24+ Of The Strangest Wikipedia Pages Ever

By Mariella 1 year ago

1. Paint Drying

Image Source/ StephaniehueslerHave you ever hated the thing that you are doing and say you'd rather watch paint dry? In 2016, a man created a ten hour film of actual paint drying just to force the British Board of Film Classification to give an age rating on the film just to be annoying, how hilarious!

2. Tsundoku

Image Source/ Reddit
This Wikipedia page is all about a Japanese saying that is said when all books are piled up in a persons home without having a peak at the actual book (Tsundoku) . You would never think such a relatable thing would have a whole Wikipedia page made just for it!

3. Paris Syndrome

Image Source/ Wsj.com
It has actually been physiologically noted that when tourists visit Paris they have an image in their head that the city is drop dead beautiful. They arrive and soon realise it is sometimes the total different! It is very disappointing for the majority of the tourists.

4. Planned Procrastination

Image Source/ Liveabout
Are you the person that does their task a day or two before it is supposed to be handed in? There is a Wikipedia that is there just to have a clear explanation for you. It is called Student Syndrome on Wiki, it uses the example of a student only applying themselves to a task as the last chance before the deadline.

5. The Great Stink

Image Source/ History.howstuffworks
It doesn't get as funny as this really, there really is an event in history named The Great Stink and there is a wiki page for it (of cause). In 1856, the heat of London created such a stink from people using the River Thames as the toilet! Cholera was blamed massively on the Great Stink due to the reason of 'miasma'.

6. Toilet Paper Orientation

Image Source/ Flickr
There is a whole Wikipedia page all about a survey on how people have their loo roll, absolutely hilarious! It talks about how people have their toilet roll either 'over' or 'under'. It also talks about how people argue on which orientation should be in different toilets for 'aesthetics'.

7. The Gavle Goat

Image Source/ Swedishmadeeasy
The Swedish Christmas goat has its own page on Wikipedia, but the story behind the goat is unforgettable and personally, I think it does deserve its own wiki page! The goat has survived through 37 attempts of being destroyed over 50 years.

8. Spite House

Image Source/ Hyperallergic
Building a spite house is a way to really, really, really get on your neighbours nerve, its absolutely pathetic! They are created to squash and squeeze onto a bit of land and to 'block light' just to annoy the neighbours, it also looks super ugly. The wiki page is just a whole description of how annoying it is.

9. Toast Sandwich

Image Source/ Scmp
Are you a bread lover, where you can't get the taste of the bread out of your head? The absolute tasteless sandwich can be heaven for some, this is why it has a Wikipedia page all for itself. People can study how to get the perfect bread sandwich easily from the wiki page!

10. Codpiece

Image Source/ Tywkiwdb.blogspot
This wiki piece is all about a medieval an 'important' fashion piece of clothing that is used in the 15th-16th centuries. It is used to cover the downstairs area of a male. On the wiki page it says the name "Codpiece" comes from Middle English cod (scrotum).

11. Stubbs the Cat

Image Source/ Youtube
When you think of a mayor, you usually think of someone who is organised, smart and human? Well you will certainly be shocked when I tell you that a cat was the mayor for a town in Alaska for 15 years, what do you think he ordered as mayor of Talkeetna? More catnip and milk? Or more mice ordered in the town for dinner?

12. Bat Bomb

Image Source/ Tamupress.blogspot
This very random and actually quite scary page on wiki is all about an experiment that look place in the years of World War Two. The aim of the bomb is that the casing that you can see will have a bat inside with a timer attached to it. The capsule will be released in enemies territory and the bat will explode infant of enemy, pretty sneaky!

13. Voynich Manuscript

Image Source/ Sott.net
This wikipedia page is all about this massive mystery that has been unsolved for over a century (since 1912). Studies say it has been written in the 15th century and is an 'unknown writing system'. Wiki says that the meaning for the manuscript is debated for different meaning; for example, it could be code, a form of cryptography or just a total prank!

