30 Reasons Why We Should Never Ride Rollercoasters Again

By Juliet Smith 1 week ago

Major rollercoaster accidents

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I mean, have you ever even seen Final Destination? You won’t catch me riding a rollercoaster again! A rollercoaster accident can result in serious injuries that stay with you for life, or even death. These incidents can be traumatizing, leading some to avoid rollercoasters altogether.

Poor maintenance of rollercoasters

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While this one won’t be applicable for all theme parks, some sketchier ones won’t bother to maintain their rides properly. Rollercoasters require regular and strenuous maintenance to ensure the safety of passengers. Yet, with how often rollercoaster maintenance gets skipped, some would rather opt out.

The risk of human error

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It wasn’t too long ago that a theme park in England became the victim of human error, where one carriage collided with another, causing some severe injuries. Operator error or misjudgment can (though rare) lead to accidents or uncomfortable ride experiences, causing concern for potential riders.

Structural failure

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While extremely uncommon, structural issues with rollercoasters have evidently occurred in the past, raising concerns about the safety of many rollercoasters around the world. Particularly travelling theme parks, where the rides are erected and taken down in a matter of a few days.

Failures with the mechanics

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Nobody wants to be on board a rollercoaster when the mechanics go down. Malfunctions in a ride's mechanisms can lead to very dangerous outcomes and if you consider yourself a safety-conscious person, you might want to start avoiding them altogether for peace of mind.

The health risks after riding

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Many people have ended up hospitalized, or in severe pain, after riding a thrilling (yet dangerous) rollercoaster. The intense G-force and rapid movements of rollercoasters can either worsen existing health conditions or trigger new ones, making them a health risk for some.

The risk of whiplash

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People don’t often consider whiplash when riding rollercoasters, they usually only consider the risk in car accidents. However, the sudden jolts and sharp direction during rollercoaster rides can result in whiplash injuries, which can end up being very painful.

Neck and spine injuries

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Rollercoasters are fast, and can often involve sharp turns and thrusts. Because of this, rollercoasters place significant strain on the neck and spine and can potentially cause injuries. Nobody wants to walk away from a theme park with a spine injury, let’s be honest.

Injury to the brain

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Experts warn that there are many risks when it comes to riding rollercoasters, especially dangerous or poorly-maintained ones. Sudden acceleration, deceleration, and sharp turns can lead to some severe and traumatic brain injuries, which is obviously not wanted.

Nausea and vomiting

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We all have that one friend that just can’t seem to hack the thrills of a rollercoaster. If you don’t; then the likelihood is that friend is you. The extreme motion experienced on rollercoasters can trigger nausea and vomiting, leading to discomfort and potential health risks.

Risk of heart problems

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One thing you should be mindful of is that if you have any kind of pre-existing heart conditions, you should definitely avoid riding any rollercoasters. Rollercoasters can put stress on the cardiovascular system and this potentially poses risks for people with current heart conditions.

Impacting blood pressure

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Many people will have low or high blood pressure without them actually realizing it. What little people know is that the rapid changes in G-force during rollercoaster rides can affect blood pressure, which might be dangerous for those with hypertension.

Causes for dizziness and disorientation

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Listen, all the best rollercoasters have loads of loops, super speeds, and can even go upside down at times. Yet, the constant spinning, looping, and rapid speeds can lead to dizziness and disorientation, making it an uncomfortable experience for some.

Damage to your hearing

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Rollercoasters can be mega loud, whether that be through the screams of the riders, the screeching of the metal, or some huge speakers blasting music. The loud noises generated by rollercoasters can lead to hearing damage or worsen existing hearing issues.

Risk of passing out

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It’s not unusual to see people pass out after they’ve ridden a pretty intense rollercoaster. High G-forces experienced during rollercoaster rides can cause some riders to pass out temporarily, which can be frightening both for them and the people around them!

Anxiety and panic attacks

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While you might not even suffer from anxiety or panic attacks, some people end up having them just before riding a frightening rollercoaster. The fear of riding them can trigger these attacks in some people, making them hesitant to get on the ride (and they can lose out on their money!).

Triggering PTSD

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Some people have PTSD from various things, including trauma, car crashes, and accidents, and riding rollercoasters probably won’t help with that PTSD. People with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may find rollercoasters triggering and distressing due to the associated anxiety and panic.

If pregnant, never ride

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Pregnant women are typically advised to avoid rollercoasters due to concerns about the potential risks to their baby. However, a lot of people don’t know that they are pregnant in the early stages, so it poses a risk then too. Maybe skip the theme park if you’re trying for a baby.

Triggering a fear of heights

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We all know that some rollercoasters can be super high, which won’t go down well with those with an intense fear of heights. The towering rails of rollercoasters can be intimidating and distressing, so if you think that might be you, it’s probably best to avoid them.

Losing your personal items

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Have you ever been at a theme park and a random wallet or phone has landed right down in front of you. It’s quite likely from a passenger on a rollercoaster! The rapid movements can lead to the accidental loss of personal items, especially if there are any upside down motions.

Intensifies the fear of falling

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Ultimately, if you’ve got any of these sorts of fears, it’s probably best to avoid theme parks altogether to avoid any kind of triggers they might set off. The sensation of falling, particularly from great heights, can be a significant fear factor for some people.

Experiencing a lack of control

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It’s a lot to put the fate of your life into the hands of a mere theme park attendant (whose probably getting paid minimum wage, let’s be honest). Rollercoaster riders have no control over the ride's movements, so for those who like to be in control, you’d be better to avoid them altogether.

Don’t ride if you suffer from claustrophobia

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The tight restraints used on rollercoasters can ignite feelings of claustrophobia, which can then lead to anxiety attacks, nausea or even PTSD from riding the theme park itself. It’s probably just best to opt for something a bit lighter in your spare time, like painting pottery or something.

Don’t ride if you’re older

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Older people might have to worry about the physical stress and discomfort associated with riding rollercoasters. It’s probably best to just dump the kids off at the theme park with some friends, rather than attempt to ride the intense coasters with them (they’ll probably thank you for this too).

Don’t ride if you’ve had previous bad coaster experiences

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People who have had traumatic experiences on rollercoasters, like getting stuck or a ride malfunction, may want to think about doing something else rather than going to a theme park. You may end up there and not want to do anything, meaning you’ve lost out on your money.

Sensory overloads

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Many people talk about sensory overloads and how they can be intense. Well, rollercoasters are no different. Rollercoasters often include loud noises, flashing lights, and intense sensations, which some might find quite overwhelming, so it’d probably be best to avoid them altogether.

Stress on the nervous system

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The extreme motions of rollercoasters can stress the nervous system out, which can actually lead to some pretty disastrous effects on the body, which is no good! Stay on the safe side and go rollerblading instead, you just might enjoy it more (and it’s cheaper).

Intensifying vestibular issues

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For those who don’t know, vestibular dysfunction is essentially a disturbance in the body’s balance system. So, the likelihood is that theme park rides aren’t going to help with that. People with these issues may experience discomfort, or it could adversely affect their condition.

Don’t give in to peer pressure

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Many people attend theme parks just because they’re pressured by others, and not because they’ll actually enjoy it. Feeling pressured by friends or family to ride rollercoasters can lead to stress and discomfort, as people might be pushed out of their comfort zones.

If it’s not for you, just don’t go

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Ultimately, some people simply prefer not to ride rollercoasters, and if you’re asking why they don’t want to… well, we’ve given you enough reasons above! Don’t just push yourself out of your comfort zone to please someone else; it might not be worth it in the end.

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