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For a great release of what we currently have as a Priscilla Presley Movie, it breaks no bone to give a shout-out to the brains behind it. The movie was directed by the one and only Sofia Coppola, and she did a great job at it. She proved to be the best at what she does.

Production and Financing

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As they say, a single hand cannot make a clap. The production of this incredible movie took the efforts of three dedicated producers: Coppola, Youree Henley, and Lorenzo Mieli. Thanks to Fremantle Group, the show was able to weather the tough financial obligations.


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In the new movie Priscilla Presley, two main characters, Jacob Elordi and Cailee Spaeny, are starred as Elvis Presley and Priscilla, respectively. Others among the cast crew members include Dan Abramovici, Ari Cohen, Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll, Dagmara Dominczyk, Olivia Barrett, R Austin Ball, Daniel Beirne, Tim Post, and Stephanie Moore.

How Long Did It Take To Film The Movie?

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For a big watch such as Priscilla and Presley, it is typical to wonder exactly how long it took to wrap everything together. Well, to answer this, it all commenced on the 24th of October 2022, and in early December, it was all ready and done. The photography took up most of its initial activities.

When Is The Movie Set For Release?

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How impatient are you waiting for the big release? Well, for such an epic cast, it is worth the wait. Priscilla Presley premiered in September and is set for release on 27th October 2023. With a run time of one hour and fifty-three minutes, A24 has the honor of distributing the movie in the US. It will be a buzz, don’t you think?

Cailee Spaeny Is Not a First-Timer on the Screens

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She has rocked great roles in big releases such as ''The First Lady'', where she features as Eleanor Roosevelt, and in ''On the Basis of Sex'', as Jane Ginsburg, to mention a few. Given her past prowess, she is undoubtedly made for her current role and has fans looking forward to a great film.

Jacob Elordi

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Our king of Rock and Roll has previously starred in renowned tv shows such as Euphoria. Based on his remarkable performance, he is fit and set for his current role as Elvis Presley. He is one to keep fans glued for what’s next. He is said to match the charisma of the actual Elvis.


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The new Priscilla Presley movie has ideas drawn from the memoir “Elvis and Me,” a New York Times Bestseller. The memoir is an original write-up written by Elvis Presley’s former wife. The movie unravels the ins and outs of Elvis and Priscilla’s marriage from 1967 to 1973 through the eyes of Elvis’ ex-wife. It takes viewers down the memory lane of Priscilla.

The Production of the Film Took Place in Toronto

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The Graceland in Priscilla Presley movie is, however, hosted in Ancaster, with designers taking a preference for the luxurious Tamahaac Club. Graceland comes second after The White House among the most visited tourist destinations, with over half a million visitors year in and year out.

Were Any Of Elvis' Songs Re-Recorded For The Movie's Soundtrack?

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No. However, the must-watch film could not have been complete without its magical soundtrack. This movie will feel like home for the lovers of Elvis rock hits such as “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and “Love Me Tender.” The soundtrack selection had a semblance with Elvis’ tracks.

Soundtrack Selections Were Top-Notch

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The music soundtrack was well selected to match the mood of the film. They spark emotions while watching the movie; the iconic selection added a great complement to our mind-blowing film. They have the exquisite capacity to effortlessly take you back in time.

Lead Characters have a Ten-Year Age Gap

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Elvis and Priscilla met at the age of 24 and 14, respectively. Priscilla, however, thought of herself as “older in life than numbers,” earning the place of a confidant and true lover in Elvis’ life. In short, the ten-year age difference did not appear to matter in their love life.

Elvis Was 32, and Priscilla Was 21 When They Got Married

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From the first day, their relationship was not met with open arms since it felt like Priscilla was a teenager. She, however, confirmed that they never had sex during their courtship until they were. This was, however, seen as an act of shielding the fact that Elvis was dating an underage.

Priscilla and Presley’s Married Life

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They first met in Germany, where Elvis was in the Army, went different ways, and reunited later in marriage. Being in courtship from 1959 to 1967, when they got married, the couple weathered the storm of marriage together up to 1973, when they divorced.

Did The Starring Couple In The Movie Have Kids?

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If you guessed yes, then you had it right. During their married lives, the couple had one kid: a baby girl called Lisa Marie Presley. Born in February 1968, Marie was the only heir of her father’s fast wealth and estate. She, however, passed away in 2023 at the age of 54.

