Times Animals Were Spotted Where They Weren’t Supposed To Be

By Anna Collins 8 months ago

1. A python was found on the shelf at Walmart

Image source/ Reddit

When shoppers went to Walmart they were in for a huge surprise when instead of pulling out a box of pop tarts....they came across a python. Officials were called so that the snake could be removed from the store and shoppers were cleared away from the area.

2. A huge mountain lion tried to enter the hair salon

Image source/ Patch

A group of people at a hair salon in California were half way through their colour and cuts when a 113 pound mountain lion launched into the window. Customers ran to close the door as the lion had been spooked and moved out of its habitat and into the city. The lion was safely removed from the area.

3. A mountain lion tried wandering into a casino

Image source/ Orange County Register 

In Reno, Nevada a mountain lion tried wandering casually into Harrah's Hotel casino. It was about to enter right through the revolving doors - which as you can imagine caused quite a stir! The police were called and the lion was tranquilized and safely removed before being released back into the wild, a little further away from people...

4. A HUGE boa constrictor lying on someone's couch

Image source/ Reddit

If there's one thing you don't expect (or want!) to wake up and find in your living room, it's a 6-foot boa constrictor. You can only image the reaction.  Animal professionals, police and the fire department all came to safely remove the snake from this family's living room...

5. A bear had to be removed from the New Jersey Turnpike

Image source/Essentials

The black bear in question had climbed a tree along the New Jersey Turnpike. The bear was a whopping 300 pounds and had to be taken from the area by firefighters and wildlife handlers. It took a couple of hours to extract the bear before it could be safely taken to an area of wildlife.

6. An alligator swimming in the public park

Image source/ USA Today

Alligators are extremely dangerous creatures. So, when this alligator was found in Humboldt Park Lagoon, it needed removing as quickly and safely as possible. Officials were called to remove it, as well as a local man renowned for dealing with animals who have strayed outside of their natural habitat.

7. An elephant was found wandering the streets of New York

Image source/ Reddit

Strolling down the streets of New York City you expect to see a LOT of people, cars...but not an elephant. A couple of state troopers found the elephant wandering the city. The elephant had reportedly broken out of a local wildlife sanctuary, where it was soon returned.

8. A monkey on the run for 3 years!

Image source/ The Times 

This little fella had basically become a local celebrity. It had been living in St. Petersburg, Florida, for 3 years evading capture and it became pretty well known to those in the city. Finally, his time on the run came to an end, he was caught and sent to a sanctuary.

9. Penguins in New Zealand visiting a sushi shop

Image source/ Reddit

Look how cute these little blue penguins are. They reportedly kept walking into a sushi shop named Sushi B in New Zealand. The penguins were drawn to the warmth of the kitchen. A conservationist got involved and he claimed that the penguins were trying to find a place to lay their eggs. So, he helped relocate them somewhere more suitable.

10. Somebody found a possum sat at their office desk!

Image source/ Reddit

Imagine walking into work one day and finding a possum sat at your desk, looking as though it's literally taken your place! You'd definitely think you were seeing things. But that's exactly what happened in Australia when Dr. Bree Blakeman found her new friend sat as her computer.

11. A kangaroo was found hopping along a bridge in Wisconsin

Image source/ The Daily Beast

In Grand Chute, Wisconsin, a kangaroo was spotted hopping along a bridge on Interstate 41. Nobody was ever actually able to locate the kangaroo. But sadly there have been similar instances where it didn't end well and the kangaroo previously ended up being killed by a car.

12. A mountain lion was roaming through Iowa

Image source/ Reddit

A mountain lion was found wandering the streets of downtown Des Moines in Iowa in 2019. The authorities were called to deal with the matter and take the lion to safety. During a previous incident of the same matter, a lion was killed by the police after being shot down.

13. A cow was found on somebody's trampoline!

Image source/ fw.tv

A cow on the trampoline. Now there's an image I bet you thought you'd never have. A dairy farmer from Victoria, Australia had one of her cows go missing for a few hours. When she went to find it, the cow had mysteriously managed to get itself onto the neighbours trampoline.

14. This polar bear wandered 300 miles from home to the suburbs

Image source/ Reddit

A polar bear impressively wandered 310 miles away from its home, right to Norilsk, the suburbs of Serbia. It is thought that the impacts of climate change are forcing animals further away from home in desperation, searching for food due to the melting ice caps.

15. An alligator was found in an apartment in Florida on the second floor

Image source/ The News Minute 

How is this even possible. We know that animals are clever, but wandering into an apartment on the second floor is another level (no pun intended). Did it take the elevator or the stairs? As we can imagine the 5 foot alligator caused a bit of a panic so a professional alligator catcher was called to rehome it.

