20 Ways To Keep Our Children Safe On Vacation

By Lauren Mccluskey 11 months ago

1. Research your vacation destination

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Taking your family away on a vacation can be very exciting, but at the same time, there is a lot of planning involved.  Keeping your children safe while you enjoy your break will undoubtedly be at the forefront of your mind, and luckily, there are several simple steps that you can take to keep your precious ones safe.  The first is to do a bit of research before you travel, focussing on family-friendly areas, and places to avoid, especially if you haven't visited that destination before.

2. Share your travel itinerary

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It is also a good idea to share your travel itinerary with a trusted friend or family member back home.  And an even better idea is to share it with more than one person at home.  This way, people know what your plan is, and in the unlikely event that something does happen, at least you know that people know where you are.  You might also want to share your itinerary with any older children that you may have too, just in case you get split up.

3. Note down emergency contacts

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You should also make sure that you write down all of the emergency contacts in the country you are visiting.  And when we say write them down, we don't mean only on your phone, we mean actually on your itinerary or a piece of paper too.  You can also make emergency contact cards too with your details, as well as your insurance contacts and local emergency services.  This is to ensure that you have the emergency contacts that you might need even when your phone has run out of battery.

4. Teach them about 'Stranger Danger'

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As a parent, that old phrase "stranger danger" is undoubtedly crossed your mind and it is probably likely that your kids already know the phrase.  However, even if you have taught your kids about the dangers of speaking to and going with strangers, it is still important to reiterate it.  In a different place, you never know, your kids might forget.

5. Get some insurance

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Before traveling, be sure to check that you have the correct insurance policy for travel and health.  Insurance policies and prices can vary from company to company, so it is important that you shop around for the best deal and cover for you and your family.  It's a good idea to use price comparison tools and websites to make this easier too whilst you are planning your trip.

6. Stay hydrated

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When you go on a vacation, chances are that your destination is going to be hot so it is really important that you make sure you carry enough water with you in order to stay hydrated.  Holidays can also be pretty active with you exploring, or playing so even if your destination is a cold one, still drink plenty.  And educate yourself about safe drinking water too.

7. Wear plenty of sun protection... And reapply it!

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If your vacation destination is hot, this goes without saying, but apply your sunscreen and be sure to reapply it too throughout the day!  And please take this as your reminder that you can also get sunburned in colder destinations too so wear your sunscreen.  This will not only help to protect your skin from uncomfortable sunburn, but it will also protect against skin cancer and premature aging of the skin.

8. Be vigilant around water

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Lots of vacation activities involve water, whether it's swimming in the pool or catching some waves at the beach.  And even if you're not planning to partake in these kinds of water activities, chances are that there are bodies of water in your destination.  So be sure to be vigilant around water and always supervise your children closely around water.

9. Always have an emergency plan

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Vacations are supposed to be fun and relaxing but there are, unfortunately, occasions when things don't go to plan.  Whether you are involved in some sort of accident, become sick, or even miss your connecting travel.  So it is always important that you have a Plan B just in case you are forced into a situation where you need to deal with an emergency.

10. Point out key meeting points

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When you're traveling with your family, you do have to be aware of where your children are at all times.  Even if they are slightly older and more independent.  And sometimes with younger children, you might think someone else in your party is taking care of them, but the reality is that there is a chance that they're not.  So it is important that you make them aware of key meeting points that you can reunite at if you get separated.

11. Be aware of local laws and customs

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When you are researching your destination, you should also make sure that you make yourself aware of the local laws and customs.  As a visitor, you should always be prepared to respect these as you're not only avoiding being disrespectful to the locals, but you will also save yourself a whole lot of embarrassment and perhaps money should you be fined for not doing so.

12. Take insect repellent

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You can also keep your children safe from little pests and critters by taking a decent and effective insect repellent with you.  Insect bites and stings can be painful and occasionally can cause allergic reactions requiring medical treatment.  So to reduce your chances of becoming a delicious feast for critters, apply and reapply your insect repellant, ensuring the brand you have chosen is safe to use on children.

13. Pack medication

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If anyone in your family requires medication, make sure you have enough for the duration of your vacation before you travel.  And make sure you pack it!  It is really important that you do this in order to manage existing conditions while you are away.  If you forget it, there are chances that the local pharmacies do not have the medication you require.

14. Implement a buddy system

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If you have multiple children to take care of and keep safe on vacation, it is a good idea to implement a buddy system where the children pair up and hold hands when you're walking from place to place.  Older children can also be a helping hand too because they'll be able to alert you if anyone is missing from your party.  This way, everyone is looking out for each other and you're not outnumbered by the kids!

15. Hold hands

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As previously outlined, holding hands is a good way to make sure you know that your children are safely by your side at all times.  But it is understandable that they might not always want to hold hands.  Alternatives to holding hands could be using reins and pushchairs for younger children as you travel on foot.  Then at least they're not going to be tempted to wander off when something catches their eye.

