Signs You’re An Extrovert

By Carole 1 year ago

1. Being Bored When You're Alone

Image source / KGWExtroverts don't like being alone. They need to fuel their energy in social groups. They crave constant connection from others and they cannot ever stop interacting with others.  A person who is extremely extroverted can be far more likely to be bored or even feel anxious when they are alone.

2. Being Friendly, Approachable & Easy To Talk To

Image source / TwoticketsanywherePeople who are extroverts are very friendly and approachable. T hey love talking to other people and they make friends easily.  Individuals find that extroverts are easy to talk to, especially about their personal issues and they value any advice offered.

3. You Like To Host Gatherings

Image source / RedditSocializing doesn't always mean having to paint the town red.  Enjoying hosting parties and events could be a sign you are an extrovert. Even though you are still in your home when you host, as opposed to going out, it's still an act of extroversion.

4. Being Optimistic - glass always half full

Image source / RedditExtroverted people are mainly happy and cheerful souls. They have a positive outlook towards life.  A 2008 study reported that a greater positive effect is experienced by extroverts when they are in a satisfying social relationship.  They usually handle difficult situations extremely well.

5. You Spend Lots Of Time On Social Media

Image source / MooditudeSpending time on social media and texting people all day, is an indicator that you like being involved in social situations, even if you're doing it from your own sofa. Being at home, in front of a computer screen makes it feel safer but it is the modern day form of interacting.

6. Socializing with others - lifts the mood

Image source / DrinkedinExtroverts get a rea buzz when they get to spend time with other people. Social interactions make them happy and energetic.  A study pointed out that extroverts who engage in lots of interactions feel at home in these surroundings and their mood is instantly lifted.

7. Communicating With Others

Image source / innerpointsAn extrovert loves communicating with family, friends and co-workers. They even enjoy conversing with strangers!  It's thought that social engagement and preference for the company of others is one of the fundamental features of being an extrovert.

8. You Like To Take Risks

Image source / Culture TripAn extrovert loves engaging in new experiences and they are always willing to take risks because of the rush they feel when they succeed at the task. A 1999 study found that extroverts who take risks and succeed are rewarded with dopamine.  This is a chemical that triggers the reward center of the brain.

9. Sharing Feelings With Others

Image source / The HealthyExtroverts are comfortable sharing feelings with other people. They aren't afraid to tell people that things are not working out as planned. An extroverted person may prefer to discuss their issues while facing a problem.  By doing this, it helps them feel less stressed.

10. Being Spontaneous

Image source / TimeularSomeone who is an extrovert is often known for their spontaneity. They are quick decision makers and excellent at organizing and carrying out tasks. This personality trait is also innovative when faced with a difficult situation.

11. Being A Leader

Image source / Rally BrightAn extrovert tends to be a born leader, liked by everyone.  They are often the center of attention or seeking leadership roles in group activities. They are experts in communicating in either small or large and are good at accomplishing goals.

12. You Talk Your Problems Out

Image source / TexasmonthlyIntroverts are more likely to solve problems on their own whereas extroverts want to discuss their issues.  Thinking out loud and verbalizing is one way in which they process their ideas and it allows them to reflect on their thoughts.

13. You Get Along With Different Groups Of People

Image source / MediumYou can take a look at your friendship group to gauge an idea of what category you fall into. Having many different groups of friends, as well as a lot of diversity in types of personalities, walks of life and ages etc.,  is very common in extroverts and less so in introverts.

14. You Like People Around You

Image source / People puzzlesIn difficult or scary situations, the extrovert will want to be surrounded by their nearest and dearest.  They need to get good people around them that are supportive and like minded.  This gives them the positive energy to deal with the issue.

15. Being On Your Own Saps Your Energy

Image source / HealthlineFor an extrovert, not being in the company of other may make you feel anxious.  Extroverts find it quite draining to be on their own.  If you, yourself, feel  more lethargic and tired when you are alone, this could actually be a sign that you are an extrovert.

