this hack on surfaces that may be scratched easily.

5.  Scrub Dishes

Image Source/ Universe.byu.edu
The thick grime that won't budge off the pots and pans is the most annoying thing in the world. But this hack can easily change this. A ball of aluminium foil can make a massive difference when scrubbing the dirt of your dishes with help from a bit of fairy liquid!

6. Iron Clothes Quicker

Image Source/ Pinterest
Ironing can be the most time soaking task to ever exist. This amazing aluminium hack can make the task just a little shorter to do. Because aluminium reflects heat, if you place it below your ironing sheet, the heat will bounce back and smoothen out the wrinkles.

7. Sharpen Scissors

Image Source/ Teachkidsart
Having dull scissors can be so annoying especially if your into your arts and crafts. A cheap and easy way to sharpen them up and get them good as new is to use aluminium foil! Fold the foil several times so its thick and start snipping at the foil.

8. Keep Paint Off Doorknobs

Image Source/ 320sycamoreblog
The last thing you need when painting a room is getting paint on the doorknobs! Before attempting to paint a room in your house make sure to use this hack. Cover your doorknobs in aluminium foil and squeeze it so it moulds into the shape of the knob so it doesn't fall off!

9. Keep Bread Rolls Warm

Image Source/ Healthandlovepage
Warm bread is the best thing to ever exist and nobody can argue, here is the best way to keep your bread warm when you have baked some loafs. Because aluminium reflects heat (as said recently) it will keep on bouncing the heat back onto the bread to keep it hot.

10. Soften Hard Brown Sugar

Source Image/ Lifehacker
The last thing you need is when a recipe asks for a tablespoon of brown sugar but you have to basically slice it like its butter... This hack is the best way to fix that! If you put your bag of brown sugar in a ball of aluminium foil and place it in the oven for five mins on a 360 degree heat, it should separate your sugar.

11. To Cook Jacket Potatoes

Source Image/ Melaniecooks
A jacket potato is the easiest and the simplest way to have a healthy meal for dinner. But instead of putting it in the microwave and not getting the best quality jacket potato, wrap it in aluminium foil and chuck it in the oven for an hour and a half at 150 degrees and for another half an hour on 250, while you get one with your daily tasks.

12. Catch Ice Cream Drips

Image Source/ Oceandraw
If the thought of your kids having an ice cream in the summer literally sounds like the worst thing in the world, don't worry this hack will resolve it! Wrapping aluminium foil   around the cone of the ice cream means no dripping ice cream and no messy clothes!

13. Reflect Light For Photos

Source Image/ Petapixel
Are you a photography lover but can afford the best equipment to take the pictures you imagine? Using aluminium foil replaces the reflectors professionals use very easily as it also reflects light. An easy way to make a reflector is gluing/taping aluminium foil onto heavy cardboard like its shown in the image.

14. Improve Your Radiators

Image Source/ Oceandraw
Especially recently, keeping the house warm is a struggle for many people in the United Kingdom right now. This hack helps the efficiency of your radiators and keeps the heat in your house just a little longer. Because aluminium foil refracts heat, the heat will instead of absorbing the heat it'll bounce straight back into your home.

15. Clean Jewellery

Image Source/ Robertgawron.blogspot
Getting jewellery cleaned professionally can be a total fortune but this hack is another option that will cost you very little. Line a bowl with aluminium foil and fill it up with hot water from the kettle and put a tablespoon of powdered laundry detergent. Ta-da, good as new!

16. Fix Loose Batteries

Source Image/ Survivallife
Is your television remote playing up on you, does it work for one minute and then doesn't the next? Check the batteries in the battery component and check if they are loose. If they are, roll little balls of aluminium foil up to fill the gaps; this works because aluminium foil conducts electricity.

17. Clean Out Your Fireplace

Source Image/ Luckysully
Are the ashes in your fireplace totally covered the floor/ walls of your fireplace and your looking for the easiest way to clean the ash up? Place two layers of heavy duty aluminium foil and allow for your ashes to cool, this may take a day or two. Then fold it up and put it in the bin, you should see a difference in your fireplace.