16. Escapee, Rusty the red panda

Image source/ Reddit

Rusty, this very cute red panda made his successful break away escape from the Smithsonian National Zoo. He was then found in a local neighbourhood in Washington DC by a member of the local community just later that day when he was taken back to the zoo.

17. A turtle held up the planes when it crossed the runway

Image source/ Reddit

In Tokyo, workers at the airport were more than surprised when they found a turtle on the runway. The turtle had to be removed and rehomes - nobody had any idea where the creature had come from. And, there were many flight delays caused because let's face it...turtles aren't the fastest walkers!

18. A group of zebras were found wandering around Maryland

Image source/ The Guardian 

Not one, but five zebras were found to be wandering around Maryland. They had escaped from a private farm. Those living nearby to the runaway zebras were fairly taken aback to see a herd of zebras on the loose. Authorities were called and the zebras were herded back to where they had come from.

19. A black widow spider found in a British supermarket

Image source/ Reddit

A British lady had a complete shock when she got home, unloaded her shopping and unpacker her Colombian bananas. On it, was a very unwanted and unwelcome visitor; one of the most dangerous spiders in the world - the Black Widow! She had to ring an animal welfare team who kindly took the spider in.

20. A flamingo escaped from Kansas and retired to the Gulf of Mexico for 8 years

Image source/ The New York Times

A captive flamingo from Wichita, Kansas saw it's chance and took it when it escaped and moved an impressive 670 miles away to the Gulf of Mexico. And, it clearly loved its new life there because it managed to live there for 8 years without being spotted. Of course by this point the bird was left exactly where it should be.

21. A squirrel in a bakery

Image source/ Daily Record

What better place for a squirrel to go, other than a bakery? It's warm...there's food. You can see the appeal. This was a protected red red squirrel from the United Kingdom. The animal was found and it took three days of closure for the bakery whilst the animal was removed from the premises.

22. A lone wolf was trapped inside Verona's canal

Image source/ Reddit

A wolf was found suffering, trapped inside a canal in the city of Verona. The wolf had wandered into Verona, miles from its natural territory. It had then gotten stuck. People who helped at first assumed it was a dog, however it then later became known it was in fact a wolf.

23. A badger found in a Scottish castle

Image source/ Reddit

In an old Scottish castle a badger was found. Badgers are becoming more rare to spot in the would, never mind to find residing in a touristic castle. The badger, who could not stay there without being disturbed, was relocated by the local animal welfare team.

24. Baby birds in a letter box

Image source/ Reddit

In the United Kingdom, a bird went into a post box to lay her eggs. He eggs then hatched inside the post box where she continued to stay and rear her babies. When the post office realised, instead of removing the birds they kindly allowed them to stay and put out a notice to tell people to find another letter box!

25. A Colombian frog found in a bunch of grapes

Image source/ Reddit

The said grapes had been imported to Great Britain to the supermarket Asda from Colombia. And, instead of just importing the grapes, a frog came along too. The frog was discovered when a customer had taken their grapes home. Specialist are now looking after the frog which was fondly named 'Asda'.

26. A 12 foot python was found in a mall

Image source/ Reddit

Inside Louisiana's biggest shopping mall, a 12 foot python was found. It was slithering through the roof compartments just above the mall ceiling. It had worked its way around quite a large part of the mall after it had gone missing from the aquarium.

27. A wild shark found in a Birmingham canal

Image source/ Reddit

In England, Birmingham, a shark was found in a local city canal! The shark had somehow made its way from the sea, right to the busy city centre of Birmingham. The shark had to be removed (which took a lot of people and organization) to be able to release it back into the wild.

28. Tigers wandering around Johannesburg

Image source/ Reddit

In Johannesburg there are laws allowing people to keep wild animals at private properties. This is questionable for many reasons considering animal welfare and protection, and the fact that of the animal gets loose they endanger people's lives. This tiger escaped from the private property and was roaming the streets before it was caught. This wasn't even the first time. Just weeks before the same things had happened!

29. A Bull was wandering outside of the zoo in Edinburgh

Image source/ Reddit

A bull in a zoo doesn't sound like much of story, yet this bull wasn't in an enclosure it was found wandering around the zoo fully free! The zoo workers claimed that they had no idea how the mistake had been made, but it took several people and tranquillisers to get the bull back into its enclosure.

30. An owl stuck on a TV aerial

Image source/ Reddit

A very cute little owl was sadly found trapped on somebody's house, caught in their TV aerial. Firefighters had to come as well as a wildlife expert to extract the bird and safely remove it from the aerial. Thankfully, the owl had no damage to it and it was released immediately after the incident.

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