30 Signs That Our Kids Always Have Our Best Interests At Heart

By Lauren Mccluskey 8 months ago

1. Wait... Do our kids REALLY have our best interests at heart?!

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It's no lie that kids are self-centered little beings and it seems that they only have their own interests at heart.  That sounds terrible, but really, would you expect any less from them?!  We can learn so much from how kids act and have it benefit our lives!  With all of this though, it's hard to spot when they clearly have YOUR best interests at heart, even when they really do!

2. Their squeezes

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When their chubby little arms squeeze around your neck, it doesn't mean they're getting you into a headlock! It actually means that they're showing you a wonderful amount of love and affection.  Their enthusiasm for giving cuddles that they know you need certainly tells you that they want you to know how much they love you.

3. Their intuition

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Have you ever been going through a difficult time and your kids came over with their pacifier or favorite teddy for you? Those are the things that make them feel so much better when they're going through some turmoil, and they can clearly see that you need that same comfort too.

4. They ALWAYS prioritize spending quality time with you

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There's really nothing more important to a kid than spending quality time with you as their parent, and they'll really prioritize this over everything else - even watching their favorite television show!  And they may or may not know it, but this gives you that reassurance that you're needed and loved.

5. They show you their pictures

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When they draw something that they're proud of, they might show it to you as a way of making you happy as well as seeking your opinion on their picture.  And this certainly shows that they clearly value your ideas, and they want to show you that they do need your input.

6. They whisper their secrets into your ear

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Sometimes, they might come over with a secret and whisper it into your ear, and your ear only, inviting you into their own world.  And it's exclusive - nobody else is as important as you that they're willing to share their ideas and secrets with.  And that's truly a privilege!

7. They write you 'sorry notes'

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One thing about kids is they know when they've crossed a line.  But instead of being mad with them because they've misbehaved, you can't help but giggle at their hilariously sweet 'sorry notes'.  Do they want to make you feel better or is it just pure manipulation?!  Either way, it gets a few laughs!

8. They make "get well soon" cards when you're sick

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It's an absolute definite that your kids have your best interests at heart when they make you a charming 'get well soon' card.  It's just so special, and sometimes, no one even has to tell them to do it!  They just know that the best medicine is their thoughtful scribblings and masterpieces.

9. They play quietly (sometimes)

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Sometimes, when you can hear nothing but silence, it might make you suspicious, feeling the dread of what you'll walk into.  But occasionally, you'll probably find that they're just playing quietly just to give you a little break!  You don't even have to tell them the boundaries sometimes, there are occasions when they'll just know!

10. They love to help with the chores

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So you've been vacuuming or sweeping and they come up behind you with their toy vacuum or a stick (brush).  Or you start washing the dishes and they get excited by the suds!  Everything's play to them, so it's refreshing to see someone get joy out of the most mundane tasks you do every day!  It can really help you to get through them!

11. They share their toys with you

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Kids have a hard time sharing, you've probably been through it with them why it's so important to share, especially when they have siblings, that you've lost count!  But the fact that they'll share their favorite toys with you says a lot!  It means they want to tell you that you're important which certainly boosts your self-esteem!

12. They'll give you a bandaid and a kiss

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When you've been in a scrape, your kids will be the first to want to look after you, rushing to get their nurse's kit at any given opportunity.  They apply a bandaid, take your temperature, give you a kiss, and order you to sit down.  And who's to argue with those doctor's orders?!

13. They're your personal hairstylist...

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We've all been there, right?  Sitting with sticky hair that has hair bands and combs knotted into it... And yes, you look absolutely fabulous, despite probably not feeling it.  You see, however, matted your locks are, the love and care that's gone into making you look your 'best' according to them mean that they want to treat you.

14. ...and they'll give you a pedicure

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It doesn't stop at hairstyles either.  In fact, given the opportunity, kids will do just about any beauty treatment that you can dream of, from messy pedicures to outrageous makeup!  And they've done it from a place of absolute love and affection, no matter how crazy the results are!

15. They'll sing you a lullaby at night

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When they're off to bed, singing you a lullaby might be their way of making sure you're sleepy and ready to rest too.  They enjoy hearing you sing to them, so they want to replicate that feeling in you, mirroring you're singing and love for them to help you to relax.

