Grease Cast: Then And Now

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Danny Zucco - THEN

Image source / TumblrDanny is an 18 year old handsome dude with thick black hair and a swagger in his walk.  His signature look is a black leather jacket with the T-Birds logo.  He has a holiday romance with Sandy and doesn't expect to see her after her vacation ends but there is a surprise in store for Danny.

John Travolta - NOW

Image source / AARPAfter the huge success of the lead character in Grease, John Travolta went on to make a couple of flops at the box office,  However, Pulp Fiction got him right back in the game, earning him a Golden Globe and then there was no stopping Travolta!  He has picked up many further awards and even released 9 albums.

Sandy Olsson - THEN

Image source / Love InterestSandy and her family moved to America from Sydney, Australia after the summer vacation. She became the girlfriend of Danny Zuko even though she was as quiet as a mouse compared to outgoing Danny.  Rizzo said she was 'too pure to be pink' but was eventually accepted as one of the Pink Ladies.  She oozed sex appeal as she squeezed into her leather pants!.

Olivia Newton-John - (died 2022)

Image source / ABCIt's bitter sweet as we remember the late Olivia Newton-John who has recently passed away.  After her role as Sandy, Olivia made a few raunchy videos to accompany her music, to shake off that image.  With global sales of more than 100 million records, the Australian beauty established herself as one of the best selling music artists of all time.  Loved by everyone who knew her, she will be sorely missed but always remembered.

Rizzo - THEN

Image source / The ListBetty Rizzo, known as 'Rizzo', is the sarcastic leader of the Pink Ladies.  She smokes, has a strong voice and doesn't care what anyone thinks of her.  Rizzo is the girlfriend of Kenickie and 'frenemy' of Sandy.  She likes to wear revealing and tight clothing to show off her figure.

Stockard Channing - NOW

Image source / Broadway ShowsFollowing her role as Rizzo, Stockard Channing appeared in 'The West Wing' and earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress for the movie 'Six Degrees of Separation.'  Many films and more accolades followed over the years, as well as Broadway shows.  Stockard semi-retired in 2016, refusing to rule out further work!

Doody - THEN

Image source / BuzzFeedDoody is the dude who wears high topped Converse and a brown leather jacket with the T-Birds logo on the back.  He's the one who drops his pants at the Blue Moon, exposing his briefs!  He insulted Kenickie's rust-bucket car, which was later overhauled and renamed Greased Lightening.

Barry Pearl - NOW

Image source / ITVBarry Pearl had been a busy bee before he took the role of Doody and after the movie, he continued his career, making a notable performance in 'The Producers', appearing in 'Lenny's Back', 'Lionsgate' and more recently, 'The Newest Pledge'.  When 'Happy Days - The Musical', toured America, he played Arnold.

Frenchy - THEN

Image source / TheaterManiaFrenchy is a fun-loving, bubbly girl and a bit of an airhead.  She dropped out of high school to enter beauty school to become a beautician, but left after her hair turned pink in tinting class! Her most memorable scene is the 'Beauty School Dropout' segment when she imagines Frankie Avalon, her guardian angel, is singing to her.

Didi Conn - NOW

Image source / Good Morning AmericaDidi made regular appearances on TV after 'Grease'.  She has also been a celebrity guest on many shows in the U.S., such as 'Match Game', 'Pyramids' and 'Chain Reaction'.  Dido has provided the voice for various characters in the movie world  and most recently appeared in the UK hit program, 'Dancing On Ice.'

Sonny LaTierri - THEN

Image source / TMZSonny is the funny smartass T-Bird and he loves joking around. He has a crush on Marty but she doesn't feel the same until the end of the movie when she realises she does actually love him! Sonny is Italian, cocky and a bit of a jerk.  At the National Dance-Off, he spiked the punch with whiskey!

Michael Tucci - NOW

Image source / Celebrity Net WorthTucci portrayed law student Gerald Golden in the TV series 'The Paper Chase', once he'd wrapped up 'Grease.'  He also spent more than 3 years touring with companies of the musical 'Chicago', performing as Amos, Roxy Hart's husband. He appeared in numerous productions on Broadway.  A couple of movies and further TV shows followed.

Marty Maraschino - THEN

Image source / WikipediaMarty is the prettiest, hottest and most beautiful of the Pink Ladies, with her light brown, curly hair and brown eyes.  She often tries to act sophisticated but is generally uninterested with conversations unless they are about her!  Marty is very concerned with appearing mature and not being juvenile.

Dinah Manoff - NOW

Image source / KTLAIn 1980,  Dinah Manoff made her Broadway debut as Libby Tucker in 'I Ought To Be In The Pictures' and won a Tony Award for Best Performance By A Featured Actress In A Play.  Success followed with films and tv work.  She took a step down a few years ago for a well earned rest.

Putzie - THEN

Image source / InsiderRoger 'Putzie' is the youngest member of the T-Birds and one of Danny's best friend.  His girlfriend is Jan.  Putzie was the one at Thunder Road who accidentally hit Kenickie in the head with door of the car.  Danny and Kenickie tend to look out for him due to his naivety.