Elvis or Priscilla, Who Turned Back On Their Marriage?

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“… We built a relationship, and that relationship went on until, yes, I left, and it wasn’t because I didn’t love him. He was the love of my life.” She vividly explains how, though she loved her husband, she tried too hard to fit into his lifestyle.

Presley affairs While Dating Priscilla

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When Elvis left for the States, Priscilla received reports of his love affair with Sinatra. His frequency with the female gender was too frequent, and Priscilla could not take it, raising her worries to the point of her tagging along whenever he went just to keep an eye on him.

Most Costumes Were Replicas of Priscilla’s

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The outfits were designed to match those of Priscilla as a way of bringing back to life the aura of the real encounter with Elvis and Priscilla in their real love life. The design and costumes in the film were thus guided by those of our real couple as envisioned in the memoir.

What Priscilla Thinks of Coppola in Her Reminiscence of Elvis Presley

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“It’s very hard to watch a film about you and about your life, and your love,” said Priscilla during the film’s press conference. Despite her young age, she remembers Elvis as a loving man who confided in her. To her, Coppola did a great job creating the entire movie.

How Different Is The New Priscilla Presley From Elvis?

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Well, the biopic is inspired by Priscilla herself. Isn’t it easy to guess that it would be told from Priscilla’s angle and perception as opposed to Elvis’s? Unlike the latter, which revolved more around Elvis’s career achievements, Priscilla Presley is more on Priscilla.

The Difference between the Movie and Other Biopics about Elvis and His Life

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The film comes second in the line of biopics on Elvis’s life. Directed by Baz Luhrmann, “Elvis” starred Austin Butler as the lead character. It earned several nominations for the Academy Awards, with Butler bagging two Best Actor awards, the Golden Globe and BAFTA.

Critics of Priscilla

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The film has been reviewed enthusiastically, with critics pouring in praises for Coppola. Though she has a proven familiarity from her past productions, it is agreeable that she deserves credit for doing a commendable production with Priscilla Presley.

Elvis’ Estate Was Not Receptive To the Film

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Following a report on TMZ, the estate is not in cheers as they feel they were not consulted. They revealed they did not feel like part of the film and distanced themselves from it. Their reaction did not create any doubts on Priscilla, who determinedly chose to believe that the film would be such a moving one.

Venice Film Festival

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During this festival, the film got a standing ovation on 4th September 2023. The ovation moved our Icon, Priscilla Presley, undeniably in tears. For the 78-year-old Presley, the moment was quite moving to see the film that narrates her love life gaining acceptance by such a fast mass of people.

Speany and Elordi Graced the Venice Event

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The lead characters, Priscilla and Presley, graced the Venice Film Festival after being granted a waiver by SAG-AFTRA to promote the film. The Festival happened at a time when almost the entire Hollywood had been plunged into strike. It moved these two into tears.

Marriage of Priscilla and Elvis Was Not Based On Sex

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From Priscilla’s memories and how she portrays their romantic love, it would be easy to conclude that sex was the peak of their marriage. She, however, reveals that despite her young age, Elvis respected and confided in her, mostly out of love. “… We were more in mind and thought…” she said.

Elvis and Priscilla, Met At a Party in Bad Nauheim

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What could be a typical meeting point for our young love birds? Priscilla Presley showing up in the life of Elvis in 1959 exuded an awkwardly embarrassing moment for Elvis. Given their tender age, it didn’t come out that Elvis was courting a teenager.

Priscilla’s parents hesitation

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When Priscilla initially met Elvis, her parents were not accommodating of their teenager being in a relationship. She, however, managed to convince them, and later, in 1962, Priscilla was allowed to visit Elvis in Los Angeles, but only with conditions. The parents later gave in and permitted their daughter to move in with Elvis on the condition that he would marry her.

Elvis’ Estate

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When Elvis died at 42, Priscilla took charge of the estate until their daughter turned 25. Priscilla converted Graceland into a tourist attraction to salvage Elvis’ estate. Presley reveals she did not know what to do when faced with bankruptcy, and the unknown fate of families who had worked for them for 20 years was at stake.

Release Date

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As the release date for the Priscilla Presley movie approaches, anticipation and excitement reach a fever pitch. Unseen images from the production offer a final glimpse into the world that awaits audiences, and they also serve as a platform for early audience reactions.

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