The Most Extremes Of The Human Body

By Anna Collins 1 year ago

1. The Worlds Longest Nails

Image source/ nbcDiana Armstrong has the longest nails in the world. They measure a massive 42 feet, 10.4 inches which is actually longer than a bus. You must have the same questions as us, how have these not snapped? How does she do ANYTHING - i.e. pick things up? And how has she grown them so straight?

2. The Tallest Person Ever

Image source/ wikipedia
Robert Pershing Wadlow was officially known as the tallest man on earth. He passed away in 1940, but nobody has managed to break his record since. He measured an impressive 2.72 m and he lived in Missouri where he was born. It's safe to say that everyday life was a lot more difficult for Wadlow.

3. And The Smallest...

Image source/ mastersinhealth
Chandra Bahadur Dangi is the world's smallest person ever, and the smallest known man to ever love. He measured at 54.6 cm due to a medical condition which inhibited his growth. He was born and raised in Nepal where he continued to live until his death in 2015.

4. The Longest Nose In The World

Image source/ gwr
Turkish Mehmet Özyürek is the man who boats the longest nose in the world, and he won the Guiness World Records for 2010 and he proudly keeps his title to this very day as he remains unbeaten. His nose is 8.80 cm (3.46 in) measured from the tip of the nose to the bridge.

5. The Longest Tongue In The World

Image source/ crazyask
Nick Stoeberl is from Salinas in California. Stoeberl has the official longest human tongue recorded on the planet today. It measures a huge 10.1 cm (3.97 in). When asked how he feels about his tongue, Stoeberl replies by saying that there are no negatives at all to having such a long tongue.

6. The Woman With The Longest Legs

Image source/ guinessworldrecords
Svetlana Pankratova has sky high legs. She's Russia and was born in 1971. They are a very impressive 1.96 metres in length which has of course, brought her a lot of attention and fame in her lifetime. Her legs eleven throne has never yet been taken and she remains the official title holder.

7. The Man With The Longest Arms

Image source/ parliamuseum
It makes sense that the guy with the longest arms in the world would put them to good use and be a sportsman. And, Chris Clemons the official man with the longest arms in the world plays American football professionally - which makes sense seeing as he can practically reach the net.

8. The Largest Feet Ever

Image source/ blogspot
The largest feet to ever exist on a human belong to 22-year-old Jeison Orlando Rodríguez Hernández from Venezula. He is a basketball player, using his large feet to his advantage. He is a huge size 26! Of course, finding shoes is a very difficult process as he has to have them custom made.

9. The Worlds Longest Eyelashes

Image source/ Pinterest
Who even knew eyelashes could grow SO long. Jianxia lives in China, and her eyelashes are the longest natural growing eyelashes in the world. They measure 20.5 cm (8.0 in), To avoid them getting in her way and getting in her food as she eats she has to tuck them behind her ears.

10. The Biggest Eyes Ever

Image source/ wiki
Goodman has a medical condition which means that she has the largest eyes in the world (0.47 inches) - and her status is confirmed in the Guinness world records. Goodman has had to have medical procedures due to the fact that her eyeballs are protruding meaning that they cause problems for her eye health.

11. The Longest Hair In The World

Image source/ guinessworldrecords
Xie Qiuping of China has hair which measures at
18 ft and five inches long! Her world record was set back in
2010. All we can think is, what if people stand on her hair? And, how does she brush it and wash it?! It must take hours to manage and maintain.

12. The Heaviest Person To Exist

Image source/ wonderlist
The official heaviest person in the world, and living, is Jon Brower Minnoch who currently lives in Washington. He weighs 1,400lbs. He could not move without assistance and he actually had to have a crane remove him from his own house. He cannot walk because the weigh would be too much for his bones.

13. The Teenager With The Longest Neck In The World

Image source/ Reddit
Fu Wengui was unfortunately born with three extra vertebrae, making it the longest neck in human history. But, the extra vertebrae meant that he suffered terrible pain as well as back problems and so he had to have medical procedures and surgery to his neck to help.

14. The Longest Human Tooth Ever Found

Image source/ wiki
The largest human tooth in the world was 1.46-inches long. It was extracted by Dr. Max Lucas from Mainz who removed the tooth due to the patient's extreme tooth pain and because the tooth was too large for his mouth. The patient has recovered since the tooth operation!

15. The Biggest Head Ever

Image source/ guinessworldrecords
Mrityunjay Das was sadly born with a severe medical condition, meaning that he has the largest human head ever recorded. After surgery, 3.7 litres of fluid was removed from the head. The circumference went from 96cm to 70cm after surgery, which lessened the severity.