16. ....But Being Around People Energizes You

Image source / EntrepreneurThe difference between introverts and extroverts is that extroverts will feed off of others for their energy.  People who are extroverted feel charged up by hanging out with friends or simply being around others.  It's their equivalent to a caffeine boost!

17. Because Of This, People Assume You're Needy - not the case

Image source / Masala!Another sign that you’re an extrovert is that social interaction and connecting with other humans is what makes you thrive. Because extroverts get energy from people, they crave social settings, whether group outings or gatherings at home.  It's a case of the more people the larger the energy source.

18. You Like To Take Charge 

Image source / redditExtroverts love spontaneity and can easily go with the flow.  Having said that, being a natural born leader, they like to take charge.  They will happily organise a birth party, baby shower or other celebration, that involves lots of planning.

19. You Love To Chat - and chat some more!

Image source / Gates NotesAny excuse to talk and an extrovert will jump on the band wagon!  They can over-talk someone but it's not out of rudeness - it's just their over-exuberance.  They are also good at butting in when someone is feeling shy or awkward during a conversation, to help make them feel better.

20. You Can Scare People With Your Presence - but it's not fake

Image source / Scientific AmericanExtroverts show up BIG – they are loud and their energy can, at times, be  overwhelming.  As an extrovert, you might get carried away by getting overly excited and friendly which could be construed as intimidating to a person you have just met.

21. You Don't Have A Filter - what filter?

Image source / QuoraAnother sign that you are an extrovert is if you have a tendency to blurt out what you are thinking about someone or something and it may not go down too well!  An extrovert can be accused of being too impulsive or too honest but would be shocked if they thought they had upset a person.

22. It's Exhausting Being Silent - such hard work

Image source / BetterUpIf you feel you want to do yoga or to meditate but you can't be bothered to get off your butt, you could be a lazy person but, as an extrovert, it's likely that the energy you bounce of others has escaped you as you sit on your own at home.

23. People Expect You Always To Be 'On'

Image source / Music in minnesotaBecause you are nearly always the life and soul of the party, people expect you to be like that all of the time.  Although rare, extroverts occasionally want to chill and not be in the spotlight, as long as it isn't for more than a day! just want to chill out and not be in the spotlight.

24. Networking Is Your Middle Name - it's so easy for you

Image source / Success at SchoolNetworking can be stressful for most but extroverts revel at the opportunity and are easily able to chat to any Tom, Dick or Harry, with the minimum of effort.  They are also very good at being able to draw information out of people.

25. There’s Always Room For Another One - at the table

Image source / StylistIf you’re invited out to dinner with an extrovert, you had better be prepared to keep shifting your chair to the left or a little to the right because the small eating area will gather more guests.  An extrovert will often ask others to join the table - the more the better.

26. You’re On Every Guest List - hopefully!

Image source / The KnotIf you’re an extrovert, there is never a shortage of invitations heading your way.  This is because everyone knows you are good fun and can mix in different circles, whether it's as a 'plus one' at a wedding or at a birthday party.  It's a rare occasion for you to decline.

27. People Mistake Your Friendliness for More - they can be scared of you!

Image source / InsiderThe thing with extroverts is that they are very friendly or too friendly, being affectionate.  They love to hug, give out pecks on the cheek and so on.  This type of physical contact is the norm for them but if the recipient is not a 'touchy-feely' person, they could be scared off.

28. You Love a Good Chat - but will let others in

Image source / RedwayYes, it’s absolutely true that extroverts like to talk and talk.  However, they can take it too far and not shut up, even to breathe, which is annoying to those on the other end.  When the extrovert realises this, they are happy to let others in to carry on the chat.

29. They Have Confidence Coming Out Of Their Ears

Image source /  WayDaySpeaking in front of a crowd, whether as a speech at a friends or family situation or as a presentation in the workplace, an extrovert will enjoy the experience whereas an introvert will dread the time when everyone's eyes are on them.

30. They View Silence By Others As Their Cue

Image source / Beautiful TouchesWe've all been there where we meet someone and after the initial polite comments, can't think of a word more to say.  Here's where the extrovert comes in to save the day.  They can extract information from others so they know what sort of things can get the conversation flowing again.

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