14. Law Of Holes

Image Source/ Drugchannels
This very simple but must be known law obviously has its own page on Wikipedia. The law of holes states that "If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging". I guess this law works practically and metaphorically, if you find yourself in an issue (in a hole) don't attempt to make it better when it won't by digging further!

15. Scientific Wild-Ass Guess

Image Source/ Pinterest
Have you studied for a test all night and a question comes up on a topic you studied but its totally left your brain? Scientific wild-ass guess (SWAG) is a known American piece of slang saying that means taking a brief guess on a test when knowing about the field and have had experience on it.

16. The Dancing Plague of 1518

Image Source/ Stephanielandsem
This historic event sounds like fun, I want to be there! The Dancing Plague was a sudden case of a crazy amount of dancing in Strasbourg, Alsace ( modern-day France). Around 50 to 400 people decided to start dancing for weeks on end, nobody knows why, maybe the medieval version of Chris Brown released a new album?

17. List of People Who Have Died On The Toilet

Image Source/ Asapplumbingaz
Being on the loo is not the most peaceful place to leave this earth, but there have been plenty people who have passed away while having a wee. This Wikipedia page lists every single person who has died when they are 'in the process of defecation or urination'.

18. Potoooooooo

Image Source/ Pinterest
Potoooooooo is a name of a horse from the 18th century, there isn't really an interesting story behind such an iconic name except that an ordinary stable boy decided a random horse with a weird name for a laugh. But the horse ended up being an amazing race horse and ended up winning 30 races!

19. Frequency Illusion

Image Source/ Memegenerator
There is an illusion that when you have just learnt a concept/word and it then suddenly appears everywhere you go, this has happened to me and I'm sure its happened to you! Wiki says "after noticing something for the first time, there is a tendency to notice it more".

20. The Origin Of Rubber Ducks

Image Source/ News.wbfo.org
The rubber duck was first created in the late 19th century, this was when it was easier to shape rubber into a wanted shape. They were made to improve skills for children while playing in water. Wiki says the bright yellow has become iconic in the pop culture !

21. Mike The Headless Chicken

Image Source/ Modernfarmer
Things like this make me think "what on earth!" This bizarre chicken has a whole wiki page dedicated to him, he lived for 18 months after his head was chopped off and lived to be very iconic! He then sadly died in March 1947 but Mike's legacy still lives!

22. Hundeprutterutchebane

Image Source/ Parkwelten.de
This whole Wikipedia page is about a "Dog-Fart Roller Coaster", honestly it is so random... The rollercoaster is based in BonBon-Land in southern Zealand, Denmark. The theme of the rollercoaster was created for a laugh and they even created an iconic statue of a dog having a poo, lovely.

23. High Five

Image Source/ Pinterest
There is actually an article about a high five, how bizarre! Honestly, it is probably the most common gesture ever on this earth but someone still decided to write a full on article about every single piece of background information about a high five. For your information the high five started in 1977, your welcome.

24. The Truman Show Delusion

Image Source/ Pexels
Have you ever thought that your life feels like its a TV show? Like it's unrealistic? Well, The Truman Show Delusion (also known as Truman syndrome) is a delusion where a person seriously believes that their lives are performed reality shows for others to watch or that cameras are always watching.

25. Sexy Prime

Image Source/ Dreamstime
Someone has actually woken up and thought to write a page on Wikipedia that there is a such thing called 'Sexy Primes". Apparently, they are prime numbers that have a difference of six. For example the numbers five and eleven are sexy primes because 11-5= 6. Are you in your prime ?

26.  The Matrix Defense

Image Source/ Pinterest
Have you ever felt the life you're living isn't real? This Wiki page outlines a legal defence known as the "Matrix defence" which is based on the well known film series. The defendant claims  that they didn't conduct the crime because they weren't in the actual real world, but in a virtual one.

27. List Of People Who Have Lived At Airports

Image Source/ Reddit
Remember Tom Hanks in the film, The Terminal? This Wikipedia page lists individuals who have spent more than a week living in airports. Common causes include protesting, requesting refuge, and having issues with passports and visas. At least you'd make a saving without a hotel bill!

