Signs That Someone Is The Least Liked In The Friend Group

By Lauren Mccluskey 5 days ago

1. Exclusion

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One sure sign that a person is the least liked in the friend group is when you notice that they're excluded from most things.  Whether that's from a social gathering, group decision-making, an 'in-joke', or even from a group photograph.  It might not always to completely obvious but might be getting increasingly noticeable the more it happens.

2. Lack of support or validation

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Another sign that a person is the least liked in the friendship group is when they receive a complete lack of support from other members of the group.  Maybe they've been upset by something that's happened to them and you notice that other group members fail to validate their feelings and support them.

3. Minimal interaction

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You might also notice that other members of the friendship group fail to interact with the person you suspect is least liked.  Perhaps in group situations, they do the bare minimum to speak with them but when they're not around, they'll never call or text them or speak to them one-to-one.

4. Difficulty initiating or maintaining conversations

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If a person is least liked in the friendship group and people purposefully interact with them at the bare minimum, that person is sure to find it super difficult to initiate or maintain any conversations with anyone.  This is sure to become exhausting for that person.

5. Feeling left out of inside jokes

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They're also probably not really getting any of the inside jokes in the group either.  And that's no doubt because they've never ever been let in on any.  No one has ever explained or shared any of the jokes with them so they are probably left a little clueless and paranoid that the joke is about them.

6. No contact outside the group

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You might also notice that no one ever makes contact with them outside of group situations.  And they will never call or message them to arrange a one-to-one meet-up.  They just seem to turn up in group situations, perhaps because that's what they've always done.  It could be that you were once friends and you've grown apart...

7. Being ignored

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Sometimes, if a person is the least liked in the friendship group, other members might even be so blatant that they just completely ignore them.  They might not even say a word to them in group situations or make a minimal amount of effort to interact.  Perhaps they want to phase them out.

8. Lack of invitations

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The least-liked person in the friendship group is probably going to be the one that receives little to no invitations to social gatherings or events.  Perhaps members of the group choose to keep these gatherings and events a secret from them so they don't turn up.

9. Limited involvement in group decision-making

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The person who is the least liked in the group might also never get a say when the group is making a decision.  Perhaps the decision is where to take a trip together or what time and where to meet at the weekend.  Even if they're impacted directly, they're never allowed to take part in the decision-making.

10. Minimal or no tags on social media

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A lot of social gatherings and events nowadays are all recorded on social media, and people share images of each other and tag them too.  But the least liked person is likely to either not be on any of the images, perhaps they're regularly cropped out, or they're just not tagged in them.

11. Changes in body language

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As well as a change in communication, there might also be a big change in the group's body language too.  You might notice that the circle gets smaller to exclude them, or people begin to cross their legs the other way, or even blatantly turn their backs on them!

12. Frequently feeling like an outsider

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The person who is least liked in the friendship group probably feels like a complete outsider.  They're not in on any jokes, a part of any decisions, on the group's social media, or invited to anything.  So they miss out and probably don't have a clue about what the group is talking about because they weren't there.

13. Feeling frustrated or sad within group situations

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If the person is being ignored and excluded from just about everything, there's no doubt that eventually, they will begin to feel some discomfort, whether that is frustration or sadness when they are in group situations.  Being around the group causes them these negative emotions frequently.

14. Feeling like opinions are undervalued

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If they're not listened to, they're probably going to start thinking that their views, ideas, and opinions just don't matter to the people that they thought were their friends.  So they feel as if their opinions are undervalued and perhaps start to believe that this is true everywhere they go.

15. Being interrupted all the time

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Even if the least liked person does pluck up the courage to speak, you might find that other members within the friendship group either completely ignore what they say, or even just speak over them, not allowing them to voice their ideas or opinions.

16. Feeling like an afterthought

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The person who is least liked in the friendship group probably often feels like an afterthought.  Even if they do get an invitation to a social gathering, they might feel like they've just been invited to either get the numbers up or because someone told them to.

17. Getting treated differently

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They might even get treated completely differently from the other members of the friendship group.  Rather than being welcomed and listened to and supported you might find that they're dismissed, ignored, and ridiculed instead.  And they're never met with any enthusiasm either.

18. Being the target of practical jokes

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If a person is the least liked member of the friendship group, there's probably an extremely high chance that they're always the subject of ridicule and the butt of cruel practical jokes too.  They might laugh along at first, but one day, they're going to feel targeted.

19. Feelings of anxiety at the thought of interacting with the group

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More feelings of discomfort might rear their ugly heads when the least likable person in the group thinks about interacting or socializing with them.  They might absolutely dread the thought of it and this can bring feelings of anxiety and panic before any kind of gathering.

20. Feeling generally disconnected

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They're not invited to anything so can't share stories and they're forever ignored so can't share any in jokes with the group.  So it's absolutely no wonder why they feel completely and utterly disconnected from you all.  And is that the purpose of treating them this way?

21. Having frequent disagreements or conflicts

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And there's absolutely no doubt that they'll snap from time to time and you might notice that they are having frequent disagreements or conflicts with members of the friendship group when they try to challenge the ways they treat them including excluding, ignoring, and ridiculing them.

22. Being teased constantly

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As well as being the butt of all of the practical jokes within the friendship group, the least-liked person is probably also teased constantly about anything and everything they do, wear, or say.  Nothing is safe from the ridicule from other group members.

23. Being positioned at the back or cut out of group photos

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Members of the friendship group also probably have a habit of cutting the person they like the least out of group photos.  Or if they don't want to be as obvious, they always put them at the back and hope that someone's head will cover their face, deleting any evidence that they had to be there in the first place.

24. Feeling unheard and not listened to

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The person who is feeling like the least liked in the friendship group might feel like their concerns or opinions are just forever going unheard and this is because they just don't feel like they're ever actively listened to.  Maybe they hear the sound of the words but they never hear what they truly mean.

25. Experiencing a power imbalance in the group

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There might even be a really obvious power imbalance within the friendship group that sees the least-liked person being the least powerful or even powerless.  Other members of the group dominate the conversation and never allow them to speak or voice their own ideas.

26. Never being congratulated

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Despite being a part of the friendship group, it is likely that the least liked person is never congratulated for their successes or achievements.  Instead, they are met with apathy rather than what you'd expect: your friends being actually genuinely proud and happy for you.

27. People not responding to messages

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If they ignore the least-liked person face-to-face, then it's unlikely that they're ever going to get a reply to a message.  Unfortunately, no matter how many times they try, it's likely the other members of the group come up with the same age-old excuses of why they didn't get back in touch, like say, "My phone's been on silent".

28. Or showing up

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And if the person sends out an invite to a celebration that they've organized, it might be likely that no one from the friendship group actually shows up.  And again, perhaps they all have different lame excuses like "they're washing their hair" or "needed to look after their sister's hamster"...

29. Receiving little to no support within the group

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If the person is least liked within the friendship group, it is unlikely that they will receive much support from the other members, unfortunately.  Whether they're going for a job, or need emotional support, they're not going to find it with this group of friends!

30. Feeling relieved when group situations are over

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If you're feeling like it's you that members of your friendship group like the least, it's likely that this feeling is within you and not exactly true.  If you speak to your friends, if they are true friends, they will reassure you that this is entirely not the case at all and you are loved by your friends.  But if they treat you like this, you don't need it at all, seek support and make sure you work to identify who your real friends are.

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