Dark Secrets Prince Harry Never Revealed About Megan Markle

By Lauren Mccluskey 1 year ago

1. Paparazzi paid her neighbors to spy on her

Image Source: Reddit.com
Being in the public eye, Meghan has been constantly pursued by the paparazzi.  And she has claimed that even her neighbors were paid to completely betray her trust.  Shockingly, the press reportedly paid Meghan's neighbors to set up cameras to spy on her.

2. Her mum felt unsafe

Image Source: Reddit.com
Meghan Markle's mother, Doria Ragland, has even spoken up about how unsafe she feels because of her daughter's fame and unwanted attention.  In fact, she is so scared of being hounded by paparazzi that she no longer feels like she can even head out to walk her dog!

3. Her half-sister claimed that she raised her

Image Source: SheThePeople.tv
Meghan's older half-sister, Samantha, once claimed that she raised her as a child.  But Meghan said that she has no recollection of this at all, stating that she doesn't even know the date of her half-sister's birthday OR her middle name!  Samantha has filed to sue Harry and Meghan over defamation and stands by her claims about her
relationship with her younger sister.

4. Her father staged paparazzi photos

Image Source: Reddit.com
Thomas Markle was caught on CCTV posing for staged photographs for the paparazzi.  Apparently, the photos earnt just over $120,000 and certainly came as an embarrassment to Windsor officials after they made a plea to the paparazzi to respect their privacy.

5. She was said to use her status to adopt a puppy

Image Source: Reddit.com
It's reported that Meghan rang a shelter to specifically adopt a dog who has had a painful and traumatizing past.  And it is no surprise that she meant well.  But following the "Adopt Don't Shop" narrative is not always the right thing to do, and it is believed that, with young children, and a demanding life, she is going to run into problems just like Biden did with his rescue dog!

6. Her family has financial issues

Image Source: Vanityfair.com
Her brother, Thomas Markle Jr. once said that he was considering changing his surname to, in his words,
"escape the Markle curse".  
And apparently, money problems have been an issue for her biological family for a while.  There has even been speculation that Meghan herself can't afford her $14 million home.

7. An old friend called her a 'shapeshifter'

Image Source: E!Online.com
Ex-friends of Meghan have taken to the press and expressed their old pal's ability to reinvent herself, as well as ghost those who she was once good friends with if they don't benefit her in any way.  So much so, that they have nicknamed her the

8. She didn't know much about The Royal Family

Image Source: Cnn.com
During Meghan and Harry's bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021, Meghan Markle claimed that she didn't delve into social media to research Harry before they met.  In fact, she even claimed that she knew very little about The Royal Family themselves.

9. She met Harry on Instagram

Image Source: Elle.com
Believe it or not, Meghan Markle's relationship with Harry actually blossomed in the digital world.  It's a common way for people to meet nowadays, but I guess you don't imagine a prince meeting their future wife on Instagram... that's not how those fairy tales went!

10. She was accused of mocking Royal Family traditions

Image Source: PopularEverything.com
When she finally met Harry's family, Meghan admitted that she was rather surprised about the unnatural levels of formality that were carefully maintained in private.  She was accused of mocking the tradition of having to
for the queen and some feel like she exaggerated her curtsy to poke fun at the tradition!

11. Did she make Kate cry?

Image Source: TheRoyalObserver.com
Meghan apparently made Kate cry when she compared Princess Charlotte unfavorably to her best friend's daughter when they were bridesmaids for her wedding.  However, it has been reported that Kate admitted that she
didn't cry
and, in fact, was the one who actually made Meghan cry that day!

12. She and Harry's engagement interview wasn't sincere

Image Source: Vox
In the highly-binged, Netflix docuseries, Meghan admitted that their well-anticipated engagement interview was highly rehearsed and scripted. She actually described it as an
"orchestrated reality show" 
and said that both she and Harry were told that they weren't actually allowed to tell their story!

13. Stories were planted in the press ahead of their wedding

Image Source: The Hollywood Reporter
Just before Harry and Meghan's wedding, all eyes were on the couple.  And they weren't painted in a great light.  Stories of Meghan's
"porn star ex",
her apparently taking drugs and other harmful bombshells began to circulate and spread out of control like wildfire.

14. She made a stink on the morning of the wedding

Image Source: Peroz
Any bride on the morning of their wedding would be stressed but imagine if your wedding had about a gazillion guests worldwide!  The desire for absolute perfection would be intense!  In fact, apparently, Meghan made quite a big deal out of the smell in the St. George's Chapel and ordered air fresheners to be deployed.  To be honest, the smell
a little musty!

15. She lost her mind over an emerald tiara

Image Source: EOnline
Different versions of the 
Tiaragate Saga 
have been told but it is said that the tiara we all saw Meghan wearing at her wedding wasn't her original choice.  She wanted to wear The Queen's astonishing emerald tiara, but was denied by Her Majesty due to its "
difficult past".
  It is said by royal biographer, Robert Lacey, that the pair "flew into a rage" when they were told no.  But, they were actually unaware of the 
apparently attached to the tiara.