28. Death By Coconut.

Image Source/ Reddit
Coconuts that fall from trees and hit people can result in fatal injuries as well as traumatic back, neck, shoulder, and head problems.  This Wiki page claims local Queensland, Australia officials decided to remove coconut trees from beaches in 2002 due to the concern for potential fatalities  Who knew?

29. Uncombable Hair Syndrome

Image Source/ Reddit
This Wiki page sounds like a bad hair day! Uncombable hair syndrome is a very unusual structural disorder. Hair that is grey, dry, frizzy, wiry, and difficult to comb are its core elements. This usually appears between the ages of three months and twelve years.

30. List Of Kim Jong-il's Titles

Image Source/ Reddit
The former leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-il, had many titles while in power. He passed away in 2011, yet he continues to serve as the Republic's Eternal Chairman of the National Defense Commission. This Wikipedia page lists all of the 71 titles that he currently holds.

31. Products Produced From The Simpsons

Image Source/ Tstoaddicts.
Have you ever wanted to taste a Duff beer? Well, you're in luck! This Wiki page names the fictional products featured on The Simpsons, which have since been remade in the real world. A variety of products were actually sold in 7-Eleven stores in 2007 to promote The Simpsons movie.

32. List Of Inventors Killed By Their Own Inventions.

Image Source/ Reddit
This must have been a cheery list to make! This Wikipedia page shows some deceased inventors whose inventions, methods, techniques, or other breakthroughs were somehow responsible for their death. So watch your back next time you think you've made a breakthrough!

33. Evil clowns

Image Source/ Pinterest
Don't hire any of these clowns for your kid's party! The classic clown character is turned into an evil clown in this Wikipedia article. This page comes complete with a long list of evil clowns throughout history. Well-known names include Pennywise and The Joker.

34. McDonald's Urban Legends

Image Source/ Reddit
What if Ronald Mcdonald is a criminal? Numerous urban legends exist about the fast-food restaurant chain McDonald's. Among these urban legends are complaints about covertly funding terrorism for the IRA and food production which included earthworms and cow eyeballs as ingredients.

35. Lawsuits Against God

Image Source/ BuzzFeed
You better have a good lawyer! Both in real life and in fiction, there have been lawsuits against God. The issue of evil and damaging "acts of God" are two topics that are discussed in the litigation. This Wiki page describes all the cases brought against the almighty lord in court.

36. Sex In Space

Image Source/ Reddit
If you're already a member of the mile-high club, then this is the page for you! Due to plans for long-duration space missions, it is now essential to examine the factors governing sex in space. Circadian rhythm disturbances, radiation, loneliness, stress, and physical intimacy in zero or low gravity are all problems, so you'll have your work cut out.

37. Nix v. Hedden

Image Source/ Reddit
Are you a tomato lover? This ruling from the Supreme Court of the United States has its very own page on Wiki. It was ruled the tomato should be classed as a vegetable rather than a fruit for the purposes of tariffs, imports, and customs reasons. Proving any argument can be heard in a court of law.

38. Fan Death

Image Source/ Reddit
When hot under the collar you always reach to turn on the electric fan right? Well, there was an urban legend in the mid-2000s mainly in South Korea, that people would die as a result of using an electric fan in a tight space without any windows open. This Wiki page is the stuff of nightmares.

39. Nazi UFOs

Image Source/ Reddit
Do you like a good conspiracy theory? Whoever came up with this Wikipedia page had a vivid imagination! It claims UFOs and Nazi Germany are connected, as they worked together to create cutting-edge aircraft or spacecraft before and during World War II.

40. Pizza Farm

Image Source/ Reddit
Would you like to pay a visit to a pizza farm? This Wikipedia page is all about different types of Pizza farms. This can be in the form of a farm-based restaurant that serves pizza or a demonstration farm that teaches people about agriculture by cultivating the ingredients for pizza.

41. Red Rain In Kerala

Image Source/ Reddit
You wouldn't want to sing in this rain! This Wiki page describes on 25 July 2001, the coloured rain of Kerala began falling in India. As this was red in color this was known as a blood rain event. If you ever find yourself traveling to India, make sure to pack your umbrella.