16. They love to decorate your walls

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They're forever drawing for you and choosing a spot on your walls to add their drawings to.  Heck, they might even draw straight on those walls.  But even though you probably don't want this, it might just be their way of making your house a visual delight!

17. They'll shower you with gifts

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They might shower you with gifts too.  But not any old objects, no, it has to be things that they truly find amazing.  Like say, a really good branch from outside, or a cool rock.  They might even bring you a bouquet of beautiful wildflowers, or sometimes even a booger (if they're little...)  Whatever it is, it shows you that they're thinking of you.

18. They mean it when they say they love you

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When your kids tell you they love you, they really do mean it.  And they're more than likely saying it on the regular to make sure that you know and understand.  They probably know it makes you happy and this is undoubtedly the reason that they do it.

19. They'll hold your hand

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When you're crossing the street, or stepping over some unstable tree roots, your kids might reach out to hold your hand.  They might be doing it for their own reassurance or out of habit, but they're also thinking of you, either to reassure you that they're safe or even make you realize that they're keeping you safe!

20. They'll write you a 'treasure map'

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They'll want to invite you into their games all of the time, not because they've no one else to play with, but because they actually want you to play!  And they'll have it all worked out too, hiding 'presents' or 'treasure' around the house and garden, writing you a fun treasure map to find them.  And they really do want you to have fun with it!

21. You're their official taste tester!

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They trust you completely, and they'll show you this often.  For example, they might get you to taste things before they do, just to make sure it's tasty and not going to make them wretch.  It might make you wretch, but they're not thinking about that, they want you to know that they value your insight... probably...

22. They help you to work from home

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Many of us worked from home during the coronavirus pandemic, and with schools being closed, it meant that our kids were home too.  But they always 'helped', right?  perhaps they sat near you drawing on scraps of paper, or helped you press the keys on your laptop.  Either way, they were really trying to help!

23. Their dance routines are not to be missed!

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They love to entertain and obviously don't want you to be bored, so they'll spend the best part of an evening choreographing and practicing a dance routine just for you!  They're so charming that they're definitely not to be missed and you're sure to be filled with pride!

24. They'll always let you have a bit of their ice cream

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You know that ice cream is sacred, and sharing it with anyone is absolutely unheard of.  But your kids will share a little bit of their own ice cream with you when they think you need it.  It might not be often, but on the rare occasions that they do offer it to you, you know it's from a place of love.

25. They let you share their blanket

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Kids are super intuitive and understand that if they're feeling something, like cold or under the weather, then you might be too.  So if they find their blanket warm and comforting, it's likely that they're sharing it with you in order to comfort you.

26. They tell you bedtime stories

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Kids are great at telling bedtime stories and although it's always been your job, they might take on that caring role and take over the bedtime shift, reading to you instead of you reading to them.  They want you to feel how they feel when they're the ones listening and they want to take that responsibility.

27. They'll guide you through a game of "The Floor is Lava"

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Imaginary games for kids can be super real.  You remember being a kid, right?  Pretending the floor is lava and jumping from furniture to furniture!  Well, if you're playing with them, notice that they probably always root for you and help you to not get your feet burned.

28. They draw pictures on the mirror in the bathroom

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When the bathroom gets steamy when the shower has been on, the mirror is the best place to draw masterpieces or write cute notes for the next person to find.  This is because it comes back the next time it steams up!  When kids do this for you, they want you to be able to see it over and over again.

29. They make you laugh

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Kids make you laugh whether or not they mean to.  But you know that they have your absolute best interest at heart when they intentionally work to make you laugh.  They know laughter makes you feel good through their own experiences, so they want you to feel this way if they make you laugh on purpose.

30. They really can brighten the darkest of days

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Kids are such a joy, and when you're a busy parent, it can be difficult to stop and notice all of the wonderful things that they do.  They're self-absorbed and they're unreasonable for the most part, but they're also intuitive, funny, creative, caring, loving, entertaining, thoughtful, joyous, expressive...  They're simply wonderful and certainly have your best interests at heart!

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