The Most Bizarre Weapons Ever Used For A Murder

By Carole 1 year ago

1. Prosthetic Leg - the murderer didn't have a leg to stand on!

Image source / ThevergeIn 2011, a homeless woman from Louisiana, Debra Hewitt, killed her boyfriend, Dwayne Ball.  Rather than going to the trouble of searching for a suitable murder weapon, she decided to be more sustainable by using her own prosthetic leg.  She apparently used her balancing skills to stand on the good leg whilst beating the victim to death with the false one.

2. Breasts - making use of her assets

Image source / The Tap Daily
Donna Lange, a 51 year old  from Everett, Washington, smothered her boyfriend when she was heavily intoxicated.  As there were no pillows to hand, she used her sizeable breasts instead.  The man pleaded with her to get off him but she refused.  She was charged with second-degree murder - on 2 counts?

3. Pumpernickel Bread - was it really that stale?

Image source / BBC
Isn't it refreshing when people take looking after their health very seriously.  In 1988,  Reginald Heimsley-Doddingdale was found dead with a massive lump on the back of his head. The murder weapon was believed to be a chunk of bread, not white processed rubbish but healthy pumpernickel bread.  Surprisingly, the bread was almost as hard as an anvil.  Can you image what that would do to your teeth if you ate it instead of murdering someone with it?

4. Fake Male Member - thinking outside the box

Image source / Daily Mail
Ramon Novarro, choked on his own blood due to an Art Deco 'piece' being shoved down his throat.  A couple of Chicago hustlers suffocated the guy with the member, which had been given to him 45 years earlier by Rudolph Valentino, world famous ballet dancer.   I don't know which part of this story is stranger!

5. Dessert Spoon - a cutlery catastrophe

Image source / etsy
Isn't it annoying when you're looking for a dessert spoon and it's never in the place you last put it.  This wasn't so in the case of Richard Clare from Fern Dells, England who attempted to rob disabled Timothy Magee,  Magee tried to protect himself by taking a dessert spoon from the correct section in the cutlery drawer (weird in itself).  The robber grabbed it off him and hit the victim on the back of the head, rupturing an artery, causing fatal bleeding.

6. Sock - one of a pair of murder weapons

Image source / Winwick
Joanna Yeates, a landscape architect, was discovered strangled to death in her apartment on Christmas morning.  Detectives working on the case believed that a missing sock was used to strangle her and may have been kept as a trophy by the killer.  Could it have fallen into the hands of the killer with the prosthetic leg!

7.  Pickle Jar - in vinegar  ....'cos that would sting?

Image source / YouTube
When Daniel Kovarbasich was only 12 years old, he emptied his money box and hired Duane Hurley to walk his dog.  Turns out Hurley was a paedophile and their relationship turned sexual, lasting for years.  When Daniel, understandably, couldn't take any more abuse, he bashed Duane repeatedly in the head with a pickle jar.   Because of the reasoning behind the murder, he got 5 years probation.  After sentencing, he went to his local grocery store to purchase more pickles because a cheese panini doesn't cut it without this garnish.

8. Guitar - playing the final tune

Image source / Berklee Online
In October 2011, Danny Kirk who was a pastor of a Baptist Church in Texas, was beaten to death with an electric guitar.  The murderer was by 33 year-old Derrick Birdow and when the  police arrived on the scene, they had to use a taser to subdue him as he had become increasingly paranoid.  He wanted to continue practicing scales on the guitar so he could get his Grade 1 in Music.

9. Chess Board - checkmate

Image source / reddit
A chess board would not normally be used for anything else but to play chess on!  I suppose it could act as a tv tray if necessary.  However, a murder weapon is definitely not on the list except if you are an angry player.  According to Viking legend from the 14th century, two Norsemen, Faber and Sowden, were playing chess and the game got so heated that they started throwing the pieces at each other. Faber grabbed the ancient heavy chessboard and bashed Sowden over the head with it. It killed him instantly and the game was abandoned.

