Warning Signs Of A Male Chauvinist

By Lauren Mccluskey 1 year ago

1. He believes that women shouldn't be in any positions of power

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If you have your own suspicions that someone you know is a male chauvinist, you might be looking out for signs in their behavior and attitudes.  And one sure sign that he might be a male chauvinist is that he really truly believes that women should never be in any positions of power of any kind.

2. He uses derogatory language to refer to women

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You might have even been offended when you heard him using derogatory language or offensive slurs to refer to women.  And if he continues to use these kinds of slurs against women and does not stop even when you attempt to educate him about why his language is so offensive, then there's no doubt that he is a first-class chauvinist.

3. He believes women should be compliant

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He might also make you feel like you are stepping out of line whenever you voice your own opinion or make your own decisions.  And if you feel like you are walking on eggshells around him because your independence seems to offend him, he's probably displaying a chauvinistic attitude because it is no doubt that he believes you should be compliant with him.

4. He undermines or questions women's abilities

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If you, or another woman you know lands that all-important promotion, or is drafted in to help with a house move, you might have heard him really undermine yours or their abilities and even question whether you or another woman is up to the job at hand!

5. He denies the existence of sexism or gender-based discrimination

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So when you challenge him for his chauvinistic attitudes and behavior towards women, he completely denies it!  In fact, he even goes as far as to completely deny the existence of sexism or even the fact that gender-based discrimination is an actual thing!

6. He ridicules Feminism

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And there's no doubt that he even ridicules anyone fighting for gender equality!  In fact, he might even go as far as to humiliate and also use derogatory language about those who identify as Feminists, especially if they are women, and undermine what they are fighting for.

7. He exhibits controlling behavior

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One sure sign that he's a male chauvinist is that he tries to control the women in his life.  This might be in a relationship, or even his friends and family.  And one thing is for sure, he will not stand for the women around him making any decisions or asserting their independence.

8. He expects women to fulfill their traditional 'duties'

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A typical sign of a seriously chauvinistic attitude is when he genuinely expects women in relationships to fulfill their traditional roles of housework and child-rearing.  And he has a serious problem with any woman trying to advance their careers or deciding to not fulfill these outdated roles.

9. He interrupts women

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It does not matter if it is his partner, a colleague, or even his mother but he has absolutely no problem whatsoever in talking over and interrupting women.  It is as if he truly believes that women have absolutely nothing as important to say as him so why should anyone listen?

10. He believes women should dress in a certain way to be taken seriously

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Have you ever witnessed a man treating a woman a certain way because of what they are wearing?  As if it is the 
that are the problem?  This is typical chauvinistic behavior as if he genuinely believes that you do not deserve any respect or to be taken seriously because of what you choose to wear.

11. He believes women should act a certain way to be respected

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As well as believing that women should dress a certain way if they want to be taken seriously, he might also believe that women need to act a certain way too.  And he probably expects women to be submissive and compliant and not speak up about any injustices or important decision-making.

12. He believes men should be the primary breadwinners

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Conforming to 'traditional gender-based roles', his chauvinistic views have him not only believing that women should be the homemakers and child rearers, but that men should be the ones to bring home the bacon.  So women are not required to have their own ambitions!

13. He belittles women's achievements

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When a woman does achieve something, however big or small, perhaps a promotion, an award, or even completing something important to them, he belittles these.  He might believe that women's achievements are not as important as what he does each day at 'work'.

14. He assumes women are less competent in certain jobs or fields

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With an attitude like this, imagine his face when you tell him that you are a woman, and you are also really good at DIY projects.  To be honest, most women are probably better than him at a lot of things but he really believes that women are less competent than men at certain things.

15. He doesn't take women's concerns seriously

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When a woman has a genuine grievance, he might dismiss it completely and label her as a troublemaker.  He might also see women as nagging or complaining too much and this can be super damaging because it might mean that she gets passed up for certain opportunities.

