Different Make Up Trends From Around The World

By Ange Arnal 1 year ago

1. France - Low maintenance chic

The French Girl" - does she really exist? [Discussion] : r/muacjdiscussion
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The women of France are known for being super chic and effortlessly beautiful. The vibe is low maintenance chic, less is more type of makeup. They like to 'let the skin breath' and makeup is minimal and comes second to focusing on their lashes and natural rosy lips. Oooh la la!

2. South Korea - Skincare is key!

My mostly Korean Skincare Routine and Review : r/IndianSkincareAddicts
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"In Korea, the 'natural beauty' look definitely begins with the skin,"
says Peach & Lily founder Alicia Yoon.
"The skin 'expression,' as it's so often called, is all about healthy, radiant, glowing skin that looks well hydrated from within." 
Makeup in South Korea is more about the brows and lips with glowing skin that doesn't need to be covered with much makeup.

3. Japan - Harajuku style, glowy & healthy

Everyday glowy makeup CCW! : r/MakeupAddiction
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Japanese women always have that healthy looking glow about their skin and rather than covering it with layers of foundation, they prefer to show off what they have Sheer foundations are where it's at in Japan along with cream blushers than just melt into the skin.

4. Brazil - The effortless glow

Camila Coelho : r/celeb_bellybuttons
The tropical weather in Brazil makes it the perfect place for women to show off their sultrier natural beauty. Brazilians like Camila Coelho and Martha Graeff show off their bronzed skin with a slightly fuller coverage foundation than the likes of the Japanese women.

5. Canada - Lots of mascara

Can't believe this mascara was only £3.30! Sorry for the shocking picture  quality but this is the Essence Lash Princess mascara and I HIGHLY  recommend it. : r/MakeupAddiction
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The general makeup concensus in Canada is lots and lots of mascara. Women like to keep their skin fresh and with so much diversity in the country, many Indian women wear kajal, the Arabic ladies love their dramatic eyes. It's all about accentuating their eyes.

6. England - Bronze, bronze, bronze

Chloe Ferry leaves fans shocked with HUGE lips in new Instagram picture –  The Sun | The Sun
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The ladies of England aren't known for being particularly understated. The country is on the most part cold, grey and the sun shining seems to be quite rare so fake tan is a MUST for these women! The bronzed, sun kissed, just got off the plane look is what these ladies are going for, all year round.

7. Thailand - Bright bold lips

A classic red lip and everything else left very natural. : r/MakeupAddiction
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The makeup trends in Thailand tend to be pretty similar to those in America. But a major difference is that you won't see many people walking around with a nude lipstick. In Thailand it's about bold lipstick, bold and bright - never nude!

8. Arabic countries - DRAMATIC eyes

How This Arabic Makeup Instantly Makes Your Eyes Look SO Much Bigger!! -  YouTube
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A bold dramatic eye is taking over the makeup world in Arabic countries. A fun and vibrant makeup look like this is all the rage amongst the ladies of the Arabic world. Lebanese makeup artist, Dani Kamel plays around with neon eyeliners and shadows on her Instagram page.

9. Russia - Long, luxurious lashes

Is Ruby Woo overrated? (I have it but just don't get the hype) :  r/IndianMakeupAddicts
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Anyone who follows a Russian makeup artist on Insatgram will know how important it is for them to accentuate their eyes with bold smoked out looks with big lashes. Mascara or false lashes are layered in a way to create a 3D effect and even the most basic of makeup looks are followed by a bold lash.

10. India - Dark jewel tones with a sultry eye

makeup addiction for indian skin
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Indian women love a feminine pastel eyeshadow on their eyelids which contrast a bold eyeliner in colours like green or hot pink. The dark green jewelled tones used as eyeliner have always been on trend with Indian women.

11. America - Model off duty

A Woman Who Wore Heavy Makeup to Spite Her Male Coworker Is Going Viral on  Reddit | Allure
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When it comes to makeup trends, Americans go in 'waves' from the 'no makeup makeup look' to the 'the more the better. At the minute, Americans love to focus on the 'model off duty' vibes which consists of lots of tinted sunscreen, long lashes and brushed brows.

12. Australia - Just off the beach

best foundation for rosacea reddit — Green Beauty
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Australian women spend a lot of time in the sun which means lots of SPF is needed and even more melt proof makeup. The natural, fresh faced makeup is the aesthetic in Australia at the moment like in a lot of other countries. Even if some girls have layered the foundation on, you wouldn't be able to tell.

13. Iran - Sculpted & defined

The 5 Arab Beauty Influencers to Know In 2018 | About Her
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When it comes to Iranian women and makeup, it's all about the eye shape. They love their cheekbones to be perfectly sculpted, a sharp, elongated eyeliner and a full coverage complexion with a matte lip. Just simply gorgeous and each bit of makeup is strategically placed.

14. Mexico - Bright lips & a warm flush

Trying out my bright lipsticks. What do you think? : r/brownbeauty
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A bold lip, flirtatious eyes and a nice warm flush on the cheeks is the go to Mexican makeup look. Mexican beauty is influenced by American culture with the rosy cheeks, classy winged eye liner and sultry lashes. And there's no forgetting about the bold eyebrows.

15. Kenya - Fearless & glamorous

Soft Natural Lookbook - Glam Makeup🥰 : r/Kibbe
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Now Kenya is all about the bold and the beautiful. Colourful eyes and perfect blush placement to accentuate the already beautiful features of Kenyan women. Makeup is used to enhance features rather than cover them and we're here for it!

