30 Reasons Why Cats Are Actually A Better Pet Than Dogs

By Abigail 1 year ago

1.  They don't take up as much space

Cats Space

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Cats are naturally a lot smaller than dogs (chihuahuas an exception...) which means they won't take up a lot of space in your small apartment. It's also well known that cats are 100% fluid, fitting into any small space they'll find, so you won't even have to buy a large cat bed for them.

2. They're cheaper than a dog

cat money
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The ASPCA estimates that the average yearly cost for a dog is around $1,391, compared to $1,149 for a cat. It's not just cat food that's cheaper, you'll also spend less on insurance and treats! It's why so many families choose a cat over a dog - because it's one less financial burden to worry about.

3. And their care is more affordable

cat vet

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Dogs are known for coming with hefty medical costs. And one thing you don't want when you're strapped for cash is a huge bill from the vets. The average illness premium for dogs can come to $640 a year, compared to about half for cats. Our furry feline companions also appear to be immune to more illnesses than dogs, which means they're probably going to be in the vets less.

4. A cat is a lot quieter

cat shower

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We've all heard dog owners out in the street with their noisy dogs two or three times a day. Now, imagine that little pooch is yelling in your house all day long? Granted, they're less likely to bark in their home, but if you tend to get frustrated by loud noises, maybe stick with a cat. Their miaows are nothing if not adorable!

5. And they'll keep your house pest-free

cat with bird
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Struggling with a pest problem? Sadly, there's nothing that your dog can really do about that. Though their ancestors may have been natural hunters, the domesticated dog isn't about to catch any mice or spiders for you. Cats, however, love to channel their wild past regularly - though it does mean they might bring you a little gift of a dead bird now and again.

6. They can reduce allergies in kids

cat with child

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Children who grow up in homes with cats from a young age may be less likely to develop asthma. That's what one US study has found, with children more likely to be protected at against asthma by the age of five. So, getting a cat could actually help your child live a healthier life!

7. They're adorable cuddle partners


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Who can resist the face of a cat? Nobody! Whereas dogs can be too large and unwieldy to fit on your lap, cats love to smush themselves into your space, and their little warm and furry bodies are the perfect companion to a movie night or a sick day. It's also known that cats can reduce anxiety, so a cuddle could be everything you need to feel better!

8. Cats are content indoors

cat bed
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With a cat, you never have to worry about living somewhere with lots of outdoor space, as these creatures are perfectly content with some comfy indoor space. Offer them a blanket, a spot on a sunny bed, or a cosy cat bed, and they'll be happy for hours. In fact, many cats prefer the indoor life to going outdoors, which is ideal if you can only afford an apartment.

9. They're naturally independent

cat opening door
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We all need our own space sometimes, and the same thing applies to cats. They're happy doing their own thing for hours on end, and very often will even ignore your pleas for cuddles to spend time by themselves. This makes cats the ideal companion if you live a busy life. It's like living with a furry roommate, rather than a child.

10. They have a long lifespan

old cat

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Officially, cats have a lifespan of about 12-18 years, compared to 10-13 years for a dog. This means that your furry friend is likely to stay in your life for a very long time, with less likelihood of heartbreak after just 10 years. Some cat owners have even professed that their felines have lived to 20, 25, or even 30 years!

11. They'll help you stay stress-free

snuggle cat
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You've probably felt that boost of serotonin that comes from seeing a cute kitty, but did you know that cats are scientifically able to reduce your stress levels? Petting a cat for just 10 minutes can decrease the amount of the stress hormone cortisol in your saliva, lowering your stress levels and making you feel happier.

12. Kittens are less work than puppies

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We all know someone who's got a puppy and now seems to spend their entire days caring for it. It's essentially like having a baby. Not like getting a kitten - these are much easier to handle since they need very minimal toilet training and just need love and comfort to get them used to their new surroundings.

13. Cleaning a litter tray is a lot easier

litter tray

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Nobody wants to spend a couple of hours every day cleaning up dog poop from the local park, but sadly that's a task that comes with owning a dog. Cat litter trays, on the other hand, are much easier to handle. Or, if you get a hybrid indoor/outdoor cat, they may just find a place to go to the bathroom outside without you having to clean it up!

14. You don't have to give a cat a bath

cat bath

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The old adage that cats are afraid of water doesn't actually apply to all cat breeds, but it does mean that you don't need to give them a bath after every walk. Dogs are oblivious to the amount of muck they collect, and if you have a really hairy dog, it probably means cleaning dirt (and worse stuff) off your dog every week.

15. They won't annoy you constantly

cat annoy
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Dogs are a little clingy, it's true. They crave attention from their owners, and can actually get sad when left alone for too long. But if you want a pet that loves their own space and won't annoy you for hours on end (unless they're hungry), then get a cat. They're super chill, and you're more likely to annoy them than them annoying you.

