What Your Milk Of Choice Says About Your Personality

By Kirsty 1 year ago

Whole Milk? Says A Whole Lot About You..

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... and what it does say is good news. You live life to the fullest - just like you want the whole milk, the whole deal, the whole package, you want everything you can get out of life. You don't worry about the little things, like the calorie counting - you go out there and grab life by the gallon milk jug.

Skim Milk: What A Waste Of Potential!

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You really aren't making the best out of life, or yourself. You're cutting back at every possible opportunity in life, and with yourself, and you're not even getting much out of it - or for a good reason. You could do with treating yourself a little bit more, or trying new things.

1% Milk: You Never Give 100%

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If you're going for the 1% milk, you could be a very cautious person. This could be both physically, and emotionally/mentally. You might be very health-conscious and you'd rather have something that's healthy than something that tastes good - but you still crave a bit of taste every now and again!

2% Milk: You Don't Want Anyone To Cry Over Spilt Milk

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You're a well-balanced person, which is a good and a bad thing. As a 2-percenter, you don't like to upset many people, which could lead you to people-pleasing in a lot of situations. But, ultimately, you're a reliable person who loads of people can definitely depend on!

Organic Milk: You Care (Maybe Too Much)

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You're a very thoughtful person. People would always say you're the kindest person they know. You think enough about the effects your actions have on the people and the world around you. You enjoy trying to be good for yourself and for others, and that's an awesome way to be!

Chocolate Milk: You're A Free Spirit

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You definitely don't take life too seriously. If you want chocolate milk at 8am for breakfast, you sure as heck are going to have chocolate milk at 8am for breakfast. You're a real fun-loving person, and you're loved by everyone around you - especially kids, who get a great playful vibe from you!

Strawberry Milk: You're Ignoring Your Adult Problems

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You remember how easy it was to be a kid, without all those adult responsibilities, chores and bills to pay. You miss that, and you do whatever you can on a daily basis to connect with your inner child again and ignore adulting for a while. Strawberry milk makes you feel like a kid.

You Drink Milk On Its Own In A Glass: You Don't Care What People Think

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If you're an adult drinking milk on its own from a glass as though it's as refreshing as beer or a fruit drink, then you may get a few funny looks. Only kids do this, right? Wrong! At least that's what you tell people, because you honestly don't care what people think. You have glasses full of self confidence (and milk).

You Chug Milk Straight Out The Bottle: You're A Heathen!

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We're sorry, but this is just a no go - it's rude behavior, especially when you're sharing that bottle with others in the house and you dump it straight back in the fridge after having your mouth round the top of it! You can be quite a rude and selfish person sometimes - but you do have a good heart, and sometimes don't realise you're doing it!

You Don't Drink Milk! Who Needs Healthy Bones?

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Thanks for sticking around this long if you don't even drink milk! But if you don't drink milk at all, it could be a sign that you're a really laidback person when it comes to your health and lifestyle. And this can either mean easy-going, or even lazy and in need of more self-care!

Almond Milk: You're An Adventurer

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When you're touring the globe, living your nomadic lifestyle or just taking that 10th solo trip of the month, you best believe you have your trusty bottle of almond milk next to you! If you drink this, you're very much a go-getter, adventurer and the type who loves life.

Hemp Milk: You're Super Independent

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You don't follow trends, celebrities' Instagram profiles or what anyone else thinks you should be doing - you're you, and you're not going to change that. Not only are you completely comfortable in your own skin, but you're very independent and happy to do things alone.

Soy Milk: You're A Gentle Soul

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Your loved ones think you're the sweetest thing imaginable. You wouldn't hurt a fly - and you're probably an empath who cries at least once a day. You're a very considerate person, and that makes you an amazing listener and a shoulder to cry on for your friends.

Rice Milk: You're A Strong Leader

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You don't care what anybody says about you, or thinks about you - you're here to set a standard, and you'd be happy to make your mark. You do things that most people raise their eyebrows at but then secretly want to do, and wish they had the confidence to do it.

Oat Milk: You're Here To Save The Planet

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And that's probably your whole personality - but there's nothing wrong with that because you're definitely trying to make a positive difference, day in and day out. You drink oat milk, you're probably a vegan or vegetarian, you'll meditate at least once a day and you probably journal about oat milk, too.

