Health Benefits Of Having Plants In Your Home

By Anna Collins 1 year ago

1. Get Focused With Florals

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Some studies claim that house plants increase our concentration levels due to the fact that they are creating extra oxygen. The research suggests that it can help our brains to focus, and, the plants in your home can help create and environment which feels more calm, allowing you to concentrate better.

2. Plants = Productivity

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So much to do, so little time. Why is there always 101 jobs on our to-do lists? And every single day too! If you want to try and increase your productivity you could try introducing plants into your home. Then, see if you notice your productivity levels increase.

3. Plants Can Reduce Stress By How Much?!

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Stress is all around us. Especially in modern society where there are so many stimuli that we can find ourselves facing sensory overload each and every day. Your plants can provide that little bit of a tranquillity in a very busy world. Plus, with the breathing help it can help you take those well needed bug deep breaths.

4. Creating Calmness...

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Many people who suffer with anxiety have claimed that having lots of houseplants in their home have really helped their anxiety levels reduce. This is due to a few factors. But, research and some studies have focused on the relationship between nature in reducing our anxiety and how it helps us reduce the stress hormone cortisol.

5. Plants As Purifiers?

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Of course one of the biggest and most obvious reasons to keep plants in your home is to purify the air. The plants will absorb the CO2 in the atmosphere and they will release oxygen. In a world where air pollution is such a problem, purifying the air slightly can really help us!

6. Beware: Major Mood Booster!

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There's something about nature that just makes us feel better. Nature in any form, seems to lift the weight of the world off us slightly. So, if you can have a little glimpse of this feeling try filling your home with plants to brighten up your mood without having to go very far at all.

7. Sleep Easy!

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Sleep is crucial for our bodies, our minds, our health and well being. So, it is super important to get a good nights sleep where possible. Because of the increased oxygen levels our bodies can breathe better. So, when we're asleep our improved breathing could help us sleep better.

8. Feel Less Fatigued!

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As a product of this, you will of course reduce your fatigue if your sleep improves. But not only this, plants are supposed to energise us in the day time just by being around us. Some people claim that we absorb their energy as well as their health benefits which deter fatigue.

9. Power Plants!

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Plants may help you heal, for example the lavender plant is though to send messages through our brain through our sense of smell. It then sends these messages through our nervous system and right to our brains which some believe is a kind of holistic healing technique!

10. Finally Heal Your Headaches

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Everybody who suffers from regular headaches or migraines will know that they are no joke, and any natural remedy that could possibly work is worth a try! So, try filling your home with some houseplants. It is thought that they can remove benzene from the air which is a causer of headaches.

11. You could reduce dry skin

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Sometimes no matter how much ,moisturiser we apply, our skin will not hydrate and that tight horrible dry feeling remains. Perhaps it's to do with the air around us, try adding some plants to your home. Apparently the purified air will help us retain our moisture in our skin because the harmful and drying chemicals have been removed.

12. Develop your nurturing skills

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It has been claimed in some studies that helping to nurture anything (even if it a little houseplant) is amazing for our mental health. Not only that, but it will help our nurturing skills blossom as we learn to care and take responsibility of something else.

13. You may help relieve your allergies

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Apparently, according to some experts we can help our allergies and the symptoms of our allergies by having houseplants because some will remove allergens from the air. So, if they are not in the air it means that they are no longer around affecting our allergies.

14. You could use your plants to help heal minor burns

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If you have your own house plants you may have your own natural healing remedies! An aloe vera may help soothe minor burns and cuts. And, it's VERY easy to keep alive with very little maintenance. And you've got yourself some natural healing ointment!

15. Increase your creativity

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Let those creative juices flow... Surround yourself with house plants. Have a peaceful and tranquil environment where you creativity and artistic nature can flourish. According to a study by Texas University, plants can increase our artistic nature by 15%.

16. Make your space more relaxing and peaceful

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Do you ever feel more calm than when you are surrounded by nature? There's something about its effect on our bodies that cannot be achieved by anything or anyone else. It is as though it absorbs the bad energy from our bodies and fills us with good. So bring this feeling right into your home.

17. Stop waking up in the night

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Getting to sleep is one thing. But staying asleep can be whole other task. Some people just cannot stay asleep, even when they do not know what is causing them to wake up. But, having plants around your house can apparently help you to stay asleep for a less disturbed sleep.

18. It might help reduce your blood pressure

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High blood pressure is a condition which many people experience. In fact in recent years the rates of high blood pressure have gone up and up. So if there's one easy trick to try it would be this. Specifically, jasmine plants may be especially good for decreasing our blood pressure.

19. It mat help reduce symptoms of depression

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House plants, and again in particular Jasmine, have also been claimed to help with the symptoms of depression. In fact, studies were conducted over the pandemic period to look into the effects of plants and it was suggested that they could help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

20. You could help improve your diet

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Fresh herbs aren't cheap to buy at the supermarket. But if you grow your own plants you can get them free. There's something about garnishing a dish with fresh herbs which makes you feel as though you are a fine dining chef. And, best of's good for our health!

21. It may help repair damaged lungs

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Lung damage can happen due to several conditions, and due to things such as smoking. But, because houseplants help to purify the air and remove bad chemicals it may actually help our lungs heal and recover, which also helps to improve our overall health too!

22. Feel a sense of purpose

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Sometimes if we live alone and only have ourselves to look after we can feel a little bit lost. Humans crave the company and need of others. So even something as simple as having houseplants gives us a sense of purpose that we are needed by something else.

23. You may reduce your chances of getting a cold

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Coughing, sneezing, snot pouring from every orifice and the crusty red nose. Yep, sounds like the common cold! None of this is pleasant, but yes it's inevitable with a cold. If you want to help avoid this or help to fight them quicker then one way might be to introduce houseplants into our homes!

24. It could combat cigarette smoke

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Cigarette smoke is very bad for our health, and it also smells really bad too. But, having house plants around may actually help absorb the smoke as well as the chemicals in the smoke. So if you want to help when there's smoke around and a lingering smell, try houseplants.

25. Reduce stuffiness

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Instead of trying this trick of stuffing up raw cloves of garlic up your nose (yes, it's as gross and horrible as it sounds!) just try having a few houseplants around. Because the air is cleaner and easier for us to breathe we will not feel that same stuffiness to the same extent.

26. Boost your energy

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We could all do with an energy boost from time to time. The daily grind can really get on top of you and those hours of sleep at night often just do not feel like enough to restore us back to energy. Having house plants around aren't a magic trick, but it may help boost your energy a little.

27. Make any room feel brighter and more beautiful

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Is any house or room really complete without a plant? And no, the fake ones don't count. There's really no decorative piece that finished off the look of a room quite like a plant. And, when we enjoy our environment we automatically feel comfier and happier.

28. You may recover from illnesses faster

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Now we know that house plants may offer us several health benefits. Not only do they take in what is bad for us to breathe, they also release chemicals which may be very good for us. So, a combination of these things may mean that we can actually recover from illnesses quicker.

29. It may help you feel fitter

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Because the houseplants may have helped our lungs to heal, and because our air quality is purer and breathing is better - these things might combine together to increase our general fitness. See whether you notice your fitness improve by something as simple as a few houseplants.

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