16. The Man With The Biggest Earlobes

Image source/ guinessworldrecords
Monte Pierce from the USA purposefully modified his body to the extreme by using an ear stretcher, unlike the majority of bodes on this list. His ear lobes without being stretched are 2.54 cm - 1 inch. But, when the earlobes are stretched, they reach 12.7 cm, 5 inches.

17. The Longest Fingers...

Image source/ xtremes
Gelgi from Turkey has the longest fingers in the world. In fact, she has set several record in the Guinness World Records as she is also the tallest girl recorded. Her fingers are around double the size of the majority of women's hands - partially due to her extreme height.

18. The Largest Butt Recorded

Image source/ Yahoo
Sarah Massey is the proud owner if the largest butt in the entire world. In fact, she's made her money from her huge asset. Which, she loves! Her butt is 7 feet wide, and she has had to make lifestyle changes. For example, she can only drive a four by four and she has to request extra room on planes.

19. The Woman With The Widest Hips

Image source/ guinessworldrecords
Similarly, this lady named Mikel Ruffinelli from America has the widest hips ever. They measure 2,4m in circumference. Ruffinelli has also had to make allowances for her natural voluptuous hips including custom clothing and also extra room when she travels around.

20. longest toe ever

Image source/ wiki
Matthew McGrory from the USA has a very large pair of feet, but more remarkable is the size of his individual toes. One of them (his longest) is 12.7 cm, 5 inches long - which is officially, the longest human toe ever. And it's much longer than even most fingers.

21. The Longest Eyebrow Hair In The World

Image source/ crazyask
We knew big bushy eyebrows were in but Zheng Shusen from China has taken it to the extreme. One of his individual eyebrow hairs measures 19.1 cm long. In fact, he tucks it out of the way, behind his ear. He loves his individual feature and never wants to cut it.

22. The Woman With The Largest Breasts

Image source/ Instagram
Annie Hawkins-Turner has some serious assets! She has undoubtedly the largest breasts in the entire world. Due to a medical condition they continue to grow at a fast rate. By the at the age of 9 she was already a 36D. She goes by the name Norma Stitz...

23. The Heaviest Women In The World

Image source/ wonderlist
Pauline Potter from Sacramento, Calif is currently alive, and she was once the heaviest woman on the planet. She weighed 643 pounds as she had struggled with compulsive eating from being a small child. However in recent ears she lost 500 pound when she sought out medical help.

24. The Hairiest Family Ever

Image source/ wonderlist
Jesus Manuel Fajardo Aceves and his family have a condition which is called congenital generalized hypertrichosis. It has been present for 5 generations and it largely affects the hands and torso. Aceves is the hairiest man in the world, with fur covering almost his entire body.

25. The Man With The Most piercings Ever

Image source/ guinessworldrecords
Okay granted, this extreme body was not natural. However, it's remarkable none the less. Rolf Buchholz, from Germany had 453 piercings on his body, drastically altering his natural appearance. This is the largest quantity of piercings on a body ever.

26. The Widest Afro Ever

Image source/ wonderlist
Aevin Dugas, from New Orleans has the worlds biggest, natural afro. Measuring in circumference, it reached four feet and four inches. Her afro takes a LOT of maintenance each and every day to be able to keep it at its consistent volume to keep her afro crown.

27. The Longest Moustache Ever

Image source/ wonderlist
Ram Singh Chauhan's started growing his moustache, and never stopped. Most people's hair reaches a stage where it no longer grows, however, his just kept on growing. It reached 14 feet long. To be able to function day to say without it getting in his way, he would usually tie it up.

28. Largest kidney

Image source/ wonderlist
Ahmed Saeed Mohammed Omar unfortunately was born with the largest ever recorded human kidney. It was also non-functional. He suffered from Polycystic Kidney Disease and it had to be removed. The kidney itself weighed a whopping 4.2 kg. He's now made a recovery after have the kidney removed!

29. Biggest Hand In The World

Image source/ YouTube
Sultan Kösen has the Guinness world record for the biggest hand in the entire world. It measures at a massive 11.22 inches or 28.5 centimetres long. Kösen is from Turkey, he's also one of the tallest men in the world, meaning that his individual limbs are also very big.

