Things You Missed in Knives Out Glass Onion

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1. The Omega Symbols

Omega Signs

Image Source: Insider

While Miles Bron's company is called Alpha Industries, there are lots of hints to a different Greek letter throughout Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. You can plainly see them on the side of the boat that takes the guests to Miles' private island, on deck chairs, and even on a brooch that Lionel wears. Alpha and omega are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet and are a nod to the importance of Miles' partner, Andi - who will eventually bring about the downfall of Alpha Industries from beyond the grave.

2. The Hourly Dong Has a Famous Voice

Joseph Gordon Levitt Knives Out

Image Source: Dexerto

As the guests gather on the island, they're interrupted by a loud alarm - "the hourly dong," as Miles so naturally puts it. The dong is actually spoken by none other than actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who actually has made a lot of appearances in Rian Johnson films, including
The Last Jedi

3. Miles Doesn't Know About Art

Rothko Glass Onion

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Miles' fancy pad is filled with plenty of famous art pieces, including, of course, the Mona Lisa, his favourite painting. But despite his speeches on his love of art and historical facts about the Mona Lisa, it's obvious from one easter egg that Miles doesn't know squat. Rothko's Number 207 is actually hanging upside down. Oops!

4. That Chessboard in the Puzzle Box

Chess board puzzle box

Image Source: Reddit

The puzzle boxes are seen as an example of Miles' intellect and wit - which we'll later realise doesn't actually exist. But there's a sign of that very early on, right in those puzzle boxes themselves. The chessboard of blue and red pieces requires you to make the move the 'Fool's Mate' - the quickest checkmate in chess. Crucially, this move requires your opponent to be a total chess amateur. And as we'll find out, Miles really isn't as clever as he appears to be.

5. Blanc Reads a Popular Mystery Book

Glass Onion Cain's Jawbone

Image Source: Reddit

The book on the floor of Benoit Blanc's chaotically messy bathroom floor (he's taking a lot of baths, okay!) is actually

Cain’s Jawbone
, a mystery-puzzle book published in 1930. The book asks readers to solve the mystery by putting the story in the right order. It's a nod that the events of
Glass Onion
aren't necessarily going to be told to us in the right order, and we'll have to wait to fully understand what's going on.

6. The Detective Accidentally Drops a Big Clue

Benoit and Helen

Image Source: Digital Spy

By the time we've got through the first half of Glass Onion, we'll understand that Benoit Blanc and Helen - Andi's sister - are working together. But a huge hint is offered early on, when Benoit runs into Helen after Duke's death and shouts, "Helen!" It's the first time we've heard her name said in the film and it's intriguing as, at the time, we only know Helen as Andi.

7. A Matisse Painting Reveals a Big Clue

Matisse Painting Glass Onion

Image Source: Reddit

When Benoit and Helen are discussing the case in the bathroom of Miles' house, a Matisse painting can be seen on the wall. At first glance, this is just another example of Miles'' art obsession, but look closer. This is actually 'Icarus', a painting that brings to life the fateful character who flew too close to the sun and burned. It's a strong clue that Miles' downfall is imminent.

8. Miles Also Predicts His Own Downfall

Miles Glass OnionImage Source: Insider
One of the tensest moments of the film occurs by the pool, where Miles gives a speech about his 'disruptive' mindset. Listen closely, though, and it reads as a play-by-play of the chaotic finale of
Glass Onion
. Miles says, "If you want to shake things up, you start with something small. Everybody gets excited because you're busting up something that everyone wanted broken in the first place." Remember how in the finale, Helen starts by smashing a small glass sculpture, encouraging the rest of the guests to participate in the chaos?

9. There's An Evil Eye on the Invitation

Blue Evil Eye Glass Onion

Image Source: YouTube @Flicks and the City 

Eagle-eyed viewers will probably have noticed that Miles' invitations to his fellow 'disruptors' featured an 'evil eye' symbol front and center. The symbol is generally believed to ward off evil intentions. But the symbol can also be found in Duke's bedroom in the contemporary circular artwork on the wall. These circular installations are in all of the guest bedrooms, but only Duke's is colored blue, exactly like the evil eye. Is this a sign that Duke was clearly Miles' victim?