Coconut Milk: You Upload Your Skincare Routine To Instagram

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You're either already an influencer, or you want to be. You spend a lot of time, effort and money on makeup, skincare and then making videos about makeup and skincare. You use coconut milk for lots of different things - and most of them aren't drinking the stuff. You probably use coconut milk as a hair mask.

Cashew Milk: You Like To Be Different

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But you like to make a point of how different you are. You've made the switch to trying to help the planet with different milk, but you're more, 'Oh, oat milk? Almond? Na, too predictable - I drink cashew milk!' If pick me girls existed in the realm of milk drinkers, it would probably be you.

Lactose Free Milk: You're Overly Sensitive

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Well, firstly, you're obviously lactose intolerant. Unless you just like the taste of lactose-free milk. But you're also a very sensitive person - and a lot of the time, you're over-sensitive, which can lead to a lot of hurt, anger and upset. But you get over it eventually!

Powdered Milk: You're Frugal

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Every single cent counts, and you're not going to waste a single one of them. Sure, you know milk is a worthwhile investment because you're definitely going to use it and enjoy it, but you want the cheapest milk possible, and you want it to last - so powdered milk in the pantry it is!

You Take Cream, Not Milk: You're Impulsive

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You have a very sweet tooth, and you're often incapable of resisting sweet treats and an extra sugar in your coffee. You go for cream because it's creamier and sweeter than milk. In life, you're very impulsive, and you let your spontaneous needs overrule your logical head!

You Only Order Coffee On The Go: You Have Expensive Taste

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You probably don't even know what milk you drink half the time because you only ever order it when someone else makes it - or, you have a VERY specific order with very specific milk. Either way, you have expensive taste and you enjoy spending extra money for the bonus of not having to do something yourself!

Hazelnut Milk: You're Down To Earth

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Hazelnut milk suggested that you're very down to earth and very level-headed. You may also enjoy doing a lot of things that help you to feel grounded and connected to nature. You probably love spending most of your time outdoors and away from technology or screens.

Macadamia Nut Milk: Funny Is Your Middle Name

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You're the one that's always cracking jokes - and this could either mean you're the most hilarious member of your friend group, or your non-stop comedy routine gets on the nerves of everyone around you. There's nothing you say that you can't make into a joke - good or bad!

Walnut Milk: You're Unpredictable

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Your friends and fam probably don't know what mood you're going to be in - or where you're going to be - from day to day. You either leave people on read for a month or you reply within 0.0001 seconds. You take everything as it comes, and you easily change your mind.

You Like Milky Coffees Like Lattes And Cappuccinos

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You're mindful - you like to take things slow, and at your own pace, and that counts for anything in life, whether it's your daily routine, your slow mornings or your relationships. You likely have an easy-going job that feels more casual than stressful, meaning you have more time to make those frothy coffees.

Peanut Milk: You're Lazy

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You're more likely to be found slouching on the couch than at the gym - there's nothing wrong with that, but too much lazyness is definitely something you need to work on. You know you need to get up and move more, but sitting down all day just feels too darn good!

Pistachio Milk: You Can Be Stubborn

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You know what you like, you know what you want, and it's unlikely you'll compromise on that. Even when you know you're wrong, you'll probably remain as stubborn as a mule! People can find this frustrating sometimes but your heart's in the right place and it's only because you care passionately about things!

Pea Milk: You're Introverted

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You're a quiet person, but that doesn't mean you're shy or lack confidence. You have complete confidence in yourself, you just prefer positioning yourself... away from other people. Your perfect day would be home alone with a good book, not out in a busy city!

Sesame Milk: You're A Prankster

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You're the type of person to replace sugar with salt, you know? You have a good, fun heart and you like to be surrounded by people you love (because that's more people to play pranks on). You're more extrovert and thrive on the good energies of others - especially if you can make them laugh!

Banana Milk: You Get Bored Easily

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Even with the simplest thing like milk, you get bored easily - and that's why you're drinking banana milk, because it's not the norm. But you'll probably get bored of banana milk soon, too! You're constantly on the look out for the next thing to interest you.

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