30. Tallest high top fade

Image source/ guinessworldrecords
This is a very impressive hairdo indeed. And it's not just a hairdo, Benny Harlem has turned his 20.5 inch top fade into a lifestyle. He models his hair and earns a lot of money for his record breaking do. It also takes him two hours a day to comb it. Now that is dedication.

31. The Stretchiest Skin In The World!

Image source:
Gary Turner from Los Angeles in the US currently holds the world record for having the stretchiest skin. Now we all know skin can be pretty crazy when it comes to stretching capabilities (pregnancy much) but Gary takes the cake for this one. He's able to stretch his skin to around 15.8cm due to his rare medical condition!

32. The Shortest Living Woman

Image source:
Jyoti Kisanji Amge from Nagpur is the shortest living woman in the world who is still able to walk and move around! She measures only 24.7 inches in height, and the 29-year-old even has a successful acting career, with her height allowing her to appear in shows like American Horror Story: FreakShow!

33. Widest Mouth (Without Stretching!)

Image source:
While Gary Turner takes the record for stretchiest skin, Francisco Domingos Joaquim takes the record for having the widest mouth exactly the way it is with no need to stretch it! His mouth is so wide (around 17 cm when fully open) that he's able to put a whole can of soda in there horizontally. Because you would if you could!

34. Most Wins In The World's Beard & Moustache Championships

Image source:
Beard care is an art in itself, but this guy took that to another level competing in a ton of World Beard and Moustache championships - and celebrating the most wins. Karl-Heinz Hille from Trondheim in Norway has a whopping 8 wins for this particular championship, and most specifically in the beard category!

35. The Tallest Married Couple

Image source:
The tallest married couple hail from Beijing, China, with Sun Mingming measuring almost 7 foot 9 inches, and his wife Xu Yan at around 6 foot 2 inches! They married in 2013, and maybe it was their great height that attracted them to each other! Either way, their Halloween couple's costumes are probably iconic.

36. The Heaviest Birth Triplets

Image source:
Michelle Lee Wilson from Englewood in the US got more than she bargained for when she not only birthed triplets, but birthed the
triplets on record! She gave birth to Evan Patrick, Aiden Cole and Lilly Kathryn, who have a total combine weight of around 10.33kg - that's 22 lb 12.6 oz! Ouch.

37. The Heaviest Male Bodybuilder EVER

Image source:
The heaviest competitive male bodybuilder record currently stands with Daniele Saccarecci, who hails from Italy at a weight of 135kg - 297.62 lbs! His world record and official weight came back in 2010 when he was weighed on Lo Show dei Record in Rome, Italy! His food bill must be enormous.

38. The Shortest Married Couple

Image source:
We've had the tallest married couple, now how about the shortest married couple! It's always good when you have a partner the same height, after all. The shortest married couple is Paulo Gabriel Da Silva Barros and Katyucia Lie Hosino from Brazil, who have a combined height of around 181.41cm!

39. The Woman With The Most Cosmetic Procedures

Image source:
Why have a little nip here and a tuck there when you can just have... everything? Cindy Jackson from the USA has had a whopping 47 cosmetic procedures, which include huge surgical operations as well as peels and facelifts. She's had work done on her waist, knees, thighs, jawline, lips, cheeks and eyes.. to name a few! The funny thing is, she definitely doesn't look like she's had excessive work done!

40. The Hairiest Teenager!

Image source:
Hitting puberty is all about growing hair in places you didn't have before, but this teenager probably didn't expect to have so much. Due to a condition called Ambras Syndrome, Supata Sasuphan from Bangkok in Thailand has pretty intense hair growth! It's also known as Werewolf Syndrome, and it's easy to see why.

41. The Heaviest Male Twins

Image source:
Billy Leon and Benny Loyd McCrary were record breakers for being the heaviest pair of male twins; the boys, from the USA, weighed a total of 665kg when paired up, and used their weight for professional tag wrestling! Sadly, both twins have now passed away, both of them dying from heart failure.

42. The Youngest Female With A Full Beard

Image source:
Harnaam Kaur from the United Kingdom not only has a pretty impressive beard, but she's a record holder for being the youngest female to have a full beard! At only 24 years old, she might even have a more impressive beard than most guys trying to grow one at that age!

43. The Most Fingers And Toes On A Living Person

Image source:
This person is going to have no problem multi-tasking with that amount of digits to get the job done - Devendra Suthar, from India, has 28 - yes
- fingers and toes in total! He must have been a Math whizz at school. His extra digits come from a condition called polydactylism.. which literally means 'many digits'!

