American Pie Then And Now

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Jim - THEN

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Well before American Pie,  Jason Biggs (who plays Jim) had been on Broadway and even got a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for "As The World Turns."  Jim is the naive, sex obsessed character who wants to fall in love.  Jim is a nerd and is involved in the infamous pie scene.

Jason Biggs - NOW

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Jason Biggs appeared in some episodes of "The Good Wife" in 2012 and was the voice of Leonardo in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."  He was  cast as Larry, Piper's fiance in "Orange Is The New Black" and did a holiday movie with Heather Graham called "Best Christmas Ever."

Jim's Dad - THEN

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Jim's dad is well meaning but his talks with Jim about the birds and the bees are so awkward!  In fact, they are some of the funniest part of the movie.  He finds his son "attacking" a pie, so offers him some girlie mags to cheer him up! Eugene Levy who played the character improvised some scenes and absolutely smashed it!

Eugene Levy - NOW

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Eugene Levy co-starred in various shows with Catherine O'Hara and they made a great team.  They played Johnny and Moira Rose in "Schitt's Creek" and the show swept the boards at the Emmys in 2020.  Levy won Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series and this was 37 years after his last win which was for "Second City Television."

Jessica - THEN

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We first see Jessica as Vicky's friend who is sexually experienced, especially compared to all the others!  Finch pays Jessica to brag to everyone about how good he is in the sack.  She helps Kevin and Vicky with their relationship and they hang on to every word she says.

Natasha Lyonne - NOW

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Natasha Lyonne suffered with addiction issues and spent time in rehab in 2006.  Once she was better, she landed a role in "Orange Is The New Black" alongside her American Pie co-star Jason Briggs.  Lyonne has received three Emmy nominations for acting, writing and producing "Russian Doll."  She has also done voice work on animated projects.

Michelle - THEN

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Previously starring in "Buffy The Vampire Slayer", Alyson Hannigan then landed the role of Michelle in American Pie. Initially a boring character, she turns out to be so much more exciting than Jim could ever have imagined after he asks her to be his date for the school prom.

Alyson Hannigan - NOW

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Alyson Hannigan starred as artist Lily Aldrin in "How I Met Your Mother."  She was also in the movie "Love, Wedding, Marriage" in 2011 and did voice work on "Robot Chicken" and "American Dad!"  Hannigan is married to her "Buffy" co-star Alexis Denisof and they have two children together.

Heather - THEN

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Heather is the innocent choir girl that fills Chris's affections when he is in the midst of his scheme to get a girl into bed before he leaves high school.  He intended on having a "quickie" with her but ends up falling in love with her and they enter into a proper relationship.

Mena Suvari -NOW

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Mena Suvari was a busy bee after American Pie.  She had several movie roles in the 2000s, playing a cheerleader in "Sugar & Spice", appearing opposite Queen Latifah in "Beauty Shop" and "Domino" in 2005 with Keira Knightly.  Suvari showed up in "American Horror Story" playing the Black Dahlia.


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Christopher "Oz" Ostreicher is the lacrosse player, very easy going but a bragger.  He exaggerates his success with the ladies.  He joins the jazz choir but not because he's interested in singing!  The girls in the choir will not have heard about his reputation.

Chris Klein - NOW

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Chris Klein ended up in rehab for alcohol abuse so was out of the limelight for some time.  More recently he starred in the tv series "Wilfred" and appeared with Thora Birch in "The Competition."  In 2019 he could be seen in "Benchwarmers 2: Breaking Balls."  Klein played the unfaithful ex husband of Joanna in "Sweet Magnolias."

Kevin - THEN

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Kevin is the leader of the pack when it comes to discussing and hopefully being successful in the guys losing their virginity before they leave high school. He has a big fight at the party with girlfriend Vicky and tries to repair the fragmented relationship with her.  She is convinced he only wants her for sex.

Thomas Ian Nicholas - NOW

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In 2011, Nicholas played Abbie Hoffman  in "The Chicago 8" and the young Walt Disney in "Walt Before Mickey."  He was in "Zeroville" in 2019, directed by Martin Scorsese and starred in "Adverse" the following year.  Nicholas is also a musician and has his own band, the Thomas Nicholas Band

Tom Myers - THEN

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Tom Myers is Kevin's older brother. When Stacy Fuson who is Playmate of the Month February 1999, sees him leaving the female rest room, she laughs her head off and attracts a crowd who start jeering at Tom.  American Pie was actually based on the writer's days at his own High School in Michigan!

