Things People Have Done To Get Away With Murder

By Juliet Smith 2 months ago

First and foremost, they exercise their right to remain silent

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For all you Netlix-obsessed, murder-enthusiasts out there, this is the ultimate list for you. To kick things off, we have probably one of the most obvious tactics in the book, murderers always exercise the right to remain silent. Authorities will work tirelessly to convict them, so giving them nothing is a classic tactic.

They choose their targets carefully

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In order to get away with murder, it has to be the right target that's chosen. Statistically, people are murdered by someone they know and, more often than not, it's domestic. Well, professional killers go out of there way to kill people they don't know and that's how they get away with it.

They've gone by the rule of "no motive, no case"

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As above, if killers choose strangers as their targets it often means that there is no motive if they were ever looked into. The police always need to prove motive when it comes to a felony murder charge and that can be made especially hard if the victim and killer were unknown to each other.

You'd never catch a pro serial killer leaving DNA around

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DNA is the one thing that can get a killer caught for certain. Professional killers make every effort to cover themselves head-to-toe so as not to leave any of their DNA lying around at the crime scene. If there's no sign of them there, how could they have done it?!

The location is key when getting away with murder

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Locations are also important when it comes to targeting someone. Obviously, they don't do it in broad daylight, but finding a spot that lots of strangers happen by is a plus as there will already be a minefield of DNA there. So libraries, subways, alleys...

Committing the murder away from their hometown

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The chances of being caught when a killer murders in a different town than their hometown decrease dramatically. Odds are, the authorities are looking into local people around the area and so if the killer managed to slip by unnoticed, they might just be off the hook!

They made sure they blended in

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Killer's don't wanna be this guy. The best thing a killer can do is blend in to their surroundings, that way, they won't draw any attention to themselves. So if it's in an office, they might dress up in a smart and dashing suit, or wear gym wear at a park.

They clean up after themselves

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The clean-up is crucial when it comes to getting away with murder. That means leaving no bullet casing, empty wrappers, waste, weapons, or just anything for that matter. However, it's not always great to move the body, so that could stay where it is.

There is no crime if there is no body...

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While moving a body can increase a killer's chances of being caught, there's been cases that have proven otherwise. There's many ways that serial killers have disposed of the victim's bodies, some more gruesome than others, and here's just a few to get your hairs raised...

Some have had them incinerated

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This is a classic how to get away with murder 101 staple. We obviously know that when a body is burned, DNA is destroyed, but a normal fire won't do. No. Killers have been using incinerators for years to getting rid of what remains of their victims...

Other killers weighed them down under

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Another way in which murders have disposed of their projects is by tying them up, weighing them down with rocks, and dumping them in a river or sea. It doesn't always work, but killers are known to use deeper than average waters to decrease the chances of it washing up.

Flushing the remains...

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One killer, Dennis Nilsen, actually made use of one simple appliance to get rid of the body. He decided that the best course of action would be to flushing the hacked-up parts of human down the toilet. Well, it didn't go too well, as the flesh and bones were found in the pipes!

Murderers have used Mother Nature as their scapegoat

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Serial killer Robert Pickton was famous for killing 49 women between the years of 1983 and 2002 in Vancouver. What Pickton did was inventive, he would feed the remains to his pigs and even to people too. I guess that's one way of getting rid of DNA!

They buy their materials at least a month in advance

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In order for a murder plan to be foolproof, killers often premeditate their killings for weeks, months or even years. This means that they don't buy all their killing tools together or last minute. They'll buy them from stores they can't be tracked to and well in advance.

And they ALWAYS pay in cash

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Credit and debit cards will always leave a paper trail and murderers know that. That's why, whenever they are buying anything remotely to do with their extra-curricular activities, they'll only pay in cash. That way, how will they track the transaction?

They keep their mouths SHUT

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It might be tempting for a killer to confide in their family and friends after what they've done, but that is the first step in having the police catch them. Instead, killers will keep their killing to themselves in a big to get away with their murders.

They avoid social media at ALL costs


Social media is not a good friend to killers. It can lead to people stalking their profile, coming up with theories about them, speculating online. Instead, killers have opted for a more off-the-radar approach when it comes to all social media, and it works.

Acid is a killer's best friend

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Some have used loads of acid to completely dissolve the bodies of those that they've killed. If you've watched Breaking Bad, you might know that this kinda works, but can lead to all sorts of problems if not done properly. Murderers have been using this method for years!

Souvenirs are a big no-no

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It might be tempting for some novice murderers to take a souvenir from each of their killings, but they would be stupid to. That is a massive thing that is gonna tie the killer to the murder scene, so as it much as it might be tempting, hair and teeth should stay behind.

They make their alibi airtight

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Establishing a convincing and airtight alibi is one of the most important things for killers to consider when it comes to committing their murders. They have to make sure that they either have someone on board, or do something to place themselves in a different location, like a payphone.

They even have their credit card used miles from the crime scene!

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Some killers like to be extra prepared and might even send their friend out with their credit card to start buying things miles and miles away from the crime scene when the crime is committed. This way, if the murderer is ever questioned, they've got receipts.

It all comes down to the right detergent

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According to some killers, the right detergent can get you a long way. Obviously, when it comes to DNA, it's not just their's they have to worry about, it's the victim's too. In that case, apparently oxygen-producing bleach detergents are the best for rinsing away all that blood...

They never buy brands they use personally

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Buying their favorite brands of power tools, kitchen towels, bin liners, or just anything, can even tie a killer to their crime. In that case, the best killers out there avoid buying familiar brands altogether as they don't want to be tied to the crime in any way.

A bike can be the best getaway vehicle

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You may not think so, but a bike can be the best way for a killer to flee a crime scene. It's fast, can easily slip down alleys, and can be ridden in the dark easily. Also, it won't be picked up by any road traffic cameras and can also be disposed of easier than a car.

Choosing the right time of day is mega important

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According to professionals, the time of day is extremely important when it comes to killers choosing the perfect moment. While you might think that it's the middle of the night that would be best, it's actually early hours of the morning, around sunrise.

They never get seen!

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One thing that nearly got the Zodiac killer caught was being seen by a stranger. In that case, killers will do anything to not be seen near their crime scenes. This could be dumpster diving, hiding down alleys, in sewers or even on roofs. Just as long as people can't see them.

Hide it in plain sight...

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HH Holmes, the notorious Chicago serial killer of the 19th century, actually managed to get away with his crimes by selling and donating some of the bodies to science and medical schools. Now that truly is an ingenious and inventive way of getting things done!

Some have framed other people for the crime

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It doesn't always work, but killers will often frame others if it means getting away with it themselves. This could be anything from planting evidence, lying in witness statements, or hacking their computer. As long as the authorities have someone else to point their finger at, the murderer is fine.

They go about their lives as normal afterward

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The most important thing for killers to do in the aftermath of their murdering spree is to act normal. It sounds obvious, but acting normal is harder to do when it's just "acting." Also, it's best for murderers to avoid watching the TV or reading the news, so as not to be guilt-tripped.

Which means... DO. NOT. BRAG.

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No doubt some murders feel proud of the killing they've done (so wrong!) and that means they just want to brag to others about their achievements. Well, that's just the most stupid way of getting caught. Instead, the clever killers keep everything to themselves.

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