44. Largest Mouth Gape On A Male

Image source:
Your mouth might drop open just seeing this world record, but it still won't hope to compete with the mouth gape on Isaac Johnson, from Milan in Italy, who has a gape measuring an impressive 10.196cm! That's going to make biting into an apple pretty easy work for this guy.

45. The Highest Hairstyle!

Image source:
Next time you go to the salon and you're wondering what to get done, take some inspiration from this record breaker! Dani Hiswani from United Arab Emirates in Dubai has the highest hairstyle record at 9 feet 6.5 inches! His impressive hair abilities come from his decades-long experience in the hair industry - and it shows!

46. Most Face Flesh Tunnels (That's A Lot Of Holes)

Image source:
James Goss from Italy holds the record for most flesh tunnels, which is just a fancy way of saying he has
a lot
of holes in his face. So if you have Trypophobia, you might want to look away for this one... He has 14 'face tunnels', which were debuted on the Italian show Lo Show Dei Record in Feb 2022!

47. World's Most Tattooed Man

Image source:
Lucky Diamond Rich - which you'd have to be to afford all those tattoos - is the most inked man in the world! He holds the world record for the most tattooed male person alive. Alongside his record-breaking hobby, he's also a street artist and performer, which no doubt is inspiration for his amazing tats!

48. And The World's Most Tattooed Woman

Image source:

The most tattooed woman in the world actually got her first tattoo when she was just

50 years old
! Age is just a number, after all! Charlotte Guttenberg from Florida now holds the record for being the world's most tattooed woman, with around 91.5% of her body covered in ink! Why not go for 100% and make it official?

49. The Oldest Conjoined Twins

Image source:
When you think of conjoined twins, you might always think of young toddlers or teenagers, but have you ever thought about a senior pair of conjoined twins who have gone through their whole life connected? Ronnie and Donnie Galyon hit the record for the world's oldest conjoined male twins ever when they reached 68 years old, before sadly passing away.

50. The Largest Foreign Object Removed From A Human Skull

Image source:
We don't know what's worse - the fact there was a huge object in there anyway, or the fact it had to then be taken out, which can't have been fun. Michael Hill was stabbed in the head by an
8-inch knife
(serrated, just to make it worse) and miraculously survived, while doctors managed to removed the knife without serious damage!

51. The Longest Time On Record For Holding Breath

Image source:
How long can you hold your breath for? A minute? Two minutes? Even two minutes would be mighty impressive, but how about almost 25 minutes? That's exactly what Budimir Šobat from Croatia did when he set the record for holding his breath the longest - and the record for having the strongest lungs on the planet, apparently.

52. The Oldest Age A Human Has Ever Lived

Image source:
Even though Jeanne Louise Calment has now passed away, she still holds the record for the oldest age a human being has ever lived to. She lived a very, very full life of 122 years and 164 days. She passed away in a nursing home in southern France after reaching the record. To put in perspective how old she was, she was born before the Eiffel Tower was even built!

53. The Furthest Distance Squirting Milk From The Eye

Image source:
Yep, we know what you're thinking - how would anyone even find out that they can do this, let alone set a record? Well Ilker Yilmaz from Turkey holds the record for the longest distance reached by milk squirted from the eye - currently at 9 foot and 2 inches. We don't even know how he squirts it, and we don't want to know.

54. Largest Human Mattress Dominoes

Image source:
What's one of the best things you can do with the human body? Set a record for playing human dominoes, of course! But it'd be too painful to get knocked down without some cushioning, which is why this record was set by combining humans and mattresses, consisting of 2,019 people! It took around 11 minutes to complete.

55. Most People Doing Aerial Silks

Image source:
We've all wondered about giving those aerial silks a go at one point or another, haven't we? Kidding ourselves we'd actually have the upper body strength (or the grace and poise). The Private Drama group achieved a record for the most people performing aerial silks, achieved in London, UK, with a total of 30 people!

56. Longest Time Holding An Abdominal Plank

Image source:
Gah, this makes our abdomen ache just thinking about it - so it's a good job Daniel Scali set this record for us! He achieved the longest abdominal plank hold done by a human, ever, with a record of a whopping 9 hours, 30 minutes and 1 second! That extra one second must have been the most painful. It's worth mentioning that Daniel also had complex regional pain syndrome when he achieved this!

57. Heaviest Weight Lifted With A Single Arm

Image source:
It's impressive enough to bench press the heaviest weight in the world with both your arms, but to do it with only one! Dariusz Slowik from Canada managed to set the record for the heaviest weight bench pressed in one hour only using a single arm, coming in at 16,964.8 kg, which is over 37,000 lb.