10. Floor Lamp - murder scene was well lit

Image source / SKLUM
The correct lighting in your room can be everything, giving it the correct ambience as well as being a tasteful and useful part of the furniture.  Bryant Willerson from Augusta, Georgia, got into a heated argument with William McClain in June 2012.  It soon escalated into a fight when Willerson  had a light bulb moment and grabbed a floor lamp, beating McClain around his head and body.  The victim died at the scene.

11. Sweat Pants - not just for relaxing in!

Image source / Bamboo Clothing
In April 2006, 61 year old Jimmy Hackley from Jacksonville, Florida strangled Patricia Ann McCollum, aged 29.  There was a ball of string on the kitchen table but Hackley decided on a pair of sweatpants (100% cotton) as the murder weapon. He was charged and found guilty of first-degree murder.  One less thing to put in the washing machine!

12.  Microwave - terrifying but true

Image source / Insider
As terrifying as it sounds, this is absolutely true and so very upsetting.  in 2007, China Arnold used a microwave to kill her month old daughter Paris Talley. The baby was put in the microwave for 2 minutes and obviously died soon afterwards.  For this outrageous and hard to imagine crime, Arnold was sentenced to life in jail, without parole.

13. Xbox Console - one way to ensure you beat your opponent

Image source / Insider
Doesn't it drive you mad when your kids need to be surgically removed from their Xbox.  Well, that should be the least of your problems.  In April 2013, the body of a 20 year old woman was found next to an Xbox 360.  The young woman had been badly beaten and bled to death.  It was later determined that the girl's boyfriend had used the console to kill her.  Was it too late to continue playing 'Fortnite'?

14. Toilet Tank Lid - a bit below the belt

Image source / Commercial Washroom
In 2006, an argument between Marvin Hill and his mistress Christina Eubanks got out of hand. Hill wanted to end their affair but Christina wasn't of the same opinion.  There was only one way that Hill could get out of the relationship and that was by killing his partner.  He searched around for a murder weapon, deciding on the toilet lid.  He bashed her over the head with it - affair over!

15. Spatula - flip the eggs and then ....

Image source / New York Times
A standard kitchen spatula is a useful kitchen implement as well as a useful .... murder weapon.  Angeles Cadillo-Castro from Utah used this tool to beat her young daughter to death. When paramedics arrived on the scene they found the girl’s body was covered in multiple lacerations.  The police soon found the broken spatula pieces (not caused by heavy handed cooking) and the case was solved. Angeles was charged with 1st degree murder.

16. Crucifix - someone was cross

Image source / The Local Germany
If you’re going to kill someone at Christmas, perhaps using a crucifix as the weapon of choice, is the first 'go to.'  Karen Walsh of Ireland had this exact thought and she used the religious ornament to bludgeon her 81 year old neighbor, Maire Rankin, to death.  Does that make it almost acceptable, putting murder on a par with religion.

17. Body Fat -death by squashing

Image source / New York Post
German actor, Guenther Kaufmann, was adamant that he had accidentally fallen on a friend and accidentally suffocated him with his hefty, 265 pound body. 'I simply fell on him—I didn’t mean to kill him.' Kaufmann said. 'All of a sudden he was no longer moving.'  Was this the reason he didn't take medical advice to go on a diet?

18. Shoe - left or right, red or black ....decisions, decisions!

Image source / Pinterest
21 year old Edith Maxwell was a school teacher.  She was found guilty in Wise, Virginia of killing her father with the stiletto of her shoe following a heated domestic dispute in July 1935.  Her sentence was 25 years in prison which begs the question... does the devil wear Prada?

19. An Umbrella - undercover murder

Image source / Psychic Library
This one is sheer bad luck - being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Back in 2012, a 40 year old man was walking through Hannover, Germany.  He crossed the path of a stranger who was carrying an umbrella.  The stranger passed by him and then, without warning, turned around and stabbed him in the back with the tip of the umbrella. Apparently, the umbrella had a needle built in which injected mercury into his body.  It causing him to go into a coma from which he never recovered.