Casey Affleck - NOW

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Casey Affleck, brother of Ben and brother-in law of J Lo, found commercial success when he starred in "Ocean's Eleven" with Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and George Clooney.  Currently he plays Boris Pash, a military intelligence officer in Christopher Nolan's mega successful movie "Oppenheimer."

Vicky - THEN

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Vicky is the innocent, virginal  girlfriend of Kevin Myers and is reluctant to have sex with him.  After Kevin has initiated the pact he has made with the other guys about getting girls before they leave high school he makes it his mission to start the proceedings with Vicky. They end up having a big fight at a party.

Tara Reid - NOW

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Like most of her co-stars in American Pie, Tara Reid shot to stardom. She landed a role in "Alone in the Dark" in 2005. Reid hit the headlines when she dated Carson Daly, the MTV host and she was also hanging out with Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.  Her own reality show "Taradise" followed but was cancelled after the first series.

Stifler - THEN

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Sean William Scott was new to the film industry when he landed the role of Stifler.  He was cast as the very annoying guy that manages to make every situation he gets involved in even more awkward and painful than it actually is.  Many of his scenes were cringing but hilarious!

Sean William Scott - NOW

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Sean William Scott played Bo in the remake of "The Dukes of Hazard" in 2005 and also appeared in "Mr Woodcock", playing Billy Bob Thornton.  When Clayne Crawford was axed from the "Lethal Weapon" series, Scott took over.  He is currently in the mockumentary "Welcome to Flatch."

Stifler's Mom - THEN

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Stifler's mom appears right at the end of American Pie but still has enough screen time to have pool table sex with Finch.  She's very seductive and it's definitely a case of the "Mrs Robinson."  Even though this was a fleeting appearance, it was enough to set off a great career for the actress.

Jennifer Coolidge - NOW

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Jennifer Coolidge has made guest appearances in lots of shows over the years such as "Friends", "Sex and the City" and "Party Down."  She did voice work on "Gravity Falls" and "Alvin and the Chipmunks."  Coolidge has picked up Emmys and can be seen in "Legally Blonde 3."

Nadia - THEN

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After a successful career in modelling and a couple of guest spots in tv shows, Shannon Elizabeth secured the role of Nadia in American Pie.  She plays the foreign exchange student who oozes sex appeal!  Jim's computer camera mistakenly broadcast Nadia online - whoops!

Shannon Elizabeth - NOW

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Besides acting, Shannon Elizabeth is a talented dancer ad made it to the final six in "Dancing with the Stars."  She started an animal rights campaign called Animal Avengers which focuses on conservation and animal cruelty.  Her ex husband is actor Joseph D Reitman.

Finch - THEN

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Paul Finch is known simply as Finch and is one of the main characters in the movie.  He comes across as being an intellectual and an all round nice guy but too nice!  These qualities do not make him a hit with the girls.  Steve Stifler's om, however, does find him attractive!

Eddie Kaye Thomas - NOW

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Eddie Kaye Thomas starred in several seasons of "Scorpion", playing one of the geniuses hired by the government to stop computer crimes.  He has also been on 99 episodes of "American Dad!" where he voiced Barry Robinson.  Thomas was in season 5 of "The Marvellous Mrs Maisel."

Sherman - THEN

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Known as "The Sherminator",  Sherman's success at getting a girl into bed all hangs in the balance.  Will the plan he and the guys have formed for success in the sack actually work?Turns out it's not just the girls that are still virgins - Sherman has no experience either!

Chris Owen - NOW

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After American Pie Chris Owen starred in "Monk" and "The Mentalist."  He was also in Stephen King's 2007 movie "The Mist" and followed this up by appearing in the final instalment of "The Last Sharknado: It's About Time" with Pie co-star Tara Reid in 2018.

John a.k.a. "MILF" Guy

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John Cho grabbed attention when he got a small part in American Pie as the character  "MILF Guy #2." He popularised the slang saying "MILF."  He reprised the role in the sequels and in the third film, he had lots more scenes and was even given the name of John (same as in real life).

John Cho - NOW

Image source: Vanity Fair
John Cho became the first Asian American actor to be cast in a romantic lead role.  He starred in the sitcom "Selfie" in 2014, playing Henry Higgs. Cho also had star billing in "The Afterparty", "Off Center" and "Flash Forward."  There were also recurring roles in "Difficult People", "Sleepy Hollow" and "Go On.

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