10. Blanc Plays Mystery Games with Very Famous Faces

Among Us Glass onion

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While stuck in lockdown, Benoit Blanc has fun playing mystery games online with some very famous faces in the mystery genre. These include Angela Lansbury (who starred in Murder She Wrote and played Mrs. Marple), Stephen Sondheim (who wrote the musical Sweeney Todd) and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who wrote a series of mysteries centred on Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock's brother.

11. The Fibonacci Sequence Crops Up More than Once

Fibonacci Glass Onion

Image Source: Insider

You'll probably recognise the Fibonacci sequence from the puzzle box at the beginning of the film because Duke's mother gamely says in the background, "That first one's a Fibonacci sequence." Duke uses this moment to get annoyed with his mother again, but viewers should keep it in mind, as it's the same image that appears above Miles' desk - where he's hidden the red envelope.

12. Dietary Restrictions Reveal The Killer

Invitation Glass Onion

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When Claire reads out the invitation from Miles, it clearly says, "Travel details to come, please forward any dietary restrictions." This could be seen as a sort of tongue-in-cheek joke (this is a totally normal invitation! Nothing weird happening here!), but it's also a sign that allergies will come into play later. As we'll find out, Miles uses this moment to learn that Duke is allergic to pineapple.

13. One Famous Musician Makes An Appearance

Yoyo Ma

Image Source: Classic FM

Unless you're a classical music nut, this cameo probably went over your head. But at Birdie's party, famed composer Yoyo Ma makes a brief appearance to explain that the music playing from the box is Bach's
Little Fugue in G Minor
. It's a satirical moment, as Peg asks, "are you sure?" Of course, he's sure! He's Yoyo Ma! Not to mention, the fugue is a sign of a musical piece that has lots of layer - just like an onion, and just like this film.

14. You Can See Andi Being Sneaky

Helen and Birdie

Image Source: Digital Spy

In the second half of

Glass Onion
, Helen (disguised as Andi) plays Clue with the disruptors, tracking their movements and trying to find out what they know. But one little moment is actually already caught on camera in the first half of the film. Viewers can clearly see a little shadow behind Birdie by the pool, which is Helen throwing her phone into Birdie's purse.

15. The Disruptors and their Named Glasses

Glass Onion Glasses

Image Source: Netflix

Each of Miles' 'disrupters' gets their classic cocktail served to them in a cup with their name on it. Each has been designed with their personality in mind, but in another shot, Peg is shown writing her name on a red Solo cup. Once again, she is forgotten about, but you probably didn't notice it either.

16. Miles' Outfits Tell You Exactly Who He Is

Miles Magnolia

Image Source: Insider

Miles presents himself as the genius - with his puzzle boxes and magnificent mansion, and taste in art. But anyone would know just by looking at him that he's a fake. In the flashback scenes to the gang at the Glass Onion bar, Miles is dressed in an exact double of Tom Cruise's outfit in
. In the film, Cruise plays Frank T.J. Mackey, a motivational speaker, and Miles' outfit is a hint that he's not as original as he seems. In another scene, Miles dresses almost exactly like Steve Jobs, with blue jeans and a black turtleneck.

17. Duke's Tattoo Describe His Past

Duke Tattoos Glass Onion

Image Source: Reddit

It's not hard to spot Duke's tattoos, but you may have missed these little ones. On his fingers, Duke has references to series like Superman, Star Wars, and The Avengers. They're a nod back to his past as a self-professed loser who just played gaming tournaments. Despite his macho persona now, Duke was always a nerd. James Bond fans might also catch the tattoo of the Spectre logo - a reference to the James Bond film he was in with Daniel Craig.

18. Andi's Obituary Can Clearly Be Seen on Duke's Phone

Duke Glass Onion

Image Source: CBR

Duke's phone is as important as Duke in Glass Onion - you'll keep hearing its pings from Google long after the film has ended. While the audience isn't meant to know that Duke has shown Miles Andi's obituary, and he pretends that he hasn't, watch the scene closely and you'll clearly see Andi's picture on Duke's phone screen.

