Every American Has These 20+ Items In Their Trunk

By Joy Boyd 1 year ago

1. Never get stranded again!

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A set of jumper cables is one of the most common things you'll find in someone's trunk. They come in handy in case your car won't start, and you can also help other people out if they're having trouble with their car! The last thing you want is to be stranded over a low battery.

2. A flat tire won't stop you, if you have this

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If your car doesn't have a spare tire, if you don't own a car jack, or if you do, but you have NO idea where to start to change a tire, then you'll like have an electric tire inflater and tire sealer in your trunk! A tire sealer is awesome because it can seal a leak and then use the inflator to inflate your flat tire to get to a safe place.

3. It truly does fix everything

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They say that duct tape fixes anything and everything. If you find yourself in a jam on the road, duct tape can come in clutch. Say you get in a fender bender and your headlight is hanging out or your rearview mirror breaks, a little duct tape is a great temporary fix in a time of need.

4. If you don't have roadside assistance, you probably have this stashed in your trunk

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If something happens and you need to be towed, extra cash can come in handy. Even if cash isn't something you regularly have on you, setting some aside hidden in your car can really help you out. Most people recommend between $40 and $200. Sure we live in the digital age, but cash never expires!

5. Let people know where you are with these

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Safety first is the rule of the road, and reflective triangles and flares are a super effective way to let people know that you're broken down, so they can give you extra space while passing. They're especially helpful at night to alert people to your situation.

6. Literally every woman has this in their trunk

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Every woman knows the literal pain of a night out in heels. Nothing is worse than heading home from a night in with aching feet, so it's pretty much a guarantee that she's gonna have a change of shoes in her trunk. Wanna walk a mile? A spontaneous hike? She's ready with a change of shoes. The comfier the better!

7. Speaking of, this is just good sense

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Honestly, besides just a change of shoes, almost every American probably has a change of clothes in their trunk. It can be a lifesaver if you spill on yourself at dinner, get caught in the rain, or simply need to change it up last minute. You never know when you're gonna need some clean underwear!

8. Be ready for the Zombie Apocalypse

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If watching survivor shows have taught us anything, it's that you always have a survival kit in your trunk. Do some research and find one that suits you, or put together your own. It could come in handy if you're stranded. The basics would be snacks (with a long shelf life), a blanket, radio, a first aid kit, and of course, water!

9. Let there be light

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Besides the survival kit, your dad probably put one of these in your trunk for you... a flashlight! Make sure it's a high quality one that is durable. If you get a flat tire at night, you'll be grateful it's there. While you're at it, throw some extra batteries in your survival kit!

10. Okay, this one may surprise you

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Did you know that kitty litter is something people keep in their trunk? Some people use sand, but kitty litter is super versatile. It can soak up motor oil or help you get traction if you get stuck on a slippery surface. AND surprisingly, it can make your car smell better!

11. Beyond the jumper cables, you'll find this in everyone's trunk

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Jumper cables come in handy if your battery dies, but if your battery dies somewhere remote where no one is driving by to help you out, they're pretty pointless. UNLESS you have a battery pack. Keep that bad boy charged up and ready to go! You never know when you'll need it.

12. They're so affordable, why wouldn't you have this in your trunk?

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Okay, okay, it's probably not something you think about every day, but a tire gauge is small and cheap and something you may use more than you'd think to check your tire pressure. It can be beneficial (and give you peace of mind) to have one around if you're going on a road trip with your friends!

13. This should be in your trunk, but even if you don't have a car, get one

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Honestly, this is one of the most important things on the list. A multi-tool that's durable and good quality. You know, one of those things that's a pocket night, a ruler, tiny scissors, and more. It could really save you in a pinch. It's truly the must have of the season!

14. Beyond the flares, invest in a vest

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It seems to happen that your car never breaks down in a convenient or well-lit area. Why is that? If you have to pull over in the middle of the night to change a tire, and it's pitch black, you'll be glad to have a safety vest with reflectors to stand out to other motorists who might come by.

15. Hopefully you'll never need to use this

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So a fire extinguisher is one of those things you don't need until you really really need it. The probability of needing one in relation to your car is slim, but it is a situation of better safe than sorry. It's better to have it taking up space in your trunk and never have to use it than the opposite.

