Dark Secrets From Inside McKamey Manor

By Lauren Mccluskey 1 year ago

1. It's no ordinary haunt

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People only visit McKamey Manor for one purpose, and one purpose only: to be tortured.  And it's an experience like no other because no matter how much you beg, you can't make it stop.  They'll kidnap you, tie you up, slap and stomp on you, and hold you're head underwater.  And there's nothing you can do to escape.

2. Guests are choked, held underwater, and injected

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The methods they use to torture you are extreme, to say the least.  They have been said to choke guests and hold their heads underwater until they feel like they're drowning, shave their heads and eyebrows, force feed them and one source even said that they inject their 'victims'!

3. Guests are locked in freezers

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Footage has shown 'victims' blindfolded, bound, and locked in filthy freezers.  And the freezers are so small and cramped that they have to almost contort their bodies to fit in them.  As if that's not enough, they're even filled with a couple of inches of dirty brown water.

4. 'Victims' can feel like they're drowning

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Guests to McKamey manor regularly have their heads held underwater for extended periods of time.  And it's true that a few people actually felt like they were drowning.  But, to be honest, they can't complain when 
'you may feel like you're drowning'
is stated in their waiver, can they?

5. There's no 'safe word'

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One of the worst things about the grim experience at McKamey manor is that there's no
.  And it definitely sets them apart from the rest because they don't even have a
safe word!
  Begging them to stop is all part of the horrifying and gruesome experience...

6. They're begged to stop

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Now the masked torturers are actually actors.  And many of them are actually past guests who wanted to share the terrifying experience with others.  But begging them to stop will never ever work because doing that only seems to spur them on.  Many people have said that when you beg them to stop, it just gets worse!

7. There's no line

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Now, the idea is that the guests have to try and stick out the torture for as long as they can, and one guest set the record of 6 hours!  But one of the actors, Ryan Lawrence said in an interview that the torturer's role is to make sure nobody lasts long enough to make it out, so they don't really have a line and he admitted that he has a tendency to get carried away!

8. People genuinely think they're done for

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One victim, Amy Milligan, spoke out about her experience at McKamey Manor and said that she emerged from the manor covered in cuts and bruises and has lasting trauma from the ordeal.  She even said at one point that she actually felt like she was going to die.

9. Someone had a heart attack during the experience

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With all of this horrendous torture, McKamey has been questioned on whether anyone has been seriously harmed or lost their life.  He said that no one's died but he proudly confessed that somebody did once suffer a heart attack during their experience.

10. The original videos of the tours are said to be accessed on the dark web

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At the manor, McKamey tends to film most of the stuff that goes on for the 'victims' to keep as a souvenir (only after a good review apparently!).  Some Reddit users have discussed where these videos end up with some of them speculating that you can find the on the 
dark web.

11. The torture starts before guests even reach their destination

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In many different accounts of experiences at the manor, they seem to always begin before they even reach their location.  The 'torturers' poke, prod, slap, drag, push, scream, and shout at their 'victims' who have begs over their heads.  And it seems that they even do this when the guests are trying to read and sign the waiver!

12. McKamey's ex-wife called him a 'dangerous predator'

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Russ McKamey's ex-wife, Holly Shillito, has spoken out about her former husband and said that he is, in fact, a 
dangerous predator. 
And, even more disturbingly, even his own children have told sources that their father does actually enjoy torturing people.

13. No one knows what really goes on there

Image Source: SanDiegoTribune
There is so much speculation online as to what actually goes on at the McKamey Manor.  And the reason for this is that not everything is filmed in full.  And because we don't have full accounts, lots of things that are said about the manor are
which allows people's imaginations to run wild!

14. It's personal

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In order to truly terrify their guests, to prepare, the actors will learn about their 'victims' so that they are able to use their fears against them.  On guest said that they learned that she was scared of spiders so they put a huge tarantula on her face to crawl around.

15. Guests are pinned against each other

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Not performing well in many of the horrendous challenges that guests are forced to face can result in some really gruesome punishments.  And at McKamey Manor, you have to be ruthless and only care about yourself.  This is because they make you compete against other guests!

