Craziest Things Found In Prison Cells

By Carole 1 year ago

1. Smuggle Cat - stuffed with ....

Image source: NPC
Animals have long been used to smuggle items into prisons.  It's usually birds that carry dr*gs and cell phones, but a cat could get so much more inside it.  This was the thinking of inmates in Brazil who got a headset, batteries and charger smuggled in, with the help of the feline!

2. Strippers -  a chilly discovery!

Image so
urce: Business Insider
Of all the things you can smuggle into a prison, surely one of the hardest has to be an actual human but it did happen.  Crafty inmates in a Florida jail got a stripper brought in.  What is even more amazing is that it was a high security jail and the lady in question entertained the guy more than once!

3. Pet Rabbit - how cute!

source: ABC
Jail can be a lonely place, with no one to cuddle so what do you do?  Prisoners working outside saw the long-eared, cute rabbit in the grounds and took it inside, for purely innocent reasons, surprisingly enough!  They just wanted a friend and this furry one filled the gap!  When it was discovered, the authorities sent it to an animal rescue center.

4. A Glider  yes, you read that correctly!

Image source: Milita
ry History Now
It is the duty of any prisoner of war to try to escape.  This is easier said than done but during the Second World War, British POWs being held at Colditz Castle realized that the roof of the chapel was obscured from sight on the ground. That meant they could launch a glider, without the Germans seeing them, to get them over the walls and past the river outside.

5. Cigarette Roach - well trained cockroach

Image source:
Gizmodo Australia
There’s a story, possibly an urban legend, of a cockroach trained to smuggle cigarettes.  An inmate at a prison in Amarillo apparently trained a roach to come to him in solitary when he whistled, carrying a single cigarette and a match tied to his back, presumably arranged by someone outside.

6. Karaoke Suite - helps the boredom!

source: Al Jazeera
Karaoke is one of those things that you are into or you’re not.!  Indonesia’s Artalyta Suryani was a businesswoman who got 5 years in prison for bribery charges.  She also managed to bribe the prison officers by offering them money in order to bag herself a decent prison suite.  She requested a karaoke machine and her wish was granted!

7. Prison Wine - red or white?

source: Vinography
Whatever the situation or crisis may be, we have always found a way to make our own liquor and that would include in prison!  Freshly made jailhouse booze or pruno has a wide range of titles and can be made from mixtures that include any type of fruit, tea, sugar, and even.  Wardens have even stopped confiscating it.

8. Home Made Computer - check those emails

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In 2017, officials in Ohio discovered that inmates had built their own computer and  hidden it in the ceiling.  The prison allowed inmates to break down old electronics for recycling and wo inmates working together had stolen bits and pieces while at work until they had enough to make a new computer.  It had been used for p*rn, and recipes for dr*gs.

9. Electric Guitar - give us a tune, inmate

source: Reddit
It’s mind blowing to see what prisoners can smuggle or build.  Every once in a while a perfectly legal item gets produced and in the case of Norman's Lockamy's electric guitar, deserves some recognition.  Hand made in a prison wood shop, the guitar was named Lady, featuring an oak body and a maple headstock.

10. Knitting Needles - you can never have enough hobbies

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You will surely think that inmates sitting around knitting for charity sounds crazy but that’s what happens in some correctional facilities.  It's called “Knitting Behind Bars”  and is a program that took five years to get off the ground. The program is now going strong after a lot of hard work and determination by Lynn Zwerling and her team of volunteers.

11. Paper Heads - part of an escape plan

Image source: San
Francisco Chronicle
These paper mache heads created by Frank Morris and John and Clarence Anglin are some of the most amazing things ever discovered in a prison. They were constructed out of toilet paper and soap.  The prisoners crafted them in secret during their time in Alcatraz, using paint from the prison maintenance shop and even stole hair from the floor of the prison barber to make them look real.

12. Shotgun - being creative

Image source
: Reddit
This shotgun was made from iron bedposts, the charge made of pieces of lead, curtain tape and match-heads and ignited by AA batteries and a broken light bulb.  In 1984, two inmates of a prison in Celle, Germany, took a jailer as a hostage, showed off their fire power and escaped by car.

13. Narcotics Cache - hidden in a leg!

Image source:
New York Post
In a hollow space inside his artificial leg, one prisoner in open detention frequently smuggled narcotics into ‘Santa Fu’ prison in Hamburg, Germany.  He aroused suspicion by being constantly high.  His behaviour finally got the attention of the prison officers who checked out the prosthesis.

14. Radio Transmitter/Bug - over and out

source: ArduPilot Discourse
An inmate at Wolfenbuttel prison in Germany made a radio transmitter out of radio recorder parts.  It was as a means of cell-to-cell communication among the inmates.  A standard radio serves as a receiver.  It's not uncommon for items like these to be put together.

15. Grappling Hook - isn't that dangerous?

Image source:
This cleverly conceived tool helped two inmates in their escape from Ludwigsburg prison, Germany, on August 19, 1987.  The attached rod helped them to place and retrieve the hook and then negotiate two prison walls in succession.  It had 13 segments and was 4.5 metres in length.

