30 Things You Didn’t Know About Morgan Freeman

By Carole 1 year ago

1. He Had An Affair With His Step Granddaughter

Image source / New York PostBefore she was murdered, the step-granddaughter of Morgan Freeman told her boyfriend (who eventually killed her) that she had been sleeping with her step-grandfather.  There had been rumors circulating of an 'inappropriate' sexual relationship, especially when the two of them turned up at the 2005 Golden Globes.  Morgan and Hines had both previously denied a romantic relationship had developed between them.

2. He Spent Time In Jail

Image source / Hollywood Reporter
You will no doubt be surprised to learn that, despite Morgan Freeman’s ‘Mr nice guy’ image, he has spent time in jail himself.  He was actually protecting his friend when they were both in the Air Force.  They had been hitchhiking and were stopped by police who thought they had gone AWOL. Freeman's buddy didn't have his pass with him so it was agreed between them that they both pay the consequences - 4 days in jail.

His First Acting Role Was A Form Of Punishment

Image source / Pinterest
A 12 year old Morgan Freeman caused a disruption in class after pulling a chair from underneath a girl he was smitten with and so got punished.  His teacher forced him to take part in the school's drama competition.  He won, got the acting bug - and the rest is history!

4. He Sold Milk Bottles To Pay For Movie Tickets

Image source / Dusty Old Thing
As a child, Morgan Freeman loved going to the movies.  At the time, tickets cost 12 cents each and Morgan did his best to raise the cash to enable him to purchase them.  He came up with the idea of finding and selling milk, soda and beer bottles for a few cents.  This meant he could go to the movies pretty often.

5. His Left Hand Is Paralysed

Image source / Metro UK
Morgan Freeman suffered a broken left arm, elbow and shoulder when he was involved in a car crash in 2008. This led to paralysis in his fingers and him needing to intermittently wear a compression glove.  As the glove was flesh coloured, it went mainly unnoticed on the red carpet.

6. He Turned Down Drama Scholarship To Be A Pilot

Image source / Reddit
Mr Freeman turned down a drama scholarship because he wanted to fulfil his ambition to be an Air Force fighter pilot.  He joined the US Air Force and spent  years as a tracking-radar repair man, rising through the ranks of airman 1st class.  He did, however, leave after a year as his gut was telling him to go.  Their loss was our gain.

7. He Has His Own Blues Bar

Image source / YouTube
In 2001, Morgan opened a blues club, along with three friends.  Named 'Ground Zero', it can be found in Clarksdale, Mississippi and is a juke joint style club.  Such was the success of the bar that the team decided to purchase another in 2019.  Whenever he can, Morgan makes appearance, much to the delight of the crowd.

8. He Is A Successful Beekeeper

Image source / Clarksdale News
In 2014, Freeman turned his huge ranch in Mississippi into a bee-keeping sanctuary.  This was due to the rapid decline of honey bees and he decided to take action, currently owning 26 hives.  Whilst he sometimes wears protective clothing to tend to them, he often doesn't wear any, saying the bees would never harm him - really?

9. He's Been Nominated for 79 Awards

Image source CBS News
Morgan Freeman has won and been nominated for more awards than most actors can dream of, a massive 79 times!  He has won 61 times which led a good friend of his to make a unique display cabinet for him, to show them all off.  As Morgan shows no signs of retiring any time soon, another cabinet might have to be on order!

10. His First Role Was Uncredited

Image source / Wikipedia
It's strange to think that Morgan Freeman's first movie role was as an uncredited party guest.  That was in the movie 'A Man Called Adam' and the lead star was the late, great Sammy Davis Jr.  It wasn't until 21 years later that Morgan got his first big role and then they kept on coming!

11. He Had To Pitch A Ball For 9 Hours During Shawshank Redemption

Image source / Twitter
During the filming of the movie 'The Shawshank Redemption'', Freeman's character is seen pitching a baseball.  Believe it or not, this particular scene took over 9 hours to film and he didn't complain once.  Not surprisingly, Morgan turned up the following day with his arm in a sling.

12. His Award Got Lost in The Post For 20 Years!

Image source / Insider
Try and get your head around this one - Morgan Freeman won an award 20 years after starring in the movie it was for!  Back in 2015,  he was presented with the 'Best Vintage Performance By An Actor' award.  The role was a Detective Somerset in 'Se7ev', in 1995! Just shows you, it's never too late!

13. Jack Nicholson Was First Choice in Bruce Almighty

Image source / South Coast
Did you know that the part of God in 'Bruce Almighty' was reportedly offered to Jack Nicholson?  He turned it down as he didn't think it was a role he could get his teeth into.  Freeman was them approached and aren't we glad he agreed to it as he was brilliant in the movie.

14. Eddie Murphy Tried To Steal Role From Him in Driving Miss Daisy

Image source / Eighties Kids
Morgan Freeman's early movies tended to be him having smaller parts but he hit the big time with 'Driving Miss Daisy.'  This didn't please Eddie Murphy as he was apparently desperate for the role and was a bigger name than Freeman at that time.  With two such different acting styles, the movie could have turned out to be quite a different film.