16. Sweden - Sleek & glowy

Woman's Skin Going Viral on Reddit for Looking So Smooth - Michele Manteaw  Makeup Tutorials
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Swedish girls focus on their natural beauty, sleek hair, long lashes and perfectly flawless skin. Swedish bloggers keep their makeup routine to a minimum focusing on their cheeks and use light boosting products. Contour, blush and highlight is what we're talking about...gorgeous!

17. South Africa - Colourful & playful

I did this two looks using the rimmel magnif'eyes palette in color. What do  you guys think, which is better? : r/drugstoreMUA
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The darker skinned demographic of South Africa love to play around with colour - vibrant lips are a must. The lighter skinned women are more about the sun and their makeup is more natural say's creative director of Bodyography Cosmetics, Lori Leib. Regardless of skin tone, African women love to highlight one feature...their lips.

18. Dubai - Bold brows

Brow Lamination + Tinting : r/Esthetics
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Anybody watched The Real Housewives of Dubai? You'll know how glam the ladies of this middle eastern country love to be. It's all about bold beauty and the women in Dubai love their flat bold eyebrows. Think Cara Delevigne but messier and bolder.

19. UK - Similar to Dubai but more arched

Cara Delevingne is ugly : r/unpopularopinion
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Just like Dubai, the women in the UK love to focus on their brows but in this country, they prefer more of a arched, bold look. The brows are the frame for our faces so the bolder the better, even though the Pammy Anderson 90s thin brow is definitely making a comeback - along with the bleached brow!

20. Latin America - A colourful lower lash line

Decided to add a pop of color to a basic look! : r/MakeupAddiction
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Latin American women have recently been loving the trend of lining the lower lash with a colourful eyeliner. Instead of using a nude liner to highlight, adding a pop of colour is more to their taste. The trend exists in other countries, but it's not nearly as popular.

21. Germany - A pop of colour

I almost never apply shadow on the lower lash line to avoid making my eyes  look small. CCW 🙏 : r/sugarfreemua
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Our friends in Germany like to focus on their eyeshadow more than anything else. A pop of colour is enough to turn any makeup look into a great date night look! Shimmery, colourful eyeshadow looks with a light coverage base and a touch of gloss is all you need.

22. Norway - No makeup makeup

Just a no-makeup-makeup look : r/MakeupAddiction
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Norway is the epitome of class and elegance and this is shown in their makeup style. Their no makeup makeup vibe let's the skin do the talking - skincare is very important for Norweigian women, especially the fact they live in a very cold country. Let's the radiance glow show through the makeup!

23. UAE - White henna all the way

White henna style tattoos are the latest trend in temporary body art |  Metro News
imagesource: metroUK
This isn't technically makeup, but this trend is so delicate, feminine and beautiful we couldn't miss it off the list. The white henna is perfect for weddings and other celebrations and the lace pattern on the arms and hands is just heavenly. Make sure you try it out when you're in the UAE!

24. Italy - Bold lippie

Usually never wear bold lipstick, but gave it a try. 👏 : r/trans
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Lipstick will always be every beauty lovers makeup fave and whatever shade you pick, it should be bringing attention to your lips.
"Lips have to be strong, colourful, [and] perfect, as they represent the sensuality and the femininity of the Italian woman,"
says editorial MUA Luca Cianciolo.

25. Croatia - Graphic liner baby

Graphic eyeliner look on hooded eyes - with glitter of course!! :  r/MakeupAddiction
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"I believe that graphic liner is making its comeback. TV shows like Euphoria are inspiring us to be more adventurous with our makeup, and eyeliner is one of the ways that we can do that,"
says MAC educator, Janelle Han. Since Euphoria graced our screens, people have been LOVING the experimental makeup style.

26. Bali - Colourful graphic liner

Rainbow Graphic Liner on Monolids : r/MakeupAddiction
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Fun, bold and colourful eyeliner makes a statement, especially on Asian and dark haired women, this is way it SLAYS in Bali, Indonesia. Editorial makeup artists around the country have shared their own versions of colourful graphic liner looks across their socials.

27. Egypt - Khol, khol, khol

Lived-in" eye look using only my HG product--authentic Arabic kohl. I get  10-packs of these for the equivalent of $5 every summer. : r/MakeupAddiction
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Men and women decorate their eyes using coloured khol, usually green, blue or black and in ancient times, the khol circles were thought to ward off the evil eye and scientists believe that the lead in this makeup actually made the wearers healthier as it killed off bacteria. Little fact for you there!

28. China - Plum blossom makeup

Chinese Traditional Tang Dynasty Inspired Makeup Look on Monolids :  r/MakeupAddiction
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'Plum blossom makeup' originated from ancient times where princess' beauty was enhanced when a petal fell on her face (particularly through the Tang and Song dynasties). Fast forward a couple of thousands of years and the plum blossom makeup style is still in and probably always will be. Who doesn't love flawless skin and rosy cheeks.

29. Portugal - The Kylie Jenner effect

Pia Mia and Jordyn Woods both post videos using Rare Beauty… not so subtle  support? : r/KUWTK
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Over lining lips has always been a thing, but the rise of Kylie Jenner made it a bit of an obsession, with young girls all over the globe over lining their lips and even getting filler just to recreate Jenner luscious lips. Portuguese women are loving the over lined nude lip look.

30. Singapore - K-drama makeup

FOTD] K-drama antagonist makeup look : r/beautytalkph
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Light sculpting of the face and a tinge of colour to the eyes is every Singapore woman's dream makeup look. Subtle but beautiful at the same time and it's the perfect combo for living in this hot climate. These ladies have no time for their makeup sliding off their faces.

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