20. Pen - the body was well and truly stationery

Image source / Pinterest
A jealous undergraduate history student murdered his 26 year old lover lover Rebecca Love in a drunken rage.  Death was due to stabbing by a pen!  Love’s body was found by university staff 2 days later.  The victim received 93 separate injuries to her head, neck, chest and body.

21. Fire Extinguisher - for use in emergencies

Image source / Hotel Management
In April 2010, former student athlete Drew Clark of Bristol, England, stepped in and hit a man who was fighting his friend.  He used a fire extinguisher as it was just sitting there doing nothing!  Clark took the fire extinguisher and bashed the man over the head, the force breaking his skull. The man died three days later in hospital.

22. Bowling Ball - the murderer's hobby?

Image source / The Awesome!
A 14 year old boy used a bowling ball to murder his 5 year old next door neighbor in Fort Worth, Texas.  He struck the young boy, Sida Osman, in the head with the ball which weighed 14 pounds.  The child had been irritating him and instead of asking him to be quiet, he killed him and got  23 years in jail.

23. Katana - a sordid story

Image source / Nerdist
If you ever get into an argument with someone about a pillow, then take my advice and don't do what Michael Desiderio did.  Desiderio of Queens, New York, hacked his friend and roommate Ricardo Richardson to death with a katana.  Surely a civilised conversation would have been a better option.

24. Chair - not so comfortable

Image source / Magnolia
There have been several cases of murder by chair but one of the most outrageous is the one that happened in London in December 2013.  A gang of 6 teenagers attacked Donald McNicol with a chair outside a community center, following an argument over a shared computer. The victim suffered a severe head injury and died 2 weeks later.

25. Nail Gun - hand on the trigger

Image source /
A gas-powered, high speed repeating nail gun should always be handled with care.  Unfortunately, it became a murder weapon which claimed the life of Chinese student Chen Liu in south Sydney, Australia in 2008.  The victim's body was found wrapped in a carpet and was bound with electrical wires in a marsh with no other evidence at the murder scene. The 34 nails were nearly allocated in his skull.

26. Corkscrew - not only for wine bottles

Image source / Insider
A corkscrew was the murder weapon used in Brooklyn, New York in February 2008 when 55 year old Murat St. Hilaire was stabbed in the head. His family discovered him, lying face up on the bedroom floor with the corkscrew still embedded in him.  The other big predicament was what they could use to uncork their bottle of vino!

27. Shovel - murderer couldn't dig himself out of that one

Image source ThisOldHouse
Michael Marshall used a shovel as a murder weapon when he was in a fight with  Demarcus Jones in Yazoo City, Mississippi.  After the attack, Demarcus´ brother, Jermain, fired a gun at Marshall and was charged with aggravated assault for shooting him in the chest.  When he was released from hospital, Marshall himself was charged with murder.  Complicated but true.

28. Jump Rope - twisted murderer

Image source / New York Magazine
A terrible occurrence took place in 2007 when 5 year old Monique Fulgham was raped and strangled with her own jump rope.  The murderer hanged her from a closet door in her family’s Bronx apartment.  The poor girl's grandmother was the one who made the grisly discovery.

29. Chainsaw - Always Reliable For Your Needs

Image source / Bob Vila
The Chainsaw ranks amongst the most brutal and objects ever to be used as a murder weapon. In April 2010, in Lewisville, Texas Jose Corona planned to murder his wife.  In case one chainsaw wasn't enough to cut her into equal pieces, he was extremely methodical and used two, just to be sure.  He then dragged her headless body into the street and it was found by the mail man.

30. Poisonous Lady Parts - Almost But Not Quite

Image source / Be Bodywise
While no one actually died in this case, this story definitely deserves a mention as it involves attempting to murder someone via poison-laced lady parts.  A Brazilian woman’s husband refused to grant her a divorce so she chose to get rid of him - permanently.  I'm sure you can guess what happened after she applied poison to her 'unmentionable' area.  The plan failed due to reasons which are better left unknown but it was a close call.

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