16. He dismisses women's ideas without considering them at all

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It does not even matter if a woman has the best idea or even the only idea in the room, if he is a male chauvinist, he will probably just dismiss it anyway.  And she would even be lucky if she even had the opportunity to speak in his presence to get her ideas across!

17. He tells sexist jokes

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We understand that people have very different ideas about what is funny and what is not, but there are certain things that most people would agree are just not funny.  And this includes sexist jokes.  But there is probably no doubt that his sense of humor revolves around sexist jokes.

18. He believes that men are more intelligent than women

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No matter how many college diplomas someone has, (or whether they have even solved world hunger!) he probably still believes that men are more intelligent than women.  It does not matter if a woman outsmarts him, if he is a serious chauvinist, he probably still thinks he is smarter than her.

19. He believes that women are overly emotional

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Another sure sign that he is a male chauvinist is that he believes that all women have the tendency to be overly irrational and overly emotional.  In fact, if a woman is genuinely upset about something, he might see her as being dramatic and therefore cannot take her emotion seriously when she needs it the most.

20. He talks over women in conversations

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No matter who is speaking, he just cannot let a woman get a word in edgeways.  In fact, he will talk over any woman who tries to speak in his vicinity.  Perhaps he does not want them to outwit him or have other people listen to their ideas and opinions.

21. He believes women should be the primary carers of children

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He absolutely refuses to change a dirty diaper and labels that as 'women's work'.  And the truth is, rather than sharing the parental duties equally with their partner or co-parent, he leaves quite literally all of the hard work to the woman in the relationship and spends very little quality time with his children.

22. He won't do any household chores

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And he absolutely will not touch a dish, or a mop, or the laundry.  No way.  He 'works' so why should he if you are 'at home all day' (which you are probably not, and even if you are, who is saying you are not busy?!) But to be honest, even if he did, he would ask you to find everything for him and you would end up doing it all anyway.

23. He expects women to prioritize his needs over everything else

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One thing that really takes the biscuit is that he demands or expects you to prioritize his feelings and needs over your own.  So you end up looking after him before you can even think about what you need.  And if you have children too, this means that 'you time' is very few and far between!

24. He insists on making all of the decisions

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Another sure sign that he is probably a male chauvinist is that he does not let you or any other woman have any say whatsoever in making any kind of decision, however big or small, or how much it impacts you.  He insists on making all of the decisions, even if they should be only yours to make.

25. He comments on women's bodies

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Making any comment on a woman's body, no matter how 'nice' they think it is, is typical chauvinistic behavior.  In fact, he constantly makes comments on women's bodies including what they look like in certain clothes or what he thinks about them when they change.  Who asked him?!

26. He pays women attention when it's convenient for him

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So he expects you to prioritize him, interrupts you, and demands your full undivided attention.  And when you need it the most, he probably does not pay you much attention.  In fact, he will only seem interested in you when it is convenient for him, no matter how busy you might be!

27. He thinks that men should always have the final say

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If you have experienced an argument, debate, or disagreement, you might have noticed that he ALWAYS has to have the final say in anything.  He needs the final word because that is probably how he can be satisfied that he has 'won' the argument or debate.

28. He shows a complete lack of understanding of women's experiences

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He cannot empathize or even show any understanding of women's experiences.  In fact, he probably even dismisses them as 'women's problems' and he seems to find it completely impossible to give you the courtesy of taking your's and any other woman's experience seriously.

29. He objectifies women

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A sure sign that he is a definite male chauvinist is that he sees women as objects of desire that only exist to serve and satisfy him.  He comments on women's bodies and their clothes and might even objectify women in the workplace.  And it is completely degrading.

30. He insists on opening doors for women... And not out of courtesy!

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You might think he is opening the door out of politeness or courtesy, and you are probably quite thankful for the gesture.  But if he is a male chauvinist, the sad truth is that he is opening the door for you because he believes that you just cannot do it for yourself!

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