The Most Haunted Colleges In The United States

By Anna Collins 1 year ago

1. University of Georgia

Image source/ RedditThere is a haunting story at The University of Georgia. A young woman names Susie Carithers was given a house by her fiancé (which was later used as a sorority house). The groom was late for the wedding day, so thinking he would not come, Susie hanged herself at the home they were going to live together. Her presence their is still felt in the sorority house with people feeling her presence and deep feelings of sorrow.

2. Pennsylvania State University

Image source/ cheggAt Pennsylvania State University there is currently a society there now dedicated to the supernatural because they experience so many hauntings. One example is of Betsy Aardsma who murdered in the library and her killer was never discovered. People now have nightmares of her running around chasing them and even trying to choke them. On the anniversary of her death the word's 'I am back' appeared, painted on the floor.

3. Gettysburg College

Image source/ listverseThe Battle of Gettysburg took place near Gettysburg college. Over 50 thousand men died and The Pennsylvania Hall in the University was used as a morgue. It was then used as a prison afterwards. Today people still claim that they can hear groanings and sounds of suffering of the dying and incarcerated men.

4. Ohio University

Image source/ RedditAthens Lunatic Asylum used to stand in the ridges of the Ohio University. Margaret Schilling was a patient here and one day she was playing hide and seek and couldn't be found. Around one month later, her body was found decomposing in an unused building. People have frequently complained of the sounds of footsteps and things moving around.

5. University of Notre Dame

Image source/ firstpointusaThe University of Notre Dame is said to be haunted by floating priests. Father Sorin's ghost is regularly spotted by people at the University. The Washington Hall Mainstage Theatre in the University is also particularly haunted. A steeplejack fell to his death from the construction tower and rumours claim his ghost continues to reside here.

6. University of Illinois

Image source/ M.A KleenAt the University f Illinois, The English Building is reportedly haunted by a  female student who drowned there. It is unknown whether the death as due to murder or suicide. But to this very day people hear whispering, slamming doors and footsteps which is thought to be her ghost.

7. Drew University, Madison

Image source/ YouTubeAt Drew University there was a fire in 1989 which killed a woman who apparently haunts the area and causes disturbances to this day. And, Asbury Residence Hall is also a particularly haunted area. It is supposedly possessed by a ghost of a former dormer who hanged herself from the rafters of the room by where she stayed.

8. University of Montevallo

Image source/ reader'sdigestDuring the civil war the hall of the University of Montevallo was used as a hospital. It was then captured by the enemy who held the entire hospital including the wounded hostage. The hall now regularly has strange reports of paranormal activity, strange sightings and sounds.

9. Boston University

Image source/ PinterestAmerican playwright Eugene O'Neill used to live at Boston University during his time there. However, he died of pneumonia. But it seems his ghost remains. The light in his room will never light as brightly, no matter what electronics are used, and sometimes the elevator turns up at his floor without asking.

10. Flagler College

Image source/ WJCT NewsHenry Flagler’s was the founder of Flagler's college. When he died he had his service held here. The janitor at the time totally went against his funeral wishes and had all of the doors and windows open. People think he never was bale to rest because of it, and now his spirit is trapped and cannot rest in peace. Many paranormal activities went on here...and reportedly still do.

11. East Tennessee State University

Image source/ RedditSidney Gilbreath was the founder of the University. It is thought that his ghost continues to watching over, maintaining the University for example switching off lights and closing doors or opening windows. His portrait hangs on the walls still, and people have reported that they can see his eyes move as he watches them.

12. Hollins University

Image source/CU Denver NewsHollins University is reportedly full of ghosts, some of whom are friendly and some who are menacing and leave scary signs for the students. One ghost in particular who is thought to remain is a student who shot herself at the University many years ago. People have seen her image looking back at them in the mirrors of the the drawing room.

13. Indiana University

Image source/IU school of public healthMany years ago at Alabama University, illegal abortions took place here by a doctor at the Career Development Center. Because of the disturbing events that happened it seems that the University is not at peace. Multiple people have claimed that they have heard the cries of babies in the night.

14. Moravian College

Image source/ takebetsywithyouMoravian College is the sixth oldest University in all of America. It was used as a hospital in the revolutionary war. The ghost of angry nurse has been reported multiple times by different people and accounts. It is said that she interferes with the technology frequently.