42. Pig-faced Women

Image Source/ Reddit
Someone has actually opened their laptop and took the time to create this Wikipedia page, which lists women throughout history that have bodies of normal human appearance, but have the face of a pig. This is certainly a list that you wouldn't want to find your name on!

43. Sweater Curse

Image Source/ Reddit
If 'you want to grow old with your partner then make sure you don't make them a hand-knitted sweater as a gift. This Wiki page, outlines the meaning of the term "sweater curse" where it is believed, this will lead to the recipient breaking up with the knitter. How ungrateful!

44. Waffle House Index

Image Source/ Reddit
If you have such a sweet tooth that you crave a waffle in the middle of a hurricane, then this Wikipedia page describing the waffle house Index is essential reading! This ranks waffle house's from good to bad for having good disaster preparedness,staying open or re-opening soon after extreme weather conditions. Genius!

45. Plant Arithmetic

Image Source/ Reddit
Have you ever seen a plant sitting a maths exam? This Wiki page explains that plant arithmetic is a form of plant cognition where the Venus flytrap and Arabidopsis thaliana plants can carry out arithmetic calculation. It doesn't really add up why this article exists!

46. List Of Animals Awarded Human Credentials

Image Source/ Reddit
Do you think your pet could graduate? Well this might be possible, this Wiki page, lists animals who have been awarded a genuine diploma. In 2009, a cat named George was registered as a hypnotherapist after his owner created a fake certificate. Wild stuff!

47. Cadaver Trail 

Image Source/ Reddit
Pope Formosus was certainly not allowed to rest in peace. This Wikipedia page claims that seven months after his death his body was exhumed and he faced trail after being accused of illegally becoming Pope. The end result was that he was found to be guilty. Gulp!

48. Buttered Cat Paradox

Image Source/ Reddit
This wacky Wikipedia page explains the buttered cat paradox. This arises when it is considered what would happen if a piece of buttered toast (butter side up) is strapped to the back of a cat, and then the cat is dropped from a large height. Are you team cat or team toast?

49. List Of Incidents At Disney Parks

Image Source/ Reddit
It's every kids dream to visit Disney, however on some occasions these trips can turn into a nightmare. This page lists theme park accidents that have happened across each of the Disney parks around the globe. Not exactly light reading before bed time.

50. Le Pétomane

Image Source/ Reddit
This has to be seen to be believed! This article describes Joseph Pujol who was also known by his stage name of Le Pétomane. He was famous for his remarkable control of his stomach muscles, which enabled him to fart whenever he wanted. What a stinker!

51. Ithaa

Image Source/ Reddit
Keep your eyes peeled for the little mermaid when dining at this location. This Wiki page describes the stunning Ithaa restaurant which is located 5 metres below sea level in the Republic of Maldives. Be quick to place your booking, as there is only room for 14 people!

52. Elvis Sightings

Image Source/ Reddit
Long live the King! You'd be forgiven for thinking that Elvis Presley died in 1977. However, there is a conspiracy theory that he did not die, and this Wikipedia page lists alleged sightings throughout the years. Could he be hiding in the heartbreak hotel?

53. Extreme Ironing

Image Source/ Reddit
Have you tried Extreme Ironing? This household chore is normally boring and mundane, however, this extreme sport is sure to raise some pulses. Invented in 1997 people bring ironing boards to remote locations and iron items of clothing. Don't forget your extension cord if taking part!

54. Shizo Kanakuri

Image Source/ Reddit
This runner shouldn't have a problem beating his personal best. Shizo Kanakuri was a Japanese marathon runner who set a time of 54 years, 8 months, 6 days, 5 hours, 32 minutes, and 20.3 seconds. This Wikipedia page explains how in 1912 during the Olympic marathon, he fainted and didn't complete the race until 1967.

55. Hubert Blaine Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff, Sr.

Image Source/ Indiatimes
Hubert Blaine Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff, Sr. may seem a long enough name, however, this is an abbreviated version of the real 988-letter surname. This Wikipedia page tells the story of the German-born American typesetter who holds the world record for the longest name.

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