These Hilarious Competitions Actually Exist

By Mariella 1 year ago

1. International Cherry Pit-Spitting Championship

Image Source/ LeaderpubGrowing up, I've always been taught to not just launch out the pits of the cherries or olives I've just eaten around the place. But, every July hundreds of people of all ages come together for this challenging competition with the world record being 30,6 meters! This years competition will be held at the Tree-Mendus Fruit Farm in Eau Claire in Michigan, USA.

2. World Toe-Wrestling Championships

Image Source/ Insideedition
The thought of people actually wanting their feet out wriggling around with other peoples feet actually knocks me a bit sick. However, people who take part in the traditional English World Toe-Wrestling Championship think its an important skill and should be shown off! The competition has been around since 1976, the aim of it is the same as arm wrestling ( push the opponents foot to the side ).

3. Naki Sumo – Baby Crying Competition

Image Source/
So this competition is just hilarious! In Tokyo, every year babies are held by sumo wrestlers and the babies face each other. The first baby to start balling their eyes out is the winner, in Japanese tradition crying babies fight off evil spirits around so this is why crying babies are promoted in a way!

4. The Tunarama Festival

Image Source/ Dailytelegraph
Fancy walloping a humongous frozen tuna? Make your way to the Tunarama Festival thats held in Port Lincoln, Australia every January. Competitors used to throw real frozen tuna but now have been moved to use artificial fish due to it being cruel. The festival also includes lots of arts and food, YUM!

5. Bee Wearing Competition

Image Source/ Pintrest
This absolutely terrifying competition takes place Shaoyang, China and the main reason for the competition is to show your bravery, don't think ill be brave enough to do this! As you can see, the participants wear glasses but they also wear nose and ear plugs and also shorts for protection. The person with the biggest swarm of bees on them wins the competition!

6. Extreme Ironing

Image Source/ Yargb.blogspot
Are you a bit bored of the repetition of ironing your clothes the same way every time? Don't you worry just join the Extreme Ironing Contest where you have to purposely iron in a weird way ! It first started in England in 1997 by Phil Shaw who said he'd rather do something dangerous than do his normal ironing, I think that goes for everyone to be honest!

7. Cow Chip Tossing Championship

Image Source/ Modernfarmer
Fancy throwing some poo? I know the competition for you! I know, that sounds absolutely mad, throwing poo?! But there is a contest held in Texas where participants throw dried buffalo poo and the furthest poo thrown is crowned champion. Honestly, who actually comes up with these!!

8. World Beard And Moustache Championships

Image Source/ Thebeardmag
Beard hair is an art... well can be an art if you hairspray it into weird shapes! The Snorrenclub Antwerpen decided to make this into a worldwide competition for people to show off their funky beards! The contest has 17 categories but the main 3 are moustaches, full beards, and partial beards.

9. The Jungle Marathon

Image Source/ Lowrimorgan
This lengthy seven day marathon trecks through the Amazon forest and pushes contesters through the most horrific situations, as you can see from the picture. above! It includes all types of terrain: swamps, trails and beaches. You are in hot temperatures where you feel you may just pass out!

10. North American Wife Carrying Championship

Image Sources/ I95rocks
This competition is seen all over the world and the history of it is not certain, but I'm certain that this looks like so much fun! The prize the partners get from winning the marathon is five times the weight of the woman's weight, i don't know about you guys but I would definitely take part in this marathon if I get the chance!

11. Tar Barrels Competition

Image Source/ Flashbak
Inspired by the events of bonfire night, the participants throw barrels (that have been dipped in tar and set on fire) on their backs and sprint through the entire village streets. Sounds like an actual nightmare, this competition is probably the scariest one I've seen!

12. Great Knaresborough Bed Race

Image Source/ Yorkmix
Want to run a marathon but can't get out of bed? Well, this marathon means you actually don't get out of bed and your pushed through different trials even pushed through a lake !! The bed is homemade and the marathon takes 90 teams to race, sounds fun!

13. World Bog Snorkeling Championship

Image Source/ Travelbeginsat40
Starting from in an idea in a pub in the 1980s, this competition is about snorkelling through a 3 feet trench filled with disgusting, pongy water. The competitor must swim 120 yards, even though that doesn't sound like a lot it is when you in that water! A lot of people do this for bit of a laugh and dress up funny while they do it, how cute.

14. World Pea-Shooting Championships

Image Source/
The concept of this competition is to shoot your pea at the correct target with your pea shooting gadget (if that's even a thing). This championship has been going on for over fifty years now, even after the founder of it had sadly passed in 2003! Many people gather to watch this competition.

15. Swamp Soccer World Championships

Image Source/ Metro
Inspired how people from Poland trained in swamps to increase endurance skills for years, hundreds of teams come together to play in the muddiest of pitches for a game of football! Starting in 1998, now every year 200 teams come to play... personally ill just stick to a normal pitch!