16. Cats don't smell as bad

new cat
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Now, some cats certainly do stink a little bit, especially if you've only recently adopted and they previously lived as a stray. But that 'dog smell' that some houses acquire if you've owned dogs for a long time - that doesn't happen with cats. So, as well as taking up less space, they'll also keep your house smelling fine.

17. You can leave cats alone for longer

sleeping cat

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It's always difficult planning a holiday with a dog. If you have a car, they'll inevitably have to come with you, but if you want to go abroad for the weekend, they'll have to go to a kennel. A cat can occupy itself for 24 hours, meaning a night away is usually no problem as long as you leave food, water, and some entertainment for them.

18. Cat owners are smarter than dog owners

standing cat
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Yes, that's right - owning a cat can actually make you cleverer! Studies show that owning a cat can make you more intelligent, as well as more creative and independent. Cat owners also score higher for self-reliance, abstract thought, and open-mindedness. Though, jury's out on whether cat-people are naturally more intelligent and that's why they choose cats...

19. They're so photogenic

cat mirror

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Dogs can't always pull a cute face in a photo, but more often than not, you're going to get a beautiful picture of your cat. Once they're in a position, they're going to stay there, and are less likely to jump up and start running around just when you want to get a picture of them.

20. Cats will help keep your house cleaner

clean cat
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Sadly, your cat won't actually help you with any of the chores as this picture suggests, but they will naturally keep your house cleaner. An indoor cat isn't going to bring in dirt from the outside, so the worst you'll see is some hair on your sofa and other furnishings. However, cat blankets and brushing will help with this.

21. They don't just love anyone

cat cuddle
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Okay, hear us out - owning a cat is more rewarding than a dog because cats don't just give their affection to anyone. They're choosy when it comes to their pals, which means if your cat loves hanging out with you, it's a compliment. Dogs, on the other hand, love anyone - so it's not as rewarding, really, is it?

22. Cats have a better sense of direction

cat outside
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The biggest nightmare for a dog owner is losing a dog on a walk and, despite endless shouting, it not coming back to you. But an outdoor cat has a fantastic sense of direction, which means more often than not it will return to your house, even after a few days of exploring.

23. They're more hygienic than dogs

grey cat
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Cats are known for being rather finicky with their grooming. Walk into a room to check on your cat and it's probably going to be in the middle of an elaborate cleaning routine, starting with its paws and ending with its tail. Dogs don't have the same self-awareness, and definitely won't mind tracking dirt and germs over you and your house.

24. They won't make you feel guilty

cat work
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Puppy dog eyes are called that for a reason. Dogs know how to tune into your emotions and make you feel guilty for leaving them behind for an afternoon or not playing with them enough. Cats? Well, they don't mind if you need some time to yourself, and certainly won't make you feel guilty for it (unless you've forgotten to feed them, and then they'll get very vocal.)

25. They can entertain themselves

cat toy
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If you've ever seen a cat chase its tail for 25 minutes, you'll know that they're entertained by the smallest of things. A piece of string? A hair grip? A marble? All are transformed in a cat's mind to be the most innovative and expensive toys. With a cat, you won't need to spend a fortune on toys for it to be happy.

26. Cats don't need multiple daily walks

cat harness
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Walking a dog can take a huge chunk out of your day, especially if you still have to commute every morning and evening to work. Granted, if you work from a home, it can be a nice distraction, but when you're trying to organize every aspect of life, from cooking dinner to doing laundry and other chores, a walk might be the last thing you want to take care of. And if you do want to take your cat, some even enjoy being harnessed up for a little look around the neighborhood!

27. They're generally better behaved

tired cat
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Cats can sleep between 12-18 hours every single day, so if you're wondering whether your cat is up to something suspicious - it's probably just dreaming about treats and chasing mice. With a cat, it's very rare that you could come home to complete disaster, like a dog that's chewed up your couches or knocked your TV over.

28. Owning a cat is more environmentally-friendly

cat tongue
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Yeah, take that, dog owners! If environmental activism is your thing, then know that getting a cat could be a great decision. Because cats are smaller and consume less food, they're a better choice if you're worried about your pet's impact on the environment. They also poop less, which can be a pollutant in your local environment (especially if you're not diligent about picking your dog's poop up!)

29. It's easy to litter train a cat

litter tray everywhere
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As we've mentioned, puppy toilet training can be an absolute nightmare for new dog owners. Chances are, for the first year, you're going to end up with poop where you don't want it. But, exceptions aside, cats are generally very happy to adjust to going to the toilet in a litter tray.

30. You won't get noise complaints

cat yelling
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Cats are perfect if you live with housemates or in a small house that borders other places, and that's because most of the time they don't make a peep. Even the loudest of their miaows are nothing compared to a dog's bark, and the little pitter-patter of their feet on hardwood floors are hardly distracting at all.

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