Signs Of An Introverted Personality

By Juliet Smith 1 year ago

You value your alone time

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First and foremost, if you have an introverted personality you'll want to just spend most of your time on your own. It sounds pretty obvious, but to you, there's nothing better than spending some time at home, watching Netflix with some snacks to keep you company.

Your social battery runs dry quickly

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It's a known fact that the social battery for those with introverted personalities drains much faster than that of extroverts. Ultimately, as soon as you've had enough of the people you're socializing with, all you'll want to do is go home and rest up.

Being in a crowd makes you feel lonelier

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It might sound hard to believe, but those with introverted personalities will feel even lonelier in crowds than they do on their own. When it's coupled with the inner voice you've got going on, it's easier to understand that these chaotic environments can just be overwhelming.

You just can't understand small talk

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Introverts just can't understand the concept of small talk. Like, what's the point? They would much rather sit in silence when getting their hair cut that talk about endless boring things like the weather, sport, holidays etc. If you go out your way to actively avoid situations like these, then you might just be an introvert.

You keep your inner circle small

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Those with introverted personalities like to keep their friendship circle close, three people at max. With a limited amount of social battery they have, they have to spread it thinly across those they want to keep company with. So they're selective in who they want as friends.

You consider yourself an old soul

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Introverts take in a lot of information and listen to the stories of others. With their analytical minds they are often able to discover deeper meanings in everything around them like music, events, media etc. People often think they're wise beyond their years.

You plaster on fake smiles when networking

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Networking events are like you're worst nightmare. Although you know what it's important, you hate the idea of it, so you have to plaster on a fake smile the entire time you're doing it. It's essentially your alter-ego you're letting loose, not you.

People say you're good at listening

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Introverts have a few perks and one of these is being a good listener. They tend to be able to sit back (at least for a short while) and listen to what it is your friend has to say. Introverts tend not to need to think before every time they speak.

You consider yourself very observant

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Introverts can be very observant people. Even though you can get overwhelmed relatively easily, it means that you're better at noticing things that other people tend to miss, like what someone is wearing. I guess this is one of the few pros to being an introvert really!

Busy environments make you feel down

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Some people thrive in busy environments and it makes them feel ecstatic. Well, the same can't be said for those with introverted personalities. Their brain literally works differently and it all comes down to the brain's reward centers which you can read more about online.

Going clubbing is just not you're thing

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There are many things that introverts enjoy doing and going clubbing is not one of them. You might find that you enjoy quiet nights with friends, or going to bars that aren't too busy, but standing back to back with people in a sweaty and loud venue just isn't appealing to you.

Some people tell you that you're very intense

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If a lot of people have told you that you're too intense then the likelihood is that you're an introvert. Because you don't like small talk, introverts will often go from 0 to 100 in their conversations and start spilling their deepest secrets and talking about philosophy.

Concentration comes naturally to you

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Introverts tend to be much better at concentrating for long periods of time than extroverts do. Those with introverted personalities can study for hours without getting fatigued or feeling like they need to take a break. It's one of the perks of being an introvert.

You're very self-aware

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Introverts are great at reflection and are able to look deeply into themselves in order to become more self-aware. It's one of the good traits of being an introvert, as you're able to better work on yourself if you have more of an understanding of who you are.

There's a fine balance between solitude and over-socializing

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True introverts will find a good balance between socializing and being alone and managing to keep the equilibrium will be the best thing for them to do. If the scales are ever tipped out of balance, then an introvert might become anxious or overwhelmed.

The idea of socializing makes you feel anxious

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Some introverts are crippled with anxiety when it comes to socializing. Even the idea of having to go out and talk to people can be enough to make you feel sick to your stomach. It's one of the negatives about being an introvert and some people may want to get themselves checked out by a doctor.

People tell you you're too much

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The thing about introverts is that because they're not often exposed to groups of people, when they are, it can create some awkward and disastrous moments. Sometimes, people will tell introverts that they are too much for large groups (as though they didn't know that already!).

You reflect often on your experiences

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Because of how observant and self-aware introverts are, they are better at reflecting on their memories and experiences. In doing so, they are able to develop themselves into better people and consistently work on themselves to learn from the things they have been through.

You despise talking over the phone

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Ever had that anxiety when you have to call the doctor's for an appointment? What about when one of your extroverted friends is calling you out of the blue just for a random chat? If that sounds like your personal idea of hell then maybe you have an introverted personality.

Your best ideas come when you're on your own

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Introverts often find that their best ideas and creative sides come out when they spend time on their own. It's not just about spending time doing what you life, it's about decompressing and allowing yourself some time to breathe, think and reflect.

People watching is your favorite past-time

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Introverts love the act of people watching because they are generally so observant. There's something quite ironic about being an introvert yet watching other extroverts go about their daily lives and finding it utterly fascinating. Although - I do love people watching.

You take time to weigh up big decisions

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Introverts need some time away from life to be able to properly weigh up the pros and cons of the big decisions they need to make. Don't feel bad if you just need some alone time to get you in the right thinking space to make the decisions you need to make.

Parties are a no-go for you

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An introverts worst nightmare has to be attending parties. They can be fine every so often, but when you go to them, the last thing you want to do is chat and make friends while you're there. Ultimately, your happy with the friends you already have.

You live mostly in your head

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Obviously, an introverts' favorite place is their own head, so it only makes sense that they live in there pretty much all the time. So you can find it hard to stop yourself from daydreaming, creating stories or just thinking about random things.

You don't always understand social cues

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As mentioned before, introverts don't spend a great deal of time around people, so often they can break social cues. This could be from making a joke at an inappropriate time, talking over someone, not looking people in the eye when talking to them etc.

You hated group assignments at school

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Group assignments at school were your idea of hell. Not only did you hate having to rely on the academic abilities of other people, the collaborative working and standing up presentations were nothing short of disastrous for you. Thank god them days are over!

Writing your thoughts is easier than speaking them

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Introverts often find that writing their thoughts out on paper can often come easier than speaking them aloud. It gives them time to reflect on what they're saying and also how they're putting it. Also, introverts feel at ease with the less pressure of writing.

Your inner monologue does the speaking for you

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Introverts tend to have a distinct inner monologue that constantly runs in the back of the mind. No matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to shut the voices off! It'll bring back past memories and thoughts and you'll constantly feel like you're on overdrive.

Crowds make you feel lethargic

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Introverts can often experience what is called the introvert hangover, where crowds and socializing have made them feel so tired and run-down that the effect can last for days afterward. Don't feel guilty if this is you and just accept that you are an introvert!

Being the center of attention signs like your worst nightmare

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Being the center of attention sounds like your worst nightmare and you'd much rather just crawl into a hole. Because of this, you say your jokes relatively quietly so you don't cause yourself too much attention. You'll approach people one on one rather than speak to an entire group.

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