Ghost Highways Around The World

By Nadine Cruickshank 10 months ago

1. Clinton Road, New Jersey

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Here we go, folks, kickin' off with Clinton Road in New Jersey. This place isn't just famous, it's infamous! We're talking real-deal phantom trucks that tailgate you and then vanish, and a haunted bridge where a young spirit allegedly tosses your coin back if you dare to drop one. Investigators have tried to get to the bottom of this, but it's still shrouded in mystery.

2. Highway 2, New Brunswick

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Heading north to Canada, let's talk about Highway 2 in New Brunswick. Travelers and locals alike have reported seeing a female hitchhiker who just vanishes into thin air once you try to pick her up. Yep, just like that—poof, she's gone. Nobody's been able to explain this one, and it keeps people wondering what really goes on along this road.

3. A75, Scotland

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On to Scotland's A75, often labeled the most haunted road in the country. And folks, it lives up to its reputation. Drivers report seeing various apparitions, including long-gone pedestrians and even medieval travelers. It's been researched and documented, but the sightings persist, making it one of the most enigmatic routes in Europe.

4. Wakehurst Parkway, Sydney

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Down under in Sydney, Australia, Wakehurst Parkway is a road you don't wanna mess around with after dark. Drivers talk about a woman in period clothing appearing in the backseat and vanishing, causing chills down spines and more than a few quick glances in the rearview mirror. Some say it's the spirit of a nurse; others say they don't wanna know!

5. Delhi-Jaipur Highway, India

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Now let's jet-set to India and the Delhi-Jaipur Highway. Tales abound of a woman in a sari haunting this stretch. She appears out of nowhere and chases after speeding cars. It's not just talk—there've been actual police reports! So, if you're cruisin' this highway, maybe keep that speedometer in check.

6. Toluca-Zitácuaro Free Highway, Mexico

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Heading south to Mexico, the Toluca-Zitácuaro Free Highway has its own menu of spooky. Phantom hitchhikers that disappear when you reach their destination and shadowy figures walking along the road have left travelers puzzled and more than a little freaked out. No one's cracked the mystery yet, but the legends persist.

7. BR-116, Brazil

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Now, let's samba our way to Brazil's BR-116, known as the "Highway of Death," and for good reason. Aside from its dangerous twists and turns, it's said to be haunted by mysterious figures causing unnerving disturbances. Some say they're the spirits of those who met an untimely end on this road. Whatever it is, folks are watchful when they drive here.

8. Balete Drive, Quezon City, Philippines

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Swinging over to the Philippines, Balete Drive in Quezon City is notorious for the "White Lady" apparition. Drivers often see her in their rearview mirrors, and some have even claimed she appears in the car with them! This road has attracted both skeptics and believers, but the stories keep coming.

9. N13 Ireland

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Ireland's N13 between Letterkenny and Derry is not your usual scenic drive. It's got its own haunted resident—a phantom monk who appears to travelers. People have looked into this legend, but like a proper Irish tale, it's long on mystery and short on answers.

10. Uniondale Road, South Africa

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Down in South Africa, Uniondale Road has some unsettling tales. Drivers talk about a female ghost hitching a ride, only for her to vanish from the backseat. It's said she's looking for her fiancé, who died in a car crash. No one's been able to shake this story, and it's become a local legend.

11. B-215, Lower Saxony

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Buckle up for B-215 in Lower Saxony, where the "White Woman" gives speed demons a wake-up call. She's not just some random ghost story; local legends link her to ancient monasteries in the area. Cops and investigators have tried to debunk the tale, but it just won't quit. It's as if she's an ethereal traffic cop, pulling over fast drivers with her glow alone. The stories may be as old as the hills, but the mystery remains as fresh as ever.

12. Kolyma Mountain Road, Siberia

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Into the icy reaches of Siberia, the Kolyma Mountain Road is another head-scratcher. Reports of mysterious figures and eerie lights have left both locals and investigators puzzled. It’s hard to separate fact from folklore, but the rumors keep swirling.

13. Tuen Mun Road, Hong Kong

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Let's hop over to Hong Kong for Tuen Mun Road. Yep, you heard that right—Hong Kong, not the mainland. This notorious road has reports of ghostly apparitions appearing out of nowhere, causing drivers to swerve dangerously. Investigations have tried to explain it, but the eerie events continue.

14. Baciu Forest Highway, Romania

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Next, we journey to Romania, where Baciu Forest Highway has a reputation that’d give Dracula a run for his money. This road runs near a forest known for UFO sightings, mysterious disappearances, and you guessed it, apparitions. This one’s a hot topic for paranormal enthusiasts.