19. Serena Williams Reads Gravity's Rainbow

Serena Williams Glass Onion

Image Source: Reddit

One major cameo that you definitely noticed in Glass Onion is Serena Williams - but did you notice the book she's reading? It's

Gravity’s Rainbow
by Thomas Pynchon, a book that is referenced by Benoit in
Knives Out
. "I anticipate the terminus of Gravity's Rainbow," Benoit says in that film. The gag, though, is that Benoit admits that he likes the title but has never read it. Serena has, though!

20. Film Starts Again Half Way Through

Helen and Benoit

Image Source: Spotern

We all noticed that, at the halfway point of

Glass Onion,
the film effectively starts all over again from Helen and Benoit's perspective. but did you see that the opening shot of the second half is the same as the opening shot of the film? A hand knocks on a door, one black and one white. It's a clever framing device, not to mention the attention to detail in the color choice (everything is really in black and white in this film.)

21. Benoit's Hatred for Clue

Benoit Blanc Clue

Image Source: Mashable

Benoit certainly doesn't hide his hatred for the game Clue. He makes multiple references to it, saying, "I'm very bad at dumb things! Ticking boxes, running round, searching all the rooms, it's just a terrible, terrible game." Except... this is exactly what Benoit will have Helen do at Miles' mansion to solve the mystery.

22. Those Masks Are a Big Clue to Personality

masks Glass Onion

Image Source: LADbible

The face masks in Glass Onion aren't just a way to center the film in the Covid pandemic - they also reveal subtle things about each character. Benoit opts for a fashionable mask and wears it right (of course.) Politician Claire frequently wears it wrong - as if she's only doing it for performance reasons. Scientist Lionel wears a souped-up N95. And ditzy Birdie opts for a mesh mask a la Lana Del Rey - so similar in fact, that it must be a reference.

23. Lionel's Fax Machine Has Peculiar Decoration

Lionel Fax Machine

Image Source: Insider

Before we've even met Miles, we start to get an understanding of who he is. Not from anything the characters say, but a brief comment from Lionel's fax machine. This machine, Lionel's primary method of communication with the tech 'genius', is decorated with hellish eyes and horns. It's a sign of what Lionel thinks about Miles' great ideas, but does it also reveal Miles as the devilish killer from the beginning?

24. Claire Isn't The Politician You Think She Is

Claire Glass Onion

Image Source: Twitter

You'd be forgiven for pegging Claire as a liberal Democrat who wants to change the world. However, give her office space a better look and you can see that actually, Claire runs her campaign as an independent. Without the backing of a large political party, she doesn't seem as successful (apologies, Bernie Sanders!)

25. That Painting of Miles Is Also a Fake

Miles Painting

Image Source: WSJ

Fight Club
fans, did you notice this one? The half-naked painting of Miles hanging in the millionaire's living room isn't really an original piece of art. Actually, the producers placed Edward Norton's head on top of an image of a topless Brad Pitt in
Fight Club
. The reference is an interesting way to present Miles as someone who thinks he's powerful but really is a fake.

26. Apple Products Are Really Important (Again)

Miles Phone Glass Onion

Image Source: Reddit

Rian Johnson let slip that Apple products are pretty important in the first
Knives Out
 because Apple supposedly don't let villains use their products on screen (for that reason, Ransom Drysdale has an Android phone). The gag continues in
Glass Onion
: Miles doesn't have a phone, but he does have an iPad, but in the scene where he gives it to Benoit (for solving the mystery), you never actually see it in Miles' hands.

27. Andi and Helen's Names Disguise the Entire Plot

Helen in Glass Onion

Image Source: Los Angeles Times

Andi is short for Cassandra, and according to Greek myth, Cassandra had the gift of prophecy but was cursed to never be believed. In Glass Onion, nobody believes Andi when she says the napkin was hers at the trial. There's more, though - in the classical tradition, Cassandra predicts the arrival of Helen of Sparta in Troy and that her arrival would lead to the destruction of the city. What do you know - Helen's arrival on Miles' island leads to the destruction of the glass onion itself. It's rather prophetic, isn't it?

28. Helen's Clue Pad Reveals the Killer

Glass Onion Notepad

Image Source: YouTube @New Rockstars

When Helen and Benoit brainstorm who could be the killer, Helen creates a little table that looks a lot like a Clue notepad. But Helen writes Miles' name right next to Motive and Opportunity - suggesting that he actually has the most motive and opportunity to have killed Andi.