16. There's lasting psychological damage

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One guest went on the record to speak out about the psychological trauma that she suffered at McKamey Manor.  Amy Milligan opened up and spoke publicly about how her experience had caused her to suffer lasting psychological damage that affects different aspects of her life.

17. The waiver is enormous

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The waiver itself can be described as 
and it is absolutely enormous at around 40 pages long.  It contains clauses that state the activities could cause injury, including head and neck injuries, brain injury, broken bones, and even accidental death.  Apparently, it takes up to three whole hours to read through and sign whilst being tormented.

18. There's a $20,000 prize

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McKamey himself has said that he would reward any guest with $20,000 if they manage to last the duration of the terrifying experience.  So far, though, no one has ever made it and only one person has actually made it to six hours.  It is said that the whole experience lasts 8 to 10 hours!  No thank you!

19. No one has ever finished a tour

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And because of how long they expect you to hold out, and how horrifically painful and terrifying the experience actually is, no one has ever actually made it to the very end.  Even when they try to push guests to carry on, most of the time, they have to call it because it's clear they've reached their limits.

20. The police can't help

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Now, the waiver is legally binding, and signing it means that you've volunteered off your own back to take part in the haunt and that you completely understand and take full responsibility for what happens to you.  This means that any type of lawsuit, like if you try to sue, just wouldn't hold up in court.

21. He films everything but once turned the camera lens off and left the audio on

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Russ McKamey films what goes on at the manor but, sometimes, people have noticed that he turns the camera lens off at different points.  He keeps the audio on, though, so we can hear the piercing screams of 'victims'.  Some believe he does this to 'hide the worst parts' and to gain attention and speculation about what's actually happening.  He wants to be the talk of the town!

22. Many have suggested McKamey uses hallucinogens on his guests

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There have been many rumors perpetuated online about what actually happens behind closed doors.  And it has been said by his ex that McKamey loves to be in control of people.  One way people think he gets this control is by giving his guests hallucinogens to 'enhance' the experience.

23. There is a waiting list in the thousands

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Despite the visual horrors and the endless speculation shared and discussed online and all over the world, there are many people that still want to go.  In fact, the waiting list for a torturous experience at the manor once hit an absolutely baffling 27,000 names!

24. They only accept payment in dog food

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One of the most baffling things about the manor is that they don't actually accept any cash payment.  Russ McKamey and a few of his employees have quite a few dogs between them.  So they ask guests to pay them in dog food to keep their beloved canine friends going!

25. Live animals are involved

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Many hideous photographs and videos have surfaced online from the manor of terrified-looking people with live cockroaches and tarantulas, to name a few, crawling across their faces.  And it has also been said that guests are also forced to actually eat live insects.

26. People have come away with injuries

Image Source: SanDiegoTribune
Some of the guests that have been through the manor have shared pictures of the injuries that they sustained while they were there.  These injuries can also be seen on footage from the manor.  But lots of these injuries are superficial and include ghastly cuts and painful-looking bruises

27. Guests are held captive

Image Source: LAist
Some previous guests have described their awful experiences and said that they felt like they were actually being held captive and against their will.  They said that they BEGGED their captors to be set free and for it to stop, but it didn't work and they just carried on the torture!

28. McKamey enjoys the negative attention

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It's no surprise that McKamey Manor has received its fair share of bad press, with a lot of it criticizing the safety of the manor and how people are subjected to the most brutal terror imaginable.  But this negative attention is STILL attention and Russ enjoys it because it puts him on the map!

29. People want it shut down

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There was once an online petition that was created and shared worldwide that aimed to shut down the brutal and torturous manor.  Amazingly, over 81,000 people signed it! Russ McKamey wasn't fazed at all though and just brushed it off, putting it all down to '
the haters'. 
And it's still open to this day!

30. It's more popular than ever

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With tens of thousands of willing participants with their names down on McKamey Manor's waiting list, its publicity, and its online presence, it seems like the manor is more popular than ever.  It seems that even though some of the publicity has been seemingly damning, any publicity is good publicity and the manor is reaping the rewards!

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