Here’s What Your Jewellery Says About You

By Ange Arnal 1 year ago

1. Silver, gold or pearl earrings - Classy & professional

24k Gold Earring 24k Earrings 24K Stud Earrings .999 Gold - Etsy UK
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If you're someone who likes to wear silver, gold or pearl earrings you tend to be an organized person who enjoys timeless jewels. You're a classy and professional person who likes to take care of themselves but doesn't spend too long in front of the mirror in the morning. You have more important things to think about.

2. Gold ring or smartwatch - Knowledgable & business minded

14K or 18K yellow gold? (Details in the comments) : r/EngagementRings
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A gold watch or smart watch is a sign that you take your career seriously and that you spend a lot of your time either in work or thinking about your work. You live and breathe your career and will settle for nothing less than success.

3. Unique gems - Thoughtful & artsy

My Small Ring Collection : r/jewelry
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You care about fashion and the deeper meaning behind it. You have a passion for the arts and enjoy nature as well so a gorgeous piece of jewellery, especially if it's sustainable really catches your eye. Rather than go for what's on trend, you pick what you actually like.

4. Big hoops & colourful chunky necklaces - Bold

Ordered some hoops from amazon. I've never worn hoops before...I think I can dig it 😍 [2g] : r/Stretched
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The life and soul of the party, you enjoy being around people, socialising and you live and breath a bold lifestyle. You don't shy away from laughing and loving and live life to the fullest like it's your last day on this earth. You love your life!

5. Over the top rings - Outgoing

The Best Engagement Ring Instagrams to Follow
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You're confident to wear statement jewellery but you're not over the top with it and combined with a nice outfit, you look like you're a powerful person. Your cheerful and outgoing personality brightens up people's day and make you someone al of your friends look up to.

6. Striking earrings - Minimalistic

Is it worth starting an etsy shop? : r/EtsySellers
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You may have a passion for fashion but you believe that magic lies in little details. You're not one the experiment with colored gems and statement earrings. You like to be striking but not obnoxious and a dainty pair of earrings are perfect for you.

7. Colourful jewels - Empathetic

Emerald Lux Privé Adjustable Sterling Silver Ring – Phantom Jewels
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Being balanced with your look shows you're thoughtful and empathetic. You like colourful jewels with your minimalistic outfits and you're confident enough to pull it off. High-quality jewels make a greater impression and give off an aura of calmness as well.

8. High-quality silver watch - Confident

Rolex] Rant : r/Watches
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High-quality silver also gives off an aura of calmness and confidence which radiants off of you. You're an incredible friend and most types of jewellery suit you, but you choose to wear relaxed and minimal jewels. A silver watch shows how unique you are.

9. Dangly necklaces - Sociable & bubbly

How does jewelry work into your personal style? : r/femalefashionadvice
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Dangly earrings or extravegent rings show that you're likely to be a sociable, bubbly person who likes to be surrounded by the people they love. They love to party and are generous and cheery souls who draw people to them like a magnet.

10. Recycled/turquoise jewels - Down to earth

Is there a way to clean this Persian turquoise stone without damaging it? : r/jewelry
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Recycled jewels or turquoise earrings and bangle bracelets tend to mean that you're a nature lover. You enjoy the outdoors and have an awareness of what's going on around them and how the world and nature is changing. You also gravitate towards earthy tones.

11. Pearl necklace - Classy & elegant

Can anyone evaluate my pearls? Thinking of selling : r/jewelry
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People who love pearls are elegant and like the simple yet beautiful things in life. You're traditional and family orientated and like a quiet life with your family and close friends over a night out on the town. You have a calm demeanor and make people feel calm when they're around you.

12. Tiffany's diamonds - Great attention to detail

Tried on engagements rings at Tiffany for fun yesterday, they'll always be stunning 😍 : r/EngagementRings
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Everything about Tiffany diamonds screams perfection. You never settle for second best and are always moving forward in your life, never looking back. Setting goals is something that you find important and you will settle for nothing less than greatness.

13. Color co-ordinated matched sets - Excellent conversationalist

Playing w jewelry, does this look ok? : r/piercing
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People who are neat, responsible and organized tend to wear matching jewellery sets, a gold necklace and matching earrings. Silver bangles with matching shoes or earrings. This is also a sign of someone who is an excellent conversationalists.

14. Bold statement necklaces - Trendsetter

I Work in PR but I Hate Statement Necklaces - Racked
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Bold statement necklaces are a sign of someone who likes to stand out and is a little different from the standard. You don't care much for brands and see your jewellery as a form of art more than anything. You'll find your gear from thrift stores to online brands.

15. Pendant necklaces or tennis bracelets - Athletic & energetic

Sharing my lab diamond tennis bracelet! : r/Moissanite
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If you're always on the go, you will probably wear tennis bracelets or pendant necklaces to suit your active lifestyle. You're probably energetic and athletic, highly motivated with a love of engraved jewels. Your lifestyle is nothing short of hectic.