16. Waist Trimmer - good to stay in shape, wherever you are!

Image source: Reddit
Inmates at one federal prison are permitted to purchase waist trimmers and tummy belts from the commissary, starting at around $10.  They are listed as  “recreational items” along with other workout gear such as weightlifting gloves and wrist bands.  Maybe the prisoners want to stay healthy and exercise, before they enter the outside world.

17. Moustache Scissors - vanity wins

Image sour
ce: Reddit 
Has the world gone mad?  You can buy moustache scissors and beard trimmers in one Georgia jail!  The rules are that prisoners must keep their facial hair neat but surely scissors are classed as a dangerous item.  Also, these items are so expensive that it would take weeks to save up for them, what with the hourly rate for prisoners working being $0.12 an hour!

18. Prison Gift Shop - a tourist hotspot?

Image source:
Inveraray Jail
Yes, there is a prison gift shop, primarily aimed at tourists but often open to the inmates. It sells hoodies, key rings and coffee mugs.  These gift stores are typically housed in or close to some of the country’s worst jails in terms of institutional violence, death sentences and sexual assault.

19. Nunchucks - those chair legs could be useful

Image source:
eBaum's World
Though this cannot be bought in any commissary, one guy actually decided to make his own. During his workshop session, Lorenzo Pollard created a pair of karate tools from the legs of his chair and some linen.  He used it to fight off armed guards before jumping over two wired fences.

20. Hippy Crack - we're not surprised

Image source:
In 2017, three inmates in prison in the United Kingdom were filmed inhaling nitrous oxide, known as laughing gas, from canisters that they filled through balloons. The colorless gas is referred to as "hippy crack" and can cause hallucinations and even death if there is a lack of oxygen when being abused.

21. A Coloring Book - it's therapeutic!

Image source: The Telegraph
I always think coloring can be so therapeutic and relaxing. In March 2011, the relatives of three New Jersey inmates dissolved the dr8g Suboxone into a paste and then painted it - into a coloring book!  The seemingly innocent present raised concerns with the authorities as they had received a tip off!  It was then confiscated.

22. Dead Birds - at least they won't fly away

source: BBC
Not all inmates have the patience to train carrier pigeons. so some prisoners go for the more stripped-down approach and use dead birds instead!  A friend will stuff the dead bird with illegal dr*gs of the prisoner's choice (it's good to have a choice!), the bird is thrown over the exercise wall and the deed is done.

23. Tattoo Gun - create your own memory

Image source: Metro UK
Prison tattoos are very popular with inmates and there are plenty of  "prison made'" tattoo guns on the internet.  This one was made from a toothbrush handle, a ball pen and an electric motor.  The big issue here is that the tattoos caused infections in the recipients.

24. Explosives Hidden In Lady Parts - ouch!

Image source: New York Post

An explosion in a Colombian jail that took the lives of five prisoners and injured many more shocked the authorities.  When they investigated, they found a female visitor had brought in a grenade, securely hidden away in her lady parts!  It was easy for her to do as the prison security officers were not allowed to inspect women's genitals.

25. Underwear Soaked In Methadone - stay away from flames

Image source: India Today

In Kentucky’s Jessamine County Detention Center, tragedy struck when an inmate died because of a methadone overdose. This left the authorities baffled as they didn't know how the prisoner got hold of it.  Turns out he soaked his underwear in methadone, which is odorless and colorless.

26. A Baby - what can we say?

Image source: Daily Mail

A baby with a balloon is a common sight but a baby with a balloon filled with 20 grams of pot is maybe a different story.  A woman attempted to use her small child to smuggle weed into a New Zealand prison in 2010.  The sad and desperate attempt was swiftly thwarted.

27. Love Letters - with special stamps!

Image source: KY3
A Florida woman was charged last October with smuggling dr*gs under the postage stamps she mailed to the prison.  Sarah Laurito sent her lover letters, that happened to contain Suboxone-laced stamps!  Her boyfriend had instructed her via coded phone conversations about how to send the dr*gs.

28. Dice - but not as you know them!

Image s
ource: Daily Mail
These dice were made from bread!  The white coloring comes from mold, and the black dots were made with a felt-tip pen.  Dice are typically considered as contraband, in case they are swallowed, so these were made very small, making them easier to conceal from prison guards.

29. Tennis Balls - with more than a bounce

Image sourc
e: Reddit
Prison guards were surprised to find that a search carried out in an inmate's cell revealed a number of tennis balls.  On closer inspection and due to a familiar scent, cannabis was found inside them.  A dr*g dealer had thrown them over the prison wall into the inmates' stretching yard.

30. Highlighters - they really left their mark!

Image sour
ce: Getty Images
A licensed practice nurse at Broad River Correctional Institution, entered the prison with 195 grams of illegal substances, stuffed into a dozen highlighter pens.  Being totally organised, brown rolling papers were also discovered inside three other highlighters.  according to arrest warrants.

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