16. 17th Street High Heel Race

Image Source/ Youtube
Now this competition sounds something right up my street! Get the joke? Because it's  based on a street...anyway. This is a competition where people dress up in hilarious costumes to run a race usually in heels! It is held in Washington D.C annually and has many participants. The race has a tradition to start at 9pm at night, strange tradition!!

17. Totnes Orange Races

Image Source/ Visitsouthdevon
The backstory of this competition actually got me giggling, in the 1580s, Sir Francis Drake accidentally knocked a cart of oranges over and the oranges went everywhere leading to people racing to catch all the loose oranges! The race takes place in Devon, England and is a 1500 foot course for the participants to run through.

18. Cotswold Olimpick Games

Image Source/ Robertharding
This competition is basically an adults sports day but is much more fun to watch if being in the audience! This competition also has a massive history as it has been going on for over 400 years now, it is traditionally held at Dover's Hill arena. It consists in King of the Hill, Tug Of War, Shin Kicking World Championships and more, what a variation of activities!

19. Underwater Hockey World Championships

Image Source/ Eurooptions
The aims of the water hockey is copied from ice hockey and field hockey, but obviously its more of a challenge because its underwater! The British Navy invented this variation of hockey to keep all sailors/marines fit but made it fun! The sport then spread worldwide and now 20 countries are known to play it.

20. ClauWau

Image Source/ Schneehoehen
Are you a ride or die Christmas fan because I definitely am! This competition is based off everything Christmas, all competitors have got to dress like Santa and do loads of activities in the snow! ClauWau means World Santa Championship and it is based as Samnaun a winter ski resort in Switzerland.

21. Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3,100-Mile Race

Image Source/ Srichinmoybio
This marathon is the longest in the world, 3,100 days lasting a whopping 52 days, that is my worst nightmare! The aim for the competition is to take advantage of the contestants inner being to push themselves into doing the whole race, fascinating really! The race takes place in Queens, New York in the months June to August so the heat won't be helping the runner!!

22. The Battle Of The Oranges

Image Source/ BBC
Back to talking about oranges again, this competition is as you can see from the picture pretty brutal. People are launching literal oranges and other fruits at each other, nine troops gather together for the battle. It is the biggest food fight in the world and is held in Ivrea, Italy and has been happening every year since 1808!

23. Cell Phone Throwing

Image Source/ Piximus
Time to set aside the javelins and shot puts, its time to catapult your cell phone across a field... with some technique to it? Finland created a new national sport in 2000 and hasn't stopped its national competition ever since! You use a donated phone that doesn't function so don't worry you won't be wasting your new iPhone 14! The aim of the sport is to throw your cell phone the furthest.

24. Worlds Ugliest Dog

Image Source/ Thestar
This actually makes me sad that an owner of a lovely pup has decided that their dog looks so ugly that it needs to be involved in an ugly dog contest...poor doggy. The contest is held annually in Petaluma, California. However, the aim of the contest is not to make fun of the dogs, it is to show them off and that they should be involved in the common cuteness of dogs!

25. World Nettle-Eating Championships

Image Source/ Youtube
Being stung by a nettle hurts soooo much, itches for ages then it swells, the pain just doesn't go away! But, in Dorset people come together for the competition to eat RAW nettles as fast as they can... absolute idiots ! Last years winner said that it "didn't hurt as much as I think", they must be made of stone because I'm sure it feels horrible.

26. Man Vs Horse Marathon

Image Source/ Telegraph
If I said to you there is actual race between a horse and a human you'd most probably think that the horse would defo win, but not exactly!! The race in Wales is 21 miles so just below a marathon but in the 26 years it has been running a human as only won it twice but it still is crazy!

27. The World Snail Racing Championships

Image Source/ Countrylife
In Congham, Norfolk people from around the world come together to sticker a snails back and watch them slowly hit the finishing line, sounds like the most boring race you will ever watch but I guess whatever floats your boat... The record is two minutes  which is called Archie!

28. Monkey Buffet Festival

Source Image/ Thereileaveit.blogspot
This is more of a festival than a competition but I thought it must be included in this list! This is a festival where tourists gather round to give the adorable little monkeys some fruit for them to munch on. They just go around on a huge platter and stuff their faces all day long!

29. Cockroach Racing

Image Source/
This competition isn't really what I would like to watch as I wouldn't be able to deal with coming across one cockroach! This competition is in Australia, it first started in 1982. Hundreds of cockroaches are released all at once and people wait for one to reach the finish line!

30. Rock Paper Scissors League

Image Source/ Slipperybrick
Im pretty sure everyone has relied on a game of rock paper scissors on a decision to be made but have you ever known that it is a professional sport where people train to take part! The champion is gifted a prize which is a whopping 50,000 dollars, count me in pleasee!!

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