16. Food safety

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Eating and drinking are usually a big part of people's vacations, but, unfortunately, sometimes this can also be accompanied by food-borne illnesses too.  These are very unpleasant and can cause diarrhea, stomach cramps, and vomiting.  If you do get sick, don't panic, it usually clears up in a day or two but sometimes can require medical help so be sure to make informed choices about food and drink and practice good personal hygiene.

17. Allergies

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You also need to be vigilant with the management of any allergies that family members may have.  If there are any food allergies, be sure to find out exactly what is in the food and make the restaurant staff aware.  You can also manage any other allergies the way you do at home, whether that's with antihistamines or avoidance.  And be aware of the symptoms of allergies too so you know if anyone is having a reaction to something.

18. Personal cleanliness

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Like when you are at home, you should also make sure your children practice good hygiene and take care of their personal cleanliness.  This not only ensures that they are clean but also helps them to protect themselves against any illnesses, viruses, or bacteria that could result in them getting sick.  So make sure they are still showering regularly and washing their hands with antibacterial soaps too.

19. Keep them visible

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If your vacation destination is a busy one, you might struggle to keep your children in sight at all times when they're playing.  So one way that you can do this is by dressing them in brightly colored or distinctive clothing so you can easily spot them if you lose sight of them for a moment.  And consider getting some high-vis/light reflective vests for the evenings too.  This will also make them visible to vehicles.

20. Teach them some language basics

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If you are going to another country for your vacation where they speak another language, make sure you don't rely on your English to get you by.  You should make sure that you learn some useful phrases and even carry a phrasebook so you can make the effort.  And make sure you also teach your kids some language basics too.  It'll not only prove useful if they find themselves needing to communicate but it's also a great thing to use to teach them about the culture.

21. Avoid stray animals

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You should certainly teach them to avoid going need stray animals too.  You won't be fully aware of their temperament and if you allow your kids to go near or even touch them, they'll be at risk of being attacked.  And stray animals are prone to lice, fleas, and other harmful viruses too which could potentially harm the health and safety of your children.  Besides, if you feed them, locals might feel put out by you attracting stray animals to their streets.

22. Familiarize yourself with fire exits

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It's likely that you are vacationing in a new place, perhaps it's somewhere you've never visited before so you're completely unfamiliar with the locations of certain safety measures like where the fire exits are.  And even if this vacation destination is somewhere you've been to many times before, you should still make sure you spend some time on your first day thinking about your fire exit routes to your accommodation.

23. Teach older kids to read maps or use GPS

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It might also be useful to teach older kids to read maps or use their GPS on a phone.  If they head out on their own if they're much older, or even if they get a little lost, this will be especially useful.  It just ensures that they know the names of streets and key checkpoints, as well as being able to find their own way back to your accommodation.

24. Stay in well-lit areas

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As you probably would back home, it is always a good idea to stay in well-lit areas on vacation, especially if you are with your kids.  Make sure you explore areas that are family-friendly and well-populated to avoid getting into any trouble or difficulty away from town.  And besides, staying in well-lit areas also ensures that you can actually see where your children are.

25. Backup your tech

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Relying on your tech, whether it's your phone or tablet can be pretty risky.  Especially if all of your travel documents are on there!  You should make sure that you have alternative plans should your devices run out of battery or get damaged or lost.  You could print out your important documents and have a map to hand so you can still navigate.  And make sure you write down emergency contacts too.

26. Be prepared for the weather

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When you're packing your belongings to go on vacation, check the weather forecasts so you can be prepared for whatever weather faces you.  If it's going to be a scorcher, you can pack plenty of sunscreen, shades, and hats, and if it is expected to rain, at least you knew to pack waterproof clothing.  You don't want to go out unprepared, especially with your children with you!

27. Secure all of your valuables

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There's also a chance that you have some of your valuables with you (not just your kids!).  These could be jewelry, cash, electronic devices, and so on.  To keep everyone safe, make sure they are not left in plain view when you are traveling or back at your accommodation transit, make sure you put them in a secure bag and don't leave it anywhere.  Remember to be vigilant.

28. Familiarize yourselves with the local wildlife

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Some vacation destinations might have different species of wildlife than you and your children are used to at home!  This can be pretty exciting and fascinating for your kids to learn about new species and actually be able to see them in the flesh!  But remember to educate yourself about any risks to you and your children, or even to the animal themselves!

29. Reflect upon your experiences

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It is important to keep safe whilst you are on vacation with your family, and in order to benefit from future breaks away, you could use your experiences as a family as a learning opportunity.  Be sure at the end of your vacation that you reflect upon your experiences whilst you were away: the good and the bad.  You can look back fondly on good memories and reflect upon why certain experiences weren't so good.

30. Document your memories

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The health and safety of your children are your utmost priority, but you shouldn't let that take away from the fact that you are enjoying your vacation together.  You can still be vigilant and manage to make beautiful memories that you and your family can share and remember forever.  So be sure to document your memories through photographs and souvenirs!

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