29. Puzzle Box Foreshadows the Red Envelope

N Puzzle Box

Image Source: Variety 

Going right back to the puzzle box from the beginning of the movie - remember that N clue? The disrupters were meant to turn the entire box due north. But the puzzle was hiding another clue - that blank, red square evokes the red square in the heart of the Fibonacci sequence in Miles' office, where the red envelope is hidden.

30. The Beatles Song 'Glass Onion' Explains the Film

Benoit Blanc Beatles

Image Source:

Ever wondered where Rian Johnson got the name
Glass Onion
from? It's actually the title of a Beatles song off their seminal
White Album
. The song plays over the film's credits, and it's important because the song references a lot of other Beatles tracks, including I Am The Walrus and Strawberry Fields Forever. The song, ultimately, is about seeing through the referees and misdirection to the heart of something - just like the film is. There's little else to say about this fantastically entertaining
Knives Out
sequel except: it certainly compels me.

31. Hugh Grant Is Daniel Craig's Husband

Image source:
Okay, not in real life, but Hugh Grant plays the husband of Benoit Blanc in the movie. Just in case you missed it, Blanc is gay, married and living with husband Phillip, played by Hugh Grant. When Blanc is playing Among Us with friends, Grant opens the door and we get to see him - in a blink and you'll miss it fashion - in domesticated apron bliss.

32. The Film's Director Wanted Glass Onion To Be Completely Different To Knives Out

Image source:
Usually when you have a sequel on your hands, it's the same sort of look and feel with a different plot - but that's not what Rian Johnson wanted for this movie! As we already know, Glass Onion is a completelt different vibe to Knives Out, so we now know that was intentional! Johnson wanted it sunny tropical getaway opposed to autumnal mansion.

33. There Are Quite A Few Reunions For Actors In This Movie

Image source:
This movie brings together actors we all know and love, but quite a few who have already worked together in other movies. Kate Hudson and Kathryn Hahn worked together on How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days, and Daniel Craig worked with Dave Bautista in James Bond's Spectre - which explains why everyone's chemistry is so good!

34. Daniel Craig Was Finally Free To Have Fun On The Glass Onion

Image source:
When most of us saw Daniel Craig cast in a movie like Knives Out, we were definitely surprised to see him in a more 'fun' role when he's usually so serious. The truth is that playing James Bond meant he was under a lot of pressure, and not really free to be his fun self. On Glass Onion, he could finally relax and have fun on set.

35. Glass Onion Is Rated Higher Than Knives Out!

Image source:
This is a big deal for a second movie in a series, because usually you can't beat the original! And Knives Out had a whole load more theatrical attention, whereas Glass Onion was quick to Netflix, and still came out with high reviews from critics and audiences alike. What do you think? Which do you prefer?

36. This Movie Is Daniel Craig's First After Retiring As Bond

Image source:
No wonder he was so much fun on this movie if he'd finally retired from 007 for good! Craig said goodbye to Bond back in 2021, after appearing in five Bond movies and playing the spy for 15 years! Thanks for making us feel old.. Now he's free to star in fun roles he really cares about and play something a little different.

37. The Movie Was Filmed On Location In Greece

Image source:
In case you thought the location was different to the place in the movie or that there were CGI effects in play - nope! It was all filmed on location in Greece - specifically, the Greek island of Spetses. Apparently Johnson had found this location unexpectedly and just knew that it was the perfect filming spot!

38. Kate Hudson Had A Few Wardrobe Issues

Image source:
It's bound to happen when you spend most of the movie wearing revealing outfits or bikinis. But apparently Hudson's biggest struggle was with the hats she was supposed to wear. The Greek island of Spetses was particuarly windy, and this wasn't great news for massive hats she was made to wear! Apparently it took 500 bobby pins to keep that orange hat in place!

39. Kaley Cuoco Might Have Played Birdie Jay - And Cried When She Didn't Get It

Image source:
Actress Kaley Cuoco was in the running to play the role of Birdie Jay - it was between her and Kate Hudson, and (as we know) Hudson was the one to bag the role. Apparently Cuoco had been so sure she was going to get the part that it came as a bit of a shock to her, and she "cried all night long"!