18. Create a Sun Box For Plants

Source Image/ Themannamama
Having a plant at a window sill is okay but it's not going to allow your plants to absorb enough sunlight to undergo photosynthesis. Making a sun box with aluminium foil allows the light to bounce off the sides and hit the plant ten times more then it would in ordinary sunlight.

19. Protect Pie Crust

Source Image/ Sheknows

If your a pie lover and can't find the best way to protect your crust when making your home made pies? If you cover your edges of your pie in aluminium foil it will prevent the crust from burning due to the heat bouncing off the foil because it does not absorb heat or light.

20. Make a BBQ Drip Pan

Image Source/ Walmart
This image is an example of what it could look like and the function of the hack but you can easily do this with normal aluminium foil. Get layers of heavy duty aluminium foil and shape it free hand to a bowl like shape. Then place this under your bbq meats and collect the juices!

21. Improve Outdoor Lighting

Image Source/ Roomandboard
If your feeling like your outdoor lighting is not bright enough to light up your garden in the winters darkness this hack will help this. If you place a layer or two of aluminium foil behind your outdoor lightening the light will reflect off the foil and make it brighter.

22. Keep Your Sleeping Bags Dry

Image Source/ Journeybeyondhorizon
The worst thing you want when you are trying to go to bed while camping is feeling water from the grass seeping through to your bag, you just end up cold the whole night! A way to fix this is place a piece of aluminium foil under the sleeping bag to insulate against the water from the grass.

23. Stop Your Cupcakes From Touching

Source Image/ Instagram/ Madneessweetsandtreats
Spending hours to decorate and make cupcakes for a gathering  and the cupcakes end up being squashed together and all that beautiful frosting is ruined, this has happened to too many people. The way the fix it is to fold aluminium foil in long thick pieced to put in-between your cupcakes.

24. Keep Your Feet Warm

Image Source/ Youtube/ Not2fast4u2c
I think, in the winter you can keep every part of your body warm except your feet and my toes always end up feeling like ice cubes! This hack is very helpful to keep your feet warm, you need to trace the foil with the sole of your shoes and then cut it to the right shape and place it under your sole in your shoe!

25. Make Your Own Cake Tin Mould

Image Source/ Lindsayannbakes
A round cake can sometimes be bit boring, if you are struggling to find the right cake tin for a cake, you can easily make your own! All you have to do is shape your aluminium foil into the shape you'd like, you may have to tape different pieces together to create walls.

26. Clean the Bottom of Your Iron

Image Source/ Pinterest
Nobody actually realises how gunky the bottom of people's irons can really be, it is majority a build up of starch and it will end up being rubbed onto your clothes! To clean the gunk, run a hot iron over a ball of aluminium foil!

27. Make Your Teeth Whiter

Image Source/ Allforfashiondesign
Have you got an event coming up but don't have the money to afford having your teeth professionally whitened? Mix toothpaste with sodium bicarbonate powder and water and rub it on the inside of the aluminium foil and press down the foil onto your teeth. Leave them there for as long as you can!

28. Make A Funnel

Image Source/ Worldemand
Transferring liquids into small holes can be a nightmare, spilling everything all over the place. A funnel is a kitchen necessary tool, an easy way to create one is with aluminium foil. Shape the foil into a cone shape so one end will fit into the small hole.

29. Keeping Bananas Fresh For Longer

Image Source/ Thebudgetdiet
The annoying thing about bananas is that they go off really quickly compared to other fruits. They are also the only fruit that. don't suffer with fruit flies! So, to slow down this process wrap aluminium foil around your bananas will keep them fresh for longer! Like magic really.

30.  A Protective Credit Card Cover

Image Source/ Worldmand
Do you prefer to put your card in the back of your phone case because it is easier to carry around, but you have a clear phone case? You can stop all those people nosying at your card details through your phone case by covering your card with aluminium foil! It is a cheap and easier option of a card holder!

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