Kelly Ward - NOW

Image source / InsiderKelly starred with Lee Marvin and Mark Hamill in 'The Big Red One' in 1980. He co-wrote the animated feature 'Once Upon A Forest' and co-wrote and co-produced 'All Dogs Go To Heaven 2.'  Kelly has had a varied career since leaving 'Grease' and has passed his knowledge on to the younger generation, being a drama professor.

Jan - THEN

Image source / ReelRundownJan is one of the more intelligent members of the Pink Ladies. At the National Dance-Off, she wore a pink dress and big white panties.  Jan can be funny and loves junk food and candy.  She can appear more immature than the other Ladies, especially when she ate a sandwich cookie by separating the wafers and eating the icing first!

Jamie Donnelly - NOW

Image source / ALRMJamie has been kept extremely busy after 'Grease.'  She has done dozens of movies and her popularity has never waned.  She even appeared in a musical version of 'Tarzan.'  In 2016, she was on a revival of the program 'To Tell The Truth' andi t was about the Pink Ladies!

Teen Angel - THEN

Image source / BuzzFeedThe teen angel who sang the ironic song 'Beauty School Dropout' to Frenchy is remembered by everyone who saw 'Grease.'  The Angel descends from the heavens, then sings to Frenchy that she lacks work ethic and suggests that she return to high school yo eventually qualify for a beauty career.

Frankie Avalon - NOW

Image source / Fox NewsAfter 'Grease', Frankie starred in a couple of movies, sang on tv shows and made a cameo appearance of himself with Robert De Niro in 'Casino.'  Avalon then turned to marketing and created Frankie Avalon Products, a line of health and cosmetic products, promoting them on the Home Shopping Network.

Eugene Felsnic - THEN

Image source / ABC   Eugene is a silly and gullible nerd but never nasty or cruel.  He is the goofy good guy with a squeaky voice and always teased by the T-Birds, especially Putzie, Sonny and Doody. Kenickie and Danny ignore him a lot as he's not one of the popular members of the gang.

Eddie Deezen - NOW

Image source / iHeartIn the mid-1980s, Eddie Deezen made the transition into voice acting, the reason being it paid better and he didn't need to memorise his lines!  These voice roles included Donnie Dodo in 'Sesame Street  Presents: Follow That Bird' and 'Snipes the magpie in 'Rock-a-Doodle.'  He auditioned for 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' but didn't get the gig.

Patty Simcox - THEN

 Image source / YouTubePatricia, known as Patty, is often targeted by the Pink Ladies.  Jan snuck an apple on her chair just as she sat down and Rizzo pushed her off the bench along with Sandy.  It was Patty who convinced Sandy to audition for the cheerleading team.  Patty is a bit cheesy but inteligent underneath.

Susan Buckner - NOW

Image source / InsiderSusan Buckner, after 'Grease', appeared as one of The Krofftettes, performing synchronized swimming routines on 'The Brady Bunch Variety Hour.'  The most recent appearance of Buckner was on an episode of  '1 vs 100' as a mob member.  She has kept quite a low profile over the last 15 years.

Kenickie - THEN

Image source / Showbiz Cheat SheetKenickie is one of the main characters in 'Grease' and Danny Zuko's best buddy.  He is second-in-command of the T-Birds and often hides his emotions, particularly to girlfriend, Betty Rizzo.  He showed disdain when Danny told him he was reuniting with Sandy.

Jeff Conaway – (Died 2011)

Image source / CBS NewsJeff Conaway appeared in an episode of  'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' and on the back of this, was considered for some lead roles, but lost out each time.  He did, however, make appearances in a few low key films but his substance abuse habit got in the way.  He passed away in 2011.

Vince Fontaine - THEN

Image source / The MirrorVince is a radio announcer.  He visit Rydell at the National Dance-Off and is the news reporter through the whole ordeal as well.  Vince flirts with Marty who is half his age and even makes a pass at Principal McGee during the dance.  He loves himself and has a huge ego!

Edd Byrnes – (Died 2020)

Image source / Just JaredAfter 'Grease', Edd Byrnes had a small role in the 1981 TV film 'Twirl' and the lead in 'Erotic Images' with Britt Ekland in 1985.  Further TV appearances and small parts in movies followed. He was last seen a year before his death in the mini series 'Shake, Rattle and Roll: An American Love Story.'

Charlene 'Cha Cha' DiGregorio - THEN

Image source / Andrea OwenCha Cha is the best dancer at St. Bernadette, with a bad reputation, according to Frenchy. She has a habit of exposing her underwear! Danny Zuko describes her to Sandy as 'an old friend of the family. Cha Cha interrupts a make -out session between her boyfriend, Leo and Rizzo.

Annette Charles – (Died 2011)

Image source / CBS NewsAnnette Charles , on leaving 'Grease' attained a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Theater from Antioch University Los Angeles and a master's degree in social work from New York University before taking up a post as a speech communication professor in the Chicano Studies department at California State University, Northridge.  She passed away from lung cancer in 2011. 

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