16. Does she think she is above her family?

Image Source: TheTelegraph
An anonymous source who claims to be biologically related to Meghan Markle has stated that Meghan's complete lack of contact with her biological family is
"her choice".  
The source also said that the family is no longer interested in reconciliation with someone who isn't interested in putting their differences aside.

17. She's been married before

Image Source: Insider.com
Breaking royal tradition, Meghan is the divorcee to marry into the royal family.  She was previously married to actor and producer, Trevor Engleson.  They were only married for less than two years but were together for up to seven years before they said 
I do.

18. Her ex hasn't got good things to say about her

Image Source: Newtolove.com
And Engleson doesn't seem to have much positive to say about the break up either.  He said that he was absolutely blindsided by the divorce at the time and really struggled to come to terms with being single.  There were even rumors that she broke it off through the mail.

19. He is making a comedy about her

Image Source: Observer
And what better way for an actor and producer to express themselves than through the medium of television?  The TV network, FOX, has greenlighted his idea for a comedy-drama that centers around a man whose ex-partner marries a member of the British Royal Family!  Coincidence?  We think not!

20. Suits ended her first marriage

Image Source: People.com
Meghan was super busy and always away filming when she starred in
At the same time, Engleson had important work commitments back in Los Angeles.  So long-distance certainly wasn't for them and it's said that it completely killed off their marriage.

21. She slid into Matt Cardle's DMs

Image Source: NME
Describing it as a "
weird situation"
, X Factor winner, Matt Cardle, spoke about his DM exchanges with Meghan back in 2015.  The exchanges were allegedly about going on a date after she'd seen him perform in London.  How different things could've been!

22. Did lots of royal aides quit on her?

Image Source: GlamourUK
Harry and Meghan have lost lots of royal aides in the run-up to the release of their explosive Netflix docuseries, with one senior aide quitting just days before it came on our screens.  Back in 2020, they were down 9 members of staff and some of them had been employed for many years.

23. She ditched Lizzie Cundy

Image Source: Twitter
TV presenter, radio host, and columnist, Lizzie Cundy is an ex-pal of Meghan Markle, and it is believed that they were once very close, until Meghan ghosted her.  In fact, Cundy claims to have introduced Meghan to Harry and has since said she regretted it, stating that she feels responsible for the royal drama.

24. Her brother blames her for his homelessness

Image Source: Reddit 
Her brother, Markle Jr. was charged in 2019 for driving under the influence of alcohol, and just 2 years before, was arrested for holding a gun to a woman's head during an argument.  And he blames Meghan for his homelessness and inability to secure a job.  He even said publicly that she should've got someone at the palace to help him with his situation...

25. Is the king jealous of her?

Image Source: MarieClaire.com
Harry has said in his memoir that when he introduced Meghan to Charles, he was unusually interested in whether the Suits actress would continue working.  And when Harry said no, he apparently let him know that he would have no money to spare them... This begs the question of whether he feared that Meghan would overshadow The Royal Family...

26. She couldn't invite her niece to the wedding

Image Source: People.com
Due to her ongoing feud with her estranged half-sister, Samantha, Meghan was advised not to invite her niece to the wedding.  Meghan reconnected with her niece, Samantha's daughter, and it is said that they now have a sister-like bond.  But she wasn't allowed to come to the wedding!

27. Was she not invited to Oprah's birthday party?

Image Source: People.com
When photos emerged of Oprah posing at a party, which took place suspiciously close to her 69th birthday, with J. Lo and Kim Kardashian, we wondered where Meg's invite was!  But speculation surrounding the apparent snub has people believing that they turned an invite down to avoid further attention.  And besides, it wasn't even Oprah's official party anyway!

28. People once thought she was a robot

Image Source: People.com
Yes, you read that right.  There is a clip that circulated the internet which shows Harry and Meghan in an audience.  And because her facial features don't seem to move much, people genuinely believe that she is a robot.  As far as celebrity conspiracies go, this one is pretty ridiculous!

29. Her first name isn't Meghan

Image Source: People.com
In fact, her real first name is Rachel and her full name is Rachel Meghan Markle and, coincidentally, her
character was called Rachel too!  She once said in an interview that she was a lot like Rachel in
saying that she was incredibly ambitious and driven.

30. Was Megxit the plan all along?

Image Source: People.com
Meghan has had to deal with lots of rumors that accuse her of taking Harry away from royal life and people believe that it was her plan all along.  She has even been accused of actually
to be rejected by The Royals so she could gain enough attention to be able to drop these bombshells.  Of course, the press tends to perpetuate these rumors so we are left feeling none the wiser!

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