16. This is helpful for you and others on the road

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What would you do if your car broke down in a dangerous spot and a tow truck couldn't get to you? Luckily, you're prepared with that tow strap in your trunk! Sometimes you need to get your car (or someone else's) off the road quickly until help can arrive.

17. A fully stocked trunk requires a method to the madness

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We've all seen the restock and organization videos on TikTok. Why not apply that to your trunk? Trunk organizers keep all the things in your trunk in their proper place. They're sturdy, so things are flying around, and they help you maximize your space. In the words of Marie Kondo, it will spark joy!

18. Everyone has this in their trunk even if they don't know how to use it

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A lot of cars have storage space specifically for a car jack and spare tire. Even if you're not sure how to use these tools to change it yourself, you'll never regret having them on hand when you need them. There are a lot of options from electric to manual for the car jack and tools, so do some research and be prepared!

19. Be prepared, rain or shine!

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Keeping an umbrella in the trunk of your car doesn't take up much space, and it's just good sense! Even if you don't live in a particularly rainy place, it doesn't hurt to have one on hand if you find yourself in a precarious situation. The only thing worse than being stranded is being stranded and drenched. It might also come in handy if you get caught in a sudden storm running errands!

20. Even if you don't have a full survival kit, you probably at least have one of these

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It's another one of those things that you don't need it until you do. A blanket is definitely a car trunk essential in America! Whether it's a spontaneous picnic on the beach or a chilly outdoor movie, or rescuing an unexpected puppy on the side of the road, a blanket can be incredibly useful!

21. Accidents happen, so keep this on hand

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You're on a road trip with your friends, and things are bound to get a little rowdy! An all-purpose cleaner and some paper towels can help you out if someone spills or your car gets unexpectedly dirty and needs a quick touch up. If you have pets or kids, these two items are ESSENTIAL.

22. Have these for on-the-road munchies

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Nothing hits quite like a salty snack when you're on the road. Keeping snacks with long shelf lives that aren't affected by heat or cold is probably one of the most important things you can have in your trunk. Bottled water is also something most Americans keep accessible!

23. A slick solution

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Sometimes gauges on cars malfunction, especially if you're driving an older model. That oil light may not be as dependable as you think! That's why a lot of people keep a quart of oil in their trunk to get them out of a jam. It's another one of those things that doesn't take up a lot of space and is good to have around!

24. All the cool girls do it

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It's amazing to know how many girls keep a tennis racket in their trunk. Maybe it's just the California girlies, but you have to be ready for a spontaneous game at any moment! It's a great way to meet people! And worse case scenario, you can use it to swat away bugs on that camping trip!

25. This may just be California, but...

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Another thing American girls keep in their trunk is a swimsuit! We love the spontaneous adventures and that may include last minute beach and burger trips with your friends. The last thing you want to do is miss out on sunset swims because you're not prepared!

26. You know how your dad always has WD-40?

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Well, dads know best, and WD-40 should be in the trunk of your car! It's great for everything like loosening lug nuts when you need to change that flat tire, or removing a bumper sticker that you find embarrassing. It's cheap, and according to my dad, it will make your life easier!

27. If you have kids or are going on a road trip with friends...

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Definitely invest in these backseat trash cans to keep on hand! They'll help keep your car looking good and your sanity in tact. You don't have to have them out all the time, just stash them in your trunk. And if you don't want to use them for trash, they also work great for extra storage for the kiddos so there's no more crying over dropped toys.

28. Save your hands and your bum with this

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A car windshield shade can be super useful, especially in the summer. We all know that feeling of getting into a car with leather seats in the summer or touching the steering wheel after being parked in the sun. They're compact and easy to store in your trunk when you're not using it.

29. Be truly ready for anything

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Throw a pack of bungee cords in your trunk! Again, this is a super cheap item that can help you out in a pinch. Say your trunk latch breaks and you don't want to lose all of those items you have stored in there, a bungee cord to the rescue! The same goes for hauling a Christmas tree or that sweet piece of furniture you picked up at a yard sale.

30. For the cold weather girlies

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Keep it practical with a can of defroster (like Ice-Off) stored in your trunk. If you come out to your car covered in frost, snow or ice, this can really save your hands from freezing. It can also save you from breaking your credit card when you try to use it as a scraper!

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