Here Are All The Engagement Rings That Money Can Buy

By Ange Arnal 1 year ago

1. Solitaire

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A solitaire ring is the most 'classic' and traditional style of engagement ring. The name comes from there only being one stone in the design - the stone is mounted on a simple band with a prong or claw showing off it's full beauty. This is a timeless engagement ring!

2. Cluster

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Cluster settings combine smaller stones around a larger diamond which gives the illusion of a large ring. This style of ring makes it the perfect affordable option for an engagement ring - a great way to maximise the sparkle and beauty without breaking the bank.

3. Pavé

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The technique used to create the pavé setting is by embedding tiny diamonds, or other gems, into the rings band. The ring catches the light and draws attention to your hand when its on. Pavé rings are very dainty and feminine and can enhance a very simple ring.

4. Cathedral

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The cathedral engagement ring has been a popular ring for decades and is one of the most traditional and elegant style of rings. The name comes from how the shank and shoulder metal curve up to support the diamond. The structure resembles Cathedral arches.

5. Halo

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Halo rings create a dazzling shimmer with a row of small pavé set diamonds which create a border or halo around the central stone. The halo stones reflect the light on the centre stone and give off that sparkly, 'engagement' ring look. If you want to stand out amongst the crowd then this is a great choice!

6. Oval halo

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Maximising the size of your engagement ring can be done easily by going for the oval halo style. Because they are elongated, oval cut diamonds look biggest that other stones on the ring - even if they're of the same carat weight. Little fact for you there!

7. Shank & split-shank style ring

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By altering the shank (the rings band) it makes it one of the easiest ways to customize your engagement ring. The ring's band divides in two on either side of the center stone leaving a little gap. Some rings are split with a large diamond making them extremely eye catching.

8. Bezel

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The Bezel engagement ring is the basic b*tch of the engagement ring world. The gem in anchored in between a metal border instead of raised on prongs. There's less risk of the stone being scratched or falling out with the bezel style. It is still an absolutely gorgeous style for those who want their ring to LAST!

9. Three-stone style

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Also known as the 'Trilogy' style, three stone engagement rings are the romantic style of ring. The three stones are symbolic and are said to represent past, present and future - you, me and us. This ring is extremely meaningful and perfect for those who want their ring to tell a story.

10. Double diamond

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If one diamond isn't enough, then why not get a ring that has two?! The double diamond style engagement ring is extremely popular amongst celebrities. The two stones represent you and your partner who will be joined together for eternity (we hope anyway!)

11. Eternity band

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Eternity band engagement rings are a symbol of everlasting love. The ring band is formed from an unbroken chain of diamonds that are connected forever (awww!). The diamonds can be pavé, channel or French set, so it's pretty adaptable to your personal style

12. Flush setting

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If you're not one for a diamond ring, then the flush setting engagement ring is chic and understated. It's very secure because the diamond is hammered into place in the ring. This style tends to be more popular with me, but whatever floats your boat!

13. Tension setting

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This unique style of ring is held between two halves of the shank and appears suspended on it's own giving the ring a bit of a visual effect. What is so special about this ring is that each stone is customized - the wearer must select the gem first making each tension ring unique.

14. Baroque

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Baroque jewellery is known for being elaborate, artistic and decorative, so these style engagement rings are not for the basic girls out there. These rings are known for the nature inspired patterns and the antique feel they give off. Another timeless classic with some character!

15. Channel Setting

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Similar to the Pavé setting, channel setting involves decorating the band with smaller diamonds, however, the jeweller creates a groove in the band making it more unique. The elegant and classic look of this ring also makes it extremely secure and easy to clean as well.

16. Swirl

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The design combines a shank with a round cut center stone to create this fluid effect. The setting of the swirl ring can look like two hands cupping the center stone giving it a beautiful and unique look. It's an intriguing ring for sure and one to get heads turning.

17. Bombe

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This Bombe-astic looking thing is both unusual and dramatic. The curved shape defines this Art Deco style and it comes from the French word bombée which means domed. The ring has a combination of diamonds and coloured gems like sapphires and rubies.

18. Color-accent

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Accent stone rings perfectly compliment a diamond engagement ring, giving it a unique and personal feel. Pink diamonds are far more expensive than white, so many people tend to choose a white diamond with smaller pink diamonds around, but you can customize this however you want.

19. Single coloured stone

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Single coloured stone rings were the most popular engagement ring in the 1940s. Before that, it was more common for people to have coloured gems, nowadays, people prefer the embracing the traditional. Some people pick sapphires, others pick emeralds.

20. Acrostic

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Acrostic jewellery became popular in the 19th century and each gem was assigned to a letter of the alphabet. Those who were and are after a very meaningful engagement ring with a story behind it would tend to go for an acrostic ring. SO romantic... we love this one!

21. Vintage art deco style

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Vintage jewellery especially vintage engagement rings from the Art Deco era have become more popular again. They're beautifully crafted rings that stand the test of time. Bold, geometric and dramatic, these pieces of jewellery make a statement, unlike your usual rings.

22. Vintage Edwardian

imagesource: Ellibelle Jewellery
Edwardian jewellery is all about the delicate details with a very feminine finish. You'll have found a lot of these rings between 1901 and 1910 but they've recently become more popular again. Coloured centre stones were very common back in the day and are coming back around.

23. Ballerina

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These rings are actually inspired by the shape of a tutu, hence the name, Ballerina ring and they're extremely eye catching. The cluster ring see's the center stone flanked by a fan of baguette diamonds - so eye catchingly beautiful. These unique pieces are perfect for those who want a bigger ring.

24. Art nouveau

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Art Nouveau was a movement at the beginning of the 19th century and was inspired by nature, artists and the style of free flowing, fluid lines and intertwining patterns. Art Nouveau jewellery often used gems like moonstone and pearls. So delicate and so so beautiful.

25. Etched

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The etching technique is a way of personalising an engagement ring and involves chemicals to wear away the metal of the shank. Swirls, rope and leaves are a popular design choice for this style of engagement rings. Just gorgeous and one of the most unique on this list!

26. Modern contemporary style

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Brides who are all about fashion and being on trend, then the modern contemporary ring is for them. Forget about the conventional bands, they won't do! The wraparound rings are usually decorated with white diamonds and put a twist on the classic elegant ring.

27. Geometric

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This one isn't for the faint hearted! Geometric rings feature angular shapes like squares and triangles creating the perfect statement piece. The geometric design with the clean lines and sharp edges accentuate the diamond's unusual cut and beautiful look and design.

28. Minimalist

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If you're somebody who likes understated minimalist jewellery then a fine, thin band with a yellow gold, rose gold or platinum solitaire diamond is the one for you. The dainty ring is perfect for stacking and is easy to clean or repair, and will definitely still look good as trends change.

29. Suspended

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Just like a tension engagement ring, a suspended diamond ring gives the illusion of a floating diamond. Oooooh! The ring sits above the shank which creates a platform effect. This style can be combined with a claw setting or cathedral. Very adaptable!

30. Shaped band

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Shaped bands are trending at the moment - the most popular is the chevron style. This shaped ring brings the stone and band perfectly together representing the two people who are perfectly fit for one another. A modern twist on some other ring styles.

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