15. E4, Sweden

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Heading up north to Sweden, the stretch of E4 between Gävle and Skutskär has its share of creepy. Drivers report seeing the phantom "Silverpilen" (Silver Arrow) car, often linked to various Swedish legends. Despite attempts to clarify these sightings, the stories persist.

16. Route 5, Argentina

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Moving on to Argentina’s Route 5, drivers report experiencing a thick, disorienting fog followed by the appearance of spectral figures. Local folklore tries to explain these occurrences, but the highway remains an enigma that’s the stuff of campfire stories.

17. Desert Road, New Zealand

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New Zealand's State Highway 1 is more than scenic—it's downright eerie. Locals talk about a ghostly soldier appearing near a memorial. Some folks think it's just an old tale, but others who've had firsthand encounters aren't so sure. The story stirs debate and adds a layer of mystery to this otherwise beautiful route.

18. A229, Kent, England

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Crossing the pond to Kent, England, the A229 is a hotspot for sightings of a ghost bride, especially near the site of a tragic wedding day car crash. Both drivers and paranormal investigators have tried to make sense of this haunting but to no avail. It remains a gripping local mystery.

19. Overtoun Bridge, Scotland

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Back in Scotland, but this time it's Overtoun Bridge. Bizarrely, this site is known for its dog suicides. Yeah, you heard me right—dogs leap off for no clear reason. People speculate that it might be a ghostly presence affecting these pups. Whatever it is, it's got folks scratching their heads at over 600 deceased.

20. Bloods Point Road, Illinois, USA

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Stateside again, this time in Illinois at Bloods Point Road. This road is a smorgasbord of supernatural activity. Reports include floating orbs, phantom vehicles, and even a ghostly school bus. Paranormal experts and skeptics alike have explored it, but the phenomena remain unexplained.

21. Archer Avenue, Chicago, USA

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Staying in the U.S., Archer Avenue in Chicago is famous for its "Resurrection Mary," a ghostly figure who asks for rides and then disappears. Multiple accounts over the years make this one of America's most well-documented hauntings. Yet, no one can crack the mystery.

22. Mount Pélion, Greece

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Shifting to Greece, the winding roads of Mount Pélion are said to be haunted by centaurs. Yup, creatures from ancient mythology! Drivers have reported seeing these half-man, half-horse entities. Fact or fiction, these reports add a layer of eerie intrigue to the scenic route.

23. Boy Scout Lane, Wisconsin, USA

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Back in the USA, Wisconsin's Boy Scout Lane is as chilling as it sounds. Named after a tragic accident involving boy scouts, today it's said to be haunted by their lingering spirits. It’s become a local pilgrimage for thrill-seekers and the story is entrenched in the community.

24. N304, Portugal

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Off to Portugal, where N304 in Borley has gained notoriety for inexplicable phenomena. This includes phantom honking and flickering streetlights. Some even claim they've been "pushed" by an invisible force while walking. It's chilling and remains an unsolved enigma.

25. Route 66, USA

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Ah, the iconic Route 66, a classic American highway that's also got its creepy side. From abandoned ghost towns to spectral hitchhikers, this road's got it all. Multiple investigations have tried to debunk or explain the stories, but the legends persist, adding a spooky dimension to the "Mother Road."

26. Highway 93, Nevada, USA

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Known as the "Loneliest Road in America," Nevada's Highway 93 is also reported to have spectral cowboys and phantom vehicles. Sightings usually happen at dusk and dawn, making it a road best traveled in daylight if you're not a fan of the supernatural.

27. Annie's Road, New Jersey, USA

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Another one from Jersey, folks—Annie's Road. Legend says it's haunted by the ghost of Annie herself, a young woman killed in a hit-and-run. Drivers report seeing her spirit, especially on foggy nights. While attempts to verify the tale have been made, it remains a local legend.

28. Karak Highway, Malaysia

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Let's jet over to Malaysia, where the Karak Highway is known for its yellow Volkswagen that suddenly appears and then vanishes. Some claim it's a harbinger of accidents. Multiple accounts make this an urban legend that's tough to ignore, and it adds an eerie vibe to the landscape.

29. Chisholm Trail, Texas, USA

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Y'all, we're in Texas now, visiting the historic Chisholm Trail. The story here is about ghostly cattle drives, complete with phantom cowboys and ethereal steers. Despite research and local interest, the legend survives and thrills a new generation of curious minds.

30. N9, South Africa

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Finishing up in South Africa, the N9 between Graaff-Reinet and Murraysburg is said to be haunted by the "Karoo Ghost," who moves from car to car, causing disarray before disappearing. It's an unsettling tale that has spooked many drivers, making it a road of lingering questions.

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