15. Michael Caine Is One Of His Best Buddies

Image source / YouTube
Two of the most distinctive voices in film must go to Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine.  They are also good friends and were delighted to be cast in their 6th movie together, 'Going In Style.'   They were both reported as saying it was one of their most fun experiences and they spent so much time trying not to laugh!

16. His TV Debut With the Electric Company

Image source / Purple Clover
Wow, that was a bit of a look!  Morgan Freeman's first tv debut was with the Electric Company, now commonly known as 'Sesame Street.'  This image refers to an appearance in  'Who Says I Can't Make A Rainbow.'  So that's what guys wore in 1971.  Not sure that fashion will be making a re-appearance any time soon.

17. He's Fluent In French

Image source / YouTube
According to the records of the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages in Canada (didn't know there was such a thing!),  Morgan studied French when he was at the University of California, Los Angeles.  He has since, completely mastered the language of romance.

18. He's An Amazing Golfer

Image source / MSN
As well as academy awards, Morgan's skill set doesn't end there.  His golf clubs landed him the honor of being the first American athlete to make par on the 'Extreme 19th' hole!  He accomplished this at the Legend Golf & Safari Resort in South Africa.  Freeman is known for his unique one handed swinging style.

19. He Founded A Charity Following Hurricane Ivan

Image source / Daily Star
Originally known as the Granada Relief Fund, the funds raised in 2004 went to help victims of the devastating hurricane Ivan.  It has since evolved into PLANIT NOW and provides 'preparedness resources for people living in areas afflicted by hurricanes and severe storms.'

20. He's Written A Cookbook With Tom Hanks

Image source / eBay
The actor got assistance from his famous buddies to compile the recipes in 'Morgan Freeman and Friends: Caribbean Cooking for a Cause.'  Funds from the sale of the book went to support his hurricane relief charity.  Tom Hanks was a big contributor to the book. as was Tim Robbins and Katie Couric who supplied some cool recipes.

21. He's Doubled Up In Movie Roles

Image source / YouTube
Morgan Freeman is no stranger to playing the same character twice in 3 separate film franchises. He portrayed the role of Dr Alex Cross in both 'Kiss the Girls' and 'Along Came a Spider'.  He then went on to play God in both 'Bruce Almighty' and 'Evan Almighty'.  Finally, he reprised his role as Lucius Fox in 'Batman Begins' and 'The Dark Knight'.

22. The Four Top Movies That He's Starred In

Image source / Slash Film
Morgan Freeman has publicly stated that four stand out movies he's starred in have been 'The Shawshank Redemption,' 'Glory,' 'Driving Miss Daisy,' and 'Unforgiven.'  His performances in these films have been praised by critics and audiences alike and will remain timeless classics for decades.

23. His Family Constantly Moved Around

Image source / Miles 2 Go
In his early years Morgan Freeman's family moved many times, settling in one place but then relocating to another.  Within the space of 6 years he lived in Chicago, Nashville and Tennessee, before finally settling in Greenwood, Mississippi.  Regarding his very early years, Morgan says he can't recall ever seeing a baby photograph of himself.

24. He Has A Bespoke Cabinet For His Awards

Image source / China Daily
In 1998, one of Morgan Freeman's friends built him a stunning bespoke cabinet with a separate area reserved specifically for his academy awards.  The friend even included an engraved plaque which read 'No Parking. Reserved for Oscar'.  Hope it's a big cabinet if the past is anything to go by.

25. The Favorite Movies He Loves To Watch

Image source / IMDb
Morgan Freeman's favorite movies of all time are all ones which came out before 1980.  He selected his top five as 'King Kong' (1933), 'High Noon' (1952), 'Moulin Rouge' (1952), 'The Outlaw Josey Wales' (1976) and 'Moby Dick' (1956).  All totally different from each other the actor has good taste.

26. His Distinctive Voice Has Opened Doors

Image source / Reddit
Morgan Freeman is known for his distinctive voice and whilst he has starred in many movies as himself, his skill as a narrator has been nothing short of superb.  I'm sure you remember his great performances when he provided the narration for 'War of the Worlds' and 'March of the Penguins.'

27. His Early Influences

Image source / Los Angeles Times
As a child and as discussed earlier in this article, Freeman spent tons of time scraping together money to go to the movies.  He was desperate to see his matinee idols, Gary Cooper, Spencer Tracey and Sidney Poitier (who was the first African-American to win a Best Actor Oscar.)

28. A Star Is Born

Image source / reddit
As the 1980s came and went, Freeman started getting recognized for roles in which he played mentors and people in positions of authority.  The role, though, that he loved and said was his favorite, was that of Fast Black, a pimp in 1987’s Street Smart.  He said that role was as far away from him as could be humanly possible!

29. Poignant Ancestry

Image source / Quora
In 2008, the TV series African American Lives 2 revealed that his Morgan Freeman's Caucasian great-great-grandfather had lived with and was buried next to, his African-American great-great-grandmother.  The two of them could not legally marry at the time in the segregated South.

30.  All Round Mr Nice Guy - on and off screen

Image source / Pinterest
When he’s not busy being the good guy in his movies, Freeman is being a nice guy in the real world.  An organization he started, Rock River Foundation, has donated millions to educational programs.  Morgan has also raised money for victims of Hurricane Katrina, and he helped organize relief funds for hurricane victims in Grenada in 2004.

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