58. Most Pull Ups In 24 Hours

Image source:
Not just the record for the most pull ups - the record for the most pull ups in a single day! Paula Gorlo from Poland achieved this record when she managed to achieve a staggering 4,081 pull ups in a space of 24 hours. She managed to break the previous record for this by doing 300 pull ups more! Wow.

59. Most Chest-To-Ground Burpees Done In 12 Hours

Image source:
What do you think is harder to do, the most pull ups in a day or the most chest-to-ground burpees in half a day? Tammy Kovaluk from Canada achieved the record for most chest-to-ground burpees in 12 hours when she managed to reach 6,116! Now just think of that next time you're trying to do one (and we feel that pain).

60. The Tallest Living Woman

Image source:
The tallest living woman on record is Rumeysa Gelgi, hailing from Turkey, and she spends her life working as an activist, public speaker and the winner of not one, but five Guinness World Records! She was the world's tallest living teenager during her teen years, and then took the title of tallest living woman when she turned 18. She stands at 7 foot 0.7 inches.

61. First LEGO Prosthetic Arm

Image source:
David Aguilar has taken the record for the very first functional and useable prosthetic arm made out of LEGO! He's even made an entire series of LEGO prosthetics for others to use, all made with high-tech and from LEGO bricks. He made the first when he was only 18 years old. He was pushed to create this after suffering himself from Poland Syndrome, which results in underdeveloped muscles.

62. Most Hula Hoops Spun At Once

Image source:
Wondering what other amazing things the human body can do? Spin a whole load of hula hoops at once, apparently! Marawa Ibrahim holds the world record for most hula hoops spun at the same time around a person's body, which stands at... wait for it... 200! Can you imagine spinning 200 hula hoops round your body?

63. Longest Wheelchair Ramp Jump

Image source:
Aaron Fotheringham was born with a defect which meant he had to use a wheelchair. In response, he invented wheelchair motocross that have allowed him to break records using a quarterpipe! He's won more than one record, but his best has been the longest ramp jump done by a wheelchair, where he reached a clearance of 70 feet!

64. The Shortest Living Man

Image source:
The shortest living man in the world record, to a man who is still able to move around, was given to Afshin Esmaeil Ghaderzadeh after measuring only 65.24cm, which is 2 foot 1.6 inches! Hailing from Iran, Afshin was born in a small village and has gone on record for being the fourth-shortest man ever confirmed by the Guinness World Records.

65. Most Juice Extracted From Grapes Treading With Feet

Image source:
What impressive things can human feet do? Well you might already be familiar with 'treading', in which wine is stomped on to produce the juice, but how about a record for the most juice extracted from grapes at one time using treading? The record was made by Martina Servaty from Germany, who alone managed to get 20.3 litres of juice in only two minutes!

66. The Widest Wig Worn By A Person

Image source:
The widest wig ever made, and the widest to go on record, measures a whopping 7 foot 4 inches in width, which just makes your head ache thinking about it doesn't it! And there's us complaining when we have to have our hair in a ponytail for too long! The wig was actually worn by actress Drew Barrymore on The Tonight Show, and needed four people to put it on!

67. Most Eyebrow Waxes Done At Once

Image source:
This record goes to the most eyebrow waxes performed at once, and within an 8 hour period, by a team of experts! So don't try this at home with your mates, emphasis on experts! The team managed to complete 435 eyebrows waxes in Australia within this time frame, which is impressive to say the least.

68. The Biggest Makeup Application Lesson

Image source:
Another record pertaining to the human face is this one: the biggest makeup application lesson taking place at once! This lesson included 355 ready-to-learn students who wanted to see how they could apply makeup in a better way! The record-breaking lesson focusing on eye makeup, makeup on the t-zone and lip makeup.

69. Most Cosmetic Makeovers In An Hour

Image source:
Stepping it up a notch from eyebrow waxing and amateur makeup application is this one: the most cosmetic makeovers achieved on humans by an expert team, in only an hour! This resulted in a team of five people completing 148 makeovers in just 60 minutes, with the record being set in Germany.

70. Most People Modelling On A Catwalk At Once

Image source:
How many models can fit on a catwalk at once? Quite a lot apparently. When it comes to the most extremes humans can do, this one was completed by 3,651 models on the catwalk at once! That's pretty crowded! The record was achieved by Culture Liverpool, in Liverpool in the United Kingdom. The people weren't all models, either - some were members of the public!

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