40. The Film Actually Included Covid-19 As Part Of The Plot

Image source:
The film is set during a time when the Covid-19 pandemic was at its peak, and the movie actually includes that. Glass Onion showed characters wearing face masks, people having those dreaded Zoom meetings instead of having to meet in person, and Blanc even mentions that he's out of work as a shout out to the struggling businesses during this time.

41. The Character Of Miles Bron Was Actually Inspired By Billionaire Elon Musk

Image source:
Miles Bron, played by Edward Norton, is a tech billionaire, as we know. Sound familiar? He's supposed to have a resemblance to Elon Musk. Norton himself has said that many tech billionaires watching will probably think it's about them, though, and not necessarily Elon Musk - but Musk himself when watching will probably think it's about him, too.

42. Daniel Craig Had Forgotten His Blanc Accent By The Time Glass Onion Rolled Around

Image source:
One of the most iconic things about Knives Out was Craig's amazingly memorable accent, of course, that makes the character. Unfortunately, Craig was struggling to remember how to do it properly when it came to filming Glass Onion! So he ended up working with a dialect coach for around four months to make sure it was polished again for the new movie.

43. Great News: There's Going To Be A Third Movie!

Image source:
And sounds like Craig will have to polish that accent a third time, because there's another installment in the works! Netflix had actually got the rights for not one, but two more movies after the first one was a success. It's expected to be released sometime in 2024, with Johnson saying he's going to start writing the third movie early 2023.

44. Benoit's Accent Was Originally Going To Be Different In Each Movie

Image source:
So apparently writer and director Rian Johnson was going to have Benoit Blanc's accent be completely different in every movie! With no explanation as to why this would be. So Glass Onion could've had him speaking in an entirely different accent to the Southern American we'd come to love. This actually would've been funny to see, but we're also not complaining that he kept the same drawl.

45. Johnson Hates That "A Knives Out Mystery" Had To Be Added To The Movie Title

Image source:
When you first saw Glass Onion pop up on your recommended list on Netflix, you'll probably remember the "a Knives Out Mystery" tagline - as if seeing Benoit Blanc again wouldn't be obvious - and apparently director Rian Johnson hates that they had to add that for marketing purposes. He just wanted it to be called 'Glass Onion'.

46. Stage Magician Ricky Jay Was Actually Supposed To Be In The First Movie

Image source:
Ricky Jay is a famous stage magician and actor, and in this movie, the character of Miles actually says that Ricky Jay is his "puzzle guy". Ricky Jay was actually supposed to appear in the first movie, Knives Out, but he sadly died before he could film his scenes. He was replaced by actor M. Emmet Walsh.

47. Angela Lansbury Didn't Know How To Play Among Us

Image source:
In the movie, actress Dame Angela Lansbury is seen playing Among Us with Benoit Blanc and others. But in reality, she didn't have a clue how to play. Director Johnson tired to teach her the rules, but she didn't seem to be having much luck with it, because she told him to just tell her the lines to say!

48. And Lansbury's Appearance With Stephen Sondheim Wasn't A Coincidence

Image source:
In the movie, as we know, Lansbury appears alongside Stephen Sondheim to play on screen with Benoit Blanc. Their appearance together wasn't just a case of picking random actors to star for a cameo. Lansbury and Sondheim had already been friends a long time, and when Sondheim was asked to cameo in the film, he told Johnson to ask Angela, too, and said, "Tell her I'm doing it. She'll do it."

49. Did You Notice The Usernames Of Angela Lansbury And Stephen Sondheim?

Image source:
You might not have paid much attention to the usernames being used by the others while on video chat with Benoit Blanc, but they're actually kind of funny. Angela Lansbury's is "MSheSolved" - a shout out to her show Murder, She Wrote - and Sondheim's is "FleetSt" - a shout out to his musical play Demon Barber Of Fleet Street.

50. Blanc's Swimsuit Pants Were Actually Designed From A Pattern Made For Frank Sinatra

Image source:
For Benoit Blanc's iconic vintage-style bathing suit, this was actually a very particular sewing pattern in the real world. Costume designer Jenny Eagen used the notes from an Old Hollywood tailor, which included a custom sewing pattern originally made for Frank Sinatra! Adds yet another touch of class to Benoit's wardrobe choices, doesn't it?

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