15. Wichita State University

Image source/ Witchita State UniversityIn the University gymnasium, the man in charge of maintenance was stuck by lightning and killed whilst he was mopping the floors of the hall. Now, his spirit doesn't rest and the floors are often said to be shiny and a little bit wet as though they have just been mopped.

16. Texas State University

Image source/ taxasnewsTexas Sate University has its fair share of horror stories and possible hauntings. In the old main part of the building, a , student fell from the third floor of the building and died a tragic death. Students since have seen what they claim is her ghost hurrying to class.

17. University of Alabama

Image source/ The Chronicle of Hill HouseA very long time ago at The University if Alabama, two close friends were participating in a friendly duel, until gun shots were heard. Nobody really knows what happened but it is thought that the duel turned nasty and both ended up dead. There are often sightings of the pair together around the grounds.

18. University of Oklahoma

Image source/ Reddit

At the Cate Center a sighting of a headless boy has been reported on several different occasions. In the past, there was boy playing around inside the dumbwaiter. He crawled inside and got trapped inside, and when the dumbwaiter was unknowingly pulled up it chopped off the boys head.

19. University of Northern Colorado

Image source/ retroAt The University of Northern Colorado there was a girl who lived in the dorm with other female residents who bullied her. She would escape nightly to the attic and play marbles by herself until she couldn't handle it anymore and killed herself. People still hear the sound of marbles rolling around in the attic.

20. Kenyon College

Image source/ Kenyon College

A tragedy occurred at Kenyon College when there was a huge fire back in 1949 where people died. It is believed that those who died still haunt the place and sometimes those currently living int he dorm rooms are woken by screams and cries for help...

21. Fordham University

Image source/ InsiderFordham University has been a site of much conspiracy and paranormal activity. In fact it was even used to film the exorcist. The University was built over an old morgue, and those who reside now cans till feel the disruptive presences of those who passed before them. Especially the figures of a young blonde female ghost and a male ghost who disappear when students turn to face them.

22. Wells College

Image source/The Denver PostWells College in the past was hit by a really harsh and cold winter. An epidemic of influenza stared and it was so rife int he University that there lots of bodies which had to be buried on the grounds. The door of the makeshift morgue has been painted many times but each time it reappears in a red blood colour...

23. Smith College

Image source/ The College PostSmith College is the largest women's college in America. On =e of the famous alleged hauntings involves a story of star crossed lovers. It is reported that a British soldier and an American girl would meet underneath of a hidden set of stairs in the University. The two of them died but people believe they came back together under the stairs in spirit and still remain here.

24. Huntingdon College

Image source/ collegenewsHuntingdon Ladies is famous for the ghostly 'Red ladies'. There were supposedly two different ladies all dressed in red, carrying red parasols. The two of them died in different ways. But. people still see the flashes of red and the emanating red light as well as glimpses of a red dress disappearing around the corner

25. Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

Image source/ sistersofprovidenceSaint Mary of the Woods college was founded by French nuns. On of these nuns taught in the art department and famously painted portraits. She then started her own portrait and never managed to finish it before dying of an illness. Now, people have sworn that they have sighted a presence...with no face.

26. University of Harvard

Image source/ wikiThe University of Harvard was the site of a series of murders in and around the University due to The Boston killer. Many people died in brutal ways and under mysterious circumstances. But, they could never actually find who the real killer was and so the murders all went unsolved. It is believed that his victims will not rest and continue to disturb students as they never found peace.

27. Yale University

Image source/ PinterestThere is a dorm in Yale University called the Dorm of Berkley College. This was once where people would go to sign up to serve int he army at the beginning of the Civil War. Because so many died during the war, people who have been in this dorm can sometimes feel the presence of the soldiers here.

28. The University Of Columbia

Image source/ Reader's digestThe University of Columbia is apparently home to the ghost who lived in the Philosophy hall. His name was Professor Richard Gottheil. There have been numerous reports of unusual feelings of being tapped on the shoulder, only when people look around they cannot see anybody there.

29. Brown College

Image source/ collegecandyBrown College is located on Monroe Hill House, which has become associated with hauntings. There is even a yearly festival due to the hauntings and sightings which happen at the University, now making it a huge part of the College's legacy. Ghostly sightings and strange activity are a frequent occurrence here!

30. Cornell University

Image source/ PinterestIn the Ecology House of Cornell University there was a huge fire in 1967. The fire killed nine people - many of them who people have claimed to see after their death and have even described in accurate detail. The University is also believed to be home to the ghosts of dead poets such as Robert Browning.

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