Daily Struggles Only Working Moms Will Understand

By Sarah Jones 8 months ago

1. Breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding isn’t exactly easy as it is (think latching and running out of milk), but if you’re working too, things can get complicated. Lots of moms actually stop breastfeeding their children because they can’t express their milk during office hours.

2. 'Flexible' working hours

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Having kids means your work-life balance changes dramatically. And while your company might claim to offer ‘flexible’ hours, you know full well that you’ll need to log on to your laptop the moment the kids have gone to bed to finish that important report.

3. You NEVER get enough sleep

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There doesn’t seem to be an awful lot of time for sleep these days. You’re either working or looking after the kids, so it’s safe to say that you’re permanently exhausted. A lot of working parents really feel this, as they’re trying to juggle their home life and career.

4. You don't get as much time with the kids as you'd like

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As working moms don’t get home from work until late, the little ones are usually ready to go to bed by then. So a lot of women hit a dilemma; do they put their children to bed so they can sleep, or do they allow their kids to stay up a bit later so they can spend time together? It’s a difficult one.

5. Annual leave has a whole new meaning

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Remember when annual leave meant holidays and fun activities? Well, they are now almost entirely dedicated to your kids. There are always events, sports practice and sick days – the list is endless! But you’re still important, so be sure to try and keep a few days aside for you too.

6. It's rare you get to go out with your friends

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A lack of days for yourself also affects your social life too. Years ago, you used to be a social butterfly, but times have most definitely changed! Each time you try and arrange a date with the girls, there will be some sort of child-related emergency…

7. And when you DO get to see them, all you talk about is being a working mom

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If you do somehow make it out of the door, you’ll find yourself talking a LOT about being a working mom. It’s a struggle, and good friends will try to understand. But it might be good for you to talk about something else now and then too, as it’ll remind you of the person you used to be before your kids.

8. You can't actually remember when you last sat down for a few minutes

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Your weeks might feel like a complete blur. As you’re constantly on the go, you have no idea when you last had fifteen minutes to yourself (commutes don’t count), which can be seriously hard going. If things are really starting to take their toll, try and get a babysitter for an hour or so and do something you enjoy.

9. Getting up and ready with your kids

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The dreaded school run. Every morning is chaos for most moms, but when you need to get yourself ready for work too, it can send your stress levels through the roof. While you see some moms gathering together for a chat before their kids go inside, you’re tearing through the streets in your car to work.

10. Your home is a mess

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The days of having a clean, minimalist house are long gone. You try and keep your home clean as best you can, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day to pick up after every toy and scrub every stain out of the carpet. You’re doing your best, and that’s enough!

11. Coffee is your savior

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Coffee is your best friend right now. It just about gets you through your day, even on those occasions when you’ve had less than three hours’ sleep. It helps you nod and smile through those tedious meetings, and stops you from losing it when your child has yet another tantrum.

12. Mom's guilt

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A lot of working mothers can experience ‘mom guilt’, as they feel like they’re abandoning their kids. But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with pursuing professional goals. Your job means you can provide for your children, and pay for proper healthcare.

13. There's zero energy left to socialize after work

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A few years ago, it would be standard practice to go to the local bar for a few drinks after work. It would give you a chance to connect with your colleagues and let off steam, but these days, it’s the last thing you feel like doing. Plus, you need to get home asap for story time.

14. Makeup is a thing of the past

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Unless it’s a very special event, makeup really isn’t high up on your very long list of priorities. You’ve embraced the au natural look for a while now, even for work, as there just isn’t time for warpaint when you’re battling with the kids in the mornings.

15. Going above and beyond every single day

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Being a mom is tough. And it’s tough in a different way when you’re a working mom. You’re going above and beyond for your kids every single day; you’re caring for them, giving them opportunities and putting food on the table, so it’s important to remind yourself of this during difficult times. You got this!

16. Zero boundaries

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Working while raising kids can sometimes mean zero boundaries – especially for moms. Your day-to-day routine is all over the place, so it can be hard to establish time and space to take care of your mental health and wellbeing. Bring more structure into your life and stand firm when your kids play up.

17. Going to work when your kid is sick

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Mom’s guilt can kick into overdrive when kids are sick. While it’s heart wrenching to leave your little ones at home with a fever while you crack on with your reports, you only have so many days of annual leave, so you can’t always stay home and nurse them.

18. Missing out on important milestones

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Some working moms admit they’ve missed out on the important moments; their kids’ first steps, their parties, their plays at school. It can be really difficult to make peace with the guilt that comes with this, but try and reassure yourself that you’re doing the best you can.

19. Struggling to make play dates

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Arranging playdates is a huge task when you’re juggling your work commitments. Life is busy for everyone these days, but when you have to plow through deadlines and do all the usual childcare and chores, play dates can often fall down the priority list.

20. You finally find peace when you go to sleep

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After yet another day of stress, you can finally settle down into some sleep. Well, for a few hours anyway. No doubt you’ll be woken up by that all-too early alarm, or the pitter-patter of tiny feet as they jump on your bed in the middle of the night.

21. The last 2,582 photos on your phone are either of your kids or work stuff

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Remember the days when you would have had cute selfies with your other half, or snaps of those gorgeous walks you liked doing at sunset? Well, things are a little bit different now. The photos on your phone are either pictures of your kids, or tedious screenshots of stuff for work.

22. Finding quality child care is a nightmare

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Finding quality child care is difficult these days. Finding childcare within your budget and in a convenient location is a whole new level. It’s great if you’ve got parents, relatives and friends to rely on, but a lot of working moms don’t have any support whatsoever.

23. Lack of focus

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You’re wrapping up that presentation you did, but you’re not totally clear on what you actually said. You find yourself falling asleep on public transport, or struggling to get your head around those figures you’ve just been sent. A lack of focus cuts deep.

24. Endless calls about your kids while you're at work

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When you’ve actually made it through all of your tasks, you can feel your phone vibrating. And you know full well it’s a call about your kids. Working moms receive frequent interruptions about their children on a regular basis, which is said to impact overall job performance.

25. Your work clothes aren't at their best

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Before you had kids, you always looked smart for work. But now that you’re racing around getting your children to school every day, your outfit isn’t much of a priority. You might find that you’ve grabbed a shirt that doesn’t fit you anymore, or you’re wearing pants you forgot to put in the laundry.

26. Your colleagues don't take you seriously

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A lot of women find that they just aren’t taken seriously by their colleagues (and bosses) when they become mothers. And this really isn’t ok. Working moms often have to deal with biases and discrimination, which can make life even harder to navigate.

27. Your friends think you 'have it all'

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When you get to catch up with your friends, they really do think you’re the woman who has it all. Beautiful kids, an amazing job, and a gorgeous home. But while this is true on the surface, the reality of juggling your work and home life is anything but easy.

28. Your list of chores is endless

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All moms have a long list of chores to do, but when you’re at work all day, that list will increase big time. Whether it’s dinner and cleaning or having to drive to the mall to pick up presents for your kid’s friend’s birthday party, the list goes on and on.

29. You can't remember the last time you made it through a movie

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These days, it’s hard enough to find the time to even put a movie on, never mind get through it! If you somehow find yourself with some spare time, you’ll start dozing off the moment the credits start rolling. If a movie DOES actually get turned on, it will more than likely be for the kids.

30. Each day is a victory

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You and your fellow working moms definitely have your work cut out. But through all the stress and chaos, each day is still a victory. You’re providing for your kids, helping them grow, and giving them opportunities that they just wouldn’t have if it weren’t for you!

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