16. Antique or unique jewellery - Intriguing & a great conversationalist

My collection of vintage pieces, mostly from thrift stores or eBay. I'm too scared I might lose a brooch if I wear it, and some of my rings need some work but
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If you tend to wear antique jewellery you're a unique individual who isn't necessarily flashy and bold, but you're your own person and you're not afraid to show that off. You're the leader of your own life and nobody will tell you otherwise.

17. Blingy jewellery - The center of attention

Has anyone regretted a “large” gem? (More in comment) : r/EngagementRings
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If you love nothing more that diamantés and shiny pieces of jewellery then you're probably someone who doesn't shy away from being the center of attention. You have plenty of confidence and you're not afraid to show the world your personality.

18. Body piercings - Rebellious

Current yellow gold set up! : r/piercing
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For a long time, body piercings and tattoo's were seen as something only rebellious people would do, something outside of the social norms. People with noses, eyebrows, their tongues or chest pierced tend to have their own unique style and aren't afraid to rebel against 'the norm'.

19. Homemade, arty pieces - A modern girl

Christmas ear party courtesy of guru piercing Brighton, NeoMetal, browncoatpiercer on Etsy, junipurr, qualiTi, family heirloom gold and high street specials 😅 : r/piercing
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If you like to wear homemade or artsy pieces of jewellery, then you're probably a modern type of girl who likes wearing things that nobody else is going to be wearing! You're also probably quite artsy yourself, you like making things that reflect your personality.

20. Layered jewellery - Happy go lucky & laid back

How to Layer Necklaces : u/nihaojewelry1
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If you tend to layer your necklaces or bracelets you may want to subconsciously draw attention to certain parts of your body like your wrists or neckline. Wearing a lot of bracelets show that you're a happy-go-lucky type of person who just goes with the flow of life.

21. Vintage - Sentimental

I have a small collection of antique & vintage rings, but this is my only one with full British hallmarks! Birmingham, 1878 (Scroll to see!) : r/ jewelry
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If you're a girly who wears vintage jewellery from either a thrift shop or something from a past family member this is a sign that you engage with your feminine side and that you're quite girly and sentimental. You like to look great all the time too.

22. Bright jewellery - Optimistic & passionate

The latest trend in jewelry is summer camp chic - Vox
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Colours signify certain moods and meaning, if you're some who wears a lot of red, you're outgoing, pink indicates passion, yellow means optimism, blue indicates compassion and green says you're sincere. If you tend to match your jewellery with your clothing, you probably align with all of these traits.

23. Luxury, brand named jewellery -

luxury jewelry van cleef arpels vintage alhambra bracelet onyx : r/luxury_jewelry_
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If you like your named brands, then you're likely to be someone who likes to pay great attention to detail in all of your aspects of your life. You won't settle and always do your best to reach your goals. People admire you and your high self esteem gets you to places in your life.

24. Thin bangle bracelets - Simple & sophisticated

Thin Cartier love bracelet. Review in comment section : r/DHgate
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Simple jewellery like thin bangle bracelets indicates that you're someone who likes to live a relaxed lifestyle with plenty of trips to the beach and approach life in a laid back way. Your priority is to be happy and not to take life to seriously.

25. Diamond rings - You like the best of the best

Wedding Rings
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Your personality type indicates that you're someone who will settle for nothing but the best. You like the best of the best and you always act like you're the best of the best. You have great attention to detail and there's no room for mediocre when it comes to you.

26. Thick necklaces - Fun & extroverted

First Gold Chain (do ya'll like it?) : r/jewelry
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People who like wearing thick necklaces tend to enjoy spending time with their friends on nights out. They tend to be extroverted, sociable and don't like getting through the day without personal interaction. Your jewellery and clothing scream FUN!

27. Large, shiny rings - Optimistic

What do you consider a big ring? : r/EngagementRings
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If you have an optimistic view on life then you're probably someone who likes to wear dangly jewellery and large, shiny rings. You enjoy having fun and trying new things out in life and it shines through in the jewellery and outfits that you were day to day.

28. Unique earrings - Fun to talk to with a love of nature

How are those adorable intricate metal earrings handmade? : r/Etsy
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People who have a love for the outdoors and like spending time on their own, tend to wear jewellery on the more unique side. You'll like seaglass and seashells in your jewellery and the most special times in your life are the times you spend with loved ones, out in nature.

29. Final thoughts

Spring jewellery ☁️ | Spring jewelry, Jewelry, Online jewelry store
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You can tell a lot about someone by the way they wear their jewellery and you might be looking at these different personality types and thinking "YES, that's me!". No matter what size your jewellery collection is, everyone has their own style!

30. Final thoughts...

Anyone know where I can find similar and cheaper jewelry like the ones from ShopGirlsCrew : r/findfashion
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You don't have to have the biggest jewellery collection in the world, or even love jewellery, but anything you wear and love explains what kind of person you are. What you wear (jewellery wise) says a lot about the person you are...

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